Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Someone is trying to claim Remus in his sleep, to make him theirs forever. He finally tells his best friend, Sirius Black, but doesn't expect the answer he receives, "then lets mate." What will poor Remus do?

Notes: I have noticed that the summary doesn't really fit the story anymore. It kind of does, but kind of doesn't if you know what I mean. Also, my goals have been met a lot faster than I realized they would. All well, that's good for you butbad for me, because I have to consistently write now. Well, that's it I guess.

On with the story!

-Chapter Seven-

"It's my fault, it's my fault, it's my fault," Lily muttered cradling herself as if she was about to be taken as well. Her normally crystal clear, emerald eyes were dampened with sorrow. Her face had tracks on it, previously made by tears. She held herself closer as a new wave ofemotional paincame to her.

"I-it's not your fault Lily," Sirius whispered, feeling the need to cry as well, but he was a man, and men never cried. Not only was the newly discovered love of his life kidnapped, but his best friend too. The one that would prank Slytherins with him, get detentions, and brag about how perfect Lily was. It wasn't Lily's fault, it was his. If only he had been there to protect him, then none of this would have happened. It was his fault.

"What are you two doing out here alone?" a voice came from inside: the woman they had met on the streets. Sirius and Lily turned to face her, the woman looked perfectly normal, which was odd. Sirius narrowed his eyes at her, something was off, and he knew it.

"Miss, did you not see my best friend get taken?" Sirius asked calmly, though his instincts were telling him to strangle her for answers. Lily's calculating eyes were focused once more as they studied the old woman.

"Your friend was taken?" The woman asked a hint of fake worry in her voice, "when did it happen?"

"About two minutes ago you old hag," Sirius hissed, "you should have seen it; after all, you were helping him." The young boy wondered why she was the only one that would help in a town full of people that wouldn't. Lily stood up, hand brushing over the top of her wand.

"What do you know?" She asked harshly.

"Nothing that could save your friends now," the woman replied icily. Sirius also stood up to his full height -being the tallest of the Marauders that was something- and readied his wand. Lily stood closer to Sirius, ready for a fight.

"All I can tell you is, your friends are going to be used for something greater than you could possibly understand," the woman replied, "James will be used as a sacrifice, and Remus will be one with the other."

"What's your name?" Sirius asked bitterly.

"Does it really matter Sirius!" Lily hissed softly, only loud enough so he could hear it.

"Not really, but I want to know," he whispered back.

"My name is Susan Corndole," the woman replied, "why?"

"No reason Susan," Sirius said, "tell me, is that all the information you know?"

"Yes," she said softly, "that is all I know."

"Fine," Lily spoke up that time, "then we have no more need for you."

Sirius ran passed her and into the house, Lily close behind. Susan wasn't even following them, just watching with careful eyes as they left.

"Roy," she said into what looked like a mirror, "I told them about it, as planned, they are probably heading towards you."

"Good, they will be quite disappointed when they arrive," the voice chuckled back.

James opened his tired eyes, looking blearily around the room. He still had his glasses on, which was a good thing, so he was able to see. Where am I he thought. He was in a house, probably in a bedroom since he was on a bed. James felt something next to him though; he looked down to see just what it was.

"Remus!" He exclaimed, relieved. His voice quickly died out when he saw the state his friend was in. Pale, skinnier then he should be, and just sickly looking. James even feared for a second that he was dead, but when the boy felt the skin, it was still warm.

"Remus, open your eyes for me," James whispered, shaking him slightly, "please Remus, wolf boy, Moony?" He sighed in relief when dull amber eyes opened; the eyes were almost too dull, though, in James' opinion. Remus looked up into James' face, relief and fear mixed together.

"James?" He asked, uncertain to whether this was a trick or not, "is that you?"

"Yeah," James laughed, pulling the smaller boy into a hug, "we went searching everywhere for you." James held Remus tighter when the boy began to sob gently in his shirt. The messy haired teen had no idea what his friend went through, so he just let him cry.

"Remus, what happened to you?" James asked after the young boy had calmed down, "what is going on? Why you? Why me, for that matter-?"

"Do you hate me?" A soft voice cut in.

"Hate you? Where did you get that, I could never hate you," James said softly, "and Sirius doesn't either, if that is what you are thinking."

