Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Someone is trying to claim Remus in his sleep, to make him theirs forever. He finally tells his best friend, Sirius Black, but doesn't expect the answer he receives, "then lets mate." What will poor Remus do?

Note: I will miss you guys so much, this is the last chapter of A Werewolf's Bond and for me to say this, I had a great time with you guys. Whenever you guys want to talk or have questions, e-mail me and I will reply. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, who have stuck with me through thick and thin, I present to you…The Epilogue!


A large silver and grey werewolf stood, towering over them, a murderous and wild look in its eyes. In the moonlight, Sirius reflected, the underlining of its fur was shimmering gold, carefully yet brilliantly. With much dread and hope, he prayed it was Moony. James pulled Lily behind him, looking Sirius in the eyes. "What if he gets out of control?" He whispered urgently.

"Then we all die horrifically painful deaths," Sirius replied, voice laced with amusement and irony. Of course, if they were killed by the very person who they were trying to save then it would be very ironic, though strangely not horrific. After all, Lily realized, it was best to get killed by their friend then Roy, ne?

The moon shined crystal clear even through the dense trees, its light holding power in the medium sized clearing. Moony stepped forward, graceful and menacing about it all at the same time. His hackles raised, ready to leap at the man who caused him so much pain. It was all going to end; tonight nothing will be left but nightmares plaguing the teen's dreams.

Why did he do this to me?

Such a simple question, but held so much meaning, answers, and more questions. Even as the olderwerewolf was shaking at his feet, this question rose up out of the depths of his guarded mind, almost begging for it to be answered. Moony snorted, anger and excitement welled and swirled inside his mind like gas trapped in a glass test tube.

Why me?

Indeed, why him? Even after all of the explanations, a selfish, disgusted thought touched the far reaches of Remus' mind. Why couldn't he pick someone else? Selfish, but still there, being tired of being pushed around, tortured, with no hope at all.

Why didn't anyone help me?

Help was coming, and it eventually came, but why not sooner, so he could avoid the insane man. Moony shook his head, the thoughts, questions, jumbling inside his already fragile mind. Normally, his mental barriers would be up, the barriers that held back the fear, pain…and happiness. A monster does not deserve to be happy, whether it be truly evil, like Roy, or not, like Remus.

Why can't I be happy?

Humans want to push what they can not explain away, frightened at all of its glory. It could be good, but they continue to scorn and push it away, like trash. What they can not explain they push away. It always made sense, didn't it, how they scorn and create prejudices against werewolves? Moony hesitated, waiting for more questions, pleas almost, to arise, but none did.

"He hesitated," James whispered, eyeing the situation with unusually calculating eyes. Sirius nodded beside him, clearly confused but did not show it. Lily watched as Roy smirked, letting something drop from the air around them, a barrier it felt like. The moon glistened innocently, spreading the light across everything, Roy feeling it wash over and through him; finally the werewolves could combat.

The normal transformation took place; Moony waiting till it was done, wanting a proper duel. No matter what other werewolves were like, he was respectable. Remus stirred lazily in the back of his mind, wanting to witness it through the werewolf's eyes.

Finally, it was complete, the opponent, if you will, completely ready for whatever may be thrown at him. Silver stepped back, not wanting to be involved, not this time. He stepped over to the three teens, his wispy form blowing gently with the breeze.

Anger, he had felt that before, no doubt, but this anger was not for everything around him, it was for the werewolf, the threat that stood in front of him. Moony no longer felt the need to rush blindly at something, but actually calculated everything, the movements, and the length between them. Something strange was inside his body, using his emotions for the fullest.

"Do you plan on staying like this all night?" The werewolf across from him asked, clearly annoyed. Moony snorted, amber meeting amber in a blaze of hate.

"Sorry, just can't get over how ugly you are," Moony replied truthfully, though he had to admit, the opposing threat had a masculine air to him.

"Are you deciding how to go to hell, you know, painful, smooth?"

