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Chapter 24

She felt Inuyasha's presence before he showed himself; the mark had begun to burn with fury, but not at her.


Kagome whirled around, but a hard hand on the back of her neck thrust her back behind her tall companion. She fell and lay sprawled on her backside in the tall grasses.

When Inuyasha began yelling at Sesshoumaru, the taiyoukai brought his arm back around, going for the hilt of Tokijin. "Stay back, Inuyasha or the girl dies." To prove his point, Sesshoumaru threw his arm to the side and shoved the tip of the blade of his sword against her neck.

Seeing the evil blade against Kagome's throat, Inuyasha came to a halt. "Let her go, Sesshoumaru," he called out. He was anxious to unleash Kaze no kizu on his brother's ass, but he was afraid to hit Kagome as well. "Kagome, are you okay? Did he hurt you?"

Kagome felt the cold steel of the sword cutting into her flesh and thought the better of shaking her head. "Inuyasha, I'm fine. Where's Miroku? Didn't he come with you?"

A grimace crossed Inuyasha's face. "No. I left his sorry ass behind, of course," he replied bitterly.

"Silence! Give me the sword, Inuyasha," said Sesshoumaru, pressing the blade harder against Kagome.

"Sesshoumaru-" Inuyasha began, but was interrupted by Sesshoumaru leaping suddenly at him. With a single smooth motion, Inuyasha drew the Tetsusaiga from its resting place and easily blocked his brother's attack.

From where Kagome was still sitting, she watched breathlessly as the inu brothers dueled it out. But as they drew closer to her, she jumped up and moved away quickly. Occasionally, she would have to run further away to avoid the swinging blades and flying claws until at last she ran far enough away to be able to follow the proceedings from a safe distance. Finding an isolated boulder, she situated herself comfortably upon it, waiting for Miroku to show up. Sure enough, he did.

Soon she spotted Kirara flying overhead and Kagome could see her husband staring down at her. She slid off her boulder, waved up at him and waited for him to descend, but for some reason he never did. She could just see him reach for the rosary that sealed his hand and frowned. Behind him sat Akira, who grabbed his arm and was yelling, his hand pointing at something somewhere behind her...

Kagome could hear the flying poisonous insects before she could sense Naraku's foul presence. Turning cautiously around, Kagome saw the evil hanyou descending upon her, accompanied by a swarm of his youkai. Instinctively, she reached back for her bow and arrows, but realized that she hadn't brought them with her.

Inuyasha screamed for her to get out of the way when he loosed the Kaze no kizu in Naraku's direction and she dived to the side onto the soft grass, covering her head with her arms. Her little boulder was destroyed and from somewhere, she could hear Miroku shouting her name. She lifted her head and looked to her left. Kirara was touching down. Miroku and Akira, as well as Shippo, jumped off.

Her husband started towards her but the Saimyoshou were soon surrounding her, their incessant buzzing in her ears driving her mad. Through the insect cloud that enveloped her, she could also see that Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru had ceased fighting. Inuyasha attempted to run forward to help Kagome, but Sesshoumaru blocked his way and went on to attack Naraku. Not wanting to ignore Kagome's plight, but not wanting to be outdone either, Inuyasha soon followed suit and went after Naraku.

As for Miroku, he rushed forward, ready to suck in the saimyoshou that covered his woman. Kagome could see that he was thinking of doing it and she screamed, "No! Don't, Miroku! Please!"

Miroku's face hardened with resolve for a moment while the fingers of his left hand fiddled with the rosary on his right. "I'm sorry, sweetheart," he muttered as he began to remove his beads.

Once more did Akira stay Miroku's hand. "You don't need your kazaana," Akira told him. "I believe Hiro gave you something to help you, right?"

Instantly, Miroku brightened. "Right!" he exclaimed and pulled the small velvet bag out from his back pocket. Clutching it, he concentrated on the insects. The wind around him began to blow softly and steadily. A blast of air swooped down, quickly removed the bugs from around Kagome and carried them away.

