Full Ranma Panic

By Lisa Grey

Author's Note: Warning! This chapter contains sexual situations, very harsh language, and violence. On a lighter note, I added an omake to the end of chapter 4. I hope you think it's as funny as I did.

Chapter 7: Bondage, Bedlam, & Bliss

Ranma was carried off the plane, bound with high strength steel AS mooring cables and gagged with a cloth stuffed in his mouth held in with a piece of duct tape. He had tried to struggle but it only left him with sore places where the cables had rubbed him raw. He had quit struggling and had resigned himself to whatever torments and humiliations fate had in store for him. All he could think was that Kaname was going to be pissed when he didn't show up for the wedding tomorrow.

He was blind folded so he couldn't see, but he sensed several men around him. They carried him some way from the plane and dumped him in the back of a truck. One of several, if he guessed right by the sounds of engines roaring to like, They traveled for about 45 minutes before they arrived at whatever destination his torture was to occur. He felt himself lifted and carried into the warmer air of a building. Once in the building, he was carried up a short flight of stairs and placed in a chair.

"Okay, Soja-boy," one of the men still surrounding him addressed him. "You feel that?" Ranma felt a prod on his upper arm and nodded. "That's a pneumatic hypo filled with enough tranquilizers to drop four bull elephants. Oh, yes, we know all about your resistance to drugs, but even you won't be able to fight this stuff. We're going to let your legs loose so we can re-secure them in a bit more of a comfortable position for you. You be a good little trooper and we won't have to use the tranq, got it?"

Ranma nodded and the men set to work tying his legs spread widely to the legs of the chair he was in while the hypo never left his arm. The same process was repeated for his arms, securing them to the arms of the chair. Discretely testing, he found that the chair was more than sturdy enough to resist his strength. He felt a sudden heat and sensed someone had aimed a high intensity light at him right before the t-shirt he was wearing was ripped from his body, leaving him bare chested.

"Interesting tan line you got there, Soja-boy," the same voice remarked to Ranma's embarrassment.

Kaname's love of swimming and the beach, coupled with her insistence that he wear a bikini had left a rather obvious tan line where the bikini top had covered his girl form's breasts. This carried over into his boy form, as did the various scars he had. A rough hand grabbed him by the hair and yanked his head back. The gag was pulled off and the cloth extracted from his mouth.

"Now be a good little trooper and drink this, or we'll have to employ less...pleasant methods. It's just a little something to loosen you up."

He felt the rim of tube or funnel pressed into his mouth and liquid begin to flood in. Ranma had no choice but to drink or drown. The liquid tasted of alcohol but wasn't unpleasant. It was administered in four different doses and Ranma began to feel relaxed and somewhat buzzed. He sensed the men gathered around fade away leaving him alone.

About fifteen minutes later Ranma was really feeling whatever it was that they had poured into him. He felt someone step up behind him and begin to untie the blind fold. The cloth was whipped from his eyes and the man behind him stepped away, never having come into sight.

Ranma blinked at the harsh light that bathed him. He appeared to be on some sort of raised platform, tied to a bulky low backed metal chair, with no less than four spotlights on him. He squinted, but was unable to make out any of the presences he sensed just beyond the pool of light he was in. It wasn't until the music started and the first girl strutted out on the stage and began to dance suggestively around and on him, that he realized what was going on.

Almost two hours, several songs, and a stream of scantly clad gorgeous women later, Ranma still hadn't succumbed. Oh, he was turned on alright. He was human after all, but he kept a mental image of Kaname in his mind and that gave him the strength to keep from reacting in an overt manner.

Then she came out. Her face was shrouded in a tight latex mask, leaving only her eyes, her sensuous lips and her chin visible. Her hair was long and blonde and her body was lithe and supple as she slinked across the stage toward him, undulating to the heavy techno beat of the music. There was something all at once arousing and disturbingly familiar about the way she moved. The bound young officer gulped as her pure sensuality practically oozed over him. She spun and whirled suggestively around him, trailing her fingers across his chest as she circled around him before stopping in front of him at a pause in the music. Her hand was on her hip while her other hand stoked her hair as she shot him a smoky look over her shoulder.

