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Disclaimer: Sailor Galaxia does not own Sailor Moon otherwise Mamoru would have had a gory death a long time ago.
Person-Senshi name-color

Tsukino Usagi-Sailor Moon-Pink

Hino Rei-Sailor Mars-Dark Red

Mizuno Ami-Sailor Mercury-Dark Blue

Kino Mokoto-Sailor Jupiter-Dark Green

Aino Minako-Sailor Venus- Light Orange

Tenoh Harkra-Sailor Uranus-Midnight Blue

Kaioh Michiru-Sailor Neptune-Teal

Meioh Setsuna-Sailor Pluto-Olive Green

Tomoe Hotaru-Sailor Saturn-Dark Violet

Tsukino Chibiusa-Sailor Chibimoon-Rose

Seyia Kou-Sailor Star Fighter-Midnight Red

Taiki Kou-Sailor Star Maker-Violet

Yaten Kou-Sailor Star Healer-Dark Yellow

Princess Kakyuu-Sailor Kinmoku-Red

Mamoru-Tuxedo Kamen-Periwinkle

Chibi-Chibi - Sailor Chibi-Chibi Moon-Light Rose

Galaxy Alexia-Sailor Galaxia-Gold

Princess Selenity-Silver


Artemis-Light Gray


Anyone else-Dark Gray


A year has passed since the battle with Chaos and the starlights coming to Earth. The Earth's senshi have not battled since. They have moved on with there lives and High School, but things are about to change for all of them, mostly their princess.

A new evil has rose from the darkness of space, as old as time itself. This evil wishes for the ultimate soul, the most beautiful soul, the golden soul. The soul of power and light in dark times. Their quest may come to an end on the now quite planet of Earth, or so they hope.

But this new evil has some soldiers to worry about, the senshi of the Milky Way galaxy, the protectors of the famous moon princess, Serenity. But this evil will not expect the bodyguard of Princess Serenity, to come back into the picture. One who was said to be dead.

The bodyguard, the most famous solider of the Silver Millennium, the first one who had to leave from banishment buy the Queen of the Moon, Queen Seleneity. A banishment for no other reason but loving the princess. The solider did not leave without a fight, but lost in the end. The last one saw of this brokenhearted solider was on the battle field with Chaos.

Now the bodyguard is back to watch the moon princess. The solider's hope has been restored. And some new friends are coming into the picture. Hopefully this is enough to keep the universe safe.

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