AU- Joscelyn Naberrie-Skywalker is the daughter of Padmé Naberrie-Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker. With hardly any knowledge about the past of her parents or the cause of their deaths, she grows up on Naboo, leading a rather careless, happy life with her grandparents Jobal and Ruwee, her aunt Sola, her uncle Darred and cousins Ryoo and Pooja. At one point of her life, though, she starts to have visions, visions of oddly familiar people but at the same time strangers to her heart. Is she the missing link to the legacy of the Skywalker family? Is she the link to the past? Can she save Anakin Skywalker from his fateful future?

Well, the story takes place between Episode 5 and Episode 6. The story is basically the same. Anakin turns to the dark side, becomes Darth Vader and Padmé dies. However, she had Luke and Leia a little bit earlier, during the Clone Wars. Nobody knew of their existence of course. Then Padmé got pregnant again with Joscelyn and Anakin started to have vision of Padmé dying in childbirth. Before Obi-Wan brought Luke to Tatooine he paid the Naberries a little visit bringing with him, little Joscelyn. The rest is the same.

This is my first Star Wars,…no my second…but the first one was crap and I never really finished it. I had the idea for this for a long time in my mind but hadn't the guts to post it here. Please tell me what you think. Reviews are appreciated.

Darkness…Shadows…Pain…Destruction…Chaos…Breathing…and in the middle a dark cloaked figure surrounded by black clouds…Where I am?… I feel so cold!…I…I…can't breath…Who is this person?…O my…I can feel its pain…its anger…its hate…its lust…Does it have a heart?…Is it human?… It… hurts so much…why am I feeling this…I don't understand…it hurts so…much…please, please make it stop!

"Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are my only hope" A female voice

Death…Destruction…more Chaos…

"Luke I'm your father"


Pain…incredible pain…disappointment…betrayal…pain…

"Joss!" A voice?

"Joss!" Who is calling for me?


"Miss Naberrie!"

Slowly I open my eyes, trying to catch a glimpse of my surroundings. "Where am I?" I thought, making sense of what I had seen earlier. Slowly it dawned me. I was still sitting in my politics class at school. I must have drifted off and fallen asleep. I looked up trying to adjust my eyes to the light shining through the enormous windows of the classroom. I lifted my head, which was still resting comfortably on my books. Looking at the title of my comfortable pillow it read: "Legislative branch of the Nubian Monarchy by Darnbè Semika". "Darnbè Semika?" what a funny name I thought. My thoughts, however, were interrupted by the whispers and murmurs that echoed through the class. Again it dawned me. Quickly I forced myself into a straight position, examining the faces of my classmates. Some of them smirked others shot me serious looks, pointing to the front of the holo-board. I turned my head, to see the rather annoyed and angry face of my politics teacher Mrs. Miko-Tarrilia.

"Had a good nap, Ms. Naberrie?" she barked.

"Oh…I…must", I stammered, my heard turning red from embarrassment.

"Must have fallen asleep", she finished my sentence. "That is right Ms. Naberrie. And this will not happen again, is this clear? Otherwise you will pay the headmaster a little visit"

"Yes, Mrs. Miko-Tarrilia", I said, annoyance underlining my answer.

"So…where were we, before we were interrupted by Ms. Naberrie's unpleasant snores?" she asked, laughter following her statement.

"Oh yes…of course…I was asking for the monarch who ruled Naboo during the trade federate blockage"

"Any ideas Ms. Naberrie?" she asked me, with a triumphant smirk on her face.

Politics is definitely not one of my favourite classes, for the teacher annoyed me to death. She disliked me, and she tried everything possible to make me feel small. Normally, I was a rather good student, and popular with all the teachers of "Theed's High" as I called it.

If Mrs. Miko-Tarillia, however would hear me saying this, she definitely would correct me and say something like: "Ms. Naberrie, this is not just some High School, as you make it sound. This is a facility which has a history dating back 'til the earliest days of Theed city. Only the most talented students have the honour to visit this school. And you will call it "Private preparatory school". I smirked by this thought, making a note in my head, for having a new way to annoy my favourite teacher.

"She thinks I don't know the answer", I thought smiling sweetly in the direction of Mrs. Miko-Tarillia. But this was something I already knew since I was a little toddler. The reigning dates of my mom. However, nobody had the slightest clue, that I was the daughter of the most popular monarch and politician Naboo ever had. A Queen and senator, who was so passionate about her folk, who did everything possible not to disappoint her people. A strong, independent, self-conscious woman who is still loved by so many people, even 17 years after her tragic death.

"If they only knew", I thought. "If they only knew that she had an affair with a Jedi. With the great Anakin Skywalker. The fearless hero of the clone wars and saviour of the people of Naboo during the trade blockage of the separatists. Many people would be shocked to find out the truth, the truth that the perfect Senator Amidala had a relationship to a man outside the Senate.

Nobody knows what happened to my dad. He simply disappeared without a trace after the Old Republic was declared an empire. Many people, including my grandparents, say that he died through the hands of Darth Vader, the most feared being in the whole galaxy, when he slaughtered the Jedis, the keepers of the peace. I have been told this, since I was a little child. But somehow I don't believe this. I don't know why, it's just a feeling. My grandparents met him once, when he protected my mom because of an assassination attempt on her life. They liked him, they would tell me but somehow I know that they make him responsible for her death. With the death of my father, my mother also died. I don't know how she died, nor do my grandparents.

My grandparents would tell me many stories of the fearless and kind, Queen and Senator. How she fought during the trade blockage or during the battle of Geonosis. How she fought so hard for the freedom and peace of the Old Republic. A fight that was in the end hopeless, for the empire was simply too strong, too corrupt, too brutal. But they would also tell me stories of Padmé Naberrie, the real Padmé Naberrie. The person behind the façade of politics and battles. The warm-hearted woman, who loved her family more than anything else in the universe. Who cared so much for her little two nieces.

