Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Drama/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, maybe sex, and swearing.
Summary: Someone is trying to claim Remus in his sleep, to make him theirs forever. He finally tells his best friend, Sirius Black, but doesn't expect the answer he receives, "then lets mate." What will poor Remus do?

Notes: We have finally reached the climax, are you all excited? Okay, first order of business, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news, this is part one meaning there will be a major cliffhanger at the end. Good news, I was thinking of posting a new story, details will be said in the next chapter. Well, that's it.

On with the story!

-Full Moon: part one-

Sirius, James, Lily, and Remus trudged up to the clearing, obviously scared. Sirius didn't think that a simple rescue mission would turn into this; he had a different ending to all this nonsense. James couldn't even believe he followed Sirius that day out of the hospital wing. Lily didn't see why she decided to help her friends out, because right now, she could be sitting in the common room, reading a nice book. Though Remus didn't look scared, he clearly was.

"Remmie," Sirius whispered into his ear, "is there any way you could botch this up for us?" Remus smiled slightly at Sirius, though his eyes said differently.

"I already know this ritual is going to be a failure," he whispered back. Sirius was taken aback, thinking Remus didn't have anything planned.

"Do you have something going on in that bright head of yours?" Sirius asked, keeping his voice low so Roy wouldn't hear them. Remus shook his head in reply.

"No, the sacrifices are not fit," he said, "You need purebloods." It took a while but something clicked in Sirius' head. Lily wasn't a pureblood, so the ritual was an automatic failure. He still couldn't see any hope in that. The sacrifices were going to be, well, sacrificed, and then Remus would be all alone. Sirius stole a careful look at Remus; the smaller boy seemed just as worried.

"Remus buddy," James whispered into the other teens ear, "love ya man, just saying it now incase the worse were to happen." Sirius had to wonder if Roy was hearing any of this. He seemed like he didn't, which is probably why he doesn't stop them.

Remus smiled apologetically at James; after all, it was his fault they were in this situation. If Moony hadn't of run off that night, this wouldn't be happening right now. His friends wouldn't have to be sacrificed either. "We're here," Roy said. He turned to face them, magically binding the three teens except Remus to the three bloodstained poles.

He pulled Remus close and moved over to the center. Roy forced Remus to kneel down, him directly opposite. He muttered a quick spell, and suddenly, Remus couldn't feel his legs, meaning they were paralyzed.

"I am going to explain the different parts to you all," Roy said, "because if we don't do this right, something bad might happen."

"Screw you!" Sirius snapped.

"Not very nice," Roy said in a mock hurt voice, "you should learn to keep your mouth shut," -he turned to Remus- "or something bad might happen." Sirius closed his mouth; thinking blurting out wasn't the smartest of ideas. James glanced at him worriedly, not thinking Sirius would just back down like that. After all, Roy wouldn't really hurt Remus, he needed him.

"The first part," Roy said again, making sure he had their attention, "is called the blood ceremony. I will be taking the blood of one sacrifice, going in the specific order, Sirius Black, James Potter, and Lily Evans. The blood will be painted over the ground where Remus and I are kneeling. It is an offering, so to say.

"The second part is called the cleansing ceremony. I will take the blood of the sacrifice and cleanse myself and Remus with it. If I do say so myself, that is the best part. That will take many hours, because the magic will have to take place. During those hours I will be leaving, so Remus can offer himself to the ceremony.

"The third part is called the sacrificial bonding ceremony. I will take the blood of another sacrifice and offer it to the ceremony. All of you will be alive during these three parts, because at the end, you will be put through the pain, and then be killed."

"What pain?" Sirius asked chokingly.

"The pain of two werewolves inside your bodies. For the moment Remus and I will switch places with a normal human. The sacrifice must feel the pain that we go through in order for it to work. In the meantime, Remus and I will know the joys of not having a dangerous, yet powerful, creature inside of our minds everyday," Roy explained, grinning at the look of horror on all of their faces.

Lily clamped her eyes shut, maybe if she wished hard enough, it would all just go away. She was frightened, scared for not only herself, but for her friends. James looked horrified for a different reason, he knew that the ritual will be a failure, but Remus had told him that one of the werewolves will die if it is. Sirius didn't know that much, only that it will be a failure and James thought it best that he didn't know.

