Friends, Romans, Countrymen,

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A/N: I apologize, in advance, for my (pretty much) reckless use of profanity. It was meant to help impact the story, and impact it alone. If it offends you, well, that's tough, and obviously you haven't read my OTHER chapters, now, have you?

Well, here's the chapter.



Chapter 13

House woke up to the sound of the shower running. He smiled in his sleep and rolled over, smelling the scent on the pillow, left from the previous occupant. The white noise wafted into the room, and suddenly, House remembered…

He was alone in his room.

So who was in the shower?

House immediately got up from the couch and didn't even bother to grab his cane. Warily, (and not remembering Cameron had slept in his room the night before) he tiptoed over to the bathroom door and raised his hand to open, but he heard a clinking noise and the water stopped.

He heard humming. The humming presently stopped, the sound of a door closing, and an abrupt, "Godammit."

House cocked his head over, thinking.

All of the sudden, the door handle turned and Allison Cameron stepped out of his bathroom. Only, she wasn't wearing…well…anything.

Dripping wet and nude, she stood before him. It probably would have been slightly more erotic if ither party had been aware of the other.

Cameron's mouth opened, her eyes became wide, and her arms flew to her breasts, trying to cover her exposed self.

"Gaaah!" They both exclaimed. Cameron lept backwards and shut the door until there was only an inch between the door and the threshold.

"What the hell are you doing!" She cried.

House was taken aback by Cameron's uncalled use of profanity. "Well, that wasn't very ladylike."


"I was just…checking…."

"Checking what?"

"To see who the hell was in my shower!"

"You're suppost to be asleep!" She cried, opening the door wider so her voice could more fully reach his ears.

"And you're suppost to be…. clothed!" He shot back.

"I need a towel!"

House blinked. "And…"

"Give me one!"

"Alright, alright," he said, limping over to a closet and grabbing two white towels with the Inn's brand sewn into it.

"Thank you."

"Do you always just come out of your bathroom, naked, after showers?"

"I told you- you ran out of towels; I was going to go and get one."

House was silent for a moment, but started snickering.

"What?" Cameron sneered.

"Was that a tattoo on your-"

"Birthmark!" She said, before he could even get the word out. "Birthmark."

"Interesting birthmark."

"This so does not leave this room."

"You don't want us to leave the room?" House asked, provoking her.

"No, I mean-," she said, finally opening the door and exiting. A towel was wrapped around her like a toga, placed just above her cleavage. "You know what I mean."

"Yeah, I do."

"So, are we agreed?

"Why? People already think I've seen you naked anyways."

Cameron gasped. "They do? What have you told them?"

"NOTHING," House said, getting coffee out of the cupboard. "I haven't said anything. Rumors, however…."

"There are rumors?"

"There's ALWAYS rumors. There are rumors at Elementary school, there are rumors in college, there are rumors when you're 78 years old and need a walker to go take a dump. Rumors, rumors."

"Rumors…about us?"

"Ding ding ding, we have a winner."

Cameron took the clothes she was planning on wearing and went into the walk-in closet. "What kind or rumors?"

"I don't know…depends on who you talk to."

"Doesn't matter anyways."

"Nah. Unless…."

"What? Unless what?"

"Unless…I dunno…you want them to matter."


"Nothing. Forget it."

"You want to know if they matter to me?"


"They don't!" Cameron said, striding out of the closet. House examined her body, clad in pair of jeans from THE GAP and a tight fitting tee shirt. The body he had come so close to

"Not to me anyways," she insisted, grabbing some elastics and a hair brush and setting herself infront of the mirror.

"Well, I guess that's good, 'cuz I need to ask you something," House said, approaching her as she put her hair up in a desperate attempt at a bun.

"Did you mean what you said last night?" He asked, very quiet-like. As if he didn't even want to ask, which he didn't, but he did anyways because it was eating him up inside.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know damn well what I'm talking about!" He said, enraged at her obstenacnce.

"Yes, I know." She said, dropping her hands and letting them rest on the bureau. "I know what I said."

"Did you mean it?"

Silence on the other end of the line."

"Allison, did you mean it when you said you loved me?"