As the music picked up again, she whirled away and her top came free falling to the floor. Her creamy breasts were barely contained in black lace demi-cup bra as she undulated and bucked her body in an, oh, so enticing manner. Next to fall to the floor was the nearly not there micro miniskirt she was wearing. Now the seductress danced in only in her bra, a high cut black lace thong, thigh high stockings and a pair of six inch spike heels.

She slid into his lap, sensually turning to face him with an amazing display of flexibility and grace as she lifted her leg straight up and pivoted around, giving him a nice view of her lace coated nether region. She brought her leg down and she sat straddling his lap. With her arms folded over her head, she arched her body and ground her pantied mound into his member though his pants. Ranma was sweating now with the effort not to react, although a silly grinned graced his reddened face. She trailed a hand down her face, slowly sucking on a finger before reaching out and tracing her moistened finger across his lips and down his chest, teasingly close to the waist of his pants. Her hand came up and met the other as it trailed down to cup her breasts. With a sudden movement to the beat of the music, she whipped the bra off and arched her body, thrusting her breasts in his face as she continued to buck against him below. Wrapping her arms around his head she pulled his face into her smooth well shaped breasts as she rubbed her whole torso against him.

She leaned back, leaving the bra hanging from his neck and tickling his chest, she performed an amazing display of gymnastics. While still straddling his lap, she leaned way back, placing her hands on the floor and continued the motion into a walk over which gave Ranma a good view of her still shrouded treasure. She continued her dance as teasingly, bit by bit, the thong began to come off. Unlike the other girls, this one seemed about to go the whole nine yards. She moved around behind him and after a pause her leg appeared over his shoulder. She trailed a sensual hand down his face turning it to face her. His eyes widened as what he got was a face full of her neatly trimmed mons. She held him there as she writhed and bucked against him with his face pressed against her. It became very clear to him that she was enjoying this greatly and had become very aroused. Her juices flowed freely and coated his chin as she ground herself sensually into his face. It was all he could do to restrain himself from extending his tongue and taking what was being offered.

She moved gracefully from that sweet torture until she stood on the seat of the chair straddling him. Writhing and bucking, she caressed her hands up and down her body before one hand trailed down to cup and caressed herself. Ranma could see the juices of her arousal coating the tops of her thighs. She threw her head back and moaned sensually as her fingers stroked sensitive parts. She sank slowly to her previous position of straddling his lap and bucking against his lap, which he suddenly realized had lost the battle and was now fully displaying a reaction. The girl was quite obviously close to climaxing as she shoved the fingers that had caressing herself her into his mouth. Involuntarily, or so he liked to believe, he gently sucked on the intruding digits. Her bucking came faster and suddenly she moaned loudly as an intense climax blasted through her taut body. Her well toned muscles stood out and vibrated as her pleasure coursed through her. Finally the sensual shuddering passed and she collapsed against him in a deep passionate kiss, which happened to coincide with the end of the song. As the last notes of music drifted from the air, she broke the kiss and leaned back with a familiar smirk.

"I always did get off on teasing you, Ranma," the girl said with a smile.

"N...Na...Nabiki?" Ranma squeaked. The girl winked at him and put her finger to her lips.

"I can tell you how long I've wanted to do this," she gestured around the stage, "with you," she finished. She grinned wickedly and slid off of the stunned Ranma. In loud voice she called, "Okay boys, my work here is done," she reached down grabbing Ranma's still fully erect member and stroked it gently, displaying it's rigidness through his pants to the audience. "Have fun!" She winked at him again before she slinked off stage in a sensual hip rolling walk as the audience cheered and whistled.

As Nabiki left the stage Melissa Mao, Kurz Webber, and Sancho Dominguez all climbed up on the stage and began to release Ranma, who was trying hard to glare at them and not grin.

"Sorry, Lieutenant," Sancho grinned as he worked on the bindings, "we just though since you are always so in control of yourself you might like to let someone else have control for a while. That and we didn't think you'd have come any other way."

