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Lessons of life, love and magic

Written by DarkRubberNeck

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Kawasaki mental institution

Three people were walking down a long and narrow corridor. The corridor was completely empty, except for the three people who stood out of place in the cold white void. Littered on the sides of the corridor were many large steel doors, with high tech card readers beside each door. They finally came to a halt at the end of the corridor.

"We are here" spoke one of the three, a tall burly man.

They stood in front of a large metallic door with a small glass window in the middle and an intercom built into the door. There was also a card reader on the wall to its right. The man who spoke appeared to be in his late twenties. He was a tall burly man, with distinct bright green eyes, and short brown hair tied into a neat ponytail at the back. He was dressed in a white shirt with matching white pants. The shirt had a name tag on the top left with the name "Torban Carl" written on it.

The teenaged girl in the middle of the three didn't take much notice of what the man had said though. She was more interested in the person on the other side of the door. Her eyes were as blue as the ocean's, which surprised Carl. He didn't think blue eyes could look so… so… he couldn't think of a word to describe them, but he saw something unique in their depths. What surprised him even more was that her short hair was naturally blue, an identical colour to her eyes. At first glance she didn't appear to be very tall, but after a closer look Carl estimated her to be around five feet tall. She wore a brown top with long sleeves, a light blue skirt with dark blue around the hems that ran down to her knees and a pair of blue sneakers. On her top left of her shirt, just above her breast, she had a name tag with the word "Visitor" printed on it. The girl was surrounded by an air of tranquillity and understanding.

She turned to face Carl, looked at him and bowed deeply to him.

Looking back up, she said "Thank you Carl"

The blue haired girl then turned towards the tall man in glasses to her left and asked him "So she is in here Shimiru Sensei?"

Shimiru Sensei appeared to be a middle aged man in his early thirties. He had blue eyes with small boxed glasses on and had short well kept black hair. He wore a suit with matching brown shirt and pants and black shoes made out of leather. On the top left of his shirt, there was a name tag with the words "Shimiru Tanaka" printed on it.

Shimiru Sensei looked over at Ami before nodding an affirmative "Ami-san please call me Tanaka. After all, I am a family friend"

Giving Ami a smile he continues on "And the answer to your question is a yes, she is in here. I know that you are a little young and haven't had the sort of training to do this sort of thing, but she seemed to really trust you. We have tried all sorts of methods to get through to the poor girl, but she just stays in her dream world. It is truly sad" he looked down and shook his head.

"Your mother is a great doctor and everyone knows that you will become one too. They trust that you will be able to handle this"

"Look at it like this; you will be gaining knowledge that will help you in the future when you finally get to start classes next year. And you will be helping a poor girl get back on her feet and gain her life back" he finished with a smile.

"Still, I am inexperienced at this. In fact I have 'no' experience. This seems a little to big for me to handle." Ami sighed "However I have to help her. She seemed so sad when I found her six months ago and like you said, no one seems to be able to get through to her. I just hope she will listen to me."

Tanaka pulled a yellow folder out of his coat and passed it to Ami. She looked down at it, to find it was a file on the girl. As she skimmed over the front cover, she read the name on the file out loud "Ranma" Opening the file she began too flick through the pages to see if something out of the ordinary popped up.

Tanaka nodded "Yes, but we still don't know what her last name is. She claims to be Saotome Ranma. However that isn't impossible"

Ami stoped flicking through the file. She looked up giving him a quizzical look "Why is that impossible?"

Tanaka looked down at his feet. After gathering his thoughts he brought his head back up and looked directly into Ami's eyes "Well it's very strange. We checked up on the medical history of one Saotome Ranma to find out as much about her as possible, but it only raised a lot questions. First thing is that the real Saotome Ranma 'is' male"

Ami looked puzzled "Male? Did he have a sex change?"

Tanaka shook his head "No he didn't. There really isn't much about his medical history at all. Our database told us that a Tofu Sensei, who lives in Nerima, held all of Ranma's medical files. So we called him up and asked for them. But they were practically empty. Ranma has a very good history of being healthy. He was a martial artist of the highest calibre ever seen, and because of that he almost never fell ill"

The still puzzled Ami asked "So how does this explain that the two Ranma's are not the same person?"

Tanaka turned towards the door on his left and looked into the window "Look at her. Her body isn't right. All tests say she is hundred percent female. No sex change operation is that good. On top of that, everything else about her body doesn't match. The only thing they have in common is their blue eyes. She is a natural red head, Saotome Ranma is naturally Black. Her height is a lot smaller then the real Ranma. Her build is completely off. Like I said, it is impossible. Also her age is what; eighteen? Saotome Ranma went missing nine years ago at the age of seventeen. There is no possible way they can be the same person. She would be twenty six if she really was Ranma."

