Notes: Well, it's been a while. This is starting to become normal with me so hopefully people won't start tossing rotten fruit at me. On the other hand, the girls are in Japan and Otaku Kasumi is in rare form.


Puff Puff Puff
Chapter 03
Cory D. Rose

For the first time in over sixteen years the citizens of Townsville woke up and realized that something that they took for granted wasn't there anymore. The Mayor hid under his bed and refused to come out, even for his pickles. His assistant, Ms. Sara Bellum, just took it in stride and went about trying to figure out what was wrong.

She made several calls and found out that all the usual criminals were accounted for, except for some of the obscure ones. The prison even reported that several of the criminals were looking about their cells as if they just realized where they were. Ms. Bellum didn't know what to make of it and glanced over at the white and red phone used to call the Powerpuff girls.

For a minute she wonders if the girls could possibly be in trouble. It had happened before, but those rare cases had resolved themselves after a couple of days. So the feeling had to be something else. Shrugging, she walks over to the phone and presses the button to call them. It rings several times and for the first time since it was installed, no one answered.

Unable to comprehend what just happened, she tried twice more, with the same results. Shaking from shock she staggered over to her desk and fell into the chair. She now knows why the very air felt different. She can't hear the girls giggling as they flew overhead. There are no streaks of light flying over the city.

"The girls are gone." She says aloud. Even saying it that way doesn't seem to make things better. In fact she starts to wonder what Townsville will do now. The town would have been destroyed long ago without those girls. They were in a bit of a bind. Getting up she wanders over to where the Mayor is still cowering to tell him the bad news.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" The Mayor's scream echoed over the city.


Ranma looked around trying to figure where the weird noise was coming from. After several seconds he shrugged and went back to lying on the Tendo's roof. The last couple of days were quite hectic to say the least. After insulting the new girl, his father spent the rest of the day complaining about ungrateful people. It didn't help matters that the Genma was now trussed up like a mummy in the guest room.

The Beating, yes capital 'B', lasted over an hour before Buttercup decided to lay off his old man. By that time it was hard to tell if it was a human or a panda. Ranma was sure she would be easy enough to train after seeing that she had such good staying time. Most people wouldn't have lasted five minutes moving around like that.

Then there was Kasumi, who was doting on Buttercup left and right. Ranma had to admit that it was both scary and nice to see the older sister showing this much emotion. She usually kept things to herself unless she was irritated at someone. Ranma's head was beginning to hurt with all this thinking. Getting up he hopped down off the roof.

"Ranma." Kasumi calls.

He can hear the happiness in her voice. "Yo?"

Kasumi waved her hand at the table where Buttercup is still fuming over the old man's refusal and her response to it. "Can you help her?"

"I don't know Kasumi, maybe."

"I would appreciate it." She begged with those large brown eyes. "Please."

"Ack!" He backs off a couple of steps. "I'll give it a try."

The girl gives a little squeal and hugged Ranma. "Thank you!"

As she floated off on a cloud of happiness, Ranma wandered over to the table and sat down across from the girl. "Yo."

The green haired girl looks a little depressed as she sits there nursing a cup of tea. "I should apologize to your father."

"The hell you do.'' Ranma snapped.

She looked up at him. "Huh?"

"My pops deserved every bruise and hundreds more besides."

"I hurt him."

"As if he hasn't hurt others. He got what he deserved and leave it at that. He'll be locked in the guest room for a few days at least. Soun just moved the Go board up to the room so they can still play while he heals."

Buttercup smiled a little. "If you say so, but I still feel bad about reacting like that."

Ranma shrugged. "Forget about it. To make up for what pops did though, I'll show you a few moves and see if they'll work for you."

Suddenly Ranma found himself looking at platter full of food as Kasumi knelt beside him. Her smile could best be described as 'beaming'. He didn't hesitate to dig into the large amount of food, but did take a second to offer some to Buttercup. She grabbed a sandwich and took a second to count her fingers as the food just seemed to vanish from the platter. Although, two more sandwiches did appear in front of her when she blinked, Ranma just burped and grinned.

This just made Buttercup giggle as she stood up. "Well it's late so I guess I should be heading back to my hotel. You want me to come by tomorrow for that training instead?"

Ranma thought about it for a few seconds. "Come by after school instead. That way we will have all afternoon to practice and we can do it away from the old man. Otherwise he'll try and interfere in some way."

He ignored the glare Kasumi was sending his way. Well he tried to ignore it.

"This will also give Kasumi time to prepare a special supper for you." He said, sweating a little bit as Kasumi's aura of anger flared up and she crushed the edge of the table with her bare hands. Breaking out in a grin, she stood up and floated into the kitchen, she had so many perfect meals. Which one would be perfect for Puff-chan?