"Yeah, and you sure seemed to enjoy your self, Lieutenant," Kurz said from undoing the leg bindings.

"Not as much as she did," Mao laughed using her finger to wipe some of the drying juices from Ranma's chin then sucked her finger clean. "Mmm," she commented with a grin as the shocked men looked at her.

She arched an eyebrow at the guys, finger still in her mouth, and Ranma laughed. Shaking their heads, the others finished releasing Ranma and handed him a drink and a shirt.

The party continued deep into the night as the booze and girls flowed freely. Nabiki showed up a little bit after Ranma was released, dressed for a night on the town and her hair back to normal. He noticed that she and Melissa seemed quite chummy, not going so far as to make out in front of everyone but clearly there was something between them more than idle friendship. The crowning moment of the evening, aside from the sweet torture of Ranma, was a repeat performance when Ranma easily subdued Sousuke and the somber sergeant found himself trussed to the chair being showered with feminine pulchritude. The professional girls had been quite inspired by Nabiki's performance and rose to the challenge of teasing the poor sergeant into a reaction without having him pass out with a bloody nose. Ranma stood by the whole time with a bucket of cold water to revive Sousuke, which he had to do several times.

While Ranma was on stage doing bucket duty, Kurz managed to slip up and douse him. He narrowly avoided the redhead's likely painful retribution when she found herself captured by Melissa and Nabiki. Nabiki had explained that she had paid Kurz to do it and then she and Melissa, being quite lit, made Ranma, who was also quite lit, dance risquély with them on stage, much to the cheers and whistles from the audience. The pictures would haunt Ranma for a long time.


Kaname might have been upset with Ranma for what was happening to him, had something very similar not been happening to her. Thanks to Kyouko, her evening was photo documented as well, and when, in the aftermath, the couple had viewed the photos, they could only laugh at each other.

However, that wasn't on either of their minds at the moment as they crawled from their separate beds. Their minds were on the events that were to take place later that day. Miraculously, neither of the two had a hang over to temper their joy and anticipation. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for their friends.

Ranma sat up in her bed stretching and yawning impressively. As she wiped the sleep from her eyes, a large grin lit her face. She practically sprang from the bed and looked around the hotel room. On the bed next to hers, Melissa and Nabiki lay naked curled around each other, deep in peaceful slumber.

'Who knew Nabiki was that way?' Ranma chuckled. She'd always had her suspicions about Melissa. Everybody just assumed that she was dishonorably discharged from the USMC because of her boozing, but Mithril wouldn't have snapped up an alcoholic who let her problems affect her duty badly enough to cause a dishonorable discharge, and Ranma was perceptive enough to read between the lines. The American military did still have that 'don't ask don't tell' policy after all. Ranma felt a little honored that Melissa felt comfortable enough with her that she allowed her into a part of her life that normally the woman kept discrete. Grinning, she nudged the bed of her sleeping companions.

"Get up, Sleepy Heads," Ranma sang gently. When she didn't get a response, she shook their shoulders. "Wakie Wakie," she sang a little louder, "or else I'm sending Sgt. Webber in here to wake you." Both girls were instantly awake. They both groaned and put a hand to their heads.

"Mornin' 'Biki-chan," Melissa slurred.

"Mornin' 'Lissa-chan," Nabiki said groggily, then glared at Ranma. "That wasn't very nice Ranma-chan. After all we did keep the guys form coming in here and molesting you last night."

"Yeah, yeah," Ranma chirped. "But who was keeping the two of you from molesting me? Anyway, today is the big day. You guys need to get up and get ready. Remember, you two are in charge of security and you need to get to the chapel to make sure everything is tight."

"I still think you're being paranoid," Melissa griped.

"Trust me, 'Lissa-chan," Nabiki chuckled, "whenever Ranma-chan has a wedding ceremony, security is very much a required detail."

"Well, I'm going to shower and change," Ranma said. "You guys go kick the guys and get'em up."

"Roger," Melissa said tiredly.