"So then who is she?" Ami asked

"Well that's another reason why you are here Ami-san. Not only to help her, but to also find out whom she is"

Tanaka turned to face her again and smiled "Also because you live in one of the more monster infested parts of the city, namely Juuban, you have a little more tolerance to strange things then most normal people. I don't know if you have heard about Nerima's history, but it is almost as bad as Juuban's."

Ami was shocked. Nerima is like Juuban? "Like Juuban? How so, is there monsters running around?"

The doctor gave Ami a big grin "In a way Nerima is worse the Juuban because of the high amount of property damage that was caused by the Neriman wrecking crew"

Ami was confused. Why had she never heard of another district with problems like Juuban's?

Tanaka saw Ami's confusion and gave a slight chuckle "But don't worry Ami-san, Nerima is not dangerous to bystanders. Just the martial artist's that live there"

Ami tilted her head to her side "What do you mean?"

"Well ten years ago a martial artist known as Saotome Ranma moved into Nerima. During the year he lived in Nerima before he disappeared, all hell broke loose. I am not sure how many, but a lot of martial artists entered the district to challenge Ranma to martial arts contests. Although Ranma always won, there would be an extreme amount of property damage caused. Thus the martial artist group became known as the Neriman wrecking crew. They were pretty famous, but when Ranma vanished, everything became silent. The martial artists had nothing to do. That's why you have never heard of them before, because it was so long ago. But I do know that things got very messy over there, just like over in Juuban now" he gave Ami a smile.

Ami turned to the door and looked into the window "So Ranma disappears nine years ago and now some clues to his disappearance turn up here?"

"Yes. There are other abnormalities around this Ranma and the real Ranma too"

Ami turned around and looked at the man. She had a confused look on her faced "There is more?"

Tanaka chuckled "A lot more"

His face became serious as he continued to speak "When looking into the records of Ranma and the people that lived around him we discovered some other unusual things, namely one Tendo Ranko and Saotome Ranko" He pulled out two more files and passed them to Ami.

Ami opened the files to see the first pages "Their pictures are identical, and they look just like the Ranma in there"

Tanaka nodded "Saotome Ranma and Tendo Ranko are the same age and lived in the same house. Both also disappeared around the same time. Little to no information is known about Tendo Ranko. She practically appeared out of thin air one day and disappeared just as quickly. Although she looks identical to Saotome Ranko and our Ranma in there, Tendo Ranko can't be our Ranma due to the age difference" Ami nodded in agreement "Well Saotome Ranko on the other hand is another story. Her age is currently eighteen and looks identical to our Ranma. They could be identical twins. It's strange how they look identical, but are not related"

Ami looked at him with a rather puzzled look on her face "You mean that she isn't Saotome Ranko?"

Tanaka nodded "Yes I have checked. Their finger prints don't match. On top of that Ranko currently goes to Juuban high with you, while as you know, this Ranma has been in here for the last six months. Also Nadoka Saotome did not give birth to another child other then Ranma and Ranko"

More and more questions were popping up in Ami's head and she was getting more confused "So she isn't the missing Saotome Ranma, she isn't the missing Tendo Ranko, and she isn't Saotome Ranko. Who is Saotome Ranko then? Ranma's sister?"

Tanaka nodded affirmatively "Yes. From the information I gathered about Ranma and his family, during Ranma's ten year long training trip to train him in the family arts, Ranko was born. In nineteen eighty five, the second year of Ranma's ten year long training trip, Saotome Nadoka became pregnant with Ranko. I am not sure of the details of how she got pregnant, seeing as that her father was with Ranma during the trip, but it did happen"

Ami sighed "Your right, this seems to have a lot of strange questions popping up all over the place. So why do you need my help then? I doubt that I can help her very much"

Tanaka was waiting for this question. Although Ami was very talented and her mother was a well respected doctor, it isn't normal to request help from untrained teenagers. So it was only natural for Ami to ask that question "Well eventually we tried running her face through a global search to try and find out who she is. We got two matches; Tendo Ranko and Saotome Ranko. If only two people in the world have that face, then this girl in here doesn't exist. I doubt that she is either of the two, given the circumstances"

"We need to figure out this puzzle. What is her relationship to Ranma Saotome, what happened to him, and just who our mystery girl in there really? We need her to open up and tell us the truth, but she lives in a fantasy world where she believes she is Ranma Saotome and in just about every way, all trouble is caused by her. Something really bad must have happened to her to make her believe that she is the cause of all problems"

Tanaka sighed "We need to break her out of her delusions but she won't listen to us when we try to point out flaws in her story. We need to get the entire story out of her. Every last bit"

It was becoming rather obvious to Ami what Doctor Tanaka wanted of her "So seeing as that I live in Juuban where these 'impossible' things happen on a daily basis, you thought that I might be able to understand her story better than anyone else?"