"The first part will now commence," Roy's voice boomed over them, "I offer the blood of Sirius Black." Remus had to wonder who he was speaking to, but that was soon answered when he turned his head to look at Sirius. It was a massive werewolf, clearly a spirit but creepy enough standing behind his lover, its intent gaze on them all. He gasped, falling over and trying to back away but the spell on his legs held strong.

"Very good Remus," Roy said cruelly, "you were able to see the ruler of this ceremony. I'm impressed; my first mate couldn't even see him, which means you have more power." The werewolf rumbled the ground, causing Sirius to shiver as it breathed down his neck. Roy came right up next to him, flashing a golden dagger.

"Hold still now," he chuckled.

"I can't exactly go anywhere dumb ass," Sirius muttered.

Roy chuckled, grabbing the boy's arm, yanking at it. Sirius squirmed uselessly, trying to free himself, but to no avail. "Sirius," James whispered, feeling the most fear he had ever felt in all of his life. Remus covered his eyes with a hand, resisting the urge to cry. Lily turned her head; she had a weak stomach when it came to blood, not to mention this was her friend.

Roy brought the dagger up, slicing slowly down the soft skin. Sirius bit his lip, not wanting to give this freak the pleasure of his pain filled cries. His flesh was burning, almost as if it was on fire. Roy went back up the wound after he stopped just above the veins in Sirius' wrist. He muttered a quick spell, keeping the dagger in the wound and making all the blood trapped in a small bubble.

Remus let one tear slip down his face, he was unable to watch as Sirius -his Sirius- was put through these tortures. Sirius himself was close to tears, the burning and pain almost too much to bear. He whimpered as the golden menace was ripped out of his skin.

"The blood will now be spread across the ceremonial sections," Roy called. The werewolf stepped out from behind Sirius, moving through him. Lily gasped; the size of the beast was bigger than the first one they fought. James whimpered, feeling the need to scream, not only did this thing look like it was about eat them, he could see things inside the beasts belly, moving around frantically. Apparently Remus saw it to, a look of disgust and nausea on his features.

The werewolf opened his mouth wide at Sirius, the teen trying to get away. He lowered his head towards the blood, completely covering Sirius' arm with his mouth. "Drink it all up and spread it across the ceremonial sections," Roy said, almost soothing to the werewolf. The beast turned his head, Remus able to see Sirius' arm free of any blood and completely healed.

The werewolf made his way over to where Remus was sitting. He lowered his head, opening his mouth again and licking all around the trembling boy. After he brought his massive head away, Sirius' blood was all around him, mixing with the dirt. Remus shuddered, a creeping shiver running up and down his spine.

He couldn't get away now, not with all the blood around him. He was certain that Sirius' wound wasn't that serious, but anything was possible in the wizarding world.

"Remus," Sirius whispered. He was feeling light headed, a buzz in his ears. He felt the need to throw up, but the bile would never come. "Remus, forgive me," he muttered, feeling the need to just sleep, yes, that sounded good. Of course, something awoke him abruptly.

"Now is not the time for sleep," Roy said, "you'll get all the time in the world when you're dead, but not now."

Roy stepped over to where Remus was kneeling, frozen with fright. He reached out his bloodstained hands and cupped the frail boys chin, smearing the sticky substance on the boy's neck with his thumbs. Remus shuddered, reaching up to pull the hands away but to no avail. Having Sirius' blood on him was disgusting, but oddly pleasurable, in a sick way.

Roy grabbed Remus' hair, drawing him closer, the large werewolf watching with immense eyes. The older werewolf put his hand over the boy's heart, emitting a red glow. He snaked his other arm around the boy's waist drawing him closer. The werewolf must see the power of the mate before accepting it Roy thought. He pressed harder, a barely visible green light starting to emit from Remus' body.

"What is that?" Lily whispered, the green light steadily getting stronger.

"Its Remus' level of magic," James answered, "Roy must be measuring it with a spell."

"A powerful spell," Sirius added, feeling weaker than normal.

"Sirius, are you alright?" Lily whispered, still teary eyed.

"I just got my arm sliced open Lily," Sirius replied dryly, "how do you think I feel?"

"Sirius," James snapped, "she was just asking how you were, and you don't have to be snippy with her."

"Wake up James!" Sirius hissed back, "we are all about to be killed! You think I wouldn't be a little snippy!"

"SHUT UP!" Roy's voice banged throughout the clearing.

Lily shut her eyes, fresh tears awakening, "I could take that Voldemort guy any day instead of this." James shut his eyes too, feeling hopeless. If anything, Remus was in the most danger, Sirius realized, they were about to be killed but he would have to live inside that guys body for the rest of his life.