Once they were gone, he ran forward to grab Kagome. When his arms were around her, she clutched at the front of his shirt. "What were you thinking? You know you can't suck in those things!" she admonished him with wide, frightened eyes. "They'll poison you! You can't risk something like that, Miroku. Your kazaana is already..."

Cupping her face in his hands, he smiled down at her. "I don't care, Kagome. I would walk through the fires of hell to save you," he responded, brushing the tip of his nose against hers.

"What the hell are you doing here, Miroku?" Inuyasha called out, running up to them. When he got close to them, he sheathed his sword. Perhaps now he could steal off with Kagome...

But Miroku sensed it. With one fluid motion, he pulled Kagome behind him and blocked Inuyasha's passage with his staff. "Ah ah, keep your distance, Inuyasha. What do you think I'm doing here? I'm here to rescue my wife, obviously."

"My mate, you mean."

"No, I mean my wife."

Kagome beamed up at her tall, handsome husband. As she reached up to give him a kiss, her head began to pound. Her vision suddenly clouded and she had a dark premonition of something terrible about to happen. Naraku would make his move!

Grabbing Miroku's hand, she dragged him back to where Kirara, Shippo and Akira stood. "Go, now," she said, shoving him towards Kirara. "Please, Miroku. You must leave."


"Just go!" she cried and when she saw that he wasn't going to budge, she began to draw out his energy as she had done before, mixing it with her own. The wave of protectiveness swept over her and she felt satisfied that he was safe now.

Neither of them heard the shouts of Inuyasha and Akira, but Miroku's head jerked up when something slammed into Kagome's back with great force. He frowned and opened his eyes to look down at his beloved's face. Kagome's sweet countenance was marred such a terrible look of pain that he took a step back, bumping into Kirara.

A tip of one of Naraku's repulsive tentacles had penetrated Kagome's back and was now sticking out of the front of her right shoulder. He looked down, but there was nothing except a sticky scarlet stain that had splashed onto his shirt. Kagome's blood.

By rights, he should have been pierced too but he soon figured out why. "Kagome, no," he whispered when he realized that there was a barrier around him. It had been just strong enough to protect him...

His fear turned to anger and he screamed her name as Naraku jerked his tentacle back, taking Kagome with it. She cried out once in pain and then lost consciousness, her body going limp.

The dark hanyou hissed, furious at having missed the chance to take down the two who were the most dangerous to his well-being. But at least he had the more powerful of the pair in his grasp... and she possessed the jewel.

There was loud cursing coming from Inuyasha and the flash of steel as he brought the Tetsusaiga down. Kaze no kizu tore across the ground and headed straight for Naraku, but he jumped out of the way before being hit. With an evil laugh, Naraku hovered high in the air and brought Kagome close to him. "Many thanks to you all for handing the miko and jewel over to me so easily, but especially to Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha. So kind of you. Sesshoumaru-sama? Did you know you were being used? Oh, that reminds me. Kagura, did you bring the taijiya?"

Naraku's dark head turned back to look at the taiyoukai, whose eyes burned with rage. "She told me it would be easy to retrieve the miko once you and your beloved brother began fighting. Do you realize that nothing else seems to matter when the two of you are at war?"

"You bastard!" roared Inuyasha and rushed in to try to get Kagome, but was knocked out of the way by Sesshoumaru, who charged ahead, the Tokijin held tightly in his grasp.

Kagura floated above them on her feather. Beside her was Sango, who peered down on them all with a look of triumph and contempt all over her face. "Did you kill it? That thing growing inside her?" she yelled at Naraku.

Miroku started forward, but Akira held him back. "Don't! She's just trying to get a rise out of you," he whispered hurriedly.

"Well, it worked. Take her down," growled the houshi, turning to Akira and brought his cursed hand up. "Or I will." The rosary jangled as he clenched his fist.

Akira studied Miroku for a moment then nodded. He stepped away from the houshi and raised his arms to the sky. The air around them swirled wildly, very nearly knocking Miroku down. The tempest descended on the large floating feather, buffetting it about in the mad gales until finally Sango was thrown from it. She fell to earth with a thud.