"Sounds like a plan. Oh, my sisters might stop by at some point in the next few days as well. They wanted to visit when I talked to them last night."

Nodding, Ranma started thinking of the best way to train her as she left the house. Once Buttercup was past the front gate she had to stop for a second as Kasumi danced past holding an apron on her hands. Now she had to try and remember where in the hell that hotel was located. In a burst of green light, she took the sky and looked around until she spotted it in the distance.

She also spotted a couple of other things as well. Several blocks away she could see a large group of girls chasing something tiny down an alley. She floated a little closer to see what was going on when the girls caught the small thing and started beating it with all kinds of brooms, shovels, rope, and a barrel. The girls quickly finished stuffing the thing in the barrel, closed it up, and stood there huffing for several seconds.

The bag was quickly dumped on the ground to form a large pile of women's underwear, which the girls quickly started putting back on. Buttercup moved a little closer out of morbid curiosity. She watched as two of the girls dragged the barrel over to a mailbox and left it sitting there. Once they were gone Buttercup landed next to the barrel and tried to figure out what was inside of it.

Now if Ranma or anyone else had been there they would have quickly booted the barrel into orbit and hoped it never came back. She knelt down next to it to get a better look and it started to rock back and forth. "What the heck?"

"Hello?" A voice issued from the barrel.

Buttercup nearly fell over in shock. "Wha..."

"I don't suppose you could open the lid could you?" The voice asked. It didn't even sound evil.

"Sure." She said and gave the barrel a little thump, shattering it, and releasing the Great Evil upon the world once more.

She stared down at the little old man. "Hello, are you alright?"

Happosai didn't say anything as he gazed at the odd girl before him. It wasn't often, in Nerima anyway, that he came across a girl dressed like Buttercup. Hip Hugger black jeans, a bare midriff, and a thin white t-shirt. He ignored the dark green gloves and boots. "Kawaii..." The old pervert breathed out.

Buttercup smiled at him and patted him on the head. "There you go old one, those nasty girls won't hurt you again. Why did they do that anyw...Aghaaaaaaaaaa!"

You would scream too if a little old man was rubbing his head between your breasts. He latched on and started cackling as she tried to hit him off. The first few blows were pure reflex and didn't hold much strength. It gave him time to really feel everything she had to offer and rub them with his head. That was when Happosai met Powerpuff Girl Buttercup.

"You Defiled Worm of Corruption!" Buttercup snarled in a voice that would have made any man wet himself in fear.


Happosai didn't have time to dodge as her fist caught him cold. His little body went from her chest to buried in rubble in the blink of an eye. Vision blurry, he groaned and looked up through the hold above him as a glowing Buttercup looked down on him with eyes radiating fire. He twitched and two beams of green light fired down and blasted him further into the ground.

"N-now, now pretty...cough cough..." Happosai groaned.

"I offered you my help and this is how you repay me!" Buttercup raged. "I'll show you a thing or two!"

Happosai couldn't help but laugh lecherously at that comment. "Such a lovely pair."

The mailbox, all two hundred pounds of it, bounced off his head. Then Buttercup started stomping on the ground and made the rest of the sewer tunnel collapse on top of the old man. By the time she was done a large section of the sidewalk was ruined and Buttercup stood there huffing angrily.

"That'll teach you." She snarled.

Suddenly a blur latched onto her leg. She looked down to see Kasumi wrapped around her leg and rubbing her head across her thigh. "That was great. It was beautiful!" She crowed.

Buttercup could only gape and wonder where the Tendo sister had gotten her hands on one of Blossom's old dresses. It didn't exactly fit a full-grown girl like Kasumi, just enough to hid the naughty bits and that was it.

Rub rub.

"K-Kasumi, could you let go? Please?" She begged.

The girl stopped, blushed, and jumped to her feet. "I'm sorry. Would you like some tea?" She held out a teapot and a cup from nowhere.


"Your poor shirt though, Grandpa Happosai stretched it out of shape."

Looking down Buttercup noticed that a portion of her shirt had ripped off. Most of the right shoulder was gone and the rest of it was hanging down, barely covering her modesty. If she hadn't just buried the little perv she might have put him back for wrecking her favorite shirt. "Well $#&."

Kasumi blushed. "I c-can fix it for you. If you want?"

"You can?"

The Tendo sister nodded. "I'm good at sewing."

Buttercup rose into the air, ignoring Kasumi's gasp of awe, and looked around again. "I'll need to go back to my hotel to change. How about I bring the shirt by your place tomorrow."

Kasumi fidgeted. "I can fix it. I shouldn't take more than half an hour."

"I'll stop by your place tomorrow after school gets out. I need to take a shower after dealing with that old man." Buttercup said and launched into the sky.

