Hey everyone. Here's the next of my "prologue" before my first fan-fiction series goes off. This story takes place after the "Waking the Dragons" series, Grand Chapionship doesn't happen yet. Now, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, Codename: Kids Next Door, nor Kim Possible. But that's not gonna stop me. Here I go. (One more thing, picture Mai's voice will be like in the first to third season of Yu-Gi-Oh, that voice was better then her season four voice)

Our story continues in the sky, a helicopter is heading towards land. It was Kaiba's helicopter, and they were heading towards Domino Japan. After Dropping off Raphael and the other bikers to their homes, Kaiba asked Yugi and his friends to come with him to Kaiba corp. The scene cut to a lab in Kaiba corp. where Kaiba was bringing something to Yugi and the others, they where card sleeves.

Tristan: okay, I'll bite. Why are we here?

Kaiba: I have a feeling this isn't the last of someone trying to take the Egyptian God cards. So, I've manage to create these.

Joey: card sleeves? I don't get it.

Kaiba: of course you don't, these sleeves have a small tracking chip in them, so if they are stolen again, we'll be able to find them.

Yugi: wow. (Takes them) thanks Kaiba.

Kaiba: they're virtually invisible, so you'll be able to use them in your deck.

Yugi: well, thank you for your help Kaiba, we really appreciate it.

Kaiba: yeah, well, don't mention it. As for me, I must prepare for my next project. I'm sure we'll meet again.

He walks off, Mokuba follows him, and the rest leave there separate ways.

It was dusk as Joey was walking to his apartment, Tristan already left for his house, thus leaving Joey alone. It was at a crosswalk when Joey sees a biker in a red motorcycle. He studies the biker, and saw through the helmet, thus finding out who it was.

Joey: Mai? Is that you?

The biker turned to Joey, then, when the light was green, she drove to a spot on the curb that was next to him. The biker then got off the bike, and took off the helmet, revealing that it was Mai. Her Orichalcos duel disk was nowhere in sight.

Mai: hey, Joey.

Joey: so…does this mean you're back to your normal self?

Mai: yes Joey, it's me again. The Mai that tried to take your soul is gone. You risked your life, just to try to get me back. And I though you had just forgot about me.

Joey: Mai, what you did wasn't your fault. You was just brainwashed by the Orichalcos, and your nightmares. You said you felt alone, but you never were, we were always your friends. When we were in Battle City, and when you lost to Marik, I did all that I could just to bring you back. Nothing would stop me from bringing you back.

Mai: and what did I do to thank you for that? I gave your soul that nutcase, Dartz! (Starts to cry) I tried to get rid of you, (sobs) I TRIED TO REMOVE YOUR SOUL FROM THE FACE OF THE EARTH! How can you just forgive me, just like that?

She then covered her face with her hands as she was crying; she didn't even try to stop the tears from coming. Then, she felt something grabbing on to her, she then sees that Joey pulled her into a hug.

Joey: because I care about you too much. Because I knew that you were still the same Mai who was my friend, no matter what happen. You're more then just a friend to me, much more.

Mai just looked into Joey's eyes. She realized that one way or another, he would always be there for her, whether in person, or in spirit. She then did something that shocked both of them; she pressed her lips onto his, and kissed him softly. It was about five or six seconds when she pull back from the kiss. Both Joey and Mai looked at each other in complete surprise.

Joey: … wow. (Smiles and blushes) I didn't know you cared.

Mai: (blushes) I guess that I've always felt that way towards you, but I guess I was too stubborn to realizes it.

Joey, who was always known for doing something daring, took his chances, and gave Mai another kiss on the lips, which Mai gracefully accepted. This kiss lasted longer then the last one, about a minute passed and they let go from their embrace. Mai than walked to her motorcycle, and took her helmet, but she also took another helmet, and gave it to Joey.

Mai: come on, I'll give you a lift to your place.

