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Someone said that Ranma shouldn't be learning spells so fast "since it would effectively make him vastly overpowered compared to the scouts and what is the fun in that?" Well one thing is that you must remember that Ranma was examining the magic her child had, while she carried her, so Ranma already has a bit of understanding on how some magic works. After examining the scouts and seeing that her theories apply to all magic, she simple figured out a way to copy it, just like she does with her martial arts. And two; who said that monsters are going to be as weak as the Sailor Scouts? I want some real battles with powerful opponents, not weak ones. The vampire has beaten the Sailor Scouts easily, and the woman behind it is much stronger. Obviously Ranma's main battle will not be the weak vampire. After all Ranma's martial arts easily beat the Sailor Scouts previously, and now she is about to use magic too. That instantly makes her much better then the scouts. But don't worry, the enemies are going to get a lot stronger too (Poor scouts) and anyway; who said that Ranma can't train the scouts to make them much, much stronger?

Now to battle we go. It is now Ranma's turn to kick some monster butt in this chapter.

Lessons of life, love and magic

Written by RubberNeck

"" Speech

Thoughts are in italics

Chapter 4

Ranma's new calling, the birth of Sailor Dark Moon

Ranma leapt out of the bush she was hiding in and ran straight out into the open, towards the battlefield. She wasn't too concerned about attacking the vampire first and leaving the strangely human looking, monster woman last.

The demonic vampire was getting bored. Although it lost track of time a while ago, it knew it had been fighting for too long. The only reason the Sailor Scouts were still alive was only by luck. However, the Sailor Scouts were finally too tired to do much but dodge his attacks.

Suddenly, As Sailor Moon was backing away from a strike; she tripped and fell backwards, narrowly missing getting her head decapitated. The vampire didn't want to miss this chance to rid itself of one of the pests, and slashed at the downed scout believing to finish her off.

All the scouts saw the attack coming, but none of them could react fast enough to help their downed princess. Not fast enough to get out of the way, Usagi raised her arms in front of her faces, covering it in a hope to protect her face from the lethal attack. Then out of the corner of her eye she caught a red blur fly across the park towards the vampire. With a loud thud the red blur and the vampire flew across the park and into a large solid tree snapping it in two. The tree collapsed on top of the vampire and the red blur flew back through the air to a safer distance from the tree.

Usagi heard a loud yell of "Tsuki koi bakudan!" coming from the red blur "Uh oh, this isn't good; first the vampire, now the monster from last night." A large pink ball formed in front of the red coloured being and shot away from it at high speed towards the fallen vampire.

The vampire wasn't happy. He was about to kill the annoying leader of the Sailor Scouts when something hit him in the side of the head, hard. Now he was lying under a heavy tree with a splitting head ache. He heard the loud booming voice of the woman who had side swiped him into the tree shout "Tsuki koi bakudan!" Realising that she was launching an attack at him, he quickly through the tree off of him and got up ready to absorb the attack. He got up in time to see the large ball of energy fly off of her hands towards him. He raised his hand up at the energy and flinched when he noticed the new comer grin at his attempt to absorb the energy. Too late he realised that there was too much energy in the ball to absorb in the short amount of time he had organised himself.

The large pink ball of energy slammed into the surprised vampire vaporising him before he had the chance to scream. The vampire was dead within ten seconds of the new comer smashing into its side. All the Sailor Scouts who were watching were shocked; not only did was the monster taken out so easily, but it seems that it was taken out by the monster that attacked them the day before.

Pluto's eye twitched "Wait a second. That attack was used by Ranma."

Although the scouts were shocked, the horned woman was just pissed. She was so close to getting rid of these weaklings and some strange red head girl came out of nowhere and had easily slain her vampire easily "Oh well, she seems strong. I might actually get a bit of a work out from her." A large evil grin began to form on her lips.

