Quickly though, Makoto rejoined the other Stars just as they and both Ronin groups reached the other side of the palace.

"Hey, where is Sulapa?" demanded Kento angrily as he twirled his weapon. He was clearly agitated.

Elder Ryo said, "He must be in psuedo-space. We'll have to…"

Before he could continue, a black blast of energy appeared from nowhere. Just before the attack could hit the girls raised their hands and shouted out, "Elemental Star Shield!"

A burst of red, green, dark blue, light blue, and orange light exploded from the girls' chests and a merged together to form a pure white shield. The attack bounced harmlessly off.

One by one the Star's breastplates began to glow.

Once all of them were glowing brightly, Makoto shouted out, "Phoenix, guard the Virtuous within my sight!"

Second Korin cried out, "Centaur, guard those with Life Force within my sight!"

Third, Miaka called out, "Dragon, guard those of Wisdom within my sight!"

Noriko cried out, "Gargoyle, guard those of Justice within my sight!"

Lastly, Yui exclaimed, "Serpent of the Seas, guard those of with Trust within my sight!"

When they had finished, the girls were surrounded by their element.

When the fire, water, light, earth, and air vanished instead of the Star's they saw a red a gold featherd Phoenix, a navy blue and silver Centaur, a emerald and golden Dragon, an orange skin toned Gargoyle with silver hair and eyes, and a light blue scaled Sea Serpent.

The phoenix spoke, "Those of the Virtuous step forward."

Ryo and his older self stepped forward and the phoenix said, "Ryo of Wildfire get on my back, Ryo of the Super Wildfire remain where your standing I shall get you in a moment."

As Ryo got onto the fiery birds back, it flapped its wings and hovered above the ground. It got a few more feet into the air, and it's talons reached out for Ryo of the Super Wildfire.

"Do not worry Ryo of the Super Wildfire, my talons shall not hurt you."

He nodded and as the phoenix gripped his shoulders with its talons he asked, "Where did Mistress Star Fire go?"

"She is within me…just as I was within her all this time." Answered the great bird as it flew away with the two wildfires in its protective fiery body.

Then the Centaur spoke, "Those of Life step closer to me."

Rowen of Strata and Rowen of the Super Strata stepped forth and the Centaur said, "Rowen of Strata, climb up onto my back. Rowen of the Super Strata, wait a moment."

As this was going on Cye of the Torrent was watching the white shield that was around them. The black energy was still pushing against the shield, but he noticed whenever one of the Mystical animals exited the shield, the power lowered. It went from white to a bluish tint since the element of fire was missing.

As the Centaur cantered feet, he grabbed Rowen of the Super Strata in his arms and they off in the same direction as the flaming bird before them.

The shield turned slightly brownish as the dark blue energy vanished with the Centaur.

"Would those of Wisdom come forth." commanded the Dragon as the Gargoyle commanded, "And those of Justice come forth."

As Sage of the Halo and Sage of the Super Halo walked closer to the Dragon, he commanded, "Sage of the Halo sit upon my back, Sage of the Super Halo stay standing."

As Sage sat on the Dragon's back, Sage of the Super Halo stood in front of the Dragon. The Dragon lifted him up gently like a newborn baby and they were off.

"Kento of Hardrock, Kento of the Super Hardrock come to me." Commanded the Gargoyle as Kento climbed onto his back for a piggyback ride and Kento of the Super Hardrock was picked up like a new bride would be.

"Are you ready?." He asked.


The Gargoyle flared his wings, caught an up draft, and flew across the land at incredible speeds after his three guardian comrades.

Cye jumped in surprise as the shield flickered but stayed up as he watched the shield turn to a solid light blue color.

"Those who have trust, come forth." Commanded the Serpent as the two water Ronins walked up it.

"Cye of the Torrent, Cye of the Super Torrent quickly…climb up on my back!"

The two quickly climbed up and onto the serpent and held on tightly as it floated up into the air and flew after the other warriors and their mystic guardians.

The Ronins and their guardian animals quickly came to the portal that leads to the space between realities. This was obviously where Sulapa had run off too to escape their attack.

As the five mystical beings rushed into it, the men saw that they were standing in a dark and dreary castle thrown room.

"Where are we?" asked Rowen as he hopped off the dragon's back.

"We're in the Thrown Room of Sulapa." Answered Korin's voice as the Centaur glowed dark blue and revealed Korin in her armor standing off to the right of her husband.

Suddenly the other eight Ronins jumped in surprise as the Phoenix, Dragon, Gargoyle, and Serpent glowed and was replaced by the other Stars.