Ranma stood at the front of the isle. Beside him stood Sousuke, as his best man and Kurz as a groomsman. He surveyed the gathered people. On his side of the aisle sat Nabiki, Kasumi, and Tofu. What surprised him was that Ryoga and Ukyo had managed to make it. They sat very close together and held hands. Noticing his gaze on them they both waved. Ukyo smiled for him but it seemed strained. He noticed that her grip on Ryoga's hand was rather tight. Clearly she still had feelings for him and his heart went out to her. He gave her a compassionate smile and mouthed 'Thank you' to her. She smiled and nodded before bringing up her hand to wipe under her eye. Also on his side sat half the crew of the De Danaan.

Kaname's side held many more people from her past. Like Ranma, she had no family to witness the coming event. Unlike him, she had several friends from high school, easily twice as many as him. He didn't know any of them personally but he could pick out some from her stories. He thought he recognized Hayashimizu, the elegant silver haired man seated next to the girl he was guessing to be Ren Mikihara. Next to them he saw a short haired girl he recognized from Kaname's photos as Mizuki Inaba, who was looking at him rather oddly. There were several more that he couldn't place. Behind them were seated the balance of the De Danaan's crew in attendance.

Once everyone was seated, the outer doors of the vestibule were closed and Nabiki and Melissa took up positions flanking the inner doors leading into the chapel. Then the wedding march began to play as the bride's maids began their march up the aisle. First to enter was Kyouko Tokiwa, Kaname's best friend from high school. She moved down the aisle and took her position across from Kurz. Following her was the maid of honor, Tessa, looking radiant in her gown. Ranma smiled as he heard Sousuke gulp audibly. The petite girl managed, to everyone's surprise, to complete her trek up the aisle without incident. She smiled at Sousuke as she took her position across from him, a step below Ranma. Then the music changed.

Ranma's breath was sucked from his lungs as the bride, his bride, appeared in the doorway on the arm of Lt. Commander Kalinin who was to give her away in the absence of her father. Ranma felt light headed as he stared mesmerized at the ethereal beauty of the vision before him. Her pure white dress and long train shimmered as she began the hesitation step down the aisle, seeming to glow with an unearthly light. Her face was hidden beneath the vial the covered her head and her head was bowed demurely as she was led toward him by Lt. Cmdr. Kalinin. He had never imagined such beauty had existed before this moment as he stood entranced as this angel that he could never possibly be worthy of grew closer and closer. Ranma felt Sousuke's hand on his back steadying him and he realized he hadn't taken a breath since Kaname had entered the room. He realized he had been about to swoon.

Then she was before him. Everything about her, the scent of her perfume, the shimmer of the satin, the rustled of lace, her quickened breathing, it all assaulted Ranma's senses as he drank in her presence like a man dying of thirst. He was so enthralled, so filled with love for this maiden before him that he nearly missed the minister as he began.

"Who gives this bride away?" he said loudly.

"In the absence of her father, I, Andrey Kalinin, her commanding officer, have that honor," Kalinin said in a firm steady voice. That was when all hell broke loose.

The wall behind the bridesmaids and Kaname blew apart in a shower of debris. Ranma, before he was fully aware of what he was doing, spun around Kaname so quickly he seemed to disappear from sight. When he reappeared he was holding the shaft of an arrow that he had stopped centimeters from plunging into Kaname's back and going through her heart. Before he had time for anything else, he was forced to dodge as chains with bladed weapons attached to the end flew through the space he was in.

While this was all happening, the doors to the chapel burst asunder and a man garbed in a hamaka charged in with live steel bared, followed by a dark haired female in a familiar black wedding gown. Ranma's worst nightmare was realized.

As Ranma was forced to dodge the chains, a purple haired Amazon charged though the hole she'd made while dropping the bow that had launched the arrow at the bride. Before anyone could act, she leaped over to Kaname while pulling a sword. The Amazon grabbed the shocked bride in a joint lock from behind and reached around placing the razor edge of the sword at her throat. Meanwhile, the groom was dodging chains and katana swings from the enraged men attacking him.

"Foul sorcerer, for destroying the mind of the fierce tigress, Akane Tendo and turning her away from her true love, myself, the manliest of men, and for spiriting away the pigtailed goddess, I shall slay you!" Kuno shouted. "Perpare to die, demon enslaver of women!"

