Title: A World That Doesn't Care

Author: Mei Kimari

Disclaimer: I do not own beyblade. There are no OC's in this story for once either. XD

Warning: This is a yaoi fic...ReixKai. Therefore, don't like, don't read. Don't flame me just cuz it's yaoi. Other reasons do not apply. Hehe.

Summary: Rei is stuck in a world that doesn't seem to care. His two step brothers and stepfather make his life miserable. One day, he meets a boy, who like himself, is unhappy with his life. Will Rei finally be happy?

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Author note: I do realize...I did promise to write "Grasp the Light II". But at the moment, I have the idea, just not the full-out details. Therefore, once "A World That Doesn't Care" starts moving, I'll try my best to start it. –sweatdrop- Plus, that's just if I'm lucky. I'm already on my third chapter right now for this fic. So, I'll try my best to post them as soon as possible. This chapter isn't all that long. But, I promise, that though this isn't all that great, it gets better.

Chapter 1

A large mansion with 200 rooms, 48 bathrooms, and 72 bedrooms. A boy with two toned blue hair walked down the stairs, a few creaking as he continued. He quickly got down the stairs and looked up at the chandelier.


A small house with two bedrooms for four people, and one bathroom. A boy with long black raven hair, wrapped in a hair-wrap walked down the stairs.


A creak was heard along the wooden floor of the house as the boy that didn't seem to be a year older than sixteen turned to see another man, much older than himself sitting on a chair facing him. "Rei! Get your ass over here!" The man shouted at him, seemingly young enough to swear. The boy quickly walked over.

"What do you want?" Rei asked with a bit of sarcasm in his voice. All of a sudden, all went silent. A loud slap was heard, and was all Rei felt. He put a hand to his left cheek and realized that his stepfather had just slapped him.

"Now Rei. I need you to go to the store today and get me a few things."

"What kind of things?"

"Just get them." He states sternly, handing him a list, then standing up and pushing Rei out the door. "Don't forget that you still have to do chores around the house later also."


Rei's POV

Store (1)

"Why does he need all this junk? Let's see...a whip...a knife...chips...some book called, "How to murder and cover in one week"...and a belt." I asked as I sighed. 'Probably more to torture me with.' I thought as I walked over to the next aisle to find some damn handcuffs.

"Where am I supposed to find handcuffs?"


"Aisle 7" a voice called to him in a stern tone. Upon hearing the voice, Rei knew it was his stepbrother, Tala.


"There are handcuffs in Aisle 7. Better get three. I bet Bryan wants a pair too." He smirked as he walked over to his 'brother' and 'hugged' him from the back, hands on Rei's chest.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Rei asked as he moved forward making Tala let go.

"Today, father said you could be mine." Tala answered as they walked over to the next aisle, which happened to be aisle 7. He picked up three pairs of handcuffs. Rei looked at Tala strangely, wondering what they would do with them.

"Anyways, watch that foul tongue. I'll torture and torment you till the day you die if you continue."

"And is that not what you are doing now?" Rei asked as he smiled, getting pulled to the cash register by Tala. (2)

"You'll see...you'll see. I'll be waiting outside. Don't be more than five minutes."


"Why am I stuck in a world that doesn't care?" Rei asked as he began paying the cashier.

That's where it ends today. –sigh- Should've written more. But, this chapter was just pretty much to introduce the characters and incorporate the title, "A World that Doesn't Care." So, hope you like it and will come back for Chapter 2...

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