Ranma was annoyed "I thought it would be tougher then that… Oh well" She turned to face the scouts and saw many mixed emotions on their faces ranging from curiosity, to anger, to confusion, to longing? "Huh"

Ranma didn't have any time to think about that last emotion she saw, for a large fireball suddenly flew past her head, missing by centimetres, engulfing the tree behind her in flames. Switching to a defensive stance she quickly turned to face her attack. Not surprisingly the attack came from the horned woman.

"My name is Cleo, and I challenge you to a duel."

Now that Ranma could see her more clearly, she could see that her eyes were strangely purple, and that she had a large purple crystal in the centre of her chest just above her breast. Ranma took another look at the girls around her and could tell that none of them could fight anymore. She sighed and looked back over at the demon woman "Hmm, none of them will be able to tell who or what I am. Although I don't have the correct clothing I should be able to say I am a sailor scout and none of them could protest it. Better remember to get the proper clothing later then." She mental chuckled. "Fine, I Sailor Dark Moon accept your challenge Cleo." Her large trademark grin crept across her face "I hope you have your will prepared, because in the name of the moon, I will punish you." "Hahahahaha! I shouldn't have read so much about the scouts while I was in the asylum."

Sailor Pluto yelled out "Be careful Dark Moon, she has more hands then meets the eyes."

Ranma didn't look back when she replied "I know. I can see them perfectly fine." She leapt across the field at her opponent.

Cleo was not surprised at the speed Dark Moon moved at. One second she was across the other side of the field, the next she in her face.

Ranma didn't want to give those invisible hands a chance to attack and attacked Cleo with all her speed. One she was in Cleo's face she prepared her strike "Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken"

Now Cleo was surprised. She had heard few people knew such an attack; one was the amazons, or the second the long missing Saotome Ranma. Last she head the amazons were wiped out by her masters and only a few were still alive. She didn't get anymore time to think on the subject as the five hundred punches a second came flying at her.

"My vectors should let me easily defeat the famous Ranma." Using one of her spare vectors, Cleo sprung backwards high into the air. Two more vectors came down upon Ranma grabbing her by the ankles. Another two more vectors stretched out and grabbed two trees on both side of her. Using her flight momentum and her grip on the two trees, she quickly swung Ranma up into the air, flinging her into the sky.

"Damn, those hand things move as fast as my Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken." Ranma saw Cleo down on the ground charging four different magical spells aimed at Ranma "Damn having one set of normal arms and three more spare sets of long invisible arms looks useful, but don't think you can defeat me that easily." She quickly turned herself in the air and straightened herself out into a dive at Cleo, spinning wildly like a tornado.

Cleo wasn't sure wether Ranma was just stupid like she was told, or just suicidal, but there was no way she was going to let the opportunity go. Finishing casting her spells, she fired them at the incoming target. The four elements fire, ice, lightning, and death shot from their respected hands and flew fast at Ranma.

Ranma would have laughed at how Cleo wasted her spells so easily, just so she could get a quick shot, however she was too concerned at not being hit by any of the attacks. Swerving in and out of each spell as they passed, she quickly flew past all of them and continued her flight towards Cleo. Cleo's vectors shot out from her body at a tremendous speed, slashing at Ranma in an attempt to change her flight course, but Ranma was already too fast and easily dodged each hand.

Ranma grinned "I should be glad for my time spent in the asylum. Because of all that time to rest and study on my ki, I now have a ton of ki and can easily throw this without the need for there being a ton of spare energy in the air." Still spinning she gathered her ki into her left hand and a large ball of wind burst out "Hiryu Kourin Dan!"

Cleo quickly placed all of her vectors in front of her body to protect herself from the incoming projectile. The large ball of swirling air and ki hit Cleo directly. The ground was torn to pieces, dirt, rock, wood and other things flew everywhere. The damage to the surroundings was tremendous. The large ball pushed its target back twelve meters before the energy finally dissipated, leaving a completely unharmed Cleo standing, gloating at her opponent "Is that the best you can do Fem-boy?"

Ranma flinched "Crap, she knows who I am. Seeing that she knows Taro's saying, it seems she knows a lot about me. This could be bad."

During Ranma's distraction Cleo charged at Ranma at high speed. She charged a high density electric spell on all six of her vectors, hoping that if even one hip Ranma it would shred her to pieces.

