:By Laura-chan:

Summary: What if Anakin never had dreams of Padmé dying? Would he have fallen in the Sith's grasp? In this AU of RotS Anakin and Padmé, while trying to end the war, struggle to keep secret their relationship, even with their two children, Luke and Leia.

Time: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. AU

Rating: R or M

Pairing: Anakin/Padmé, my favorite.

Warnings: This story is rated R/M for a reason; in future chapters there will be strong scenes.

Also, don't mind too much my mistakes, please - I'm Italian and English is not my first language.

9th June 2005

In Italy, about two weeks ago, arrived Star Wars - Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

I went to see it, because it's the final chapter of the long series written by the wonderful mind of George Lucas; I'm not proud to admit that I didn't go to see Episode II: Attack of the Clones 1) because of the deep delusion I felt for The Phantom Menace; I was awaiting Episode I since I've first seen the Classic Trilogy (so, since when I was able to speak) and it was not as exciting as I expected it to be. 2) because, when I was finally free from duties to see it, it had already disappeared from cinemas... I was so mad!

So, when I went to see Episode III, at first I was a bit confused: but then, I loved the relationship between Padmé and Anakin and I was soooooo hurt because I already knew how it was going to end. In the end I cried and cried: not only for Padmé's and Anakin's destiny (Padmé did not deserve to die!) but also because I've seen the end of a saga that had signed my life deeply. I was born in 1987, when all the movies of the Classic Trilogy had been already made (Episode IV: A New Hope had been made 10 years before): I grew up with them (like I grew up with Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters and the book of The Lord of the Rings) and, while I was glad I was finally watching Episode I-II-III, it was really sad to see the end of Star Wars.

I decided to rent Episode II, while waiting for the whole New Trilogy in dvd, and I loved it: Anakin and Padmé look so cute together (I think I'm not-so-secretely in love with Hayden Christensen, especially after seeing him with long hair in Episode III).

Thank you George Lucas for giving us such a wonderful, exciting and completely original saga. (I'm crying)

So, I began to write this Anakin/Padmé story - an AU of RotS...


Anakin Skywalker woke up suddenly.

The soft dawn's light entered from the windows, the curtains a bit open. The Jedi Master stared down at his side where his gorgeous wife was sleeping deeply. His mechanical arm moved to lightly stroke her hair: he sighed and stood up, going to the kitchen and drinking a glass of water.

Now that Dooku was dead -thanks to his master Obi-Wan Kenobi and himself - , he wondered, there was only to find General Grievous: and then, there would be peace in the galaxy. He passed an hand throught his long blond hair and sighed again: if only he had captured Grievous that time…!

"Why is this husband of mine up so early?" two arms wrapped around his torso and he relaxed against the body behind him, a slight smile on his face.


"Anakin, why are you so worried?"

"My love…" he turned in her arms and kissed her, caressing her stomach where his child was growing.

"I'm not worried: I was wondering about how wonderful our life will be once we will have captured Grievous and this little one" he grinned, pointing with his eyes to her belly "will be with us."

"My dear husband…" Padmé smiled, stroking his cheeks "We'll find him and we'll have peace. And with the baby we'll be like a real family."

Anakin's eyes grew pained. "But we'll still have to keep our relationship secret. "

The yound woman nodded and leaned on him "I don't care what will happen to me, as long as I have you." She whispered, tightening her grip around him. He hugged her, closing his eyes.

"Me too."

:Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi sat in the Jedi Council, to the left side of Master Yoda, listening to Master Vos reporting new sightings of General Grievous; his mind was not on the news but on his young ex-padawan and his secret love - well, secret for the others but not for him: Obi-wan had often seen the feelings for each other shining in their eyes, and wasn't going to be fooled. He knew that if the two were discovered, not only Padmé would be reprimanded, but Anakin would also be expelled from the Jedi Order: and it would be a pity, now that he had finally become a Master, even if Yoda and Mace Windu had been reluctant about admitting him in the Council.

He shook himself and started paying attention to what was being said.

Anakin has noticed his former Master's distraction: 'What are you thinking about Obi-wan?'

"….So, now he is in the Yavin system?" Mace Windu asked, chin between his hands.

Vos confirmed "We found traces of his activity, but we're not exactly sure on which planet he is hiding."

Windu's gaze touched every Jedi in the room before locking on the figures of two of the best fighters around "Master Kenobi, Master Skywalker: you will go. But I want you to just analyze the situation and report back to the Council: you will intervene only if you are in danger."

The two nodded, even if Anakin was a bit disappointed and had to bite back the protest and the bile which was threatening to rise up from his chest. 'They still don't trust me to go on missions alone.' He thought bitterly.

"Talk about Senator Amidala's pregnancy I want to." Said Yoda, just as everyone is the Council was getting ready to retire. Anakin, who was already walking towards the door, froze up and immediately sat down in his chair: his heart missed a beat, but he schooled his emotions and facial expressions in indifferent ones.

"You are right." Nodded Mace Windu. "Obi-wan, Anakin, have you got any idea about who the father could be? You've been close to her since she was Queen of Naboo."

Obi-wan was the first to talk: "I have no idea, Council. I was as surprised as you when her pregnancy was discovered." Well, at least this last thing was true.

"This is the same for me." Anakin readily agreed.

"Near her I went." Murmured Yoda, even if everyone heard the words as they've been shouted. "Two auras I felt." He informed.

"Two?" Anakin was stunned. "There are two children?"

"Of that I'm sure: Senator Amidala, twins growing into her, she has." The old master nodded gravely.

Anakin had to force down his joy at the news: two! He soon would be the father of two twins! Obi-wan's voice brought him to reality.

"I do not want to force Padmé to tell me who the father is. She is a dear friend." "We do not ask you to do that." Mace Windu shook his head. Then, he stood up "We will meet again tomorrow: Obi-wan, Anakin, leave as soon as possible, please."

The two Masters just nodded.

:C-3PO stared with his impassible metal face at his mistress, who was sleeping soundly on the couch, her head slightly lolled to the side; now, being near the 8th month of pregnancy, she would sleep often, and her duties as senator had been reduced.

The door opened and the droid turned to see his master walk inside the apartment. "Please be silent Master Anakin." He pleaded "Mistress is really tired."

Anakin just nodded, his eyes soft as he stared fondly at his wife: he sat down near her and let her head rest on his shoulder. "C-3PO, bring me some tea please." "It will be done, Master."

The Jedi Master wrapped his mechanical arm around Padmé's shoulders as his other hand caressed her round belly.

He stayed like this for an unknown time, breathing in the fragrance of her hair that made his forget who he was, who she was and the fact that there was a war in the outside world: that moment was only theirs and Anakin didn't want to lose it for anything in the world.

Suddenly, her lids lifted sleepily. "Love?"

"Hello Padmé. I have good news." He smiled.

"Good news?"

"Yes, love. Master Yoda said he felt two auras in your stomach: we're going to have twin children." Now Padmé was wide awake. "Two…" she whispered

"Two?" it was almost like she couldn't believe it.

"Yes my wife: two." He grinned when he saw her beautiful eyes sparkling in elation. She threw her arms around him as they laughed: a laugh full of release and new found happiness. Anakin took her in his arms and gently spinned her around.

"Oh, I'm so happy!" she exclaimed as he set her down.

"And so am I." he smiled, nuzzling her cheek, earning a soft sigh from her.

"And so am I."

(to be continued)

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