Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Someone is trying to claim Remus in his sleep, to make him theirs forever. He finally tells his best friend, Sirius Black, but doesn't expect the answer he receives, "then lets mate." What will poor Remus do?

Notes: Thank you to the reviewers who…um, reviewed. Anyway, I hope this part of the story will be good enough to get reviews!

-Chapter Two-

Remus couldn't believe his ears! Him, mate with the ultimate sex god of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry history (a little too dramatic). Did this mean that Sirius loved him too? Did this mean that his fantasies of the young Gryffindor were about to come true. Everyone knew that Remus Lupin was bisexual, but Sirius Black! The same Sirius who had a different toy every night (female).

Remus had had a crush on Sirius since third year, but he never knew that his crush loved him in return. No matter what though, Remus knew Sirius wouldn't love him for the rest of his life. If they mated, it would be forever, no room for other people. That was whyRemus had to deny Sirius' help.

"No," Remus said softly, "I can't do that Sirius, I can't burden you." Sirius looked hurt, crestfallen, but Remus couldn't hold him back just because he wanted to help. In this situation, he couldn't, it wasn't possible.

"Remus," Sirius whispered, feeling useless, "I can't let you mate with some freak who attacks you in your dreams!" His voice had risen a little during that little rant, but Remus could barely hear it. Sirius spoke the truth, he didn't want to be mated with some freak that uses powerful magic to claim him in his dreams.

"Excuse me," a voice said behind them. Both looked over to see Madam Pomfrey standing behind them, a look of worry on her face. "Remus, the full moon is tonight." Sirius swore silently under his breath, unheard by Pomfrey but barely caught by Remus. "Yes thank you," Remus said softly, giving her a warm smile in return.

"Remus," Sirius said seriously (no pun intended), "we'll be there tomorrow."

Remus couldn't help but smile, "thank you Sirius, I look forward to it."

Madam Pomfrey shook Remus' shoulder gently, waking him up from yet another horrible nightmare. She had been trying to wake him up for a long time now, hearing the cries for help breaking out from his lips, apparently the man wouldn't give up his attack on the young werewolf. "REMUS," she finally yelled at him. His eyes shot open; sitting up abruptly he shakily checked where he was. "Remus," she said softly, hoping to not sound uncaring, "we need to get you down to the Shrieking Shack now, it is almost time." He nodded stiffly and got up; ready for the hell that was a transformation.

All he had to hope for was that his friends would show up. After all, ever since they accomplished becoming Animangi the wolf inside him seemed happier, pleased that he had a pack. I just hope they can protect me tonight he thought sadly, the nightmares never leaving his mind.

Remus bid Madam Pomfrey goodbye after she helped him undress and put his clothing on a high shelf in the room he was to transform in. He sat on the dusty floorboards and heaved a tormented sigh. No matter what he did, he would always be controlled by the moon. The silvery orb that hung in the sky, mocking his pain, laughing at his cries for help.

Remus looked out the window, finally able to see it, the clouds allowing it to glow its light on the waiting boy. Remus immediately felt pain, his bones cracking and shifting into an animals form. His hands curling into paws, and his muzzle lengthening to take shape of a wolf. He vaguely felt his organs shifting so they wouldn't be damaged. At last, the transformation was complete, the wolf forcefully shoving its human counterpart into the far reaches of its mind.

Moony panted and whined from the remaining pain, but it was soon washed away by the feeling to destroy something, anything, and everything. He snarled angrily ripping apart the wall and the bed in the far corner, breaking off the legs of the chair, tearing at his skin and flesh, making his silvery fur red. Moony howled to the moon, feeling lonely without its pack, but at the same time, upset. Something was calling him; it was a mate's call.

Suddenly, sounds came from the doorway; whining and clawing. Moony smelled the air apprehensively, but relaxed when he smelled his pack. It was only them. Moony stood still as a grim-like dog entered happily, eager for play. It was soon followed by a handsome stag with a rat clinging to its fur between its antlers. Moony immediately lightened up and went over to greet his pack.

Something was wrong though, something else was here; another werewolf. Moony could smell it nearby; the smell was smoky and slightly unpleasant. He whimpered slightly, backing away from the door, earning quizzical looks from his pack mates. It was coming closer and Moony sensed that the dog also smelled the interference.

Padfoot growled deep in his throat, warning the approaching danger to back off. He instinctively stood in front of the silvery wolf, protecting it against the intruder. He noticed Prongs' ears stand up on end; he must've heard the clawed steps coming up the stairs.

"Moony," Padfoot said, "is this the man that keeps attacking Remus in his sleep?" The wolf nodded in acknowledgment; oh yes, this wolf was the man attacking his human counterpart. All movement seized when the door slowly creaked open, and a blackish-red muzzle poked in. Padfoot immediately started to growl its warning, giving the intruder a chance to leave.

It paid no heed to the warning and entered. A massive red and black werewolf stood in front of them. Its fur glittering with gold in the moonlight, and its piercing amber eyes matched Padfoot's. The amber eyes met Moony's yellow, seeming to laugh in amusement.

Moony growled threateningly not appreciating the other wolfs trespassing onto his territory. The silver wolf stepped forward, raising his hackles in a threatening manner. The wolf growled in return, seeming much more dangerous and threatening, seeing as this wolf was much older and more mature.

The wolf had a problem though, it was hoping to take his mate by force, but that wasn't going to happen with these other animals here; especially the grim like dog standing only a few feet away, growling its warning and daring him to attack. If that is what he wants, that is what he will get the werewolf thought.

He turned to face the grim, taking steps towards it, challenging it. Much to its disappointment, the dog was not backing down.

The wolf made its first move, pouncing at him, but was met halfway. Both beasts clashed together ripping, tearing, and biting one another. Padfoot fell to the ground, the wolf on top of black dogyelped in agony as the wolf attacked its throat, tearing and slashing at it. Prongs took action, he ran forward, knocking the wolf off of Padfoot.

The wolf lunged, knocking Prongs down and going for his belly, attacking it as he did Padfoot. Moony watched in horror as the wolf attacked its pack mates. He growled and leaped forward, knocking the wolf off. Wormtail scampered away and out of sight.

Prongs shook its head, as if to clear its thoughts, and staggered over to where Sirius now lay. Human form shown, unconscious, his throat ripped open and blood pouring out. Moony and the wolf were to busy to notice the human lying two feet away.

James transformed back, also badly injured.

"S-Sirius we h-have to g-get…," his words died on his lips as he felt his world go black, he soon joined Sirius in darkness, his wound as great asSirius'.

The wolf fled, Moony chasing after him. The wolf ran down the stairs and out the trapdoor, where he had originally gotten in. He turned to make sure his mate was following, he needed to get away from those animals, and claim his mate somewhere else.

Both wolves disappeared into the dark, leaving behind two dying boys, and a rat desperately trying to get help for them.


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