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Title: A World That Doesn't Care

Author: Mei Kimari

Disclaimer: I don't own Beyblade, as much as I wish I did...

Warning: This fic is yaoi...ReixKai. Therefore, if you don't like, don't read. Don't flame me just because it's yaoi. Other reasons do not apply.

Summary: Rei is stuck in a world that doesn't seem to care. His two step brothers and step father make his life a living hell. One day, he meets a boy, who like himself, is unhappy with his life. Will Rei finally be happy?

"I'll also be late going home and that means..." Rei started but was cut off

by Kai. "Rei. Don't worry so much. You'll be covered." (2)

Chapter 5

The Mansion
After a good thirty minutes, they finally arrived at the Hiwatari Mansion. Rei was amazed how long it took to get there from the school. It was close by that was for sure. But the wall surrounded the entire estate was so large that it took up that time. The large iron gates opened as the 'car' pulled up to the entrance. "WOAH!" Rei shouted as his eyes widened not taking his eyes off of the extremely large mansion in front of him. "This is…this is…"

"This is it." Kai got out of the car first, and then helped Rei out. "Thanks."

How many bedrooms and bathrooms were there again? That's right. There's 200 rooms, 48 bathrooms, and 72 bedrooms. Let's not forget that chandelier. (1)

(Rei's P.O.V.)

As glad as I am that Kai would want to bring me to his house...I mean mansion, I really need to get back. I know what'll happen once I get home. Not only will they question, not only will Tala be angry with me once again, not only with Boris beat me...we get what I'm talking about. "Kai."

"Rei. What is it?" He asked looking toward me as he started walking up the steps that were in front of us.

"I really should go." I told him as he looked down to me. At the same time, I stared up at the large chandelier above me. 'Woah' I though, slowly looking back to Kai. "I've got something to show you Rei." He continued up the steps. I followed close behind, knowing he was determined to show me something. I looked at my watch which read '4:10'. My curfew. CRAP! I've only got...50 minutes left.

"Rei. This is it." Kai put his hand to the glass door knob, and turned it. He pushed the door open to reveal a large garden (2). The two walked closer to the balcony to get a better view of the garden below. "WOW! This is amazing!" Rei smiled. He looked over to Kai who was looking back at him. Kai still had a look of worry upon his face.

"Are you alright?"

"That's what I was going to ask you Rei." They both stared at each other, for a few minutes till they realized five minutes had passed and they had not moved. "I'm fine Kai." Rei broke the silence. "And I am perfectly fine too, Rei."

"Why did you bring me here Kai?" Rei asked looking back at the garden, and away from Kai's face. "I thought you would want to see something beautiful...after that happened." Kai put a hand to Rei's shoulder, forcing Rei to face him. "Are you okay?"

"What are you talking about? Did...did something happen?" Rei was oblivious as to what had previously happened. He couldn't remember a thing, nothing about the incident, and Mr. Walker.

"You don't remember?"

(Kai's P.O.V.)
Did he forget about what happened? How could someone forget something like that? It only happened say...an hour ago. Rei...how could this happen. Rei..."Rei." I said without knowing.

"Kai." He seems to know who I am...he knew who I was in the car. Nothing seemed abnormal. He was fairly quiet...

"Rei, do you need to go to the hospital or something?"

"For what Kai?" I asked unknowingly of what was happening to him. Then again, I had no idea what was happening either. "Don't you remember? You were harassed by Mr. Walker."

"I What?! When? Where? Why?" He shouted, and kept spouting questions, getting softer and softer. By the time he finished with his last question, I watched Ray curl into a ball, pulling his knees to his chest. He rested his chin on his knees, rocking back and forth. "Maybe we should go Rei."


"I'll take you to the hospital." I told him. He was really worrying me. And I knew something was wrong. How could he forget. This is Rei. If he's gone through more terrible things, would he not have been able to live through this? Then again, I probably would have ended up feeling the same as him...if that happened to me...

"No. I'm fine Kai. I don't want to go. I need to get home."

"I'll take you."

"It'll be fine Kai. Believe me. I feel a little awkward being...beside you." Rei whispered, yet still audible. "Rei." When Rei heard that, he kenw it was his sign to run. He ran and the the doors went flying open. 'What is he talking about?' Rei thought to himself as he continued to run. He made his way past the front gates, and continued on his way.

I, quickly realizing what was going on, followed Rei. I knew that Rei had a good head start. So, I took out my phone once again, got Melvin (3) to get the 'car'. Two minutes later, the car parked in front in front of me, as I stood at the front door. "Let's find Rei!" I told him. Quickly, the car zoomed out the front gates.

(Rei's P.O.V.)

What was Kai talking about? I was about a mile away from the house. That's right, still running.

I saw Kai's car pull up next to me. It was still moving, but very slowly to keep up with my running pace. He rolled down his window, his head came into view. "REI!" he shouted, putting his head out the window. "It's all your fault Kai! You were the one that wanted to bring me to your house! You were the one that wanted all this!"

I looked down at my watch again. 5:00. CRAP! I've got an hour's worth of running and I'm already past my curfew. I won't make it in time. I can't believe this is happening to me. Something bad is going to happen. I can feel it...CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! CRA-

(Normal P.O.V.)
Rei suddenly coughed. Putting a hand to his mouth. He coughed again. A red salty taste filling up his mouth, and onto his hands. He closed his eyes, his body quivering as he dropped to the floor, trying to breathe for air, but coughing again. The bubble in his throat popped again and the fits of coughing and wheezing died down. Slowly, Rei pulled his hand away from his mouth, shoulders shaking as he looked at his hand. Blood was dripping onto the sidewalk, the scarlet fluid trickling down his long fingers and over his palm. He swallowed, the salty taste of his own blood dripping in the back of his throat.

Rei closed his eyes again, and placed his stained hand to his forehead. With a shock, he found himself sweating like crazy. His body felt extremely hot and he was dizzy. He shook his head, only making him feel dizzier.

"REI!" Kai shouted, looking out his window, eyes widening. He knew something was wrong. Something was out of place. Something was wrong with Rei. Immediately, the car stopped. The brakes screeched. Kai forced the car door open and quickly ran over to Rei. "Rei!" He kneeled beside him, putting a hand on Rei's back. "Rei!"

The Hospital
(Kai's P.O.V.)
How could this happen? I knew it was coming. I saw it coming. It's all my fault!

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