"Well where is he?" asked Kento impatiently.

"Right here!" he exclaimed as he sent a powerful blast in their direction.

"Elemental Star Shield!" cried out the stars as the blast bounced off.

Yui fell to her knees under the blast and Noriko called out, "Better get it on guys…NOW!"

Ryo turned to his younger self and said, "Form the Inferno…we'll hold him off!"

Ryo raised his swords and cried out, "Eternal…Fire…Flare!"

A stream of fire flew from the swords and hit Sulapa with a force that would have blown Talpa away. Sulapa grunted, but other wise no harm was done.

"You cannot beat me Ronins!" he exclaimed with laughter.

Rowen loaded and arrow into his bow and cried out, "Whirl…Winds…Surround!"

His arrow soared through the air and lodged itself in Sulapa's shoulder blade. He cried out as the winds converged on him and threatened to tear him apart.

He howled and let lose a stream of black magic that slammed into the Elemental Star Shield making Korin and Noriko cry out in pain and Miaka grimace. Makoto seemed to only have a slight pain, but was it.

Kento raised his ningunata and yelled out as he twirled his weapon above his head, "Earth…Rock…Crash!" Just like his Iron-Rock Crusher giant slabs of rock flew up into the air and white-hot energy slammed into Sulapa. He howled in pain, but remained standing.

Ryo cried out as his friend's powers slammed into him, "ARMOR…OF…INFERNO!"

"WHAT! NO!" cried out Sulapa as he pushed even more power at the shield in an attempt at breaking it.

Miaka cried out in pain, but remained standing as the shield wavered slightly.

Makoto bit the inside of her cheek to keep from crying out and concentrated only on the shield.

Yui and Noriko were already on the ground unconscious.

Ryo exclaimed, "Now Ryo do it!"

"RAGE OF INFERNO!" yelled Ryo in anger.

"VOLCANIC TORRENT!" yelled elder Ryo as he pushed all his anger into it.

"SPACE VACCUUM CUT!" shouted out elder Rowen as he pushed all his anger as well into the attack.

"SPLITTING TERRA!" Cried out Kento as he pushed all his impatience and anger into it. Just because he has learned to become more patient doesn't mean that he didn't feel the impatient ness of his younger self.

"LIGHTNING THUNDER STORM!" Shouted Sage as he put forth all of his feelings both negative and positive into it.

"TSUNAMI'S RAGE!" Yelled out Cye as he pushed all his anger and resentment into it because Sulapa and his family had threatened him and his family, both blood and non-blooded, too many times and he had, had it.

As the five super powers merged with the Rage of Inferno attack, it formed one large ball of white light. The attack plowed into Sulapa and he cried out in pain as it started to over power him. In desperation, he pushed his powers to the limits and found himself starting to resist the power. He began laughing in joy for the Ronin's most desperate attack hadn't worked.

But then his joy was cut off when he heard, "FIRE OF VIRTUE!"

Makoto turned into a flaming ball of reddish white fire. She jumped high into the air turning into pure energy. She slammed into Sulapa and pushed herself into him.

Then, "AIR OF THE HEAVENS!" cried out Korin as she turned into a glowing ball of energy, except she was surrounded by dark bluish white energy. She followed her leader and friend as she slammed into Sulapa from the left, for Makoto was on the right.

Next, "LIGHT OF WISDOM!" exclaimed Miaka as she turned into a glowing ball of greenish white energy. She followed the other two and slammed into Sulapa from the backside.

Noriko, as she woke up cried out in a burst of power, "JUSTICE OF TERRA!"

Yui cried out as she stood up slightly dizzy, "SERPANT OF TRUTH!" as they joined their friends in the fight, they were surrounded by orange white light and light blue almost transparent energy.

The Ronins watched as the five lights swirled around him.

"What are they doing?" asked Ryo worried.

"They are doing exactly what you five did to Talpa not to long ago I think." Said the older Rowen.

"But why are they doing that?" asked Kento.

"To buy us enough time to destroy him once and for all." Replied the older Cye as he held up a glowing golden ball.

"Okay Kayura, let them through." he said as the ball glowed brightly.

When the ten could see again they saw Mia, Yulie, White Blaze, and another person.

"Who are you?" asked Kento for the person was in the shadows.

The person laughed and said, "It's good to see you Kento."

"Um do I know you?" he asked.

"You should, you've only been living in my house since the very beginning of the Dynasty invasion!" she exclaimed as she waked out of the shadows.