After seeing Sango fall, Miroku felt his anger subside a little. Even after all she'd done, he couldn't completely hate her. When she hit the ground, he ran to her and turned her over on her back. He knew that Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru wouldn't allow Naraku to leave, so he felt he could quickly help Sango out.

Grabbing her wrist, he felt for a pulse and thankfully, she still had one. Carefully, he picked her unconscious body up and ran over to Kirara. "Bring Sango back to Kaede, Kirara. Take care of her," he instructed the fire-neko. He positioned her just so that she lay forward on her stomach on Kirara's back.

A hand grabbed at his shirt and Miroku looked down to see Sango holding onto his shirt with a death grip. "Sango-?"

"Don't you dare...leave me." Her wine-colored eyes glared up at him. "Damned traitor."

"Goodbye, Sango," he said and clipped her on the chin with his fist. With a sigh, her head fell face down when she lost consciousness.

Akira turned to Miroku. "Shall I go with her?" he asked quietly.

Shippo was hanging off of his neck and stared up at Akira's emotionless face, an adoring look in his huge green eyes. "I'll go with you, Akira-sama!" he chirped happily up at his new hero.

Rubbing his forehead, Miroku nodded, a small smile on his face. "Yes, please. If she wakes up, make sure that she doesn't cause Kaede-sama any trouble."

"Sure." Akira gave him a small salute and climbed onto Kirara's back.

Shippo settled himself more comfortably against his idol but turned to look at Miroku. "Miroku? Kagome will be okay, right?"

Miroku rubbed the top of Shippo's head. "You'd better believe it, Shippo," he answered confidently.

After Kirara leapt up into the air and flew off, Miroku quickly located his staff that was laying in the grass nearby and picked it up. He heaved a sigh and turned his attention back to Kagome.

She was wrapped up in one of Naraku's filthy looking tentacles, held away from Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha, who were both ferociously fighting Naraku. 'You'd better still be alive, Kagome!' he thought and ran off to join the fray.


The pain was excruciating and very nearly unbearable, but she clung grimly onto consciousness. Thankfully, Kagome had come up with the bright idea to play dead and it had worked. The thing that pierced her shoulder stopped pushing into her and she felt something close to relief.

She could sense Naraku moving away from the two inu brothers and prayed that they wouldn't come any closer.

Cracking one eye open, she covertly watched the brothers. Just as she anticipated, the two white-haired bakas got in each other's way in their eagerness to attack Naraku with their big bad swords.

Now all she had to do was wait. Wait...wait...wait...

"OSUWARI!" she screamed.

Inuyasha dropped like a lead balloon right on top of Sesshoumaru, pinning the already enraged taiyoukai to the ground. Quickly, Kagome brought her hands up and grabbed a hold of the part of Naraku that was still protruding out of her chest. Purifying energy flooded out of her every pore and shot straight up the tentacle to Naraku's body.

The hanyou roared with agony and bucked violently, trying to throw her off, but his slimy appendage was still wrapped around her body.

When he managed to release her, she was flung away and landed hard, face-down, on those soft grasses that no longer felt soft. With the breath knocked out of her, she could not call for help. But when it did return, she could feel a sharp pain in her abdomen and something warm and sticky between her legs. The baby!

Rolling over onto her side, she glanced over to where Inuyasha was just now struggling to his feet and Sesshoumaru, who appeared to be torn between beating Inuyasha to a pulp or continue fighting Naraku. Faintly, over the noise over the sounds of battle, she could hear Miroku shouting her name.

"Mi-roku!" she yelled as loud as she could, but all that came out was a croak. The cramps slammed into her again and she curled up into a fetal position and waited for them to subside.

From beneath her shirt, the jewel began to glow and vibrate. It startled her and for the moment, the cramps were forgotten. Grabbing the glowing glass ball, she ripped it off of the chain that secured it around her neck and stared into its swirling pink depths.

