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Chapter 1: Unexpected Surprise.

"How could you have done this to her?"exclaimed Will.

The scene replayed in his mind over and over, coming over to Grace's apartment, he stepped in and found Leo in the arms of this blonde woman. They were kissing.

Leo quickly pulled away, " Listen; Will, I can explain" "It's not as bad as you think"

"Not as bad as I think! You're married to my best friend, to the person who I care most about in the whole world, and here I come and find you cheating on her"

Leo looked down, he knew how much Grace meant to Will and backwards, he never really fully understood their strange relationship, yet he never complained,because of his love for Grace. But these past couple of weeks he had begun to realize that deep down no matter what he did, he didn't occupy a place in Grace's heart as big as Will. And he was her husband. He knew that if it came to choosing he wouldn't win, not agaisnt Will, he was her first and only real love. They would have been together if only for that tiny matter of him being gay and Will was straight, Leo knew Grace wouldn't even turn to look back at him. He had given up everything for her, his career, his motivation in life, the thought of helping people; Doctor's without Borders... All for Grace,yet she couldn't even spend more time with him than the time she spends with Will. 'I always thought that marriage was based on give and take, of course I don't blame her, I could never blame her...never...' thought Leo.

"I think I better go now, Bye" said Jane(the blonde woman)as she quickly exited the apartment, breakin' Leo's line of thought and with Will's strong gaze behind her as she left.

The two men stood there staring at each other, both shocked and speechless, at the events that had followed a few minutes earlier.

"Do-does she - k know about this, I I mean does she even suspect, has she asked you anything about this?" asked Will. "Of course not, you know Gracie, even if she did suspect she wouldn't actually ask upfront about it, first she would try to like find out for herself than actually come and ask you, and we have proof of that don't we now,ha ha-"said Leo with a sense of humor.

"DON'T." "What?"asked Leo "Ever again call her like that"said Will. "Call her like what?"asked Leo confused.

"Gracie, never call her Gracie, you don't deserve to call her that way ever again, only people that actually care about her are allowed to call her by that name, and you no longer are on that list, I knew it from the start you weren't good enough for her, you were never good enough, and you never will" said Will trying to hold on to his anger.

"Now wait just a minute, I care about Grace whether you believe me or not"explained Leo. "Oh Really, oh well that sure is a nice way of showing it, by cheating on her with a blonde bimbo"yelled Will.

"Will, you just don't understand, it's complicated, okay."whispered Leo "NO, IT'S NOT OKAY!" yelled Will.

"Will, sweetie what are you doing here, I was just over at your apartment looking for you, and I couldn't find you, finally I gave up , and came home, last place I expected to see you in" said Grace as she entered her apartment. She walked over to Leo and kissed him lightly on the lips." Hi, baby how was your day, anything new?"asked Grace.

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