Title: Sometimes, Things Just Change

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One day, there was a gay man named Will, and a straight woman named Grace. They were the bestest of friends, and one day, their whole lives changed forever.

"Grace?" Will called throughout the apartment that they shared. Jack and Karen were sitting on the couch, Grace had been in the bedroom. They used to have separate bedrooms, but at one point, they decided they were such good friends that they didn't have to be separate for the night, so they shared one now.

"I'm coming! Just let me shove this apple pie and chocolate cake that I hid in the closet down my throat, and I'll be there in a minute, sweetie!"

Will smiled broadly, flopping down on the couch next to Jack. "I love it so when she calls me sweetie", he said, the grin stupidly plastered on his face. "She really knows how to make me happy."

Looking somewhat confused if that wasn't surprising by now, Jack responded, "Man, Will. If I didn't know better, I'd think you're actually in love with her!"

Will's eyes grew wide, and he jumped out of his seat. "Oh my god! You're right! Despite the fact that I am an out and proud homosexual and have been since collage and can't see anything that would make me change my ways and revert back to the dreaded heterosexual lifestyle, I have fallen madly and passionately In love with Grace Adler!"

Everyone turned to Karen for her reaction, but she was passed out on the couch from mixing amphetamines and vodka. It seemed she didn't have a pulse. Still, swept up from the emotion of Will suddenly changing his sexual orientation, no one cared.

"Oh my Goodness, Will!" Jack said, hugging his friend and jumping up and down excitedly at the same time. "I can't believe it! I am so happy for you! Even though I secretly can't stand Grace because she's an evil pig and I've been in love with you since the first moments I laid eyes on you and couldn't stand it if you were with another man, let alone Grace Awful—I mean, Adler, I am so thrilled!"

Grace chose that moment to come out, chocolate smeared all over her clothes and face. "What's going on?" she asked obliviously, a mouthful of crumbs tumbling off of her chin.

"Oh Grace! I've only realized it right now, but I'm in love with you! Forget all of those guys that I slept with! Forget the fact that I've had a raging crush on Jack McFarland since he came to my party! I love you!"

Smiling, Grace pulled him into a hug, shooting a smug smile at Jack, and stuck her tongue out at him. Jack tried smiling, but ran out the front door, tears in his eyes.

A week later, Grace Adler was killed by a runaway car with an unidentified driver in the drivers seat. Whoever it was, it was not Jack McFarland. He wasn't even there, so don't try to start anything. It wasn't him, ok? Even though it was him who bought car for the occasion, spent that night luring Grace out of her apartment with a trail of cake crumbs and left her in the middle of the street, it wasn't him.

It wasn't.

Will now lives with his real best friend, Jack McFarland. They have been together for ten years and got married. Grace was off their minds forever.

They've never been happier.

The End