Tanaka was glad that Ami understood "You're as quick as they say you are. You will make a fine doctor."

He smiled knowingly at her "Basically I need you to gain her trust and listen to her stories. With your large knowledge on the impossible, you should be able to piece her story together quiet well. Then we can find each and every flaw in her story and hopefully bring her back to reality."

He was glad that she realized what was needed of her. However he was getting worried 'Now the hard part'

He didn't really want to upset Ami with their theory of what might have happened, but he needed to let her know "We do have one theory though. We believe that she might have met the real Ranma Saotome in the past. Our guess is that she fell madly in love with him. Then gave birth to his child, but Ranma disappeared again and she was devastated. We are not sure what happened after that, or where the child is now. But we want to help bring her out of her illusions so she can return to her child again"

Ami's eyes opened wide in shock "She had a child, at that age? Oh my god! I wonder what happened to her"

Tanaka's face showed understanding as he nodded to Ami's response "We had her body examined after you brought her here six months ago and found that she had given birth to a child shortly before she arrived"

Tears started forming in Ami's eyes and she started to tremble "So I took a child's mother away from it?"

Ami's response shocked Tanaka, she had no idea about a child and did what she thought was right at the time "No you didn't do such a thing. Have you forgotten how you found her? Remember you told us you found her in an alley all beaten and bruised, while crying. Most likely she was upset that something happened to her child. She was beaten badly, so someone must have taken her child off of her by force and dumped her in an alley. She was very lucky you found her when you did, she might not have survived the night if you hadn't." he gave her a reassuring smile.

Ami wiped the tears off of the side of her face and smiled "Thank you"

She turned back to the door and looked into the window again "She looks like she really needs a friend"

She turned and pointed her index finger at the tall burly man "So why is he needed then?"

Carl stumbled, then quickly spoke in his defence "I am needed in case she is still angry"

Ami tilted her head to her side with a puzzled look on her face "Angry? Why what happened?"

Tanaka's face went grave as he spoke "Doctor Gabriel is what happened. He got very annoyed with her story and started denying every part of her story. Well eventually she caught on and got angry at him. So she broke both of his legs and arms before we were finally able to sedate her" Ami Gulped.

Tanaka chuckled at Ami's response "But don't worry Ami-san, he deserved it. Everyone here has been concerned about the poor girl, and no one was happy with him once they noticed what he was doing. She is weak as a kitten. She just happens to be a highly skilled kitten that will attack your weak points" Ami's face palled at that "She is quiet proud of her martial arts abilities, but we do find it very strange how someone with her level of skill could be so weak. Anyway Carl here is only here as backup, just in case she thinks we were on Gabriel's side"

Ami asked nervously "O-Okay. So she is normally quiet harmless?"

Carl nodded "Ah, that she is. She normally acts like she is acting right now. We want to get her out of that mood as soon as possible. She deserves better I am sure" he smiled warmly at her.

"Although she is harmless, we are still extremely worried about her behaviour. Over time she has become more and more agitated, claiming that she can hear the others in this facility. She claims that her martial arts give her the ability to hear everyone and everything around her for a large distance. So her ability to hear everyone is making her more and more agitated as the days go by. Although we have given her medication to try and stop her from hearing the voices in her head, they don't go away. Rather then go away, they seem to be getting worse and worse as the days progress. Although letting her move around for a few hours a day has slowed down the rate of her insanity. We can't seem to make it halt and truly worry about her health and safety if we cannot heal her mind" said Tanaka.

Although worried about the insanity Ranma was slowly slipping into. She knew she was here to help Ranma recover, so was relieved about the obvious worry everyone seemed to have for Ranma "Everyone around here is so kind to worry about her so much"

Carl responded "Of course. She's always crying and very terrified. It's hard for anyone to even get close to her without her running away. She needs help and everyone wants to help the poor girl. There isn't a single patient in this building who is as confusing as Ranma."