The light emanating from it began to pulsate and she felt the power within her grow and grow until she felt she would burst at the seams. Kagome screamed as her body, her entire world, began to expand and grow heavier. She felt terrified and she knew that she would explode at any moment. Her body was never meant to contain all this energy!

But something warm wrapped itself around her and she felt her body shrink somewhat, the energy slightly loosening its hold on her but not releasing her completely.

"Kagome, daijobu?" It was Miroku, his breath warm in her ear. So that's where the jewel's power went... to the only other person whose body could house such holy energy.

"Mir-oku..." she panted, feeling completely helpless under the weight of the Shikon's strength. "It's... too much..."

His arms tightened. "I know, sweetheart, I know. Don't worry. I'm with you." He rose, still holding her close against him. "It's time to finish this."

Weakly, she nodded and was thankful for the support of his arms. Her knees were so weak, she knew she wouldn't be able to stand on her own.

The wind around them began to pick up and Kagome shivered. "Miroku?" she asked in a breathy voice, unable to turn and look at him. Her body felt even heavier and she could barely hold her head up.

"Inuyasha! Sesshoumaru! Get out of here if you value your lives!" yelled Miroku over her head. Kagome frowned and wondered just what the hell he was planning to do...

An icy blast of wind raced across her flesh with a little something extra mixed in with it. That told her exactly what he was going to do. The wind...

Which was why he told Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru to get out of the way.

Howls filled the air as the wind blew insanely around them, but still Kagome was unable to look up. "So... heavy..." she whispered as her hair whipped around her head.

Miroku shifted his arms and suddenly Kagome began to feel her weighty burden disperse rapidly. Tipping her head up, she was finally able to see.

The sight was incredibly beautiful. The howls belonged to Naraku, who was unable to escape the lovely, glowing pink tendrils of cold air that swirled around him. His youkai flesh was sizzling from the holy energy and Kagome felt a great sense of satisfaction... She knew what to do.

Leaving the haven of her husband's arms, she walked right into tempest and flung out her arms. The space around her brightened to such an extent that she had to shut her eyes, but it did not matter. She didn't need her eyes to see what was going on.

Bringing the Shikon no tama to her chest, she clasped it between her hands and bowed her head.

Miroku, staring with such overwhelming pride at his beautiful, brave little wife, kept the winds blowing. The energy swirling around Kagome and Naraku intensified so brightly, that he could no longer watch.

There was an explosion and Miroku was knocked back several feet. When he looked over to where Kagome and Naraku had been, he saw only Kagome. She stood still for a moment, then dropped to her knees. Her slight figure was bent over and to his horror, he saw something sticking out of her back.

"Kagome!" he screamed and jumped to his feet. But just as he made a move towards her, a red and white streak zipped past him and snatched up Kagome. "Inuyasha! Get back here!" he yelled after Inuyasha, but the hanyou was already long gone.


Several hours later, Miroku was flying high above the trees on Kirara. She had returned dutifully to him and along with Shippo and Akira, who was having a much-needed cigarette, the little group scoured the surrounding areas for Inuyasha the thief and the kidnapped Kagome .

During the ride, Miroku looked down at his right hand. It was just a hand now. An ordinary, plain, void-less man's hand. His courageous Kagome had killed Naraku and ended the curse. But at what price? That disgusting piece of Naraku's tentacle he had seen protruding out of her body... Had he managed to kill her before he met his own demise?

His chest clenched agonizingly at the thought of her dying...and taking his child with her.

When they finally picked up on their scents, they were led right back to Kaede's village. Night had fallen by the time the tired group marched to Kaede's tiny home and went in. Kagome was lying on her back, eyes closed, her hands resting on her belly. Inuyasha was crouched right beside her, the look on his face was full of abject misery. To Miroku, that meant only one thing.

"No..." whispered Miroku, sinking to his knees on the dirt floor, his world collapsing all around him.

Watching the heart-rending scene, Akira strode silently across the room and knelt beside Kagome. His back was to Miroku. "No need to break out the black clothing, Miroku. She's only sleeping." He lifted her shirt, much to the objections of both Miroku and Inuyasha. Gently, he prodded her shoulder and her abdomen, where Miroku said she had been hit and penetrated. He frowned delicately. So...where were the gaping wounds that were supposed to be there?

