If Tomorrow Never Comes

Title: If Tomorrow Never Comes

Author: Candy

Author e-mail: PG (will probably change later)

Characters: Stacy Keibler, Jay Reso, Trish Stratus, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Torrie Wilson, HHH, and others along the way

Distribution: Cristal, and I don't own anything or anyone assosiated with the i can claim ismaybe the name of a hotel or an arena, Mel, Jack, and the two little boys. (All are barley mentioned )

Summary: While helping out a friend, Stacy meets a special someone that leaves his mark on her heart forever..

Author's Note: I got the idea for this story from reading the first chapter of the book "Nights in Rodanthe" by Nicolas Sparks. ;)

For my Ali! Whom I love so dearly… this one's for you hun:)

"What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose."
Henry Ward Beecher

Most people in their old age usually say they have no regrets in life.

But that was not the case for Stacy Keibler, a sixty-eight year-old single mother with four grown up and married children.

As the elderly woman sat on her porch, looking into the depths of the crimson sunset, she reflected on the life she had so carelessly swept through.. and the one she left behind. Or more so, the people she left behind.

Although it seemed quick, Stacy's life was not a total failure. Not a failure at all. At the tender age of twenty-six, she married the man she thought she'd love and stay with forever. And with him, she had four beautiful children. Three boys, and a little girl.

But after having three children, Stacy's dream-like marriage began to fall apart. With stretch marks and a permanently marked body from carrying three children, the little blonde gave up all hope and dreams of becoming a model again, struggling with the ups and downs of finding a good part-time job. Meanwhile, her husband began drinking non-stop, and would work day and night for little money at all.

The strong and large man would come home every night, his breath reeking of alcohol, wanting nothing and everything at the same time from his prized trophy wife. Soon, the music that once filled their little home faded, and was replaced with the yelling and fighting that went on into the mid-morning hours of the night.

And one night, after a loud and destructive fight, the big man who used to have dreams as big as her own finally had enough. He walked out, leaving an eight month pregnant Stacy and their three little boys behind.

Hunter never got to see his beautiful little girl. The one that was born exactly two weeks after he left. The one he had always wanted.

Stacy released a deep breath, clinging onto the mere thoughts of him. She hadn't seen or talked to him in over forty years, and his image inside of her faded more and more every day. Only did she see him within the eyes of their children.

Their children..

Even though they hadn't had a father, money, or a steady home when they grew up, each of them had turned out quite well. The three boys had all gone to college, and were now all married with jobs that paid the highest.

Her daughter, on the other hand, turned out too much like her mother.

Three years into her road to a degree in meds, Mel ditched college to marry a man by the name of Jack. He, being a expert on cancer treatments, helped create two beautiful children and took care of his wife.. until the day that cancer took over his own body.

From that day on, Mel wore the same stone expression she did at his funeral. Not a single, visible tear had been shed.

It had been just two weeks after that day, and Stacy had not spoken a word to her daughter since.

Reaching over and grabbing the car keys off of her small table, the elderly woman walked slowly to her car and managed to drive the short distance to her only daughter's small home.

When she arrived at the small, worn down house in 5th street, Stacy realized that the shades were drawn, and the house itself looked like it had been abandoned for hundreds of years. Taking a deep breath, she pulled the keys out of the ignition and opened the door, beginning the walk up the weed-scattered path to the font door.


Stacy laughed. The shout had simultaneously come from her two little grandkids, who ran up and hugged her the moment they saw her from the window.

"Well well, isn't it my two favorite boys. How are you?"

"Good," They both spoke quietly, their chubby cheeks adding character to their smiles.

After loosing their father just a two weeks ago, the two young boys didn't look as sad or worn-out as Stacy expected them to be. Yet again…they were just little boys.

"Come see our room, Grandma!" The elder one suddenly busted out, "A man came and painted it. Come see!"

She arched a brow at the dark-skinned child, "A man? ..Who was this man?"