Ranma noticed her opponent charging at her. With the normal human eye it would have looked like a strange girl charging at her, however there were six large balls of electricity floating around her ripping up the ground, and tearing through the air, flying straight at her. Ranma didn't need to use her senses to know that Cleo's vectors had a highly charged lightning spell ready to strike.

Ranma just stood there waiting to strike. Cleo was in range now and swung all of her vectors at Ranma from all directions, in a hope that Ranma wasn't quick enough to dodge. To Cleo it looked like all the attacks merely passed through Ranma like she wasn't there, however for Ranma it was just a simple high speed dodge. All the lightning launched off her hands, continuing their flight through the air towards various objects.

Having dodged all the strikes, Ranma flowed into a quick haymaker of her own, with a large lightning charge on her fists to help penetrate her target before the vectors could react and protect the main body. However unlucky for Ranma she hit some sort of energy field and was flung backwards into the trees behind her, slamming hard against one of them.

Looking up at her opponent, Ranma realised she needed to try another strategy "Damn this is getting nowhere. Those strange hands completely protect her from my martial arts attacks and from my spells. It also seems that her normal hands are used to produce a protective barrier to stop me from hurting her. This sucks, she can hit me, but I can't hit her. Now what? Hmm, I wonder how well those weird hands can handle being cut up?"

Grinning maniacally Ranma bursts off from the tree and charged at Cleo once more. As Ranma neared Cleo, she charged up a vacuum blade in each hand and swung them towards Cleo. The vectors were quickly forced onto the defensive as Ranma hit each vector that was within reach, seriously hurting Cleo.

"What in the world is this? No blade should be able to damage my vectors so easily, this hurts like hell." She quickly flipped backwards out of Ranma's reach and cupped her two hands in front of her aiming at Ranma's feet "Ice wave!" Suddenly, a large ball of ice burst out in front of her. As it crossed the short distance between Cleo and Ranma, it quickly spread out like a wall, completely blocking all ways to pass and escape.

Ranma didn't expect such an attack and nearly didn't have enough time to react. She quickly enabled the soul of ice to lower the damage caused by the passing frost, and slashed with both blades at the incoming attack, slicing right through the centre. As the wall of ice passed, she slashed at the air again, creating two sets of vacuum blades that passed through the air, flying towards Cleo at high speed.

Cleo didn't expect Ranma to so easily shrug off her attack, let alone counter her attack with an attack of her own. Not having enough time to realise her folly, she quickly raised her vectors in front of her body to protect herself. The result was Ranma's vacuum blades passing through two of her vectors, cutting them completely off; the blades flew harmlessly by her head narrowly missing her.

So far the Sailor Scouts had been completely shocked by the high level battle between the two. Both parties attacks and defence were incredible, and they had to admit that if Sailor Dark Moon didn't help, then Cleo would most likely of killed them all easily. Just after two of Sailor Dark Moons blades passed by Cleo's head, they wondered why the strange girl suddenly flew back through the air completely out of Ranma's range, screaming her head off in pain.

Sailor Chibi-moon looked over at Sailor Pluto "Pu did she just cut off her invisible hands?"

Pluto looked down at Chibi-moon "I am having a lot of trouble seeing the strange hands, but yes I think she managed to cut off two of them, which is quite amazing considering moments ago those same hands were blocking all of Dark Moon's attacks."

Cleo was in an extreme amount of pain, she was about to cast a healing spell upon herself when she noticed Ranma charging at her. Not wanting to be on the receiving end of another one of those attacks, she quickly used her four remaining vectors to raise a barrio around herself and started charging a healing spell with her hands.

Ranma sensed the barrier raise and a white spell begin to form in her opponents hands, thus her trademark cocky grin became plastered on her face "Oh no you don't." Sprinting at full speed she began to circle her opponent at a speed that no one there could see.

