Ch. 4 Episode 204: Quartet, Missing Princess and Mothers

Last Time-

"Who are you four?" she asked stepping back.

"I can explain that Hime." said the mysterious voice of the senshi of time and space.

Part 1

"Sailor Pluto!" exclaimed Sailor Moon at the familiar face.

"Hime, I came not baring good news, a meeting must be called at once." spoke the senshi quickly.

"Ano, Hai, right away." was said by Sailor Moon hurrying to call the others to meet at the temple.

"Let us to the temple now; we should stay transformed until we reach the temple, it will insure we

get there faster." said Pluto as soon as Moon finished calling the rest of the senshi.

"Hai." cried the four senshi that were standing behind Pluto.

Pluto turned to Moon and nodded, then all six ran off to the temple.

"Galaxia-sama?" asked a voice of a small white haired girl, with her hair in the shape of mouse


"Nezu-chan, I thought I told you my name is Alexia." said the female called Galaxia.

"Hai, you did, but in the form you are in. I thought it more fitting." replied Nezu taking in Alexia's


"Nani?" Alexia asked before looking down at her clothes. She was dressed in her original sailor

senshi form.

Like most sailor senshi in the Galaxy, Galaxia uniform had a white bodice ands a gold skirt. Both

bows on her uniform were gold as well and her boots were the same as when she is in her golden

form, except that they were made form a silky cloth instead of gold. Her tiara held a blood ruby and

the bow on her chest had her sapphire on it. When in this form her hair was down but never did it

get in her way, but it was pure gold no red what so ever in this form.

Galaxia was besides herself, she had not been in this form since the imprisonment of chaos in her

body. She did not know why she was now in the form of pure power.

"How?" she whispered to herself, but still received an answer.

"I do not know." was the answer for Nezu.

When Sailor Moon along with Pluto and the other four senshi arrived at the temple the others were

already there.

After all the senshi were not transformed and those who were went inside the six transformed

senshi changed back.

"Why are they here and how did they become senshi!" yelled an angry lighting senshi.

"Enough! Setsuna-san will explain, why they are here," said Usagi hoping for no violence with her

senshi and the new senshi.

"Thank you, Hime," Setsuna spoke turning to the inner senshi, "I will explain, please do not

interrupt until I finish, this is hard enough." She waited for all the senshi to settle into place. "I have

come from the future with the Amazoness Quartet to warn you of the events that have come into

play here in this time. I'm sure you know by now that you all have a new enemy, but I'm not sure if

you know what the enemy is after. The enemy is after the most powerful soul in the Galaxy, the

golden soul, the soul of pure power. If they find this soul all will be destroyed, only the true silver

soul can control the golden soul. The souls of true silver and gold are lovers with one an another.

Or so it say in the... never mind. If you have some question ask them now."

"Setsuna-san, do we need to fear the one with this soul? And what of other souls?" asked the ever

intelligent Ami.

"Good question, Ami. No, we need not to fear the one who holds the golden soul. And there are

other colors for soul: Blue- this one is for the shy and lonely but when needed they will always be

there. Red- fiery but kind and willing to kill if needed to. Green- for the ones who will protect

anyone who needs it at anytime even if they might die. Orange- for those who are ready to try

anything and helpful. Last are the ones that can give us more power then ever. Silver- for light in the

dark and caring."

"Wow, but I get the feeling you're here for more than what you've told us so far Setsuna-san. What

else is there?" spoke up Rei.

"You're right Rei. There is more to it, Chibiusa-chan has gone missing in the future." Setsuna

spoke in regret.

"NANI!" yelled the inners and Usagi.

"That is why we are here," spoke up CereCere of the Amazoness Quartet, "We are the Hime's

personal guard and best friends, and we have failed to protect her. The enemy that you have, has

taken her and we wish to help you in your fight. We pledge to you our queen." The kneeled in front

of Usagi.

"We would love the help, but please don't bow, I am not queen yet." said Usagi embarrassed.

"Understood." they replied.

"Now that is that's settled, it's getting late and I have to get home." said Usagi stretching.

"Me too." said the other inners but Rei. They laughed happily.

Part 2

"Again the dumb Sailor Senshi show up, and with even more again! AHHHH, where do they all

come from, I know each plant has a senshi to protect it, but I've seen too many to count on this

pitiful plant, so where are all of they from? I better find out soon or it'll be my head, eww gross."

"Failed again, Garnet, if I were you I'd watch out. Not only is the queen furious but a lot of the

others in our kingdom what you dead if you fail anymore. If I were you I'd get moving on those

souls." spoke a voice in the shadows who's face could not be seen.

"Get out, I can do this without your help." replied Garnet.

"So be it, good luck." and the figure was gone.

"I don't need luck"

"Okaa-san, do you think I can pass high school?" asked Usagi to her mother, Ikuko, while looking

at her homework.

"What bought this on Usagi?" asked Ikuko looking at her daughter.

