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Ch. 5 Episode 205: Pain and Movies

Last Time-

"Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Lead Crow are coming." whispered Galaxia still in her original

Sailor Senshi form.

"Are they Galaxia-sama?" asked Sailor Iron Mouse.

"Hai, they will be at the front door in a moment. Open it for them, please, Iron Mouse."

commanded Galaxia calmly.


"She's here, she is not even trying to hide. We could be trying to kill her and she is not trying to

defend herself. She hasn't changed. Good." said Akane.

"Why is that good, Crow-chan?" asked Crow's partner.

"She will be the Galaxia we have come to know, Siren." replied Crow.

"Hai, I guess that is good." Siren giggled.

Akane knocked on the door.

"Galactica Tsunami!" a voice cried out. A tidal wave of water came and knocked the youma away

from Sailor Moon.

Then another voice rang out, "Galatica Inflation!", the youma was destroyed.

"Bye." called Garnets voice disappearing.

"Ikuko-san." worried Sailor Moon.

"She'll be fine, but her soul is weak at the moment, take her home Sailor Moon. Let her rest." said

Galaxia reading the souls energy."Hai, Arigato, Sailor Galaxia."

"Hn, Synarona." she walked away.

"Okaa-san, your up." said Usagi.

"Hai, Usagi-chan what happened?" Ikuko asked.

"A youma attacked you Okaa-san, a Sailor Senshi helped you." explained Usagi.

"Oh, that's right. Usagi-chan what have you been doing?" she asked noticing Usagi had an apron


"I made dinner Okaa-san. The Sailor Senshi said you need rest, so I cooked. I hope I did a good

job." worried Usagi.

"Let's go find out." laughed her mother.

Part 1

"No offence girls but school gets more boring each day. Goddess I can't help but wish for our

Senior year to come and go." said a very board brunette.

"I hear ya, Mako-chan, school get worse as the seconds tick." agreed one of two blonds with a red

bow in her hair.

"Mina-chan, school is a very important part of our lives, without school what will we do when we

get older." said Ami with a tone that made Minako and Makoto look shameful.

Shamefully they said, "Gomen Ami-chan."

"It's okay." laughed Ami in amusement.

"So Usagi-chan, what's been going on in you little world. Have the sweets gone on sell or

something." spoke up Rei.

"No, no sweets on sell just thinking about stuff." was Usagi's reply.

"What kind of stuff Usagi-chan?" asked Makoto.

"Not much," Usagi looks at the clock, "is that the time I better get going or Okaa-san will be mad

at me. Ja ne, minna." She rushes out the door.

"Wonder what's wrong with her. Oh well, if it was important she would tell us." said Minako.

"Hai." replied the rest of the inners.

'Thank the Goddess, if they asked more questions I may of had to answer them. How can I tell them

I'm worried because of this new enemy. Not to mention Chibiusa disappearance and Mamoru-san's

break up with me. I'm so confused, I need to talk to someone.' ranted Usagi in her mind, not

looking in front of her.

"Oof." Usagi collided, with a girl with blond and blood red hair.

"Alexia-chan, gomen nasai, I wasn't looking where I was going." apologized Usagi.

"It's okay Usagi-chan, see no harm done," spins around, "you seem kinda out of it, remember if

you need to talk I'm here."

"Oh, Alexia-chan so many things are going on and I don't know what to do." Usagi gushed out.

"Why don't we head to your house and you can tell me everything." suggested Alexia.

"Hai." and they started the walk to the house.

"Crow-chan do you worry about Galaxia-sama sometimes?" asked a concerned Siren.

"Hai, but she will be okay in the end Aya-chan, she'll find the one she is looking for."

"Good, Crow-chan?"

"Hai, Siren-chan."

"You do know I love you right. But if you didn't, Aishteru Crow-chan."

Akane looked suprized at first but it faded into a loving smile and look, "Hai, I know Siren-chan

and mo Aishteru, now and forever."

They just hold each other in the window looking to the setting sun.

Alexia looks around and sees pictures of so many people, some of the girls in a group, some of the

Three Lights, and some of people she does no know. But one picture captures her attention a man

with black hair and blue eyes standing with Usagi and a little girl with pink hair and red eyes. She

picks up the picture for a better look.

"She's my cousin, her name is Chibiusa-chan. And his name is Chiba, Mamoru-san. He is, no was

my boyfriend." Usagi said coming into the room with tea.

"So you broke up recently." stated Alexia.

"Hai, how could you know that?"

"The way you said 'he is, no was my boyfriend.' and I'm guessing he is one of the things you need

to talk about."

"Hai, he is along with my cousin, Chibiusa-chan." said Usagi.

"Start when you are ready, I won't judge you, but I'll do my best to help you." urged Alexia.