Remus looked up at him, and smiled the best he could -which wasn't much- and scooted further away so he could look at James. "You wanted some questions answered?" He asked softly, seeing the other boy brighten up and nod his head.

"What happened? I woke here one morning, after I stumbled upon this town and asked Roy for the use of his floo powder, mistake on my part. Ever since then, I have been here, except when he lets me out, fed forcefully, getting hit if I don't do what he says, and getting fed drugs to knock me out.

"What is going on? Apparently Roy has a bonding ceremony set up that allows him to become one with me; our bodies will form together, in a sense. He is going to use, you, Lily, and Sirius as the three sacrifices needed for it. This will take place on the full moon, once we are in the ceremonial circle, both Roy and I will not transform, and so the ceremony will take place.

"Why me? Because, in order for the ceremony to be a success Roy would need a young werewolf that can withstand it. Apparently he had been watching me for some time now, carefully calculating everything.

"Why you? Because, like I said before, you, Lily, and Sirius are going to be the sacrifices. But I know the ceremony will be a failure, I just hope I'm not the one that has to die."

"What do you mean, I hope I'm not the one that has to die?" James asked, taking in this information carefully.

"When the ceremony fails," Remus replied, "one of us is going to die, that one is chosen by fate. I know the ceremony is going to be a failure though."

"How do you know?" James asked in whisper.

"The sacrifices need to be pureblooded," Remus said, "Lily is muggleborn."

"Sirius where are we going?" Lily asked, running along side of her companion.

"To the house that I went to when we first went looking for Remus," Sirius explained, "you weren't with us at that time." Lily nodded and continued to run, if Sirius knew that that house held Remus, and then James must be there too. The question was, was that are they alright? Sirius seemed to be thinking along the same lines, his expression set deep in thought. "We just need to get there, and then we can save them both!" Sirius said.

Both stopped in front of the house, panting, but no look of relief passed their features. The house was gone.

"Are you sure it was here?" Lily asked, straightening up and taking a closer look.

"I'm positive it was here," Sirius whispered, feeling lost once again. That was twice that he wasn't able to save Remus, if anything, he felt like crap. Dammit I always come to late Sirius thought bitterly to himself. Lily burst into tears next to him, yet he felt he couldn't comfort her.

"Then where could they be?" Lily sobbed, trying her best to dry her tears, "I mean, where else?" Sirius looked at her, uncertain, but they had to try.

"Maybe a clue can be found there," Sirius said thoughtfully.

Lily sniffled and looked up at where the house was supposed to be, "or maybe we missed something?"

"Could be," Sirius said, "come on Lily, we can't give up yet! We have to find James and Remus before something bad happens, we could be heroes even, if you want to think of it that way." Lily smiled, maybe being a hero wouldn't be that bad.

"Oh and Lily," Sirius said as they started to walk again, "don't get captured, I don't think I would be able to do this without anyone here to back me up."

"Of course, Mister Black," Lily laughed and ran ahead; after all, she had to stay confident, for James and Remus' sake. For hers and her only companion left too. Sirius blinked once, cocking his head to the side before going to go and catch up. Back to the clearing Sirius thought, finally catching up with the red-head.

Both stopped when they reached the hill. Something was off, like the clouds swirling above in only one spot. Lily shivered and backed up slightly. "Sirius, I don't trust that place," Lily whispered, her voice trembling slightly. The teen glanced at her, in all truths, he wanted to high-tale it out of there, but he couldn't, he wouldn't. Remus needed him, and he needed Remus.

Lily took a couple steps forward, feeling the work of strong magic in the forest. It was strange, because that forest was the Forbidden Forest, wouldn't Dumbledore realize it? Lily froze, she wondered why Sirius couldn't just sniff out Remus, it must have been a barrier. Sirius had never explained why he didn't just do that of course, but she had her suspicions. In fact, why not just ask him now?

"Sirius," Lily asked, "how come you didn't just sniff Remus out before, and something was stopping you?" The teen looked at her for a minute before a look of recognition dawned on his features.

"Come to think of it Lily," he said, "something was blocking it, I didn't know what."

"Like a barrier?"

"Yeah! That was what it was like," Sirius said.

"In the town?" Lily asked.

