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Chapter 2: Will's mistery love...

Previously: "Now wait just a minute, I care about Grace whether you believe me or not"explained Leo. "Oh Really, oh well that sure is a nice way of showing it, by cheating on her with a blonde bimbo"yelled Will.

"Will, you just don't understand, it's complicated, okay."whispered Leo "NO, IT'S NOT OKAY!" yelled Will.

"Will, sweetie what are you doing here, I was just over at your apartment looking for you, and I couldn't find you, finally I gave up , and came home, last place I expected to see you in" said Grace as she entered her apartment. She walked over to Leo and kissed him lightly on the lips." Hi, baby how was your day, anything new?"asked Grace.

"Oh, nothing,really just, um, uh watched some tv, you know ever since we got the Deluxe Package from Cable, I just can't seem to stay away from it" said Leo.

"Oh, really, anything good?"asked Grace.

"Just this awesome baseball game,start of the new season, you see there was this great move when the pitcher came and-"

"Uh, honey, just asking, you know being nice, you know I don't really care about basket ball" Grace interrupted. "It's baseball"Leo corrected her.

"Ooohh, that's so sweet, yeah that's it golf, whatever." said Grace in a girly tone.

She went up to Will and gave him a great big hug. Leo just watched speechless. Will didn't even know what to do: 'It's like this was just some kind of sick movie, it was unbelievable, how could he just straight up lie to her in her face, so this was what her life was like she came home from work, asked what her husband had done all day while he was cheating on her, to have him tell her he had been watching a baseball game!' Will thought.

"Hey, earth to gay land, we need you back here, ha ha ha " laughed Grace. "Listen, I got to go, I'll see you some other time, Grace, ok?" said Will in a rather serious tone which even surprised himself, for a second there he actually sounded straight, ha, what a joke,thought Will. As Will headed to the door, Grace said: "Ok, then, well I'll see you later if you're in such a hurry,bye" "Uh,yeah later Will" said Leo.

Will didn't even turn back as he said, "Go to hell,Leo" and with that he slammed the door and left towards his apartment.

Meanwhile at Leo's Apartment...

Grace look at Leo surprised. "Now what was that about?" asked Grace. "Who knows, you know Will, always have to be dramatic for something, aren't gay guys supposed to be dramatic?said Leo. "First of all that is such a stereotype thing to say Leo, and second you are right I do know Will, I've known him for almost my whole 23 years of age and-" "Grace you're not 23, I thought you were thirty-" interrumpted Leo, but he was cut short. "Shut up Leo, don't go interrupting me when I'm talking" said Grace hurriedly. "As I was saying that ws not a nothing, that was a something, and you're going to tell me why Will was so angry at you"said Grace firmly.

Leo looked flustered, he didn't know what to do, he never thought of this happening to him, he never wanted to hurt Grace, he cared for her so much, but he had simply given up, there was just no way he could compete with Will, hell the guy wasnt even straight, and he was losing, this wasn't a fair fight.

"Leo,Leo!" yelled Grace. "Are you even listening?"

" Look Grace I don't really feel good right now, okay, we'll talk later, but maybe Will is just stressed out from work or something like that, no big deal,

look I'm gonna go to bed, okay baby?" and with that he left her standing there in the middle of the living room speechless, and just went to bed.

At Will's Apartment...

'God, what did I get myself into? What am I even thinking, this is not my fault, I'm not the one cheating on Grace, hell if she was my wife I would never cheat on her, I would just hold her in my arms forever and never let go, huh, what am I even thinking, Grace is my best friend only, and wait why am I even saying this, Im GAY, and I'm not changing, It's just that when I see her I sort of forget about being gay, the only thing I can think about is her face, and how stupid I was to ever let her go when I had the chance-'thought Will.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii, It's the only, the best, the cutest and most popular Jack McFarland, the famous musician,actor,nurse,magician and something else but it doesn't really matter ,hah phych everything about me matters" Said Jack as he entered Will's apartment.

He found him sittng in his lounge chair in front of the tv eating vanilla ice cream and just sort of staring into nothingness.

"Ugh, Will, vanilla! you're so dull,unlike me, hello, Will, yoo hoo, anybody there- wait I know that "look", since I haven't seen it only like once or twice on you, or maybe never I dunno"exclaimed Jack.

"Jack, please what are you talking about now, you always making things up, and what look I don't have no "look" on, I'm just watching tv."said Will

"Well, Will let me explain, when you get that I'm dumber than usual look on your face and stare off into space, it means you're thinking about someone, and that certain someone is someone you are currently in love with"explained Jack.

"What!" screamed Will. "God, Will must I explain everything to you, you know sometimes I wonder what you would do without me, you see love is when-"

"Jack, shut up I know what love is you idiot, I meant that I don't get a look when I'm in love"explained Will.

"Yes you do, and right now you do, and you won't make me believe otherwise, so Will, whose you're mistery love and what's the name of this lucky guy you were thinking about?"asked Jack.

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