Summary: Join the loveable team from Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital on their wacky adventure! A story about bonding, mystery, relationships, and Disney World. Just read, all right? You know I can't write a summary to save my life. (Sorta- kinda sequel to Physical Therapy, but it's not necessarily.)

Disclaimer: Um…. I don't own House, but I had a dream I did last night…


Chapter 1

"…Look, you can see it here. The little line? That's a fracture," Dr. James Wilson explained to the 9-year-old girl he was showing the X-ray to.

The little girl put her hand on her hip and rolled her eyes. "I know what a fracture is. I have fallen off a skateboard before."

"Lauren!" The little girl's mother butted in. "I'm so sorry, doctor."

Wilson put his hand up to stop any potential apologizing. "I get it a lot."

Lauren's mother's face fell. "Oh. I'm so sorry."

Wilson opened his mouth to say something along the lines of, 'well-that's-what-happens-when-you-become-a-people-doctor,' but he heard a noise behind him. It was House, banging his cane against the door frame.

"Who is this?" Lauren's mom asked, grabbing Lauren's wrist and pulling her towards her body, as if afraid the cane would somehow find it's way over to her daughter.

"This is Dr. House. He's got some problems," Wilson clarified, then turned to House and hissed, "What? I'm busy."

"Did you just get beeped?" House asked.

"No," Wilson said, just as his beeper went off. "Yes."

"Is it Cuddy?"

Wilson checked the number on the tiny green screen. "Crap. Not Cuddy again."

House's eyes darted from the chair, to Lauren, to Lauren's mother, and then back to Wilson. "Have you done anything bad?"

"No. Why would she want to see us?"

"The stethascope incident was a long time ago."

"What stethascope incident?"

House's face flushed, but then there was a slight knocking against the door. The handle turned, and Foreman's dark faced popped in. "Did you just get beeped? Or was that just me?"

Dr. House's face returned to it's normal color, and Wilson said, "thank God."

"Should we go to her office?" Foreman questioned.

"I guess," said Wilson.

"Oh, no," replied House.

Cuddy had instructed them to gather in meeting room 9. Cuddy stood at the head of the table. Cameron and Chase were already sitting down when the rest of the group arrived.

"Thank you for joining us," Cuddy said, with an unusual air of, dare I say it, cheerfulness in her voice.

"Like we had a choice," House muttered, under his breath.

"What was that, Dr. House?" Cuddy asked. The cheerfulness had been evacuated.


"Ok, then, I'll begin," Dr. Cuddy stood up and began to pace, pausing every once in a while.

"I'm pretty sure you're all aware of the radio station K103.5. Right?" She paused long enough for them to nod their heads. "Well, they have a program once a week, where they ask a trivia question, and a workplace calls in, and answers the question. If they get it right, they win a dinner." A smile began to stretch across her lips as everyone leaned forward, eager to hear what she would say next.

"Well, once a year, they have a gigantic giveaway, where the prize for answering the trivia question correctly is…well…a vacation." Cuddy could no longer hold back her smile.

"Thinking I would try to help the telephone industry out, I gave the station a call." Cuddy paused, once more, for emphasis. "Now, remember, the chances of winning this vacation are extremely small, depending on how many people call in, and whether or not you actually know the correct answer." Cuddy drew in a sharp breath, exhaled, and then said,

"I hope everyone's free next week, 'cuz we're going to California!"


The meeting room practically exploded with cheers. You wouldn't think only 6 people would be able to create as much noise as they did, but, well, they did.

"All expenses paid?" House asked

"All expenses paid." Cuddy confirmed. "All the hotels and travel. As for shopping and such, you're on your own. And get this. They have a schedule for us." She pulled out a brochure from the breast pocket of her coat. "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… It's all booked in here."

"How long will we be there?" Cameron inquired.

"Seven days."


Even House, who was a low-key kind of guy, was excited. After everyone had calmed down a bit, Cuddy asked them a series of questions that the radio station had sent her, involving family illness, motion sickness and other things the people waiting to pamper them in California would need to know.

The brochure also instructed them to be ready to go on Sunday, and be at their local airport in time to catch their flight, which left at 8:00 in the morning.

"Something the matter, Dr. Wilson?" Cuddy asked, regarding his squinted eyes, as if he was trying to find something.

"Not at all!" Wilson immideatly snapped out of his vegetated state. "Actually, I was just wondering the question you answered. You know…to get us all of this."

"Oh, that. It was 'What was the main characters name in the book The Humility Bowl?"

Dr. Wilson looked puzzled. "I've never read that."

"No? It's a good book, really. I guess they asked because lots of people haven't read it. That's a real shame, too." Cuddy went to her far off place, but came back to earth within the second. "But, I guess it doesn't matter. You're all dismissed."

As they left, Cuddy called after them. "I'd like to see you all on Sunday!" Then added, "If not sooner!" And laughed at her own little joke. When Cuddy returned to her office, somehow she felt sad.

"Never read The Humility Bowl?"

To be continued….