A pair of awe filled eyes watched her fly away until she vanished into the distance. Kasumi giggled a little as she walked home. She smiled at everyone she passed on the way home and they didn't' have any problems looking back. Though Ranma took one look at her the instant she got home, fell off the couch, and stayed there for several minutes as Kasumi danced around the room while humming some weird song.

He just couldn't figure out this new Kasumi. She was like a completely different person and he didn't know what to make of her just yet. Even Nabiki was keeping her distance after Kasumi danced over her with the apron and left footprints on her back. Ranma was starting to wonder if sleeping on the ceiling would be a prudent move for his own safety.

Now who in the hell was playing that Twilight Zone theme music?

oooooooooo You can lift cars over your head. You can punch your fist through three-foot reinforced concrete and not crack a nail. Flying through the clouds and giggling is fun.

"I'm bored!" Bubbles yelled.

Blossom rolled her eyes. "I told you it would take a few hours to fly to Japan, Bubbles."

"But it was just a few inches on the map."

"That few inches represented quite a large distance Bubbles."

"I'm BORED!" The blonde haired super hero growled. She swooped down, pulled a shark from the surface of the ocean. It looked more than a little shocked. Bubbles frowned and tossed it over her shoulder. It landed about a mile away still looking shocked and confused. "Boring!"

Blossom sighed. "Bubbles, we are only about an hour away from the coast of Japan by now. We can get there and rest a little before we go and find sis."

Bubbles, hung there in mid air and pouted. Considering she was sixteen and wearing clothes that gave a hint of what was beneath, cute didn't even come close to describing her. "Well alright, but I didn't expect it to be this long. Buttercup never mentioned this long boring trip."

"Well she did take a different rout across most of Asia and China before she went to Japan."

"Oh yeah, I forgot."

"We were just going to head straight for Japan. Unless you have something else you want to check out?"

Bubbles slumped forward and sighed. "No, I just want to see land again. All this water is BORING-ER!"

Blossom palmed her face and sighed. The two girls flared with colored energy and started flying again, leaving a small wake of water trailing behind them from their speed. "You do remember why we were going to Japan don't you?"

"Well of course I do." Bubbles huffed.

"Oh really?"

Bubbles nodded. "To meet Buttercup's boy toy."

Blossom nearly fell in the water. "Bubbles!"

"Did you see his body? Those abs? That perfect back side!" Bubbles drooled.

"If you're not careful your tongue is going to start hang out of your mouth when you do that." Blossom snapped and gradually started to pick up speed. The sooner they arrived in Japan the better, even if they needed to take a little nap when they arrived.

"Just thinking about him makes me..." Bubbles gave a full body shiver, her eyes turned glassy, and she...flew right through the front window of a large yacht in a hale of glass and screams.

Blossom dodged around the yacht at the same time and wondered if Bubbles was going to be this air headed all the way to Japan. Her sister exited the back end of the boat in another hail of glass and deck chairs. They got to enjoy the sound of the yacht captain cussing them out as they vanished into the distance. "Um..."

"What?" The blonde teen asked.

"You have a pair of panties on your head and Pink polka dot isn't your style."

Seconds later the panties fluttered down into the water where a shark gobbled them up. The sound of cussing followed the all the way to the horizon before they lost sight of the yacht. Sometime later the red headed Powerpuff girl sighed in relief, spotted something in the water, and dipped down towards the surface. Bubbles followed her until they came across a small black pig with a bandana in the water.

"What in the world?" Blossom asked as she plucked it out. Attached to a paw, Blossom noticed a lead rope with a large heavy backpack connected to that. By her standards it wasn't even heavy so she pulled it out of the water and handed it to Bubbles. "Hold this?"

"Sure, sis, what's a little pig doing with a backpack?"

"I have no idea, but he shouldn't be all way out here. Think he fell off that ship we passed a little while ago?"

Bubbles sweat dropped. "Um, I hope not."

"Well, I think we're a lot closer to land now. Can you smell the difference in the sea air?"

"Nope, but I can see land over there."

Blossom turned and narrowed her eyes trying to see land. "I don't see a thing."

"I can just make it out. Like a haze on the horizon."

"You always did have better eye sight than me." Blossom muttered. "That were you were trying to go?" She asked the pig.

It gave her a wide-eyed look and oinked, nodding its head a few times.

Bubbles grabbed the rope and severed it with a quick eye beam. "There, we'll be able to move at full speed again."

The pig's eyes tripled in size as it stared at the severed, smoking, ends of the rope.

"Let's get to dry land." Blossom declared and raced for land.

"Weeeeeeeeeeh." Bubbles yelled as she took off after Blossom in a burst of blue light. The large backpack wasn't even slowing her down either.