James couldn't stop staring at that werewolf, the things floating frantically inside its stomach. They looked oddly like…

"Souls," Lily whispered suddenly.

"What?" Sirius and James asked at the same time.

"The things inside the werewolf," she said, "they're souls. I have been doing some reading…"

"What a shock there," Sirius muttered.

"Shut up," Lily hissed, "well you never really told me all about the details about this rescue mission, but now I am quite certain. In a wizarding library in Hogsmeade the owner showed me a specific book in the back after I had found about Remus' condition. It explained the mating ceremonies, the normal is two beings whether one is a werewolf or both are, they have sexual relations and the werewolf bites the other, claiming the other as theirs.

"The other one was a more permanent, where the werewolf marks its mate on the full moon. Usually if there is only one werewolf, it can't go that way because, naturally, the other non-werewolf will be eaten.

"The most permanent, the sacrificial mating ceremony, includes three sacrifices, two males and a female specifically. In ancient times werewolves marked each other this way, by becoming one you see. Becoming one is mostly an incorrect way of putting it; more like the more powerful one gives the soul of the weaker one to the werewolf watching the ceremony. Not all werewolves are the same, like this one, you can't find it in another ceremonial circle. Anyway, the werewolf consumes the soul and gives its power to the stronger one."

"So, that one is a trick," James said.

"Basically," Lily replied, "you don't become one at all, if you are the weaker one, you are fed to the werewolf master, which is the one watching the ceremony. It only benefits for one. This was a forbidden ceremony though, only those with specific permission could do it. You can't make ceremonial circles anymore though, you have to find them."

"Okay," Sirius said, "so Roy found this one."

"Only werewolves can see it," Lily said, "but when it is close to power, normal humans can too. Like us, when we first saw it, it was close to power, so we were able to see it."

"And you got all of this from a book," James said, disbelieving.

"Well yes," Lily replied, "I told the bookstore owner that I knew a werewolf, and wanted to do research. His son was a werewolf, but disappeared without a trace. So he let me read that book."

A cry of pain caught them all off guard. Sirius whipped his head around to see where it came from. Remus and Roy were still in their same positions, but that red glow had completely surrounded the teen. His face was scrunched in pain, the red glow slowly seeping into his body. A gasp escaped his lips and everything was quiet.

Roy removed his hand away and wrapped it around Remus' waist, where his other arm was. A flare of green light erupted from their werewolf friend and disappeared as quickly as it came. James glanced at the massive beast overhead. It seemed excited, almost as if Remus was acceptable for the ceremony.

Albus Dumbledore removed his half moon spectacles. He had seen something in the forbidden forest; it was green flash of light that reached above the tall trees. He narrowed his tired blue eyes; maybe he was seeing things again. He paused when the door slowly creaked open. Minister Fudge stood in front of him, a troubled look on his features.

"Dumbledore," he said, motioning to a seat in front of the headmaster's desk, "may I?"

"Of course, of course," Albus replied sitting down behind his desk as well.

"I want to discuss something with you," Fudge continued, "not only with that upstart Voldemort, who seems to be rising in more power, but an energy reading near this school."

"Yes, yes of course," Dumbledore replied, still smiling, though the twinkle in his eyes had disappeared, "we shall discuss Lord Voldemort later, right now, I think we need to talk about that energy reading, because I have been feeling it grow in power ever since the children disappeared."

"Ah yes," replied Fudge, looking closely a sheet of paper, "Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter, and Lily Evans."

"Those are the ones," Dumbledore said calmly, though his patience was running thin.

"Yes, in-indeed they a-are," Fudge stuttered, suddenly feeling nervous, "we have pinpointed in the location somewhere in the Forbidden Forest." Dumbledore was slightly shocked, he didn't know it was that close.

"We were thrown off too," Fudge said, catching the slight shock in the old man's demeanor, "the energy was indicating to be coming from afar until one of our employees went to check it out. Did you know a wizarding town was right beyond the forest?"

"There has never been one," Dumbledore replied.

"Apparently a barrier had been put up for all these years, until the power of it slipped only recently," Fudge informed, reading the files critically.

Dumbledore sighed, rubbing his temples. What was this all about?