Cleo began to become very worried. Ranma was moving too fast for her to see, she could only see a blur and could hear the loud screaming of the wind flying by her from all directions. She wasn't sure if she would have enough time to heal her vectors, and even if she did, she doubted that she could block any attack moving at that speed. Thus she began to prey to her god to have mercy on her and allow her to survive the next strike.

A large area surrounding Ranma and Cleo was now glowing mercilessly in a white glow. Suddenly that white glow shot out into the sky covering the surroundings in white. All the Sailor Scouts did not know what was happening, but they could sense that it was big. The large white glow formed into a pillar of light with Cleo in the centre, but no one could spot Ranma.

Unnoticed by all was Ranma high up in the sky, directly above Cleo. If one was to be looking up at her, they would see what looked like a large moon up in the sky where Ranma was, with Ranma in the centre. With all the white magic surrounding her Ranma cupped her hands forward aiming at the ground directly below her where Cleo stood. A white ball began to form in her hands, with white energy streams being drawn into it from the large moon made out of white magic behind Ranma. Ranma sensed the energy was at sufficient levels and shouted the last words Cleo would ever hear "Luna Canon!"

Now was when everyone finally spotted Ranma. Not due to her loud scream, but due to the large white pillar of light suddenly being pulled up into the sky, swallowed by the large moon above them. The moment the last of the magical energies disappeared into the moon, the large ball of magical energy shot out down at Cleo at a high speed.

The energy shot out in a continuous beam, a large white canon of energy with the only purpose of destroying the monsters with hearts corrupted by evil. Cleo tried to abandon her spells and flee, but she found that the first half of Ranma's spell was not only a way to gather energy for the spell, but the large amount of energy that surrounded her was also a binding, preventing her from escaping no matter how hard she tried. Resigning herself to her fate she yelled out to Ranma "You will pay for this. My masters have been searching for you all these years. They will see your attack and know who cast it. Now that they know you are alive, they will soon come after you to correct that. Hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa…." Her last laugh was cut off when she was engulfed in the large energy ball that vaporised her.

The attack caused no damage what so ever to the surroundings and looked more like a fancy light show to any who saw it, although they would have known differently if they knew a monster was at the centre of it.

Once the energy dissipated Ranma dropped out of the sky and landed softly on the ground where Cleo once stood. Panting heavily she looked around to check what sort of damage her fight caused "A few trees nocked down, some burnt, large chunks of ground pulverized and all over the place. Not too bad. Nowhere near as bad as my fights with Ryoga. Boy, will he be unhappy next time he challenges me, only to discover how strong I have become."

If the Sailor Scouts thought they were shocked before, they were completely shocked now. Not even Sailor Moon using her strongest attacks could produce that much power in one spell, and even if she did, it wasn't normally after having an intense fight like that.

Various things were running through the scouts heads, one constant between everyone was "Wow!"

Sailor Moon was the first person to remember last nights incident and spoke "Um whose side are you on? It was you that attacked us last night right?"

Ranma's breathing began to return to normal. She stretched out her senses to scan the scouts once more to make sure they were all right and that they wouldn't attack her again "What are you talking about? You girls attacked me last night. I was tired of that place so I decided to leave. I didn't try to kill you all right? You're all still alive right? That means that I didn't attack you. Cause I protect the weak, not hurt it."

Sailor Moon let out a sigh "Oh"

Ranma was looking at the leader of the scouts, when she sensed a very familiar person. It belonged to only one person she knew, the one person she was looking for more then any one else in the world; her daughter. She quickly spun around on her feat looking in the direction of her child, surprising all scouts except for Pluto and Chibi-moon.

She was treated with the sight of an eight year old Sailor Chibi-moon. She had large red eyes with pink hair that had two long pointed dumplings on each side of her head and large hair flowing out from the sides of her dumplings. Her dumplings had large white ornaments connected to them, with large red crystals in them. She wore long pink boots and long white gloves. She had a white sailor fuki with pink and yellow running along the hems of her skirt, and a large red ribbon bow on her chest. She had a golden choker around her neck with a red heart in the centre and a golden tiara on her forehead with a crescent moon in the centre.