"MIA!" exclaimed the younger Ronins as she nodded and said, "Yulie! Now!"

Yulie nodded and closed his eyes. The guys then saw the Jewel of Life around his neck. It began to glow brightly and as it's powers mounted, the five Stars quickly backed off from Sulapa and collapsed into their husband's arms.

The white energy of the jewel flew through the air and hit Sulapa right in the chest. It penetrated his armor like it wasn't even there.

There was a great explosion and then, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Finally there was a bright white light. Everyone had to close his or her eyes because it was so bright. When they opened their eyes again they saw that they were in the Dinning Room of the castle.

"We made it!" exclaimed Ryo as he jumped into the air.

Everyone cheered.

Suddenly, the doors burst open and ten children came running in.

"MOMMA! DADDY!" they all exclaimed as they jumped into their parent's arms.

The younger Ronins, Mia, Yulie, White Blaze, and the older Mia and Yulie backed away as they watched the reunion.

"Um, I have a question." Began Mia, as she looked at her older self.

"Yes what is it?' her older self asked as she turned to her.

Mia opened her mouth then closed it, as she looked herself over. She was wearing her reddish brown hair in its normal style with a golden band around her forehead. She was wearing a floor length lavender colored long sleeved dress that was cut in a 'V' neck style. Around the edge of the neckline of the dress was a one-inch thick ribbon that followed the edge of the dress. Also around her waist was the same dark purple ribbon that accented her waist.

"Well…?" asked her older self.

"Um…oh yeah…why'd you, why will I marry Anubis?" she asked with rosy cheeks.

Mia smiled and said, "Well…lets just say…he made you an offer you couldn't refuse and you fall head over heals for him."

After the parents had assured their children, Ryo turned to his younger self and said, "Thank you, we can finally have peace."

"It was our pleasure to help out."

Ryo nodded and said, "It's time for you to go back I'm afraid."

They nodded slowly and as they got into a circle, Hiko and Hariel cried out, "STOP!"

The younger Ronins turned and saw Ryo's future children running up to them.

Ryo let go of Rowen and Cye's hands and asked, "What is it?"

"Will we ever see you again?' asked Hiko with tears I her eyes.

"You see me every day Hiko…I'm him," he replied as he pointed towards his older self.

"No I mean…will I ever SEE YOU again?" she asked more forcefully.

Shaking his head Ryo replied, "I don't think so Hiko, but I'll see you again someday. That's a promise."

"Promise?" asked Hariel with wide emerald eyes.

Ryo made a face and turned to his older self and asked, "How do you do it?"

"Do what?" asked his older self with a smile.

"How do you resist those green eyes!"

The adults and the younger Ronins laughed as Ryo replied, "You'll get enough practice when you meet a certain Makoto Obiki in a week. When Hariel's finally born you'll have a certain immunity to those emeralds, but…"

Ryo bent down to Hariel's level and said, "Don't worry I PROMISE to see you in the future…maybe not soon, and maybe not in this form, but I will SEE YOU again."

Hariel nodded and ran back to his father.

Ryo picked up his son and asked, "You see? You did see me again didn't you?"

Hariel had that thoughtful face that only five year olds could muster and exclaimed, "YEAH!"

His younger self asked, "What!"

Ryo laughed and said, "Lets just say I made that same promise to Hariel when I met him the first time and I finally fulfilled it!"

Ryo was about to open his mouth, but Kayura appeared and said, "Time to go back Ronins."

The staff glowed brightly and surrounded the past Ronins completely.

When they could see again they were lying on beach towels on the beach.

"What the!" they all asked.

Then they heard, 'Don't worry…I sent you back only it's the day after Ryo's nineteenth birthday…you'll find memories of the last week appear in your mind so you won't be a week behind everyone else. Your at the beach to celebrate Ryo's birthday…the presents are in the big bag beside Mia.'

The group looked to the left and saw the bag filled with colorful presents.

Before the golden glow left their eye sight though they heard Kayura's voice say in a laughing tone, 'Have fun Ronins! Here comes Mako!'

The group looked for a familiar red head.

Then they saw her walking about twenty feet in front of them, by the serf. In her arms was a three-year-old girl.

"I wonder who that is?" asked Ryo with a frown.

"Could be anyone. A daughter, a sister, a cousin…a niece…" began Kento as he watched his leader stand up.

"Where are you going?" asked Cye with a knowing smile.

Ryo turned to them and with a mischievous smile answered, "Where else, to get a date!"