"She is a mystery. She is surrounded by questions with answers no one can find. We believe that if we can finally find those answers then we might finally be able to help her. She has been here for six months and is still exactly the same as the day you brought her in here. I feel like I am letting her down by not being able to help her thus far" Tanaka said a sad expression on his face.

"Is there anything else about her that I must know; or have you told me everything you know about her?" Ami asked.

Tanaka sighed "Unfortunately that is all the information about her we have been able to gather up. We would have loved to try and find more information on the people that surrounded Ranma Saotome, in hope of some of the information being relative to her. But seeing as that she isn't Ranma Saotome, we do not have permission to do a more thorough background check on a 'hunch'"

Ami closed her eyes pausing for a moment to collect her thoughts "Well I guess I better go in there then and start talking to her. It's the only way we will be able to get the information needed to help her"

Carl nodded "Ok, I will let you in now. I will be right beside you, so you have nothing to worry about Ami-san" he gave her a reassuring smile.

Ami smiled back at him "Thank you Carl"

Carl stepped towards the door and pulled a card out of his pocket. He swiped the card through the card reader. There was a loud beep as the card went through, then an unlocking sound coming from the large door in front of the group. Carl proceeded to walk in first, followed closely by Tanaka and finally Ami at the back. Carl turned around and closed the door behind them. The door automatically locked itself.

The room was relatively large compared to the rest of the cells in the building. It was a large white room, padded thickly with a large white padding. The walls in the room were obviously thick so no sounds could enter or escape the room. On the right of the room was a large white plastic bed, with a mattress on top that looked white, but Ami thought this was probable just to match the rooms colour scheme.

The first thing Ami noticed was the small body in the far left hand corner of the room. From the distance Ami was from the person, she was unable to tell the gender of the person. However from the tone of the soft sobs she could hear coming from it; she could definitely tell it was female.

The girl was crouched down with her back to the corner of the room. She had her arms wrapped around her legs, and her head buried in her knees. Her entire body shook as she sobbed. Ami was a little worried that she might be terrified. But even after hearing the group entering the room, she continued to sob softly into her knees without looking up at who entered. Ami noted that the girl was in a white straight jacket, but it was currently undone. It was obvious people believed that she wasn't a threat, even after what she had done to Doctor Gabriel.

The only thing that stood out of place in the room covered in white; was the girl's fiery bright red hair. Although it was long and well kept, there was nothing holding her long and beautiful hair in place. So it ran down from her head, covering most of her body in red, and just barely reached the floor.

Ami decided to approach the girl to hopefully get a response from her. She walked up to the girl and stopped about two meters in front of her. Although Carl and Tanaka were a little shocked about Ami approaching her so suddenly, they felt better once they noticed that the girl in the corner didn't react in a negative way to Ami's proximity.

Ami knelt down with her face at eye level to the girl's. She looked directly into those crystal blue eyes and spoke in a calm and soothing voice "Hello Ranma. Do you remember me?"

Ranma wasn't sure who the girl was that wanted to speak to her, but she was interested in why she had a hint of sadness in her voice. She stopped sobbing and pulled her head up to look at the girl who was speaking to her.

Ami was shocked at what she saw. Even though Ranma had stopped sobbing, tears still flowed freely from the corners of her eyes and she still shook violent. Ami could see that she wasn't shaking from fear, she was shacking from sadness. One look at those sad, beautiful, crystal blue eyes broke Ami's heart; making her want to cry for the poor girl in front of her.

Ranma spoke, however her voice came out as a whisper, a shadow of her former self "You're the girl that found me in the alley"

Tears started forming at the side of Ami's eyes; she couldn't help but feel for poor Ranma "Yes Ranma. I found you in the alley in very bad shape that day. I was worried about you, so I quickly rushed you to the hospital"

She paused for a moment before continuing "I am here today because I was worried about you. I am studying to be a doctor and the doctors here know that. They were worried that they couldn't help you, so they called me up to come and talk to you and hopefully help you. I wish to be friends with you and help you get better so you can leave this place" she gave Ranma a warm smile.

Ranma's voice began to tremble with emotion "Y-you want to be friends with me?"

"Yes Ranma. I very much would love to be your friend and help you leave this place. Would you like that?" Ami's voice was warm and soothing, helping calm Ranma down.

Ranma's voice became more soft, almost silent "Why do you want to be friends with a worthless, weak little girl like me?"

Ami was a little stunned at Ranma's comment about herself. She crawled up close to Ranma and reached her right hand to try to wipe the tears from the sides of Ranma's face. However not knowing what Ami was doing, Ranma became terrified and quickly pulled her arms over her head to protect herself, closed her eyes and waited for the hit.