None of the scouts were sure why Chibi-usa suddenly gained Dark Moon's attention, beside Pluto, and they certainly didn't want Chibi-usa to be on the receiving end of one of her attacks and all moved into a defensive stance.

Ranma brought all her senses in and re focused them all on the girl in front of her. Suddenly all the Sailor Scouts, beside the two she knew as Pluto and her possible daughter, moved into a defensive stance as if Ranma was about to attack.

Pluto spoke up "It seems that you recognise her Dark Moon. After you disappeared I was forced to take her to the future to protect her from the possible threat of being killed by the people who betrayed you." Moving her gaze from Ranma to the rest of the scouts she noticed that they were only becoming more confused and defensive "Are you sure that's a bright idea. She won't hurt Chibi-usa so you have nothing to fear."

The extremely worried Usagi spoke up "You know her Pluto?"

Pluto sighed "Not personally. I met her after following her growing magic eight years ago. It was right before she was sucked into the time stream and I lost her. Unfortunately I didn't expect some magic to pull her out of the time stream and dump her elsewhere, leaving only her baby to look after. At the time I thought that she was either Sailor Moon, or the Moon Princess." "Well in one way she has become 'A' Sailor Moon" "But because the magic left her child there, I was forced to send her to the future where she was adopted by the king and queen as their only daughter."

At that last statement all the Sailor Scouts eyes bugged out. None of them were expecting Pluto to say that Chibi-usa wasn't Usagi's daughter.

Usagi couldn't say anything and tears began to form in her eyes. She dropped to her knees and looked at Dark Moon who was staring at Chibi-Usa.

Pluto sighed "Sorry Sailor Moon, but you can't be her mother, for Dark Moon is. After I detected her energy last night I contacted my future self and she sent Chibi-usa right back in search for her mother and father."

Chibi-usa took one last long look at her fellow scouts. Although this wouldn't be the last time she saw them, this would be the last time they thought of her as Usagi's daughter. Sighing she looked at her mother and saw only love and longing in her eyes "Thank you Usagi and Mamo-chan for looking after me these last eight years. But now I finally get to see my real mum, and it is clear that she has spent a lot of time worrying about me. I am sorry for lying to you."

"I didn't just hear the name Usagi, did I?" "Did you just say Usagi; as in Usagi prince of the moon?"

This time all the scout's eyes began to bug out especially Usagi's.

Pluto wasn't sure what she meant by that but she had to know "The moon has no prince. Only princess and her name is Usagi."

"But I meet a prince Usagi of the moon?"

Ami wasn't sure what was going on, but this was starting to sound familiar to her; she just couldn't put her finger on it.

The other scouts were just plain dumbfounded and had no clue what was going on, so they just stood to listen.

Usagi was having trouble finding her voice. First she found out that she doesn't have a daughter, and then she found out that someone knows about 'him'. Swallowing she slowly spoke "Um, where did you find out about 'him'" She put extra emphasis on the 'him'.

During the conversation, Chibi-usa had made her way to Ranma's side and was listening in intently to the conversation going on. Sighing she said "Maybe it would be a better idea to talk about this later? It is clear that everybody is confused, and no one here knows what is going one. Perhaps we should all go home and think about all this and next time we meet we pick up where we left off."

Pluto nodded "Perhaps you are right Usa. If things keep going on at this rate no one will know what's going on. Perhaps when you and your mother are ready, you can contact us and we will have a scouts meeting to share all the information we all know. At the moment everyone is just too confused."

Although Ranma didn't like the idea of leaving when someone seemed to know about her Usagi, she did have to agree that it was a good idea. It looked like Sailor Moon was probably too confused to tell her what she knew. Sighing dejectedly she said "Although I wanted to know what happened to him, it is obvious that Sailor Moon will tell me later. So it is best to let her have some rest and time to think, seeing that she doesn't look too well." She bowed to the scouts, which Chibi-Usa followed "Thank you for finding my daughter for me and looking after her for these last eight years. I will most certainly see you all again later." With that she grabbed Chibi-usa's hand and both of them vanished.