"Oh, he broke up with me because he said he found someone in America and he said he didn't love

me. Alexia-chan we were together for years and he always said he loved me but when he broke up

with me he spoke the truth he hated me. He didn't say it out load but I heard it a clear as day in his

tone. I loved him so much, and he ripped my heart out of my chest without a care." by now Usagi

was crying with out knowing, "and to add to my pain I just found out a few days ago my cousin,

Chibiusa-chan has gone missing. I'm so worried about her, I love her so much, she's like a

daughter to me. Oh, Alexia!"

Usagi fell into Alexia's arms sobbing.

Alexia just held her saying, "Don't worry, I'm here. Just cry, I won't leave you tonight."

And she didn't.

Part 2

"Garnet, at least this time you got some energy for me, but it's not enough. I want a pure soul, also

do you have anymore information about the Sailor Senshi?" asked the shadowy queen.

"Hai, Sailor Moon's attack is called 'Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss!' it is supposed to heal or

destroy by th moon's light. And four new senshi showed up they call themselves the Sailor Quartet

their attack is 'Amazoness Jungle Arrow!' it kills an enemy youma by hitting the heart. Then two

more mysterious senshi appeared the first's attack is 'Galactica Crunch!' it crunches the enemy.

Last the second's attack is 'Galactica Tsunami!' sweeping the enemy into a Tsunami of Galactic

Waters, drowning them." Garnet finished explaining the new senshi and attacks.

"This is not good," the queen whispered, "Leave and find me a pure soul Garnet, NOW!"


"Oi minna-chan, we're going to the movies. I just got the greatest tickets to the new movie of

Sailor V." yelled out Minako running up the temple steps.

"Nani! I heard that no one could get those tickets." said Makoto.

"Nani!" yelled the others.

"Where's Usagi-chan?" asked Minako.

"She's hasn't come yet. I've become a little worried about her lately. She been so quite when she's

around us. Do any of you know anything?" asked Rei.

"Iie." replied the inners.

They all sighed in disappointment.

# "Serenity-hime, follow us, we have something to show you." the voices of Uranus and Neptune.

The princess followed them. "Uranus, Neptune why have you brought me here to the gland?" she

asked. "Because I asked them to bring you here." came the reply. Serenity ran to the figure seeing

only blond and red hair. "I thought that I loss you. Aishteru, oh how I love you." "I can only stay for

awhile Serenity-koi, until I have to leave I want to give this to you." the figure pulls out a neckless

of a crystal moon holding a gold star. "It's beautiful." Serenity said breathless. The figure put it

around the princess's neck and stepped away. "No you are, this neckless hold a little bit of my soul

and yours. Now no matter what you have me near you." "It's not the same, Goddess take me with

you!" pleaded the princess. "I can't." the figure nods to the two outers. "Come Koneko-chan, lets

get you back to your room." said Uranus soothingly. The two outers and princess walk away.

Serenity was crying in Neptune's shoulder.#

"Ug, I feel horror able. What happened?" groaned Usagi.

"You cried yourself to sleep, that's what." was her reply.

"Oh, Alexia-chan, did you stay all night?"

"Yes, I did. How do you feel?"

"Other than a major headache, better than normal. I feel refreshed, new, ready for anything." was

what Usagi.

"Good." Alexia smiled.

"The actress that plays Sailor V name is Kuri. She is said to be a great actress and has played in

many other movies and she has given many donations to HIV victims in Africa. She seem like a

very nice person." spoke up Taiki.

"I hear that she's like Yaten-kun and Rei-chan combined mean yet kind to those that she likes. Say

quite a bit about you Yaten-kun." laughed Seyia.

"Nani! I'll kill you Seyia!" yelled Yaten annoyed. Seyia took off.

"Princess, I don't think they'll ever grow up."

"Agreed, Maker-san." was Kakyuu agreement.

"Usagi-chan even though you missed this mornings meeting at the temple, I'm inviting you to come

to the new Sailor V movie with us." said Minako to Usagi.

"I'd love to, and I'm really sorry I missed the morning meeting today. Last night was rough."

"It's okay Usagi-chan, but try to call if something is wrong next time. 'Kay." said Ami.

"Okay." laughed Usagi.

"Meet us tonight at the theater at 17:00 (5:00 pm). Wear something nice." was Makoto words

before they all left the school grounds.

Part 3

"Akane-chan, I insist that you go to this movie with Aya-chan, you both need to spend some time

together." said Alexia.

"But Alexia-sama..." Akane was cut off.

"NO, no buts, go enjoy the movie." and that was that.

"Hai, arigato, Alexia-sama."

"Don't worry about Alexia-sama, Akane-chan. I'm taking her to the same movie we'll just sit

somewhere else." said the mouse who just walked in.

"Nezu-chan, what about ChibiChibi-chan, I can't leave her by herself." complained Alexia.

"I have a babysitter coming to watch her so don't worry. You need a break too, Alexia-sama. And

no more arguing with any of us. Go get ready."

Alexia just sighed and went to change.