"We've never seen him before. Mommy said he was her friend. But come and see our rooms, Grandma! Come and see!" They wrapped their plump little fingers around hers, as if to pull her into the house.

Stacy laughed, and stood up as best she could. "Where's your mother?"

The two boys - whom both took on a striking resemblance of their dad - looked at each other for a small second. "She's inside," The younger one spoke, "She said she was tired."

Stacy nodded, following the boys into the broken down house. As they both darted off, she remained back to soak up the image of the house.

It was even more pitiful then the outside.

Dishes were piled high in the sink. Toys that had been showered upon the boys from their father lay all over the house in every room. The furniture was old, and most of it broken. The carpet was dirty, filled with splotches of food and who knows what else. The paint and wallpaper was chipped in corners. The whole house was covered in a layer of dust. And the smell was almost too much to bare.

She swept her fingers along the hallway wallpaper as she studied the pictures that still hung so perfectly on the wall. Pictures of Mel and Jack, Jack and the kids, the kids and their mother. The string of pictures ended when a door came in their path. A door that Stacy noticed to be closed, but hopefully not locked.

She was about to open it when she realized just why it was closed in the first place.

It was Jack's den.

"What do you want, Mom?"

Stacy gasped, bringing her hand to her heart as she turned in the direction that the voice came from.

Her heart just about froze when she saw the sickening sight of her daughter as she stood before her.

Mel's once long and beautiful blonde hair was ratted in knots, tied loosely at the top of her head. There was no signs of make-up on her usually cheery face. Her flawless skin that once glowed as much as the sun in the sky was ghostly pale. A baggy tee shirt and sweat pants covered her slim body. And she wore that stone, lulled expression on her usually pretty face.

"Honey.." Stacy approached her with open arms, "How are you?"

She snorted, "How am I? Shitty, if you really wanna know. ..And what are you doing here?"

She frowned, folding her thin arms across her chest. "I haven't talked to you in two weeks. I wanted to see how my daughter was."

Mel huffed, turning around and walking into the living room, curling up in what was Jack's favorite chair. "Well, my life is a living hell. My husband is gone, he left me no money, and my kids are running wild. And to top it all off I have you on my back."

Stacy glared at her daughter. "How exactly did you afford to hire someone to paint the boys' room, Mel?"

The disheveled woman looked up at her mother, suddenly even more pale then before. "Who told you that?"

"Your children,"

"He's just a friend.." She mumbled, "It's none of your business."

"Mel!" Stacy exclaimed, "Your husband just died!"

"Shut up, Mother!" She yelled, "It really needed to be painted.. Jack never got around to it. We don't have any money…I didn't know what else to do.." A lump seized in her throat.

Stacy sighed, pulling a footstool from the corner and dusting it off. "Honey, talk to me."

Mel's lip quivered as she pulled a wrinkled tissue out of her pocket, "I'm so lonely.. And I just don't know how to handle this anymore. The boys need their father and I need a husband. But we just can't have that anymore.."

"Baby, it's okay.." Stacy reached up and ran her fingers down her daughter's cheek, slipping a few pieces of limp hair behind her ears. "We can get through this. I promise."

She shrugged her mom's hand off. "How would you know how I feel? You've never been so in love with someone that it made your heart burst just thinking about them. This isn't like you and Dad. You both had major issues you couldn't handle, so he walked away from all of us. I loved Jack. I still do and I always will. You've never been in love like I have, then not been able to have what you've always wanted."

Stacy arched her eyebrow, "I haven't?"

Mel looked up at her mother, "You're telling me you and Dad were like that?"

"No, not Dad." Stacy sighed, looking down at the small ring as it shimmered upon her thumb.


Author's Note: Okay, after this there is no more "old Stacy" until the very end of the story. It turns "normal" at the beginning of chapter two. So if this wasn't what you expected out of a story dont worry! ..Things change :)