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(( Chapter 4 ))

Stacy sat alone backstage in Trish's locker room, biting down on her lower lip as she watched Trish wrestle her match, the little diva nervous and worried. Sure, she had no idea what wrestling an actual match was like, but on the contrary, she watched enough of it to realize that Trish definitely wasn't being.. Trish.

Wrestling against someone Stacy now knew as Victoria, Trish seemed frustrated and just plain worn-down from the very beginning. She didn't smile when she entered, she didn't strike back at Victoria when the darker diva shot her down, and she didn't wrestle with the usual aggressiveness that Stacy always thought she wrestled with.

She watched as Trish was hoisted onto the back of her opponent, then was dropped fiercely to the ground. 1...2...3. Trish had lost the match.

Stacy lowered her head into her hands, knowing that Trish would be barging through those doors at any minute, in an even worse mood than she was before.

Christian took a deep breath, shifting his weight from one leg to the other as he stood before the Diva's locker room. He knew Stacy was in there. Trish had just finished her match and she had probably been watching.

He looked behind him, at his colorful friend who had talked him into doing this in the first place, and grunted when Jeff just mouthed 'Go!'

After taking one last long breath, he gently knocked on the door, his hand practically shaking.

The Canadian waited for a moment, holding his breath, waiting for the little blonde to open the door. He turned back to Jeff, and it was then he realized he was alone.

"Jeff!" Christian whispered, hoping the younger Hardy was just around the corner, "Jeff!"


The blonde wrestler spun around, his eyes wide as they met Stacy's. "H - hey." He mumbled nervously, "Can I talk to you? Just for a sec."

The little blonde bit her lip, poking her head out the door and looking down both hallways, before smiling a little. "Sure."

He stepped around the corner Jeff had just occupied, and leaned against the wall as Stacy stood before him, that small smile still adorning her features. "I was just wondering.. Do you have any plans for Wednesday night?"

"Wednesday night?" She folded her slim arms over her chest, her eyes searching his face. "Uh, no, I don't think so. Why?"

"Well, this is actually Jeff's idea, but, would you like to go out? On sorta a double date sort of thing? Me you, Jeff n' Trish."

Stacy bit her lip, trying to hide the elaborate smile that was trying to play upon her lips. "I'd love that." She finally grinned, "I haven't done anything fun in a while, so that sounds great."

Christian smiled, obviously enthusiastic and excited about her answer. "Great! I think we'll be doing a show in South Carolina then, so I'm sure there's some great places we could visit. And I know how much Trish likes shopping, so-"

"Oh, wait." The blonde interrupted, stopping him in mid-sentence.

"What?" He lowered his head, looking down at her, placing his hand on her upper arm. "Are you okay?"

"No, no, it's not me." She waved her hand dismissively, "It's Trish.. She's still, um, well.. You know.."

He furrowed his brow, obviously not catching on to what she was saying.. But then after thinking about it for a moment, he raised his eyes. "Oh.. that.. Actually, Jeff just left to go ask her. Do you think she'll say no?"

"I'd be a miracle if she said yes. You think he'll take it well?"

Christian let out a long breath, stretching his arms high over his head, "No, probably not. My guess is that he'll write a real sappy song about it, then go around singing it-"

"Christian!" She reached out a hand, slapping him across the chest, her nose scrunched up in anger. "Don't say that! I'm serious."

"Okay, okay," He laughed, placing a hand over the area she just hit. "Yeah, he'll be upset at first, but he'll get over it. He's liked her for a while now,"


"But what about us? If she said no, would you still like to go out?"

Stacy looked up at him, once again trying to hide her smile. "Yeah, I was hoping you'd say that."

"Okay, good." He let out a long breath, then looked down the hallway Jeff disappeared in before looking back at her, "Look, I have to get going, I have a match soon. I'll talk to you later, okay?"

She nodded, still biting her lip. "Okay."

Christian waved a little, not knowing how to comfortably say good-bye. He turned around on his heel, then took two steps before realizing Stacy hadn't budged. Turning back around, he smiled at her. "Hey.. Stace?"

She looked up suddenly at him, her lip still clenched in-between her teeth. "Hm?"

"You don't have to hide your smile.. You're even prettier when you're smiling."

The little blonde blushed, finally letting her lip go and smiling, letting her eyes fall towards the ground. "Thanks."


Jeff shook his hands nervously, toying with the hem of his shirt as he tried to act casually as possible, so as Trish wouldn't suspect anything. And soon, as she came slumping around the corner, he held his breath, trying to make it sound casual as he appeared into the same hallway.

"Oh, hey, Trish."

The little blonde looked up suddenly, startled that he was there, a small smile playing on her lips. "Jeff.. You scared me."

"Sorry," He mumbled, his voice only louder than a whisper by the slightest bit. His green eyes scanned her little body, noting it's language seemed somewhat worn out and defeated. "I didn't mean to,"

Trish shook her head, waving her hand dismissively, "No, it's alright.. Did you need something, or what?"

He arched an eyebrow, "Huh?"

"You.. Meeting me here. Do you need something?"

Damn it. And he had tried so hard to make it seem nonchalant, too.. "Oh, yeah, actually. Christian asked Stacy out on a date, and I was wondering if you'd like to join me, so we can all hang out?"

Trish froze, her heart skipping a beat. Oh, no.. "Like, on a double date?"

He smiled his cute dimply smile, "Yepp…so, what do ya say?"

The little blonde ran a tiny hand through her hair, her cheeks puffing up as she gathered up a sigh then let it out slowly. A very strong, and unusually loud, part of her was screaming to say yes .. But she had been approving lately, what if Jeff turned to kiss her, and she had to turn away?

No, she couldn't go. She'd break his heart.

"I - I'm sorry, Jeff … but I can't." As soon as she saw the flash if pain in his eyes, she turned away, biting her lip as if it'd help stop the tears that were already welling up in her eyes. "But, I'll tell you what. When I'm up to it, we'll go out on a date-date, just the two of us. I owe ya one, alright?"

Jeff picked his head up, the hurt that clouded his green eyes was now replaced with a joy that shined through clearly, making Trish smile all the more. He grinned, his childish dimples making him look even younger. "Really?"

"Well yeah, of course. You'd be the last person I'd wanna let down,"

He took a step towards her, as if he was going to hug her, then stepped back to the side quickly, deciding better of it. "Thanks, Trish." He spoke softly, "I'll see you around, okay?"


She fell silent as he walked away, the image of his beautiful retreating figure burning in her mind. But even as she walked away herself, she couldn't help but wonder why in the hell the urge to run after him and kiss him breathless had been so strong..