Buttercup yawned as she crawled out of bed the next morning and tried to decide if taking another shower was in order. After getting home the night before, she ended up spending over an hour in the bath scrubbing, trying to get the feel of that pervert off her body. She could still feel is fingers as they touched places they had no right touching.

Of course she was aware that it was mostly her mind making her feel violated, but it was enough to make her take a really hot shower and use up another bar of soap. Even the villains in Townsville tended to be bullies and fighters, not perverts. Well, there was Him, but that one was a little off the wall for a villain.

She grabbed a pair of dark green jeans, a white t-shirt, and was thankful that her boots weren't as messed up as her other outfit. Once she pulled her gloves on she quickly picked up her damaged clothes and wadded them into a ball. She was a little hungry, but figured she could stop somewhere after dropping her clothes off with Kasumi.

Just as she stepped outside she heard the sound she was dreading. A blue blur came out of nowhere and tackled her. They rolled several times before coming to a stop. Buttercup looked up at Bubbles as the girl sat on her stomach. The blonde squealed and hugged her.


"Gheroff!" Buttercup growled. "And I told you never to call me that nickname!"

Buttercup growled as Blossom landed nearby, laughed, and waved.

"Hey sis."

Bubbles finally finished hugging her sister and sat up, still sitting on Buttercup's stomach. "Heya sis, long time no see. I missed you."

"Really?" Sarcasm clearly evident.

"Yep, yep! You look so different! That outfit is perfect!"

Buttercup just raised an eyebrow.

"What you been up to? I hear you found a boy? I want meet him?"

"Get off." Buttercup growled.



With a squeak, Bubbles jumped off, ran behind Blossom, and peaked out from under the girl's arm. "That was mean."

Buttercup grunted as she got to her feet and dusted herself off. "It's see you two, but why are you here?"

"We wanted to visit our missing sister." Blossom explained. "And Bubbles wanted to meet your boyfriend."

"What boyfriend?"

"The one that helped you out in that fight." Bubbles squealed. "He was so cute!"

"He's going to teach me some martial arts. We aren't going out."

"Can I have him then?" Bubbles asked.

Buttercup smirked. "You'll have to beat all the other girls off with a stick. He's got about a half dozen of them hanging on to him all the time. I've met two already and they can be quite violent about him."

This just made the blonde huff. "I still want to meet him."

"I'm sure you will Bubbles." Blossom said and tried to calm the girl down.

"What the hell is that?" Buttercup snapped and pointed towards the hotel exit, where a large backpack was dragging itself out the door.

"Piggy!" Bubbles yelled.

The green haired girl turned gave the red head-questioning look. Blossom just giggled. "We rescued a small black pig from drowning a couple hours ago."

"I don't see a pig Blossom."

The three of the looked out the door to see the little pig, using its teeth, to drag the oversized backpack down the block. Buttercup didn't know what to think of it. Bubbles ran over and picked the pig up and started to cuddle it. "Blossom got to hold you on the trip here. Now it's my turn!"

"And the backpack?"

"It was attached to the pig's foot by a thin rope, so we brought it along."

Buttercup just nodded and walked over to the pack and opened it. "We should see who it belongs to."

This just made Blossom nod. The two girls ignored the sound of Bubbles playing with the pig and the odd noises the pig was making as she cuddled him. Buttercup opened the pack and pulled out a couple sets of worn green shirts, some bandanas like the pig was wearing, and several ramen cups.

"There isn't much in here. Just a few odds and ends, though this camping stove looks relatively new." She said and held it up. "Nothing with a name on it though."

"Oooh, you found P-chan."

The girls whipped around to see Kasumi standing there with giant wide eyes. She started to tremble as she looked at the three girls. Buttercup winced as she realized that the nice girl recognized her sisters. "Hello Kasumi, who or what is P-chan?"

The brown haired girl, about to hyperventilate, pointed at the pig in Bubbles arms. "He's my sister Akane's pet."

"We found him floating out in the ocean." Bubbles said.

Kasumi blinked. "Well he does tend to wander off on his own a lot. Weeks go by without us seeing him. He's rather adventurous."

Bubbles giggled. "And cute!"

Kasumi's eyes started to sparkle as she watched Bubbles.

Edging closer to Blossom, Buttercup leaned over and whispered in her ear. "Kasumi is a fan of ours. A big one."

"I see." Blossom said with a nod. She walked over to Kasumi and held out her hand. "Hello Kasumi, I'm Blossom, that's my sister Bubbles holding the pig."

The eldest tend froze for half a second and started to blush as she slowly brought her hand up to shake it. Blossom grinned a little wider, causing Kasumi to melt into a pile of goo at her feet. "Gha..."

"Nice to meet you to." Blossom exclaimed. "Bubbles, let's return the pig to it's owner and find out what it was doing in the middle of the ocean with that pack tied to it's foot."