Suspicious green eyes slid over to where Inuyasha was sitting, watching him intently in return. The hanyou had something to do with this miraculous healing, he was sure of it.

As he opened his mouth to ask Inuyasha what he had done to Kagome, the look in the hanyou's eyes stopped him. Inuyasha was silently pleading with him not to say anything. 'I love her,' he mouthed at Akira then dropped his gaze on the sleeping miko.

'So that's what happened,' Akira thought with a mental sigh. 'Eh, its none of my business.' Aloud he said, while covering her up with a blanket, "We should just let her sleep for now, Miroku. Come, I need to pick some herbs and you shall accompany me. Would you like to help me too, Shippo-chan?" He helped Miroku up off the floor and pulled him towards the doorway.

"Hai!" cried the kitsune and leapt up onto his shoulder.

Later, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara waited outside while Akira worked his magic. Kaede had gone over to another one of the huts to visit with a friend and have a bit of sake. Inuyasha was nowhere to be found.


A couple of days later, Akira pronounced that Kagome was "well enough" to go home. Actually, he'd kept her asleep the whole time, inwardly fearing that there might be some internal damage that needed to heal before she could get up and move on her own. And of course, Akira decided to let Miroku think that it was the elf's special medicine that healed her so quickly, as it had been with him when Sesshoumaru tried to kill him off.

Unfortunately, Miroku had asked a question about the baby. Akira had to tell Miroku that the child had been lost. He really hated to be the bringer of bad news, but the houshi took it a little more calmly than he would have thought. He was just thankful that Kagome had not been lost in the process.

As for the pesky hanyou, Inuyasha had privately come to Akira and thanked him for not spilling the beans. "I don't know how you figured it out, but thanks for not saying anything."

Akira, who was having another much-needed cigarette, glared at Inuyasha. "Let's get a couple of things straight, okay? I didn't do it to help you," he said, exhaling in the hanyou's face. "I did it because Miroku didn't need that kind of aggravation at the time. But... its not really my business, is it? What's done is done and even if I had said anything at the time, there was nothing anybody could have done about it." He paused a moment to take another drag then added, "And all I want is for you to leave her and Miroku in peace. Got it? You and that slayer chick made their lives miserable and the least you could do is let them spend their lives in peace."

Inuyasha returned the glare. "She's still mine," he hissed. "And what's done is done, remember? Nothing can change that fact." With a snarl, he bounded away and was gone.


Taking advantage of Inuyasha's absence, Miroku and Kagome quickly said goodbye to all their friends. Sango, of course, wasn't there. As soon as Kirara had brought her back from the battle, she had taken off and hadn't been heard from since. But Kohaku's body had been found, not far from the battle site, sans shard. Kagura and Kanna had both vanished, also, never to be seen again.

Kouga and his buddies turned up in order to see Kagome, but of course, she was asleep. He mentioned to Miroku, quite sourly, that his shards had disappeared right out of his calves and he hadn't been able to find them.

Apparently, Miroku thought, that in order to defeat Naraku, the jewel had to complete itself... which it obviously did. For it lay, as it had before, against Kagome's breast, still quite attached to the gold chain and completely whole. Odd, he could have sworn she had snapped it off...

"Fare thee well, Kagome-sama," said Kaede tearfully and hugged the miko before turning to hug Miroku, who gave her a kiss on the cheek. "And fare well to thee as well, Miroku-sama. I shall miss you both."

Even more tears were shed when it came time to say goodbye to Shippo and Kirara. Both had decided to stay to protect the village along with Inuyasha. "Don't cry, Kagome! We'll see you again someday, I know it!"

Kagome hugged her two tiny friends tightly. "I hope so, Shippo-chan! I shall miss you both so very much!"

Miroku handed Kaede several fudas. "I trust that these shall hold for a very long time," he said, blessing them. "Perhaps, it would be wise to just destroy the well."