"For what you've done to my Shampoo, I will kill you, you honorless ronin!" Mousee yelled.

"Oh Ranma-sama," Kodachi said, issuing her bone chilling laugh. "At last the day of our wedding has arrived!"

It was then that the rest of the gathering finally shook themselves out of their disbelief and reacted. The chapel was filled with the metallic sound of many firearm actions cycling. The attackers froze as they noticed no less than 150 various firearms pointed at them. Kalinin had his Takarov out and resting at the base of Shampoo's skull. Sousuke had his Glock 26 trained on Mousse while Kurz had his H&K USP covering Kuno. Kodachi was sweating, frozen in place by the 12ga barrel of Melissa's Mossberg 590 resting in her cleavage. The remaining armed crew of the De Danan picked a target they could see and covered it. As everyone stood still, Ranma looked reproachfully at Nabiki who shook her head emphatically.

"I swear, it wasn't me, Ranma," Nabiki said sincerely. That's when Shampoo chimed in.

"Husband come back to China with Shampoo or girl dies," the Amazon threatened.

More quickly than the eye could follow, Ranma's Beretta 96G appeared in his hand and trained itself unwaveringly on Shampoo's eye.

"If you so much as kink a hair of the woman I love, you will regret the day you were ever born," Ranma growled. "Let her go and I'll let you live." Shampoo blanched at the steel hard look in Ranma's eyes, but nerved herself.

"Does not matter if Shampoo dies," she said in a cold tone. "Shampoo cannot return to village without husband. If no can return to village, then Shampoo rather die."

"There are ways and ways of dying Shampoo," Ranma said in an arctic tone that promised suffering. "You can take days or months to die, and I promise you, if you take her from me I will make your death last a very long time and you will be in unimaginable agony until hell claims your murdering soul. And I won't stop there. I will see that your village is labeled the terrorist threat it is and will personally lead a battalion of Arm Slaves to raze it to the ground and kill every man, woman, and child there, right down to the stray dogs in the streets." Shampoo paled at such a threat to her people. "Don't think I won't do it either. If you take her, you take my humanity and after I have made you and your entire village pay for your arrogance; I'll follow her to the next life."

"But you is Shampoo husband," Shampoo argued. "Law says so!"

"I don't give a damn about your backward pimple-on-the-ass-of-China village laws," Ranma growled. "I beat you in a fight over food, goddammit. I never wanted to marry you. I never even liked you. And now, seeing how low you'll stoop, I HATE YOUR FUCKING GUTS YOU BLOOD THIRSTY WHORE!"

Hearing the girl he loved insulted so, Mousse forgot about the many weapons directed at him and he lunged at Ranma. Ranma's eyes never left Shampoo's as he swung the .40 caliber Berretta around and fired. Mousse grunted as the bullet slammed into his torso and threw him backward onto his back.

"Stay down, asshole, or the next one won't be aimed at a 'hidden' weapon," Ranma growled. "Now let her go, you stupid bitch." The Berretta retrained itself on her eye. Shampoo looked thoughtful for a few minutes before speaking.

"Shampoo think you bluffing," Shampoo said. "You no killer. Ranma too too nice to follow threw on threat."

"It doesn't matter if he would follow through on it," Kalinin said from behind her. "If He doesn't then I will, as her commanding officer. I have the power to make it happen, and I WILL make it happen if you harm one of my people."

"You have no idea who I am now, Shampoo," Ranma spat. "I'm a warrior. I've been in combat and I've killed to protect my colleagues. You saw what I did to Saffron for threatening Akane. What do you suppose I'm capable of doing to you considering what I felt for Akane was like a candle next to the sun compared to what I feel for the woman you are threatening?"

Shampoo looked into the cold hard eyes of the man she had chased for so long and saw a burning hatred there. She shuddered as she saw that he really was willing to follow through with his threats. They were the eyes of a man that was about to have nothing to lose, and they held nothing of the softness or compassion they used display so clearly. Shampoo was suddenly afraid. Slowly she lowered her sword and released the woman she held as the sword clattered to the floor.