"In the town and in the forest," Sirius said, looking at her as if this was not something that was not important. In fact, he had no idea where she was going with this, it reminded him of when Remus would question him, and then he would come up with this explanation to something that explained everything. It bugged him, actually.

Lily's expression grew hard. If the barrier was around the town too, then something wasn't right. In fact, from reading a book she found in the Library, barriers were mainly put up to protect something or keep something from disappearing. In this case, it could be both. Lily turned around to see if the latter was true. It was.

"Sirius!" Lily gasped, "It's gone, the town is gone!"

Sirius whipped around, she was right, it looked as if nothing ever existed there at all. Because nothing ever did Sirius growled to himself it was fake! Only something so powerful could do that though, it wouldn't even make sense even.


"It is very possible Sirius."

"Then who could create something like that, no normal wizard could do that!"

"Then it had to have been the man who took Remus and James."

"How could he have that much power though?"

"I don't know, it seems unbelievable."

"Lily, it is unbelievable."

"It's almost as if the town was created for us…"

"Why though?"

"A distraction to keep us from doing something."

"But what, Lily?"

"I don't know."

Sirius looked at his feet for the longest moment, before glancing back at the edge of the forest. It still had an eerie edge to it, creepy almost. Sirius opened his mouth to speak but something covered it. A hand.

"Quiet Sirius," Lily whispered in his ear, "I hear some-."

Lily's voice was cut off abruptly, as if she disappeared. Sirius whipped around, coming face-to-face with the man who took James. The man smirked, drew up his hand and smacked Sirius on the back of his neck, knocking him out. He chuckled, picking up the unconscious boy and girl and left.

James looked deep in thought, what Remus said was true. Too true, Lily was only muggleborn and the ceremony requires purebloods. Sirius and James were, but not Lily. Remus swayed slightly, tired from the last visit Roy made. The man ignored James most of the time and went for his "little cub". Apparently, his name was Roy, and James was stuck the some way Remus was, chained.

Remus got drugged earlier, so James knew he was close to falling asleep, Roy didn't even bother with James. He also ignored James when the teen tried to stop the man from giving the dose to his friend. James had to know something though.

"Remus," James whispered, noticing the boy trying with all his might to stay awake, "when does the ceremony take place."

"Full moon," Remus muttered before lying down and going to sleep.

Full moon was tonight, which was not a good thing.

He snapped his head up when Roy came back in, carrying two things. "What do you want?" James snapped. Roy dropped the two bodies and walked out, not even offering a reply. James saw two more chains magically wrap around something. When he looked at the objects closer, he realized it was Lily and Sirius. Both out cold.

"Lily, Sirius," James whispered, "not you too."

Sirius stirred, opening tired blue eyes. He sat up, looking around his surroundings. "What the hell? Where the frick am I?" He muttered, but seemed to catch sight of James soon after.

"James? Is it really you?" Sirius whispered, hugging his friend tightly, "oh god, I thought I would never find you!" James pulled away, drawing Lily into his lap and putting his finger on his lips and glanced at the other figure on the bed. Sirius' gaze looked upon the pale, sick looking body.

"Remus," Sirius whispered, feeling a tear slid down his cheek for the first time. He crawled over to where the smaller boy was silently sleeping, though his facial expression held sorrow and fear. Sirius brought the teen into his lap and gently played with his hair.

"You should have accepted my offer," Sirius whispered, "that morning in the Hospital Wing, when I offered to become your mate."

"I know," a groggy voice said below him, "I didn't want to hurt you though."


"Hi, Sirius, I'm sorry."

"Don't be stupid," Sirius whispered, "I got myself into this."

Remus sobbed and clung to him tightly, hoping to never let go. James thought it was strange that Remus woke up that quickly, and he would give them privacy, but he couldn't.

"Remus, I couldn't protect you," Sirius said, "I don't deserve anything from you, but, I love you, I really love you."

Remus sighed contentedly. Finally, everything was perfect, well, almost.

"Its time to become one," Roy said from the doorway, obviously not pleased with the interaction happening between his cub and that boy. Lily scooted even closer to James, but a powerful force swept over all of them, knocking them all unconscious.


Okay that was Chapter Seven. Not a very long story but, all well. Goal: 80