"We shall wait and see, Miroku-sama," murmured the old miko and bowed to him.

Akira stood patiently beside the well while Shippo bawled into his shirt. He was about to remove the weeping kit from his person when Shippo's head snapped up. Bright green eyes narrowed and stared hard at the elf, who had the grace to look somewhat surprised.

"Ne, Akira-kun," whispered the kitsune conspiratorily, "will I, Kirara and baka Inuyasha live to see Kagome again?"

Sighing, Akira's eyes closed for moment. When he opened them again, he leaned over and whispered in the kit's ear.

"Let's go, Akira," Miroku said, flinging a leg over the side of the well, "before you-know-who comes back. Kagome? Come, my love."

Kagome, still weeping and waving to all, went to her husband. Their elven companion had already jumped in and disappeared. With a final wave to their friends, Miroku and Kagome took their last journey back through the Bone Eater's Well.


On the other side, Miroku and Kagome sealed the well while Akira watched. "The power is still there, but greatly diminished," he muttered, lighting up.

Miroku sighed, a sad smile lighting his face. "That's good. Inuyasha shouldn't be able to come through now." He took Kagome's hand and kissed it. "Now we can start our family again. In peace."

Kagome nodded and clutched at his hand and the three of them walked out of the well house.

As for the elf, he reached up for the sky and stretched. "Well, I guess I should go back home. Hiro must be worried about me."

"What about Yuki? Won't he be worried about you, too?" asked Kagome, going to the elf and giving him a hug.

Giving her a miniscule smile, Akira returned the hug, shaking his head. "I want to say no, but I can sense him freaking out from here. Baka Yuki." He scowled, then sighed. "We'll see each other again. Hmm...I believe Hiro will call you tomorrow to invite you to have dinner with us around sevenish. He's planning something good. Oden, I think..." He gave Kagome a wink and waved goodbye to both of them.

After Akira had gone, Miroku suddenly turned to Kagome. "Do you feel that?" asked the exhausted houshi, looking around.

Kagome nodded as she let her eyes roam all over the busy shrine grounds. Several people walked around, talking either with her grandfather or her mother. A young couple stood underneath Goshinboku, laughing lightheartedly and holding hands. But there was no doubt of it. A youkai was nearby.

She grabbed Miroku's hand again but the youkai had begun to move away. They both sighed a sigh of relief and Miroku put his arms around his woman. "That's odd, I don't remember sensing youkai here before."

"I didn't either."

"I suppose it's reasonable to assume that some youkai survived to the present day. Perhaps their auras aren't as strong as they used to be. Oh well, I wouldn't worry about that too much. The well is sealed now and I doubt that a mere hanyou like Inuyasha could have survived until today." Smiling softly, he laced his fingers with Kagome's. "Come, let's go. I'm sure you must be as tired as I am. Or are you?" He waggled his eyebrows suggestively at her.

With a joyful laugh, Kagome nodded. "I think I could go for a 'nap' right about now." She was glad she had come clean about what Inuyasha had done to her. Of course, Miroku never blamed her and instead, crushed her to him, saying that he adored her even more than ever because she had wanted to live to be with him.

Swinging her up into his arms, he carried her off to the house.


Down the street, a car door slammed shut as the engine started up. The one behind the wheel sat back against the leather seat with a feeling of satisfaction. Kagome had made it. She was safe... and Akira had been right. They would all see her again.

In the back seat, a clawed hand reached up and grabbed hold of the comfortably worn baseball cap, and removed it. A mass of silvery white hair fell around his shoulders and his silken, triangular ears twitched, happy to be free from their confinement.

"Is she okay?" asked a smooth, deep voice from the driver's seat. The white-haired man shifted on the back seat, crossing his long legs and adjusting his silvery grey silk tie.

"Yeah, she's okay."

"Thank kami."

Inuyasha's golden eyes glowed with satisfaction as they pulled away from the curb and drove slowly towards the shrine's entrance. All he needed to do now was wait. It might take a few decades, but then, hadn't he waited over five hundred years to see her again? His mate... He waited so very long to see his mate again.