"Hardly, I don't plan on loosing."

"Poor demented cub, I am bigger and have more power than you."

"We'll see."

Moony stepped forward, keeping his eyes on the opposing werewolf, slowly gathering speed for a full blown attack to the front. Roy put on his burst of speed automatically, leaping into the air with a graceful arc, going to pounce. Moony skidded to a halt, watching carefully, only when Roy was close enough, mere meters away, did he catapult himself to the left, jumping to land an effective gash in the older werewolf's side. Roy whimpered, skidding across the ground until he came to a complete stop, he jumped to his feet immediately, snarling.

"Cubby can scratch," came Moony's smooth yet mocking reply.

"Too bad I have to clip those claws of yours," Roy snapped back.

"At least come up with a better retort," Moony laughed, running forward with great speed and agility. Whatever he did, Moony was not going to pounce until the last round of their match, and something inside him was leading him into the attacks he was performing. He veered to the right at the last moment, hoping to catch him off guard. Roy turned whipping his powerful hind legs to connect with Moony's shoulder, sending him spiraling into a tree.

Lily shut her eyes, whispering reassuringly to herself more than to anyone else. Sirius made a straggled cry, eyes widening considerably, James growled, not liking the turn of events. "They're evenly matched," Sirius said, watching a more up close battle unfold, wincing when Moony was knocked on his back, Roy standing over him.

"You can't escape now," Roy said softly, "I promise your death won't hurt too much if you give in now."

"Go to hell!"

"Oh, mister snippy," Roy chuckled, opening his mouth wide, going to attack the throat. Moony snarled, putting most of his energy in his legs and kicking upwards, sending the older one flying off of him. The young werewolf glanced to where three humans were sitting, hoping Roy didn't land in that direction becauseone he recognized as his mate -not really mate.

Moony shut his eyes, hoping that the boy would accept the proposal to mark each other…the normal way. Opening them again, he barely had time to register Roy flying at him. After that was blinding pain in his throat, the gash spurting blood. He vaguely felt all three of the humans fear, not the normal human fear when people see him, but different. The kind of fear they were expressing, they were afraid he was not going to survive.

No doubt if his human part were out he would have died soon after.

NO, I can't die yet Moony thought desperately, feeling Remus squirm uncomfortably in the depths of his mind. Roy lunged again, taking advantage of his weakened state. Moony collapsed to the ground, blood flowing freely, unable to stop. The sun would rise soon, he couldn't lose like this! Moony pushed himself up, narrowly avoiding the hit but the landing wasn't as smooth.

He collapsed to the ground, the light of the moon beginning to fade, the light of the sun slowly creeping its way through the trees. Roy seemed to realize this too, his attacks becoming swifter. Roy smirked, seeing Moony not getting up any time soon after his last little pounce. He approached the exhausted werewolf confidently. He slowly looked over him, Moony trying with all his might to be as threatening as possible.

"What do you say now little cub?" Roy asked softly, raising his clawed paw over his head. Moony shivered, black dots swimming through his vision. A spark lit inside him, flashing brightly to get its attention known as the paw swooped down for the final attack.

Lily cried, Sirius whimpered, scrambling over to Moony…to Remus. He was not going to fail him again, not when he already did the first time. James yelled after him, groping for his ankle to pull him back from the danger.

"Stop!" He yelled desperately.

Roy stopped, turning to see the long haired teen hurtling towards them. Moony drew in his strength, aiming for his superiors' heart.

"You looked away," he said, his growl hoarse and raspy. Roy turned back around about half way in his actions to face Moony,before blinding pain pierced his heart. Sirius stopped short, watching, vaguely aware that he was crying. The light of the sun showed through the trees, bathing the two fighters in light of not the moon but the gentle warmth.