Kaname rushed into Ranma's arms and tearfully clung to him as he held her. As the couple clung to one another, Kuno decided he'd been silent long enough.

"Honorless cur," He said taking a step forward, "You have not dealt with I, the great...erk"

"Shut up, jackass," Ryoga said as he removed his fist from the top of Kuno's head where it had been driven into the floor. Ranma gave him a smile of thanks.

"I was going to go as crazy as he is if I had to listen to his mouth anymore," Ryoga shrugged.

Ranma pushed Kaname away gently before assuming seiza before her. He bowed touching his head to the floor.

"I'm very sorry, Kaname," Ranma said. "I have allowed my past to ruin what was supposed to be the happiest day of our lives. I understand if you do not wish to marry this worthless ronin after this."

"Oh no, Ranma," Kaname spoke, "You aren't getting off the hook that easily, mister. It's our wedding day and it will be the happiest day of our lives, in spite of this little...drama. Please get up, my Love. We have a ceremony to complete. You will not be a ronin after today and you were never worthless. You are the man I love and you WILL be my husband after today."

Ranma stood, smiling in spite of the shimmer of tears in his eyes. The intruders were quickly disarmed and a detail was formed to guard them with instruction that if they 'moved, spoke, or so much as farted', they were to be shot.

"I'm very sorry, sir," Ranma said to the minister, "for the violence you have been forced to witness in this holy place. Will you still perform the ceremony?"

"What's done is done, my son," the minister said. "All we can do is carry on. If nobody has any further objections? Good, then everyone take your places and we'll proceed."

The rest of the ceremony went off with out a hitch. Most of the gathered crowd was touched as the bride and groom tearfully exchanged their vows and rings, and then tenderly kissed each other. They then proceeded back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Ranma Chidori and stood in the vestibule as the guests filed out offering them congratulations before heading to the reception.

"Lieutenant, what shall we do with these four?" one of the guard detail asked after the guests left, leaving only the groomsmen, bridesmaids, Nabiki, Melissa, and Kalinin remaining.

Ranma looked at the intruders and sighed. He squeezed Kaname's hand before releasing her and stepping up to them.

"You two," he addressed the Kuno's. "I dislike you in the extreme. I left Nerima to get away from your idiocy. You are both delusional maniacs and you need to get help. I urge you to do so. I'm married now, and our paths need not cross again. However, if you feel that you can't leave well enough alone, the organization I work for has enough pull with the Japanese government that if you continue to harass me I will have you committed to a mental institution and no amount of Kuno clan money or influence will get you out. Forget about me. We will all be happier that way."

"That goes for the Tendo's as well, Kuno," Nabiki added.

"As for you," Ranma turned to the Amazons, "I don't care what you do from now on. Go home, make a new home here, it doesn't matter. But know this, if you attempt to harm me or mine again, you will be in for a world of pain. I won't tolerate your ridiculous behavior any longer. As I told the nutjobs, our paths need not cross again. I'm through with you. Forget about me." The four glared hatefully at Ranma as he turned to the guards. "After we leave, let them go. Thank you for keeping them from interfering further and I hope to see you at the reception."

"Roger, Lieutenant," the guards said. With that, the remaining wedding party left for the reception.


"Everyone, can I have you attention, please?" Ranma said standing at the head of the table. When everyone settled down and gave him their attention, he continued, "I just wanted to say a few things I've learned about love over the years. When some of you first met me, I was pretty ignorant of anything outside of martial arts. I didn't know anything about this thing called love. As I began to learn more about it, I got scared of it. I was terrified to give somebody that sort of power over me. I saw it as a weakness to be avoided. I really didn't understand it then. Then I met Kaname. Both of us had been hurting because of this thing we thought was love and we both wanted to avoid such a complication. We became best friends, drawn together by the pain we both felt. We didn't realize it, but as we became closer, something else began to grow from the mutual respect and admiration we had for one another. A connection was made. Maybe part of us did realize it after a while, but we didn't want to risk our friendship with that sort of complication, so for a while we denied it.

