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'I'm gonna confront him tomorrow, and make him tell her the thruth, and if he won't tell her then, I'm going to have to tell her everything myself' thought Will to himself.

"Even if I risk losing her myself" Will said softly to himself.

Chapter 4: Lunch Alone?

The next day as Will was in his office working on yet another case of . His secretary opened the door slightly and said:

"The Boss wants me to offer if you would like some coffee?" said the secretary tiredly. Will looked up at her and said:

"Oh, okay, thanks, yes I would really like some coffee, you see I didn't really get a chance to take some this morning, since my friend Jack came over and practically took it from my hand, and if you would be so kind make it with only one sugar, I'm on a diet, wanna look good." The secretary just rolled her eyes at everything he said and finally said:

"I have my own problems, don't need to listen about yours, and you can go get the coffee yourself, all the boss told me to do was offer, he didn't actually tell me I had to bring it to you, I ain't paid enough for that, yeah right, first secretary, now maid , yeah, sure... umph,..." she kept on rambling to herself as she closed the door to Will's office.

"Oookaayy..." said Will to himself, as he watched the women exit his office, but even then his thoughts only went back to one thing, the papersin his hands went flying all over as he got startled by the phone ringing, he pushed his thoughts to the very back of his mind while he picked up the phone, only to have them resurface again as he heard that voice on the other end of the line.

"Heeyyy, sweetie what you up to?" asked Grace.

"Oh, just here in the office, you know being a lawyer" answered Will. 'God, I better watch what I say, something might slip up, and I can't tell anything yet, at least not until I go talk to Leo.'thought Will.

"Oh, well, since you're not busy, how about having lunch with me?"asked Grace

"Oh, I don't know"

"Oh, please,please, I don't want to have lunch alone"

"What about Karen, didn't she come to work today?" asked Will, trying to get out of going out to lunch, even though he woud jump at any chance to be near Grace.

"Karen left for lunch at 9:15 am this morning, said she was already late for lunch and a glass of wine" said Grace. "So, are you coming, when shall I be expecting you?"

"Actually, I just remembered I have to work on this very important case that's been driving me nuts, and I won't be able to make it, maybe tomorrow, okay? Bye" with that he hung up the phone, leaving a very unhappy and confused Grace on the other line.

Back at Grace Adler's Design:

"Well, that was weird" muttered Grace. She looked around at her assistant's desk. 'God, what a mess, I should hire an assistant for Karen, that way she would end up doing Karen's work, and I would finally have someone to help me around here' thought Grace. 'I wondered what was bugging Will so much, he's been acting so weird around me lately, I've hardly seen him, since that day at my apartment, and even that was weird, he left so suddenly, hell even Leo was acting weird that night, he just kept brushing me off, I don't know what was wrong with him'

At that moment Karen walked in with a bottle of wine in one hand and a glass in the other. She looked at Grace with a confused face.

"Honey, what's wrong?" asked Karen.

"Oh, it's just Will, he's being acting weird lately and I-" said Grace as she was interrupted by Karen.

"No, honey, I'm not talking about your gay husband, I'm talking about that pink blouse, honey, pink with baby blue capri's, where do you think you're going to, a baby shower?"

"Karen, first, my husband's name is Leo, Will is just my best friend"

"Sure, honey, you say that, I say martini, anyway, I'm tired, I just came back from lunch running, since you don't give enough time for lunch" said Karen.

"Karen, you left at 9:00 this morning and came back at 11:15, I think that's plenty of time"

"Oh my god, 11:15 already, god I'm already late for dinner, if Stan doesn't get his hourly dose of food to keep him busy, he'll start asking for something else, and I just can't do that, no way, so I have to make sure that Rosario keeps feeding him, but it's okay honey, I'll leave you to your doodles, I know how much you love that stuff, god knows why, all you do all day is sit there and start drawing and making phone calls, you should come one day and start working that's what you should do, anyway see you, tomorrow, honey, say hi to your husband Wilma for me okay" with that she took her coat and left.

Grace just looked after her, too dumbfounded for words.

"Geez, someone's alcohol level's too high, I think it finally affected her brain" mumbled Grace to went on to making the last touches on the new living room design she was making for some new customers,so she could then go to lunch, 'who knows?' she thought, ' I might even run home and surprise Leo for lunch' as she thought of this she smiled to herself.

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