"Okay Blossom." The blonde chirped and rose into the air.

"What about this pack?" Buttercup asked.

"Bring it with you, it belongs to Ryoga, and he stops by the house every few weeks." Kasumi said dreamily

The three girls rose into the air and started flying towards the Dojo. Kasumi nearly died as Buttercup swooped down and picked her up. The flight to the dojo was over within minutes but every second of it was etched into Kasumi's brain. She was shaking with excitement as they landed.

"You alright?" Buttercup asked as she set the girl down. "It didn't scare you that much did it?"

The other two girls smirked as Kasumi squealed and tackling and then hugging Buttercup. She started bouncing excitedly. "Can we do it again?"

"Uh..." Buttercup muttered as she failed to remove the girl's arms from around her waist. "Sure?"

Kasumi squealed again and floated into the house on a cloud of happiness. Blossom and Bubbles snickered at their sister for finding a rabid fan on the other side of the world. Buttercup rose to her feet, sighed, and ignored her sisters as they entered the house.

In the time they'd been standing there Kasumi had shoved Ryoga's pack into a corner, mended Buttercup's clothes, and cooked the breakfast. She sat at the table watching the girls, her eyes sparkling brightly. "Come in, I cooked all of you breakfast."

As the girls sat down to eat, Buttercup noticed that the two fathers Genma and Soun tied up in chains and tossed in the back corner of the living room. Genma held up several signs asking for help, for some food, and all of the above. Bubbles just giggled as she played with her chopsticks. Blossom sat down next to Kasumi.

"It's not often that we find a fan outside of the States that knows about us." Blossom said.

"I've been following your adventures for years." Kasumi said. She was still wearing her Blossom costume so she blushed.

"I'm glad to see we haven't been forgotten completely in Japan. It's good to be back, even though it's under such circumstances."

Kasumi looked confused. "I don't understand."

"We weren't planning to come at all, but then Buttercup got attacked and we weren't there to help her. She took quite a beating because of that."

"Hey!" Buttercup snapped.

"Do you happen to know why she was attacked?"

Kasumi shook her head. "I didn't find out about it until after Ranma brought her back to the house after the fight."

Blossom gave a nod and glanced at Buttercup. "Do you know who the guy was?"

"A guy named Taro. He has some kind of object that allows him to fire blasts of water. I've been going over the fight and figured out several ways I can use that ability against him."

"What was the name of the hunk that helped you out?" Bubbles asked.

"Ranma Saotome."

"Where is he right now?"

"School." Kasumi explained and started setting out cups of tea for the girls. She was still a little star struck, but had calmed down enough to function again. Well mostly.

Bubbles stood up. "Let's go kidnap him."

Buttercup yanked her sister back down. "Control your hormones girl."

The blonde started to tear up. "But, he's so cute."

"He's also engaged to three different girls."

Bubbles shrugged. "I don't want to marry him, I want to play with him for a few hours." She blushed and started daydreaming.

"I see she's only gotten worse since I left." Buttercup sighed as she glanced at Blossom.

Blossom could only nod.

This only made Kasumi giggle. The girls spent the next couple of hours talking about their adventures and entertaining the eldest Tendo daughter, who didn't want to admit that she was nineteen. No one noticed when the fathers inched their way out of the room like a pair of worms. They eventually made their way into the dojo.

"...and then Mojo Jojo pulls out this ray gun and turns everyone in the city into cute little dogs!" Bubbles squealed. "I didn't know what to do, stop him or play with all the little doggies!" All the girls giggled.

Blossom suddenly perked up and tilted her head to the side. "What's that?"

"What?" Buttercup grumped.

"That noise." The read headed said as she stood up.

Blossom and Buttercup started listening as well, much to Kasumi's glee. They were using super hearing. Buttercup stood up suddenly. "That sounds familiar."

"All I hear is rushing water."

"That's what Taro's attacks sound like." Buttercup explained. "Kasumi, we have to go. Thank you for letting us stay."

The three girls quickly ran outside, though Bubbles looked a bit confused, and shot into the sky surrounded by auras of colored energy. At about five hundred feet they stopped to look over the city below. Blossom slowly started to spin until she spotted a school in the distance. "It's coming from over there. Behind that large building."

"That's the school Ranma goes to." Buttercup explained. She could see a dust cloud starting to sweep around the edges of the school. "Let's get over there and stop whatever is happening before a bunch of people are hurt."

With a burst of energy the girls streaked towards the school. Below them Kasumi followed them with the video camera, a wide grin on her face, her cheeks flushed with excitement. No several of the local people gaped as the Powerpuff Girls streamed by, but they were even more shocked when Kasumi Tendo roof hopped over their heads in an indecent red dress, holding a camera.