With the disappearance of Sailor Dark Moon, Sailor Moon decided to leave. She didn't want to talk about what she was feeling and was glad that Sailor Dark Moon let her go home to think about things. Although the rest of the scouts were worried about her, they that normally she would be talking about what was wrong. Seeing that she wasn't, they thought they would ask her about it tomorrow at the shrine. Thus all the scouts left into the night.

Just as the last scout vanished into the night, two cloaked figures appeared at the scene. One was the one from last night, and the other was considerably shorter and seemed to be missing its legs, or just plain hovering off of the ground.

The shorter one looked at the taller one. In an old feminine voice it spoke "Looks like we just missed her. It was most certainly Ranma that did this. She has gotten a lot stronger during her time away. When they find her, perhaps she will have enough strength to defeat them."

The other nodded "Still I am worried about her. What if she can't beat them? I don't want to lose her after I finally found her."

The shorter one sighed and said in a light tone "Don't fear child. Remember, she is the great Ranma, no one can beat her."

The taller one turned its head to face the shorter one "Oh Cologne, you may be right, but I am still worried about her."

Cologne looked up into her friend's eyes "Come let us return home. We don't want them to find us."

The taller one nodded and they both disappeared into the night.

Just as they disappeared there was a loud booming voice from the clearing where the fight was "Where am I now? How the hell did I get back here? Damn you Ranma! This is all your fault."

Not far from the park Ranma and Chibi-moon reappeared in an alley out of sight from the bystanders walking by. Chibi-moon de-transformed back into her civilian guise. She looked up at Ranma and said "Mother I know it's you, but there is something strange. I can't seem to recognise your face from the picture Pu showed me yesterday. Why?"

Ranma chuckled "Woops, I copied some of the magic the other scouts used to prevent myself from being recognised till I could make my own official Sailor Scout uniform." She disabled her disguise field to allow her daughter to see her face for the first time.

Both just stood there looking at each other for moments. After what seemed like hours, which was really just thirty seconds, they both hugged each other and started crying in each others arms.

Through her tears, Chibi-usa chocked out "Momma I missed you. I have been waiting these last eight years for Pu to find you and now I finally get to meet you."

Ranma tried to nod, but her daughters grip was tight "I know. I was so worried about you. I thought that perhaps something might have happened to you. I would have come to you sooner, but as you know I was transported to the future then locked in a cell. I just glad you fine and finally back with me." She tried to pull herself out of the hug, but her daughter wouldn't let her. She chuckled and said "Let's go home now. I had just found a home amongst the nicest people you could ever meet and they are probably worried about me after seeing that light show."

Chibi-usa looked up into her mothers eyes and nodded "Mmmm."




Urd pulled her eyes off of the monitor, and looked at her mother "What happened, I thought that she wasn't supposed to find out about Chibi-usa till after the concert?"

Deus smiled "Urd you are forgetting. This is the largest generator of chaos energy ever recorded we are talking about. Her future is not set in stone and can change at the drop of a hat."

"Oh, ok"

Ok my first true battle I have ever written. It wasn't as long or detailed as what I wanted it to be, but I think it went well. Perhaps I should remember to write it down next time I picture it, that way when I go to write it, it doesn't get shortened.

I was hoping not to reveal who Chibi-usa was to Ranma just yet, not until about a week later in the story after a certain big event with the scouts. However I just couldn't figure out how to get Ranma to leave without recognizing Chibi-usa's ki. Thus I had to reveal her to Ranma, but that doesn't mean she will be introduced to the scouts just yet.

Still wow. My story keeps evolving way past what I originally intended. I didn't originally intend to have a male Usagi and Chibi-usa as Ranma's daughter. I just sought of got the idea when reading a fic with Chibi-usa as Usagi and Ranma's (male) daughter explaining the pink hair.

Oh well, it still seems to be just as good. It is just taking a little longer the expected to reach one (of many) of the pivotal points in the story. All reviews are excepted, I am more then happy to read about what I have done wrong and right so I can improve on them more.

Well till later

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