Both transformed back, Roy stumbling back, dead from the exhaustion of the transformation and the pierce through his heart. Remus lay not to far away, struggling to keep awake, to see Sirius. The boy in question wandered over to him, Remus seeing the bleary figure, but definitely seeing him. He smiled weakly, the darkness consuming him.

-Three Days Later-

"How is he? Is he awake yet?"

"Ew! Look at that gash on his neck! I still can't get over that!"

"Shut up Peter!"

"Oh look! He's waking up! At last!"

Remus blinked, taking in his surroundings before gazing at the people around him, looking worried and curious. Remus' vision cleared, seeing Sirius' relived face, then Lily's, then James, then Peter. He made a feeble noise in his throat, hoping it would turn out to be a greeting but they didn't seem to catch it.

He slowly propped himself up on his elbows, wincing at the dull protest his muscles gave. Lily appeared to have been crying; her cheeks wet with tears, but had no visible injuries. The same could be said about James and Sirius, though their eyes were only a little red, but their injuries were not physical either.

"We wondered if we were going to make it," Sirius whispered, who was on his left side, clutching his hand as if Remus was going to get up and walk away, "Dumbledore found us though, he looked relieved."

"Apparently he had been searching for us," James said, noting the confused look on Remus' face, "Strange magical appearances were appearing that cl-" He cut himself off, shuddering.

"The clearing," Lily finished softly, almost in a whisper.

"Must have been fun," Peter replied. He melted back when everyone present glared at him, daring him to say that again. He had no idea what kind of hell they had been through. After a few moments of companionable silence -not Peter though- a tired but relieved voice called them to attention.

"I see you are awake Remus, that's good."

They smiled in greeting as the headmaster of Hogwarts stepped up next to the bed, his blue eyes holding the remains of worry and fear, but was slicked over with relief and happiness. His half-moon spectacles glimmered in the Hospital Wing light.

He took a seat on the right side of Remus, Lily and James scooting over more. "My boy I am terribly sorry about this," he said sincerely, "I should have offered more protection to you. I am only glad that I could reach you in time."

"Sir," Remus said, surprised at how raspy it sounded, "don't worry, I am fine." Dumbledore nodded kindly.

"On a happier note," Dumbledore said, looking at all of them except Peter, "I can not express how proud I am of you." Sirius, James, Remus, and Lily beamed at him, praise from the headmaster was like receiving an award.

"I will tell you why," he said, his voice light, "for one, Sirius, James, and Lily went after Remus when he was in need of help the most. You did all that you could to reach him, even willing to sacrificeyour own safetyfor his. That type of bravery is what is needed for everything.

"Second, faced with a fully grown wizard, and werewolf no less, you did not back down from the fight. Even though this man showed insanity and insecurities, a ticking time bomb almost, yet nothing stopped you.

"Third, Remus you were scared not for yourself, but for your friends that were suffering and in dire need. As they did for you, you tried all you could to help them, whether it was freeing them or trying to have the pain directed at you. In turn, you fought the man all on your own, but what really helped, Moony I believe his name is, win is because your friends never left, they stayed. Believe it or not, they could have run away at any time, but chose to stay by your side."

By this time, all of them were swelling with pride, positively beaming.

"So, now I take my leave," Dumbledore said, standing up, "knowing that you are going to recover to full strength, am I right?"

Remus smiled, "of course." The headmaster nodded, waving to them in good bye and stepping out of the infirmary.

"We got praise by Dumbledore!" Sirius said happily.

"How is that possible, me, praise?" Lily whispered to herself.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," James laughed.

"Where did Peter go?" Remus asked, noticing the boy was gone, but shrugged it off, instead joining his friends in hearty laughter. Of course,the light moodwas soon dropped when Lily and Remus found out they were hopelessly behind in classes.

The Marauders -having talked to Peter about the Hospital wing conversation- and Lily sat in D.A.D.A, completely at bliss, well, almost anyway. Remus didn't show it, but he was extremely guilty about them getting involved in all of that. Sirius seemed to notice, the way he kept shooting sideway glances at his boyfriend.