Ranma made his way outside and sat down under a tree. He wasn't feeling like himself today. His thoughts kept drifting back to the green haired girl he met the day before. Even thought he hadn't started training her yet, he was planning a few things.

He was also thinking about the abilities she used. His Ki sight allowed him to see how her Ki flowed around her body as she flew or fought. What he saw still amazed him and he'd spent the night trying to replicate the way her Ki flowed. It was as if the girl had a nearly unlimited amount of Ki she could access.

Even as he sat there, he was trying to get his Ki to replicate her Ki so he could fly. He could already hover if he wanted to, but he couldn't control his Ki enough to fly around the house unassisted. He pictured her in his mind, looking over every detail, trying to find what he wasn't seeing.

Blinking, he turned and looked out the gate. There was a massive amount of power less than a mile away. He couldn't really determine an exact direction, but he could tell that it wasn't evil. Just really, really powerful. Finishing off his lunch, Ranma stood up.

"Hey Ranma?"

"What's up Hiroshi?"

"Who was that girl that took on Akane and Ukyo? More fianc├ęs?"

Ranma shook his head. "Nope, a student actually."

"You're training her?" Hiroshi asked in surprise.

"She stopped by here looking for pops, but Akane and Ukyo overreacted and attacked her. We worked things out yesterday, though pops refused to teach her, so I agreed."

"I was just asking because Akane's been acting weird today."

"I noticed she wasn't insulting me today. It was too peaceful." Ranma muttered.

"So, you won't get mad if the guys ask that girl out?"

Ranma glared at Hiroshi. "Go for it, but remember what she did when she was attacked."

Hiroshi nodded and ran off to tell the others. Ranma just shook his head. He had a feeling that a number of the boys were going to end up missing some school when Buttercup broke their legs. Then something caught his attention and he twisted to the side just as a blast of water sliced a chunk out of the tree just behind him.

Jumping into the air, he back flipped several yards away and landed well away from any of the students. Even as he landed he spotted Taro standing about ten feet away holding another ball of water in his hands. Ranma smirked a little as he turned towards his enemy. He was always up for a fight.

"Still playing with water Taro, how boring."

The boy just started walking forward. "Get on your knees femboy, where you belong."

Taro was one of the few people that Ranma disliked. He didn't really hate the guy, but he did get tired of fighting him for useless reasons. "I suppose you're here because of Happosai too?"

"Nope." Taro said with an evil smirk. "You're just a good target for me to test my new abilities."

"Give it up Pantyhose, you don't stand a chance." Ranma sneered. "After your poor showing last time, I think you need to go and train a little more."

Taro laughed and fired another blast of water. "I'll make you pay for that one femboy.

"Hah!" Ranma yelled and jumped to the side.

"Arrrggh!" Taro screamed and flicked his wrist and altered the flow of water.

Ranma wasn't able to get out of the way and was hit right in the side. In an instant Ranma was female and blown back several feet. She came to her feet and slid several more feet before she came to a stop. Hands cupped at her side, Ranma fired a barrage of mini Ki attacks. They flew into the air and started raining down around Taro.

Laughing, Taro raised his hands and a swirling mass of water formed around his body almost instantly. Ranma wondered where the water was coming from as he watched her attack race towards the jerk. This was the second time she had encountered this attack and she still couldn't work out how he was doing it. Like whips, the water swirled outward and started slapping Ranma's Ki attack into the ground.

Each one exploded with a loud bang as it hit the ground and left a little hole. Then as she watched, the water around Taro changed its rhythm and lashed out. Ranma cursed under her breath as she started dodging, trying to think of a way to stop the jerk. She was distracted just enough for a bit of water to grab her foot and fling her high into the air.

"&#!" Ranma yelled as she passed the roof of the building and continued to climb. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted an odd sight that didn't really register immediately. Kasumi was standing on top of the fence that surrounded the roof of the school. Ranma realized that she was wearing a dress that left nothing to the imagination. She could even see Kasumi's panties from the angle of his flight. She appeared to be bouncing from foot to foot as she filmed the fight.

All this took a split second to realize. Then a blur of red came out of nowhere and Ranma found herself hanging onto the arm of a red haired flying girl. She had long red hair tied back in a ponytail that swirled around her in the air as she hovered there. Her eyes were glowing red, but she didn't look angry, only worried about something. "Hello, are you alright?"

"Fine." Ranma said as she noticed that the girl was using the same flying technique that Buttercup used. "Um..."

"I'm Blossom, and those are my sisters down there." She said, pointing towards a pair of blue and green glowing girls dive-bombing Taro.

Ranma instantly recognized Buttercup. He watched as the girls blasted through Taro's water shield and managed to tag him across the jaw. Seconds later Ranma found herself on the school roof and could only watch as Blossom joined the other two girls as they attacked Taro from multiple directions. A giggle caught his attention as she looked over at Kasumi as she filmed the battle.

