Chapter 15: Prologue


A week after Megan and Sesshomaru were reunited, Sesshomaru got a job as the history professor at the local University.

Megan stayed at home with Cade until he was three, then they sent him to a neighbor who was a sitter so Megan could continue with her career. She continued as a secretary at a talent agency until one day she was promoted to become an actual Talent Agent.

Two years later the three of them moved from the apartment and into a comfortable house near Cade's new Elementary school. Cade grew up with some demon aspects. He had fangs as Sesshomaru had expected, and unusually fast reflexes. They later found out that Cade had the same power of summoning a energy whip from his fingertips like his father. Unfortunately, they found out when the school principal called saying Cade had somehow whipped another boy for calling Cade a freak…

Megan was later pregnant with a baby girl, who they named Rin. She too was a half demon and had the same crescent moon symbol on her forehead.

Both children grew up knowing they were different, but with the help of their parents they grew to accept their powers.

The day after Sesshomaru and Megan were reunited, Megan introduced him to her family, who at first still did not believe that he was really from the past. They were forced to believe when he turned into his demon form in the backyard….

And they all lived happily ever after…