The three others in the room were stunned at Ranma's response to Ami gesture. Ami's head was racing through emotions at a million miles an hour 'Oh my god! Someone must have abused her severely for her to respond this badly to me getting close'

Ami put her index finger underneath Ranma's chin and raised her head up so she could look Ranma directly into the eyes again. Ranma was surprised that the girl she thought she angered, didn't hit her. She slowly opened her eyes to see why Ami hadn't hit her. Ranma saw the tears flowing freely down Ami's face and the very sad expression on it. Ami pulled her index finger off of Ranma's chin and brought her finger beneath Ranma's right eye. Using her finger, she wiped the tears away from the girl's cheeks, calming her down a little.

"There is no need to cry Ranma-chan. I won't hurt you. I won't let anyone hurt you ever again" she whispered softer to Ranma.

Ranma's bottom lip began to tremble violently as she tried to hold down the tears.

Her struggle didn't go unnoticed by Ami "It's alright Ranma. Everything is going to be alright from now on. I promise I will try my hardest to help you get through this" She wrapped her arms around Ranma's head. Bringing Ranma's face to her bosom and cuddling her.

Ranma couldn't contain herself any longer. She quickly latched onto Ami and wrapped her arms wrapped around Ami's waist. Then she began to wail uncontrollably as she let it all out.

Ami was surprised by this. She did not expect the girl to break down like that, after being in here for six months and doing nothing but sobbing into her knees. Although Ami was surprised at the sudden outburst, she started patting Ranma's head to try and calm her down, all the while whispering calm words to her to let her know she was going to be all right.

After wailing for about a minute, Ranma tried talking but couldn't stop herself from wailing "WAAAH! They sniff sniff They took everything. WAAAH! My manhood sniff sniff my life sniff why did they have to take my child too? WAAAH!" Ranma continued to wail for another few more minutes before finally calming down.

Ami was trying to figure out what had happened to Ranma 'Poor thing. I wonder what could have happened to her to hurt her this much. Somehow she believes she used to be a boy. Whatever happened to her must have been pretty bad to make her believe she was someone else' Ami couldn't help but cry for the girl wrapped around her waist. The two men in the room turned around and covered their faces to try and hide the stream of tears flowing freely down their faces.

After Ranma had calmed down enough, Ami brought Ranma's face to eye level with her face. Ranma was surprised to see that the girl had been crying too. She could only think 'She's cryin. Why is she cryin? Is she cryin for me?'

Ami watched Ranma as her face began to liven up a little "Ranma. You don't have to go through this alone anymore. I will be here to help you. You can talk to me all you like and I will listen to what you have to say. Please trust me"

Ranma unwrapped her arms from around Ami's waist and sat up. She didn't sit very lady like, with her bottom on the floor, her knees out front, while her legs went back behind her. It was a strange sight, but it reminded Ami of some movies where someone had lost everything and sat down in the rain, crying with their head looking up into the sky.

Ranma wiped the tears from her eyes and gave Ami a smile "Thank you…. Umm…." her voice started to sound happier "You didn't give me you name" and gave a soft giggle.

Ami blink blinked at Ranma before giggling too "I'm sorry. I guess I was so worried about you that I forgot to say my name"

Ami stood up and straightened herself out. She bent forwards and stretched her right hand out to give to Ranma "My name is Mizuno Ami, however all my friends call me Ami. I would be honoured if you called me Ami too" extreme pleased showed on her face at the chance of gaining a new friend.

Ranma took Ami's hand and stood up. She looked at Ami's face before putting a big smile on her face "Mmm" she said in a happy tune "If you mind putting up with an idiot like me, I would love to call you Ami. By the way, my name is Saotome Ranma, but my friends call me Ranma." She paused for a moment "Sorry about this."

Ami smiled at Ranma "Well then, I guess we are friends then"

Both of them gave a little giggle "I hope I can help you out. Would you like to start talking about what happened to you?"

Ranma hesitated before answering in a murmur "Y-yes. I want to get out of here as soon as possible"

Ami stood straight and put her finger to her chin in thought "Well then. I wonder where we shall begin"

Ranma walked over to the bed and sat down in the middle with her legs crossed. She patted the mattress in an empty space next to her, to indicate for Ami to come over and join her. After Ami sat down on the end of the bed, Ranma spoke "Well… I think I should start with how I wound up here. Don't you?"

Ami nodded "Yes, I think that would be a good idea Ranma."

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