"This is your fault!" She found herself lifted off the ground by Nabiki.

She raised an eyebrow, as seen in many anime over the last year. "How do you figure that, Tendo?"

"My sister was never like this. Not until you brought that green haired girl to the house!" Nabiki yelled as she shook Ranma like a rag doll.

Before Ranma could think of a come back she was shocked to see Kasumi race along the top of the fence, still over four stories from the ground, make her way to middle of the fence filming the fight. She squatted down for a better shot. Ranma was a bit impressed. In all the time at the Tendo's house the eldest had never shown a bit of interest in the Art. This also gave Ranma another look at her panties, red ones to match the dress.

"..." His mind froze. One just didn't look at Kasumi's panties. It just wasn't done.

The little run just made Nabiki groan. "Save her before she falls."

"It don't look like she needs my help." Ranma snapped. "You can put me down as well."

They glared at each other for a second. With a growl, Nabiki sat him down and just looked worried.

Ranma jumped to the top of the fence, glanced down at Nabiki, and walked over to Kasumi. She looked down at the fight just as Taro finally managed to get the girls to stop attacking him. With a wave of his hand, a wave tower of water rose out of the pool and raced across the schoolyard.

It slammed into the girls just as they were about to hit him with another round of high-speed attacks. His water shield held as the water flowed around him and for a second the three girls found themselves under the wave of water. They crashed into the side of the school and slid to the ground a few seconds later. Ranma heard Kasumi make some weird sounds as she continued to film.

Jumping from the fence, Ranma landed on the ground below and started walking towards Taro. She could see that the girls were already getting to their feet. The red head's clothing was ripped a little. The blonde's clothing, now soaking wet, was showing off the curves of her body and she didn't seem to either realize this or she didn't care. Buttercup's clothing was dark and mostly jeans and leather, it just glistened in the morning sunlight.

"Ooooh! This sucks!" Bubbles complained as she did a full body shake to get rid of the water. This sent water flying everywhere. Blossom and Buttercup glared at their sister as all the water rained on them.


"Sorry." She muttered and gave the front of her soaking wet shirt a tug.

"Oh quit pretending Bubbles, I remember what you did on your date with that one boy." Buttercup snapped.

Bubbles just smirked a little. Then she pointed behind them. "It looks like that girl is back."

"That's Ranma, the boy I told you about." Buttercup explained. "He has this weird magic curse that turns him into a girl."

Blossom just nodded. "I thought she was acting a bit weird when I saved her."

"That's a...boy?" Bubbles asked. "What's 'he' look like as a boy? You didn't say 'he' could be a girl. Why didn't you say anything." The blonde started to pout as all her fantasies started to take on a completely new dimension.

"You'll have to wait and see. So long as the other jerk is throwing around water Ranma will have to stay female. Though, if we find some hot water, we can reverse his curse for a little while." Buttercup said with a smirk.

"Let's not worry about that now." Blossom said. "We do have the villain to take down."

The girls nodded.

"GO!" Blossom yelled and shot from a standing position to flying in the blink of an eye. Bubbles and Buttercup quickly caught up and they focused on Taro.

At the same time Ranma launched her attack, weaving through Taro's water attack and landing a foot right in the middle of his face. He staggered back and Ranma suddenly had a bad feeling. She used his face to launch herself into the air just as the Powerpuff girls laid into him again. For several seconds Taro took a massive pounding.

Once again the water around Taro rose up and raced outwards. Bubbles managed to hit him in his stomach with a powerful kick. All the air escaped his lungs and he dropped to his knees. This caused the water to ripple and collapse all round them. Buttercup gasped as she realized that Taro has changed into his monster form. It rises up and roared at the top of its lungs.

Blossom and Bubbles jump back nearly twenty feet to gape at the thing as it relaxed and turned to glare at them. Off to the side Buttercup narrowed her eyes as she notices the water bottle at his side. Her eyes flare with green energy and a second later blasts the water bottle into tiny little pieces. The bull-octopus thing turns and gives her a look of loathing.

By which time, Ranma is finally landing, and plows Taro's head right into the ground. "Hah! Take that panty boy!" She yelled and flipped off to the side.

Taro shifts and climbs to his feet. All four girls are about to attack him again when a tornado of water exploded from Taro's body. It only lasted a few seconds, but he's gone by the time the girls are able to regain control. Ranma sighed and looks around for any sign of Taro.

Blossom and Bubbles rise into the air and start searching as well. The girls quickly spotted something and flew down to the ground nearby an looked down into a water filled hole. Ranma quickly made her way over. She shook her head and wondered what Taro was thinking.