"Wow! It's packed, I've never seen so many people at the movies. Thank the Goddess that we got

tickets." said Makoto.

"I know, hey is that the Three Lights over there?" asked Rei.

"It is! Yaten-kun!" squealed Minako.

Yaten heard her over all the other screams and panicked. Seyia started to laugh before Kakyuu hit

him upside the head. Kakyuu and Taiki waved the girls over.

"So you all got tickets for t he event too?" asked Seyia.

"Hai, it's a good thing to, otherwise we've had to wait weeks before we could see the movie." said


"How about we all head in to get seats." said Taiki.

"We need to wait for Usagi-chan she hasn't shown up yet." stated Rei.

"Let me through, I tell you move." came a voice they all recognized.

"Usagi-chan, over here!" yelled Minako toward her friend.

She heard and gave the man holding her a smug look. Her friends looked at her in shock, she was a

goddess. Wearing a sung blue jean and a silver halter top, her hair was up in to buns on each side of

her head, and no streams of hair behind her. But a silver hair piece, that shined with the gold silver

of her hair. All in all Usagi shined.

"You look wonderful Usa-chan." said Rei, the others nodded.

"Arigato, minna-chan, come on let go see this movie." smiled Usagi.

"What a horror able place, how do humans live with themselves. If I didn't need the pure souls I

would leave." I know that going after a hundred people is not smart but even if those senshi came I

may have a chance to grab a pure soul to two. HAHA." laughed Garnet.

"I can't believe that I got stuck coming to this movie with you Nezu-chan. But if Akane-chan and

Aya-chan feel better with me here so be it." Alexia said.

"Alexia-chan, they only want to keep you safe, your our princess. The ruler of the very Galaxy

itself." Nezu said to keep Alexia calm.

"I know, but I don't need to be protected I'm the strongest being in the Galaxy, nothing from this

Galaxy can hurt me. I only want t o find her, my soulmate."

"We'll find her, but right now enjoy the movie." Nezu understood.

"Oh, so many people." said a women.

"Mam, I'm afraid that you can't be in here without a pass." said a guard.

"A pass! I don't need one for I want your pure soul. Give it to me!" screamed the women who

turned out to be Garnet, the guard saw a light and nothing more.

'A pure soul, I feel it. The enemy is here.' thought Usagi. "Minna-chan, did you feel that?"

"Hai." they all whispered back.

"Henshin yo!" and Usagi-tachi left to change.

"Crow-chan?" Aya asked.

Akane nodded.

"Alexia-sama, did you..?"

"Hai, lets go."

Nezu nodded.

The lights and movie cut off, the audience were dumbfound and started to talk.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm afraid we're having some trouble, but calm down soon you won't have

to worry about anything. Because your pure souls will belong to me! HAHAHA!" came out

Garnet's voice. "Act A, Act B, and Act C come help me."

Two females and one male came form out from no where and peoples souls were pulled from their


"Stop this instent. For I am Sailor..." started Sailor Moon.

"Don't Care! Get rid of the senshi Acts A and B." came Garnets order.

"Hai." and they attacked.

Garnet started to collect the brightest pure souls. The inners and Starlights were running from the


"Enough of this.! Mars Flame Sniper!" nothing yet again.

"Oh, that tickled, do it again." demaned the Act the attack hit.

"Why don't our attacks hurt them, are they imune to them?" asked Mercury to herself.

"Don't know, don't care right now Mercury, just want to live." came the voice of Jupiter.

"Galactica Tornado!" a tornado of Galatic winds came and destoryed a youma.

"Galactica Tsunami!" a tsunami of Galatic waters destoryed another youma.

Then "Galactica Inflation!" the last youma was destoryed.

"Oh, I hate you Sailor Senshi. But at least this time a got a pure soul." Garnet held the soul up, it

was Kuri's soul.

"Galactica Crunch!" the soul was knocked from her hand.

"AHHHHHHHH! I'll be back!" screamed Garnet leaving.

"Your powers our to weak to destory this enemy. So stop trying, you may end up dead if you

continue." said Galaxia in the light and Animamates in the shadows where the Inners and Starlights

could not see them.

"I don't care if I die as long as the enemy does not get the souls of anyone." stated Sailor Moon.

"YA, and we'll train to become stronger, because this is our home and we won't lose it." said


"They may have a chance after all, if only they were like this a thousand years ago." muttered

Galaxia. "Do as you wish. Lets go."

She and the Animamates left.

"That movie was a hoot." said Minako.

"I enjoyed it to." softly said Ami.

"If Ami-chan enjoyed it we know it will be a hit." Ami blushed at Makoto words.

"Did you like it Yaten-kun? Yaten-kun, answer me." asked Minako.

"I think he has passed out Aino-san." was Taiki reply looking at his brother.

"NANI! YATEN-KUN, WAKE UP!"yell Minako while the others laughed.

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