Remus was so nervous around people now, something in his mind saying that they wanted to hurt him, even though he knew it wasn't true. That was why; during their free time or when they were in the common room he usually stole away up to the dormitories. When he was up there he was able to contemplate all that had happened to his friends and him.

Moony had yet to recover, still gathering strength from the far corners of his mind. That was another reason why he liked to be alone, it gave Moony the time to recover and rest up. The last and final reason was that Sirius would come up and talk to him. Gradually, as the weeks went by, he fell into comfort, and was able to come to terms with what happened.

James did not get by to easily; he pushed it all far back, trying desperately to run from it all. He had a mask, but if you looked past his face and into his eyes you could see the suffering and pain of not being able to forget. So, when they were all getting ready for bed, he broke down completely.

-OMG Flashback!-

Remus slipped on his night shirt, sighing in contentment. He had just had another long talk with Sirius, though occasionally cuddling too. He glanced over at James, who was still shirtless but was trying to put it on with trembling hands. He looked over at Sirius, who shrugged and walked over to his best friend.

"James buddy, do you need help or something?" Sirius asked.

"I'm fine…" He said softly, though his features showed something opposite.

"James, what's wrong?" Remus asked, coming up to James, his expression nothing but worry.

The older teen looked at Remus for the longest time, memories and images all flooding through his brain. Tears leaked from his eyes, hehimself slowly sinking to the ground, sobbing. He burst out in tears, Sirius immediately bringing him into a brotherly embrace. Remus rubbed circles on his back, soothing him.

-Ending flashback already?-

After talking for nearly a half an hour, he smiled for real, sighing and went to sleep. After that, he was normal, even his eyes reflected happiness and relief. Lily didn't break down completely like James had; she had simply discussed it when they were walking to the Library, just she and Remus.

-OMG another flashback!-

Lily looked at Remus, her eyes searching into his amber ones for the longest time. He stopped walking, not knowing what she was doing at first. She took a long moment, opening her mouth and closing it many times.

"Can you forgive me for not coming sooner?" She asked. Remus knew exactly what she meant, his gaze steady with her emerald one.

"Lily, I gave you my forgiveness long before," he said, "you don't need it, you didn't do anything, if you can tell me that it wasn't your fault while still holding my gaze, you'll know for sure."

Lily looked up from that very interesting design on the stone floor, her eyes slowly locked with his. Those amber jewels held no doubt what-so-ever, they were just bright and laughing.

"I-it wasn't my fault," she said softly, suddenly feeling much better, like she had spoken the truth to not only him but her as well.

-Ending flashback so soon?-

Since then she has never mentioned it. Though, in Sirius and Remus' opinion, she did look much happier, having talked to James and Sirius too after that. The four had become exetremely tight, Peter drifted off with new friends anyway.

It was a Hogsmeade weekend that Saturday, the Marauders and Lily excited for it. Peter was not going to be going; he said that he had homework to finish for their mean Potions professor who seemed to hate everything and everyone, including Slytherins.

The day was proving to be beautiful, cloudless, the sun giving warmth to those who needed it. Lily, Remus, Sirius, and James were laughing at a joke Sirius made as they made their way down to Hogsmeade. James had his arm around Lily's shoulders, which surprisingly, did not pull away but leaned in to it.

Sirius held Remus protectively around the waist, almost daring people to come and take him. They all talked as they walked, Lily sometimes giving a bit of gossip. They laughed at another joke until they stepped into Hogsmeade. People scurried along, deciding what kind of candies or souvenirs they wanted to get.

"How about Three Broomsticks," Remus said, "I prefer to not get squashed right this yet." His gaze was looking over at Honeydukes, the candy store was currently jammed packed, some kid waseven pressed against the glass that showed to the outside. They all flinched when another was face planted right next to the other.