"I've never seen Taro do anything like this before."

Landing, Blossom glanced down at a bit of trash on the ground nearby and nudged it with her toe. "A car bumper?"

"It looks like he's escaped again." Buttercup growled and distracted the others. Blossom put the bumper out of her mind and went back over to her sisters.

At this, Ranma just nodded. "Unlike most of the people that attack me Taro has always cut and run when it suited him."

"I can't find him anywhere." Blossom said as she reached her sisters.

She looked up at Kasumi, who was still filming the fight from the fence above, and gave a little wave. "Why is that girl wearing something like I wore when I was a kid?"

"She's a fan." Buttercup said sarcastically.

"Even the fans in Townsville aren't this fanatic." The red head turned to Ranma, asking a silent question.

"She's obsessed I think." Ranma said after a few seconds.

"And that other girl?" Bubbles asked, pointing at Nabiki."

"That would be Kasumi's sister Nabiki." Ranma admitted. "You need to watch out for her. She's got her own little interesting ways."

A few seconds later Kasumi raced out of the school looking ecstatic as she made her way over to the three sisters. "That was great, incredible, totally amazing!"

"We are a good team." Blossom said happily, getting caught up in Kasumi's enthusiasm.

"What are we going to do now? The villain ran away." Bubbles asked.

"I guess we can head back to my hotel." Buttercup suggested.

Kasumi frowned and shook her head. "You will come back to the house with me and I'll cook you dinner."

Ranma wasn't surprised at all. "I need to find some hot water too."

This just made Kasumi smile brightly. "I've always got a kettle available Ranma."

Looking Ranma over, Bubbles seemed to remember that Ranma was supposed to be a boy. "I'd nearly forgotten that you're a boy. I have to see this in action." She giggled.

As soon as they arrived home Ranma was reminded that Kasumi wasn't the same quiet girl he was used to. The father's were home from their daily round of drinking. Ranma could tell that his old man was so drunk that he could barely sit in front of the game board. On the other hand his partner in crime, Soun Tendo held his drink a little better.

"Daughter who are these girls." He asked, looking up from his board. He wavered a little to keep from falling over.

"The Powerpuff Girls and Ranma, Father." She chirped.

"I did not invite them here..."

"I did daddy."

Ranma appeared to be the only one that heard the change in Kasumi's voice. Everyone else just blinked and wondered what was going on.

"Saotome has already turned the green one down for training and I refuse to train the other girls. Please have them leave." He ordered.

Ranma motioned for the three sisters to back up just as Kasumi was enveloped in a bright pink Ki aura. Suddenly an earth-shattering Wail of Death filled the house as the eldest Tendo sister performed her father's trademark move. The two men scrambled to get away as the giant demon's head lashed across the room, its tongue lashing out, and fire leapt from the eyes. Seconds later two men were floating in the Koi pond with smoke wafting off them.

The back door slammed shut. A panda surfaced and groaned as it held up a sign. 'What did I do?"

The girls peeled themselves off the ceiling and carefully looked around. Ranma was the only one that hadn't jumped for the ceiling; she crawled out from under the table. Kasumi appeared to be a little embarrassed as she recovered from her attack. "Oh my, I don't know what came over me."

Ranma twitched a little. "Um, can I grab that hot water Kasumi?"

"I'll get it for you." She said mildly, swaying her way into the kitchen. A few seconds later she came back out with the kettle, stepped around Bubbles, and quickly poured it over Ranma's head.

Buttercup just nodded as he returned to normal. She liked Ranma better as a boy. Though she would never admit it to anyone. The way his muscles shimmered made her knees weak. Then she sensed something and looked to the side and noticed her sisters. Blossom's eyes were wide and she appeared to be stunned. She waved her hand in front of the red head's face and didn't get any response.

Bubbles on the other hand was drooling and she wasn't looking at Ranma's face. Nope, she was looking down quite a bit lower. This just made Buttercup slap her face and sigh. "I knew it."

"Ah man." Ranma complained as he took off his shirt and went to wring the water out. Now topless, Bubbles' eyes tripled in size and she started to tremble. Ranma didn't notice as he thanked Kasumi for the water. Blossom hadn't moved a muscle, but her eyes were taking in the Man in front of her and she whimpered.

Bubbles gave into temptation, squealed like a typical teenage girl, and started flying around Ranma at high speed, poking, prodding, measuring, and doing everything she could get away with. She ended up collapsed on the floor rubbing her head against his leg and giggling quietly.

Ranma just sighed and looked to the ceiling for answers. The ceiling was quiet, but that didn't stop Nabiki and Akane from entering the house at that exact moment. Or that they couldn't help noticing that he was topless and that a girl was rubbing herself on him.


The whole house shook under the power of this blow to all perverts.


To Be Continued...

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