Joey: (takes helmet) oh, um… thanks.

Mai started her bike, and Joey sat behind her as the bike took off, and headed towards where Joey was walking too. Meanwhile, both Tea and Yugi were walking together. Yugi had asked Tea if he could walk her home, which she happily agreed on. It wasn't long until they reached Tea's house.

Yugi: well, here we are.

Tea: yep, this is it. (Pauses) thanks for walking me home, Yugi.

Yugi: it was nothing. I better get going. See you tomorrow?

Tea: yeah. See you, Yugi.

Yugi was about to leave, but Tea stopped him.

Tea: Yugi?

Yugi: yes, Tea?

He turns to her and she lets out a smile.

Tea: it's really great that your back.

Yugi: thanks, it's great to be back. I better get going; grandpa's probably worried about me.

Before he went any further, Tea stopped him again, and gave Yugi a small kiss on the cheek, which he responded by blushing a deep red.

Tea: see you tomorrow, Yugi.

Yugi stood still in his spot as Tea entered her house. He put his hand on the spot of his cheek where she had kissed him, and smiled a big toothy smile.

Yugi: (in a loud whisper) YES!

He made his way home with a little more spring in his step.

Later that night in the Mutou game shop, as everyone was sleeping, something weird was happening. A silhouette of a person was at the window of the game shop, a purple/bluish fog, develops him, and then it leaves without a traces. Unbeknownst to the silhouette, an image of what looks likes a robot bird made out of jerry-rigged junk was looking at the scene, its eye was a camera, and it took a picture of the person. The robot bird flies to another group of braches that is near the window leading to Yugi's room, it took more pictures. Suddenly the same fog appeared, and disappeared, revealing the silhouette of the same person. The person walks to a bureau, on top of it was the Millennium ring. The person takes it and puts it around his neck.

Person: welcome back, my old friend.

The person looks around some more, at that time; the robot bird takes more pictures. The person looks at a corner of the room, and sees the millennium rod. (A/N: as you may remember, Yugi won both the rod and the ring from Marik) the person takes it in his hand.

Person: yes, now for God cards.

The person walks up to Yugi's duel disk, and takes the deck, he searches it for the three God cards, and the Robot bird took as many pictures of the events happening. Suddenly, the millennium ring moved one of it pointers to Yugi, his puzzle was glowing, and he was waking up.

Person: well, I think that's enough for now.

Yugi's eyes started to open when he saw a figure of a purple/bluish fog in front of him; he got scared, and got out of bed.

Yugi: hey. What the-?

Before he knew it, the fog disappeared. He then noticed that his duel disk had no deck, he the sees that his deck is on the ground, scattered everywhere.

Yugi: (gasp) oh-no!

He goes on his knees, and picks them up, he searches all through the deck, then, all over his room.


Then his grandpa, Solomon Mutou appears.

Solomon: Yugi! What's going on? What's with all the noise?

Yugi: they're gone grandpa! Someone stole the Egyptian God cards!

Solomon: oh-no! Again?

Yugi: yep. (Looks at bureau, then gasps) that's not all, they must have taken the millennium ring too.

Solomon: (looks at corner) it appears that the scoundrels also took you millennium rod.

Yugi: that too? Oh man! This is bad, I'm just glad they didn't take the puzzle. I gotta call the others! (Runs to a phone)

Solomon: Yugi, its 3:00 a.m.

Yugi: (sweat drops) oh, hee-hee. Well, I guess they can wait 'til morning to know then.

Solomon: well, I'm going to bed, goodnight.

Yugi: 'night, grandpa

Yami Yugi: (through thought) Yugi. Did I hear you right?

Yugi: (through thought) I'm afraid so Yami.

Meanwhile outside, the robot bird flies away from the game shop, and heads to another destination.

Who stole the Egyptian God cards, as well as the millennium rod, and ring? Where did that Robot bird come from? Keep reading and find out! Review PLEASE!