"Um, yeah, good point Moony," James said, leading Lily into the Three Broomsticks, closely followed by Sirius and Remus, who joined them at a seat in the back. It wasn't jammed packed, but busy enough. Elderly wizards drank their beverages, talking about the rising power that was Voldemort. Hogwarts students laughed heartily with their friends, making jokes or just chatting away.

The group received their Butter Beers and drank to a toast.

"To the praise from Dumbledore," Sirius said, snickering.

"To kicking Roy butt," James said, the rest nodding in unison.

"To Lily, the new Marauder," Remus said softly, earning a blush from the young girl.

"I guess we can toast to everythingin general," Lily said, the ideas all taken.

"Cheers to that!"

They drank long to all four toasts and set their drinks down on the table. All of them were talking in friendly conversation, mainly listening to Sirius complain about Slytherins being too stupid.

"I think you're too stupid," James said, smacking Sirius over the head.

"Oh very witty Potter," Sirius said darkly, though they all caught the humor in it.

"Hey boys, what do you think of these?" Lily asked, holing up four pendants. They were amber, black, green, and red. That wasn't the most interesting thing, the design that caught all of their attentions were they all had a different animal circling around the surface.

The amber one had a wolf, the black; a dog, the green; an owl, and finally the red; a stag.

"I had them made," she said, handing them to each of them, "I hope you like them, proves we survived a very deadly battle single handedly." Sirius tied it around his neck, James repeating that movement.

Sirius tied in Remus', smiling when his boyfriend allowed him to do it, he watched as Lily was given the same treatment.

"What about Peter?" Remus asked.

"He's too distant, besides I think he has new friends," Sirius said with a shrug.

"I believe that means that dear Lily has taken his place," James chuckled, kissing Lily on the cheek all watching in amusement as she turned a deep shade of red.

"Another toast before we leave to Honeydukes," Sirius announced.

"To the Marauder's," Sirius said fondly, "we solemnly swear that we are up to no good!" James laughed, coughing up his Butter Beer all over himself, some even spurting out of his nose. Lily rolled her eyes and with a wave of her wand, the Butter Beer was gone. Remus smiled, facing Sirius, descending upon those lips he oh-so-dearly loved.

James mimicked the motion, grabbing Lily and bringing her in for their first lip kiss.

Sirius watched Remus fondly as he stroked Lily's cat and read his book, curled up on the squishy armchair in front of the fire. He was supposed to be doing his work but felt he couldn't, he thought about what could have happened. He would have been dead and Remus in the belly of a Werewolf master. How crude.

"Sirius, do I have something on my face?" Remus asked, stopping the gentle stroking of the black cat named Sprinkles.

"No, you're perfect," he said seductively, causing his boyfriend to blush. It was worth it, Remus was so cute when he blushed. Remus muttered something under his breaththat sounded something suspisiouslylike "prat" but went back to reading, being careful hide his blushingface. He remembered when he had told Remus that he loved him, which was interrupted by that bastard.

He alsoremembered when he asked Remus out on a "date" which was mainly a walk around the lake, it was perfect, below the moonlight -after curfew- they had their first kiss. Remus was blushing then too, having said that was his first.

Lily and James walked in, holding hands and plopping down next to Sirius on the couch. Remus smiled over the top of his book at them in greeting, but soon went back to it.

"Hey Sirius, what are you thinking about?" James asked, knowing that distant expression his friend had every time he was deep in thought. Sirius jumped slightly, turning to see James looking at him. After a few moments, he answered.

"My life," he replied to the question, "and how it became complete."

James smiled, looking at Lily, who was next to Remus, both pointing things out and correcting one another.

"You know what?" James said, getting Sirius' attention.

"Mine too," he whispered.

"What are you boys talking about?" Remus and Lily asked at the same time.

"You!" Sirius and James replied in unison. Remus winked, while Lily just blushed.


That is the end, I know, lame ending but give me a break! Hope you enjoyed! Remember, read my other story too!