"I was just thinking that I'll never get good enough grades to pass and get a good job after school,

and I'd never be respected among people." Usagi had tears in her eyes.

"Oh, Usa-chan, my little girl. If you want your father and I will do our best to help you. You'll do

fine in your life. I can see how much you are trying to improve in your studies and how you have

matured over the years. You have fears about life after school, it's understandable. All I ask, you is

to ask for my help when you need it, baby girl." confected Ikuko.

"Arigato, Okaa-san. You're the best." spoke Usagi, feeling better.

"Now what do you need help with?" and mother and daughter got into a better relationship, by

talking and helping each other.

"Crow-chan, where do you think Galaxia-sama is in this city?" asked a familiar voice and figure

with long pale blue hair.

"How many times do I have to tell you my name on this plant is Karasuma, Akane. Not Crow! Get

it right." yelled the Crow.

"Alright, Akane-chan how are we going to find Galaxia-sama?" asked the pale blue haired women


"We look for the light of a gold like star." answered Akane.

"Like that one." the blue haired one pointed toward a gold light that few could see.

"Yes, like that one." sighed Akane.

"Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow are coming." whispered Galaxia still in her original

Sailor Senshi form.

"Are they Galaxia-sama?" asked Sailor Iron Mouse.

"Hai, they will be at the front door in a moment. Open it for them, please, Iron Mouse." commanded

Galaxia calmly.


"She's here, she is not even trying to hide. We could be trying to kill her and she is not trying to

defend herself. She hasn't changed. Good." said Akane.

"Why is that good, Crow-chan?" asked Crow's partner.

"She will be the Galaxia we have come to know, Siren." replied Crow.

"Hai, I guess that is good." Siren giggled.

Akane knocked on the door.

"I'll never be able to steal a true pure soul with those Sailor Senshi running around. But there is a

way to take some of the energy of the soul without removing it from the one it comes from. It will

work, I can still get energy for my queen." a laugh broke out of Garnet and echoed in the darkness.

Part 3

"Class, take out your homework and pass it forward. Domo Arigato."

They day passed as any other day of school does.

"Usagi-chan, where are you going?" asked Minako seeing her friend start on her way.

"I have to go home tonight minna, I'll see you tomorrow, if something happens I'll call." said Usagi

before leaving.

"Minna, is it just me but has Usagi been more distant lately?" asks Mokoto.

"It's not just you, Mokoto-san, she has been distant. Anyone know why?" replied Taiki.

Everyone shook their head in negative.

"Okaa-san, I think it's great that we can spend the day together, it seems we never have time for

each other anymore." spoke Usagi toward her mother.

"I agree dear, now lets go get some lemons so I can make lemon pie tonight." said Ikuko.

"Lemon pie, yum."

"We need some apple and pie crust. Aya-chan can you get these for me?" asked a golden voice.

"Hai Alexia-chan, be right back." Aya ran off.

"Alexia-chan is that you?"

"Usagi-chan, what are you doing here?" Alexia asked.

"My Okaa-san and I were just picking stuff up for dinner. Well I have to go, ja." and Usagi waved


"Is it just me or has something or one chaptered our queen attention?" asked a sly Siren.

"Enough. Let's go Aya." no more was said.

"Usagi-chan why don't you go and buy yourself an ice cream, I wait here for you" said Ikuko.

"Okay Okaa-san." Usagi ran off for her ice cream.

"There is no love more powerful than that of a mother's and her children, is there?" asked a voice

behind Ikuko.

"That is so true, my names Tsukino, Ikuko, and you are?"

"Oh, no one important, just someone who wants you pure soul!" yell Garnet throwing off her


"Nani!" exclamed Ikuko before a light hit her and she blacked out.

"Okaa-san!" wispered Usagi before transforming.

"Stop right there...," she stepped out from behind a tree, but never got to finish her speech because

Garnet called out a youma.

"Detest, get rid of her." ordered Garnet.

"Hai." and Detest sent an attack toward Sailor Moon.

"Galactica Tsunami!" a voice cried out. A tidal wave of water came and knocked the youma away

from Sailor Moon.

Then another voice rang out, "Galatica Inflation!", the youma was destoryed.

"Bye." called Garnets voice dissappering.

"Ikuko-san." worried Sailor Moon.

"She'll be fine, but her soul is weak at the moment, take her home Sailor Moon. Let her rest." said

Galaxia reading the souls energy.

"Hai, Arigato, Sailor Galaxia."

"Hn, Synarona." she walked away.

"Okaa-san, your up." said Usagi.

"Hai, Usagi-chan what happened?" Ikuko asked.

"A youma attacked you Okaa-san, a Sailor Senshi helped you." explained Usagi.

"Oh, that's right. Usagi-chan what have you been doing?" she asked noticing Usagi had an apron on.

"I made dinner Okaa-san. The Sailor Senshi said you need rest, so I cooked. I hope I did agood job."

worried Usagi.

"Let's go find out." laughed her mother.