"Then came one night on a beach. Thanks to some really good friends, we found the courage to begin to confront our feelings. We acknowledged our interest, if not fully what we felt, and we began to explore the possibilities. For me, it was a profound moment when I realized her smile filled me with light and warmth like I had never felt before. When I looked in her eyes, I saw only her desire for me to be happy, no expectations, no agendas, nothing but caring and warmth. It was then when I began to realize what love really was. Over the next year, our feelings for each other grew and solidified and I thought a lot about why what we had was so special, so much stronger than I could have ever imagined. This is what I learned.

"To have what we have is a total loss of self to the other. I don't have to think about what's best for me with her because I have complete faith in her and the fact that she will work miracles to make sure I'm happy and taken care of. This faith frees me to concentrate all my efforts to make sure she's happy and taken care of. We don't have to hold anything back for our selves because the other is constantly giving that to us. It's magical and I suspect it's a very rare thing to happen. In a very real way, her life is my life, as my life is hers. She carries and protects my very soul with her, as I carry and protect hers. To lose her would be to lose my soul and my life." Ranma held up his champagne glass in toast.

"To the sun in my sky, my world, my source of life. To the person who taught me the true meaning of love and how very powerful it could be, instead of the weakness I once thought it was. To my incomparably beautiful, unbelievably magnificent wife, Kaname!"

"Kanpai!" the gathered guests said and drank to the toast.


Kaname mistrusted the mischievous glint in Ranma's eyes as they cut the cake. Largely because she suspected that it matched her own. They carefully placed a slice of cake each on a plate and they each picked up their slice offering it to the other. As Ranma bite into her offering, she thrust her hand forward, smearing the cake all over his face, even as the same event happed to her as she bite into his offering. They both laughed like idiots and began to clean the cake off the others face with licks and kisses.


Kaname savored the opening notes of Sore Ga Ai Deshou as Ranma held her tightly to him. Through out the song, they twirled gracefully about the floor and each felt every word of the lyrics. So lost in each other were they, that they missed the end of the song and kept dancing. Nobody begrudged them. When they finally realized that the music had stopped, they separated, blushing.

Kaname danced next with Lt. Cmdr. Kalinin, who was playing the part of her father today. For the mother/son dance, Kaname had a little surprise modification for Ranma. A cup of cold water later and a petite female Ranma danced with her wife to the shock of Kaname's friends who still hadn't believed it until then. They did, however, take it in stride since nobody else was freaking out about it. Although, they did require several further demonstrations.

Then it was the bridesmaids and the groomsmen's turn. Sousuke and Tessa looked lovely together as they danced, looking deeply into the others eyes. They looked almost as in love with each other as Ranma and Kaname did. Everyone was shocked when Sousuke the clueless bent down and captured the petite captain's lips in a tender kiss and, according to those close enough to hear, said, "I love you, Tessa." The girl immediately began to swoon, but Sousuke's strong arms supported her.

After that, several of the guys in their immediate circle got a chance to dance with Kaname. The girls got their choice of Ranma's male or female form. Ranma danced with Kasumi, who was thrilled for Ranma and gushed about the joy she could see in the young man. Ukyo also got her chance though it was a bitter sweet thing for her. She told Ranma she was happy for him, but that she wished it could have been her. Of course, Nabiki and Melissa both took a turn with Ranma in female form, but kept it much more reserved than they had the night before. Perhaps the most unusual dance partners that night were Ranma in female form and Dr. Tofu. Ranma suspected that somebody had put him up to it as a joke, but she trusted the kind doctor and agreed. That somebody, Ranma suspected, was Kaname taking another shot as getting Ranma comfortable with being a girl.

During the night, Ranma, Kaname and Nabiki took the good Doctor aside and made the offer for him to come work for Mithril. He agreed to think about it.

Then it was time for the happy couple to depart for their one night stay in the honeymoon sweet of a ritzy Tokyo hotel followed by a trip to the airport where they would begin a month long tour of Europe. The pair ran the gauntlet of rice throwers to the waiting limo and began their first night of marital bliss.