Remus gasped, his energy suddenly gone. He tried to pry himself out of Roy's arms but it was no use, in his weakened state the man clearly outmatched him -he already did but still. Roy seemed preoccupied though. This was either good or bad. The good part was, was that he could escape, the bad part was, was that he didn't have the energy or the time for him to get his friends -and lover- free and then he escape himself. The situation was actually bad either way. Remus slowly followed Roy's gaze to the massive werewolf over head. It was looking intent, as if in thought.

He lowered his head and ran his tongue through Remus briefly before turning to Roy and doing the same thing. A look of confusion passed in his eyes before nodding in approval. He growled lowly in his throat and continued to watch the ceremony again. Roy turned back around to Remus.

"Now we begin the second stage of the bonding ceremony," his voice rang out, "I will now offer the blood of James Potter." The large werewolf nodded, watching Remus intently, his massive red eyes calculating the boy. Roy walked over to the frozen still James. He drew out a red dagger that time, flashing it in a mocking manner in front of the boy.

"Since this requires a lot of blood," Roy laughed cruelly, "I'll have to cut both arms and your stomach." James shivered, trying to squirm out of the bonds holding him.

"Stop it Roy, please," Remus begged, "I don't want this, why won't you stop?" Roy turned around to face his mate, who was looking at him big amber eyes. Sirius looked at Remus as well, knowing that Roy wouldn't stop but admired his courage.

"I'm sorry my little cub," Roy said soothingly, "but I can't stop now, this isn't for your benefit, this is just for me. Just like these three, you are only a tool for my success." Sirius growled low in his throat, how he dare just use his lover like that. How he dare mock them!

Roy turned back to face the struggling James, he flashed the dagger again and sliced open his left arm. James bit back a cry of pain. The dagger -still in the skin- ran back up to where it started, cutting deeper into his skin. Roy muttered the same spell, making the blood get caught all into a small bubble. He continued to his other arm, only running the dagger three times up and down, getting more blood. James was nearly in tears, the pain was incredible, Sirius only suffered one arm, he had to suffer both and his stomach.

Roy smirked, and moved to his stomach. He put his hand on the back of the hilt, holding the blade horizontally. Before he thrust the blade into the young teens stomach, he looked up into his pain filled, hazel eyes.

"This will hurt," he chuckled.

"Oh haha," James gasped.

Roy drove the blade -tip first- into his gut, quickly muttering the spell so the blood spurting out will be caught inside the bubble like shield. James whimpered, but refused to cry out. Roy drove the blade upward, still in the skin, and stopped right before reaching his heart. James gasped the fire in his chest increasing. Roy pulled out the now completely red dagger and shook it for the remaining blood to come off.

"Perfect substance," Roy muttered, licking the blade where blood still was. James bit his lip, the burning in his flesh unbearable. The spirit like werewolf bent his head and did the same maneuver as he did to Sirius. Remus sobbed, his friends being cut open like a turkey on Thanksgiving. Lily cried, not only was James being hurt, his blood was everywhere.

The massive werewolf tasted the blood gleefully; it had been a while since a ceremony had occurred in his ceremonial circle. The purebloods, however rotten they may have been, had delicious blood. Roy went over to where Remus was kneeling, he watching as the werewolf master made his way over to where they were.

The werewolf lowered his head and licked Remus and Roy fully, blood appearing all over them. Remus screamed, trying to wipe the blood off of him, but to no avail, something was keeping it on him. Lily deposited the contents inher stomach, feeling sick. James screwed his eyes shut, there was no pain but his friend was painted over with his blood. Sirius did the only thing he could do…he vomited gracefully.

"I love this feeling," Roy whispered, though everyone heard it, "the blood of a young boy all over me. Enjoy it while you can Remus, you only get this once." Remus shuddered; yeah this guy was definitely insane.

"Now I must leave," Roy said, "the werewolf master is going to cleanse you now, so the blood will soon be wiped off. I will come back when the werewolf master calls to me. For now, have fun won't you?"

Remus tried rubbing it off again, but nothing at all happened.

"As for you three," Roy said, turning to the three tied to the pole, "you cannot witness this. So you will have to go to sleep for a while." With a wave of his hand, all three of them were bound limp to the poles, unconscious.

"Oh and Remus," Roy said before leaving, "This will hurt." Remus' tearful eyes widened as a burning sensation spread throughout his entire body. A pain filled scream filled the air. Roy smirked, thepained screamlike music to his ears.


There you go, part one. Part two will come shortly. Remember, Voldemort is just coming in : 90