"Would she have also cared about me"?

Everyday my family tells me how much I look like her. I have inherited her dark, curly hair, her features, her character, but the blues eyes of my dad, and somehow I know that it is his impatience and stubbornness that speaks out of me once in a while.

Everybody knew her, everybody loved her, everybody looked up to her. But the person who needs her the most, who cares for her so much, who longs for her every minute and second of her life. This person, me, does not know her. How could she have left me? Didn't she know that I needed, that I cared for her, that she is the person I look up to the most, that I love her?

Only holos are left of her. Holos of her first day in the senate. Holos of her first speech in front of thousands of people. Holos which showed her with nearly the whole population of Naboo. But in none of these pictures I would fit in. There was none of me and my mom.

"This just isn't fair" I thought frustrated.

Worst of all is, however, that nobody can know about my existence. I'm not allowed to tell my friends about my mother. I told them that she died during childbirth and this is also what the rest of Naboo was told. Many people were shocked when they heard about this. Shocked that their beloved Padmé Amidala had an affair. Most people speculated that the father was Bail Organa of Alderaan, for they were good friends. Every time I hear this I want to scream, to scream out loud that Anakin Skwalker is my dad. And every time I swallow hard to repress the urge of telling everybody that I was the daughter of Padmé Naberrie-Skywalker and Anakin Skywalker.

Once I saw the holo-news where they talked about the 10th anniversary of Padmé Amidala's death. They had no right to do this. They broadcasted scenes of her funeral. She was so beautiful and she looked so peaceful, as if she was just resting, having a little nap. White flowers graced her hair, and a necklace was placed in her hands. I often ask myself if it belonged to my father once, but not even my grandparents could answer me this question. They made her look like as if she was still pregnant. The Jedis were responsible for this, for she carried the child of one of the greatest Jedis ever and if Darth Sidious would have find out, that the baby, me, was still alive, he would have done everything to get it. Therefore, my grandparents live in constant concern about me and the safety of my life. If it wasn't enough that nobody could know about my parents, I also have to lie about the rest of my family. To the rest of the universe I was a child, abandoned by its parents, and adopted by the good-hearted family Naberrie. With this lie the very existence of the Skywalker child was erased.

At times life was so unfair. But don't get me wrong. I love my life, and I'm truly grateful to have such a loving family behind me. My grandparents, Jobal and Ruwee, my aunt Sola and uncle Darred, and my two cousins, Ryoo and Pooja, whom I love with all my heart and all my soul. They are the best part of my life, and my heart belongs to them. I can come to them with my sorrows and worries, and they would cheer me up every time. Especially with my grandpa Ruwee I have a very close relationship. We have so much in common: Our love for Naboo, with its beautiful nature, architecture, and friendliness of the people, our love for our family, and of course our love for music. When I was a little girl, we would sit under our special tree, an old oak, that belongs to the family property, and sing ancient Nubian songs, or make up new melodies.

Concentrating back on reality, I grinned at Mrs. Miko-Tarrilia and proudly I answered:

"Queen Padmé Amidala, of course"

Mrs. Miko-Tarillia, looked at me in disbelief, shutting her eyes for a moment than gazing back at me.

"Alright who told you, Joscelyn" she asked, looking at my classmates angrily.

"Nobody, I knew this by myself" I said innocently, laughing inwardly.

"If you really knew this, then you will be able to tell me who the current Senator of Alderaan is, won't you?" she said, raising an eyebrow. Now I was the one who looked at her in disbelief. "Damn", I thought, I knew this. With a concentrated expression I gazed down on one of my books for "Current intergalactic politics". "If I just could look into it for a moment" I thought, while clearing my throat. She is a princess, I know this for sure.

" Well, I'm sure you already know the answer, don't you?" she said, while I was still looking intently on my book. Somehow I seemed to think that if I looked just hard enough on it, the knowledge would somehow flow into my head.

"Well obviously, our expert on Nubian Monarchy can not answer my question." Mrs. Miko-Tarillia stated and turned her attention to my sitting neighbour and best friend, Yasmine.

"Well, Ms. Torney, I'm sure you can help your friend, answering me" she said, he eyes not leaving me for once.

"Ähm…well…I think…Princess L..Leia Organa" she stammered, trying her hardest to remember the name she had heard on the holo-news earlier.

"Oh blessed be the Nubian gods" for once you are right Ms. Torney.

At this moment very moment of deepest humiliation for the both of us, we were released through the most beautiful sound one can imagine: The gong that marked the end of the lesson. I sighed in relieve, packing my books into my schoolbag, and rushing out of the classroom.

"Hey everything alright Joss?" Yasmine asked, while we were waiting for our transport ship.

"You seem a little on edge today" she looked at me with a concerned expression. "You are so quiet, this just isn't like you. Tell me what's wrong."

I looked down on my shoes avoiding her gaze. To be honest the dream kinda startled me. It seemed so real, and those feelings and emotions I felt, it was something I haven't experienced before. I felt so much hate and anger, and at the same time I couldn't breath because the pain would clutch my throat. Never before have I experienced emotions like that.

"I…had this startling dream. And it seemed so…real" I started, my eyes drifting into the distance. "I saw this cloaked figure, and terrible noises, as if somebody was trying really hard to breath….and"

"Like Darth Vader?" she interrupted me, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh don't be silly, Yas" I moaned. I knew she wouldn't understand. Finally the transport arrived which would bring me home after a long straining day. Home to my family, to my bed, to my room, the room that once belonged to my mother.

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