I Wish You Were Here

Chapter: 1




Teen-No language, lotsa romance, tragedy.

How Mitsuki feels after she sees Eichi's grave. My idea of what should have happened. Songfic. One-shot and it's snowing.

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Disclaimer: I do NOT own FMWS or the characters. These are also not my lyrics, but the lyrics to the song, "I Wish You Were Here".

I Wish You Were Here

With Mitsuki

Wish You Were Here...Me, oh, my country man, wish You Were Here...

Eichi-kun…. Mitsuki stared at the grave she saw. "Eichi-kun!" Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Why? I tried so hard… Why? Eichi-kun…I-I never got to say that-that I love you too." Tears poured down her face. She now sat on his grave, tears flowing uncontrollably.

I Wish You Were Here...don't you know, the snow is getting colder, and I miss you like hell, and I'm feeling blue...

"Eichi-kun…I-I can't…I can't sing anymore. Never. I-I sang for you, a-and now that your gone…I-I can't sing anymore…No! I-I won't sing anymore. Eichi-kun…"

I've got feelings for you, do you still feel the same? From the first time I laid my eyes on you, I felt joy of living, I saw heaven in your eyes... In your eyes...

Mitsuki felt everything grow colder, as she gave up living.

"Eichi-kun…I-I lived for you… I-I can't, won't, live anymore…without you…" She suddenly fainted, and shivered from the cold.

I miss your laugh, I miss your smile, I miss everything about you... Every second's like a minute, every minute's like a day, when you're far away...

Flashback Series


'Eichi-kun! Can we look at the stars tonight?'

Someone laughed. 'Of course Mitsuki. Let me get my telescope and I'll come over.' He laughed as he walked away.

A girl laughed too. Quietly, innocently, childishly.


The girl laughed.

'Eichi-kun, look at those stars…They're so bright…'

The boy laughed with her.

'Almost as bright as your smile, Mitsuki.'

The two laughed.

End Flashback Series

Laughter rang in Mitsuki's mind, and it tore at her heart to remember.

"Eichi-kun…I wanna see the stars with you…I wanna laugh with you…Eichi-kun…"

She started growing numb, getting frostbite. Nothing, not even the Shinkigami, could save her. She was sure of it.

"Eichi-kun…I'm coming…We'll see the stars again together…soon…Eichi-kun…" She whispered as her body gave in to the cold and she slowly drifted away…

Somewhere, in the distance, two people laughed, staring at the stars…

MBD: "Okay! So this is what should have happened! The flashback series is totally MADE UP thanks to Yours Truly! What did you think? NO flames! I'm a Mitsuki-Eichi fan and I'm NOT changing!