Cameron didn't move, didn't breath- and then she muttered something House couldn't understand.


More muttering.

He scoffed, "Cameron, I have no idea what you-"

But without warning, she wheeled on him and kissed him, hard on the mouth. The force made him fall backwards, up against the wall. He returned the kiss and let his arms roam around on her back, resting on her hips.

"Yes, Gregory House, yes. I meant what I said and I said what I meant." She pulled away, a crazed grin on her face, and began to pace back and forth. "I am madly, deeply, crazy, passionately in love with you. There is absolutely nothing I can do about it. It's everything about you, and everything that's not even there, if that makes any sense at all. I love you. I love you, I love you, and I abso-fuckin'-lutly love you!"

She ran back to him and kissed him again, harder this time, if that was even possible. Cameron's hand went to his hair, locking in it.

Finally, he pulled away. "Allison?"

"Yeah?" She said, pressing her forward against his, letting their noses brush.

"I love you, too."


House laughed and kissed her. "Abso-fuckin'-lutly."

"Did they kiss yet? C'mon, tell me they kissed."

"Shut up, Wilson, they went behind the blinds!" Foreman hissed.

Cuddy, Wilson, Chase and Foreman had all gathered on the other side of the Inn, near the snack machine. The wide-pane window looked out over the pool and had a great view of the ocean…and of every room across from it.

"This is ridiculous," Cuddy said, shoving Foreman out of the way and looking through the binoculars. "Yep- there they are…ack, they're making out."

"Eww," Chase and Foreman chorused. But Wilson jumped up like his favorite team in the NFL just won the SuperBowl. He exchanged hi-fives with Cuddy.

"About damn time," she said, crossing her arms and smiling. "Jesus, it was all I could do not to make a damned billboard."

"They wouldda figured it out eventually," Chase said, taking the binoculars momentarily, but handing them over to Wilson. "Has he said it yet?"

"Gee, Robert, I can't read lips, but I'll do my best."

Wilson waited a while and finally laughed. "Yup, he said it!"

"Good god, at last," Foreman said. "Can we go now?"

"Yeah," Wilson said, still smiling. "Yeah, we can go."


The Crew enjoyed their last two days in San Diego in bliss. For a little while, everything was right with the world.

On the last day, the boys went to some shooting range and shot rifles while Cuddy and Cameron went to the mall. Cameron said that the clothes there were much more expensive then the clothes in Princeton, but of course, money was no object. Wilson reported House 'missed' Foreman with a Bebe gun when he went down to change targets. Anyways, a good day was had by all.

A country later and another disposable camera worth of shots from JUST the plane ride, the doctors were safely nestled in their work spaces. However, they were tanner then their colleagues.

About a week after their safe return, House entered Cuddy's office with a book under her arm. There she was, in her office, sorting files, when he just let himself in and didn't even bother to pull up a chair.

"I just finished this great book."

"Did you, now?" She said, mildly interested, not looking up.

"Oh yeah. It was kick-ass. Maybe you've heard of it."

"Maybe I have."

"Well, the main character is this doctor. Her name's Elaine."

Cuddy stopped sorting files. She just froze.

"She works in a small hospital in Oregon…"

"It takes place in Washington!" She said, jumping up.

"A damn good book. Everyone should read it."

Cuddy narrowed her eyes. "You bastard- you didn't read it; you looked up on Amazon or something."

House then took the book from under his arm and handed it to her. She gasped and took it from him, running a hand over the cover and examining the gold and white print, turning it over and over as if she didn't think it was real.

"Where did you get this?"

"Stole it from Cameron."

"Where did Cameron get this?"

"I have no idea. Someplace in California, I think." House started to leave. "That copy- that's yours, by the way."

Cuddy finally looked up at him, her eyes misty. She smiled. "Thank you," she practically whispered.

House just half-smiled and looked down. He had some thoughts to chew on. Retreating to his office, he sat down in his chair behind the desk started twirling his cane. Right where his hand was placed, he saw a black mark. He stopped and brought the piece of wood closer to his face. As he examined the Sharpie mark, he smiled.

See You Tomorrow,


The Snippy Little Mermaid.