"Stop here for a moment," Inuyasha said.

The car was brought to a halt and he turned to look up at the shrine. Kagome was with him right now and she was happy... and when Miroku would take her to her room to make love to her, Inuyasha would know about it.

After Naraku had nearly killed her, Inuyasha had stolen her away from Miroku and had taken her deep into the nearby forest, where he removed the bit of tentacle from her stomach. The tiny life inside her had already perished and but she indicated that she knew that. Her pain was great and despite that, Inuyasha could not help himself. He told her she would survive to see Miroku again, but he would have to complete the mating. Once she was his mate, he would be able to share his powers of rejuvenation with her.

Completely helpless and near death, Kagome had weakly agreed. She did not want to become his mate, but she wanted nothing more than to see her husband again and he knew it. She had told him so.

She wanted to live... and be with Miroku.

At that point in time, he didn't care that if, after the mating was completed, she ran off and left him. It was no big thing because not only could he find her again no matter where she was, but he knew she would be alive. To lose her, even momentarily to Miroku, was far more preferable to losing her to death. That was something he would never be able to survive. He knew he could not live without his little Kagome.

During the mating, Inuyasha had been very gentle with her and when it was over he kissed her softly, licking his warm blood off of her still lips. She had lost consciousness soon after she marked him as her own. When he lifted her shirt, he saw that her wounds had already begun to heal themselves. With a sigh, he sat back and fixed her clothes. She was eternally his...and he was forever hers.

Now in the present, Inuyasha shook himself, a little thrill running through him. Kagome was still his, even after all this time. She was still his mate, despite that at this very moment, she was lying beneath Miroku, allowing the houshi to do everything that was within Inuyasha's right to do.

"Oi, Inuyasha, stop thinking dirty thoughts about Kagome," Shippo growled, as Inuyasha picked up Kirara from her velvet red plush pillow on the seat beside him and pet her gently, being very careful not to get any fur on his expensive clothing. The kitsune sighed. "Baka. You're such a hentai. She belongs to Miroku, remember?" He glared back at Inuyasha through the rearview mirror.

Anger swept over Inuyasha for a moment and he knew that she could feel it. Oh yes, he would let her know that he was still around. After all, it was his job as Kagome's protector to make sure she was safe. Just because she was with another man didn't change that fact.

"She'll never leave him," the handsome red-haired youkai went on in a sing-song voice. "Just because you snuck one bite of icing doesn't mean you get the rest of the cake."

"Yeah, yeah, I realize that." With a sigh, Inuyasha leaned back against the leather as Shippo slid the car forward and drove off. But one day, when Miroku would be unable to keep Inuyasha away from his mate, he would retrieve what was his. Until that day came, he would just have to be patient.

He laughed aloud as Shippo put more pressure on the gas pedal and sped down the street. Thankfully, Shippo had never found out about what really happened back then. Or Sesshoumaru either. Bastard would probably go straight to Kagome and tell her everything, spoiling the surprise.

No, better not let him know anything either. Besides, why would he care? Sesshoumaru was a busy man nowadays.

The "surprise", aka The Revenge to Inuyasha, would be complete in just a few months, when Miroku would be in for the surprise of his life. Inuyasha had caught a whiff of her scent when he'd been spying on them and he smiled now in rememberance. Oh, what a lovely aroma that had been!

Inuyasha wondered what the little houshi would say when Kagome gave birth three months too early for a normal ningen gestation...

...to a fully developed baby girl with silvery white hair and tiny, triangular shaped ears.


The End.


A/N: Well, it's over. This story has been lots of fun to write and also, at times, a pain in butt. Sorry to have y'all wait so long for the next chappie, only to find that it was also the last chappie. Gomen nasai!

I really don't know why I left it with an open ending, but I'm pretty sure I won't have a sequel to this fic. A dear friend of mine (I wuv you, Shady-chan! XD) asked me if Kagome ends up prego by Inu, how is that for the better? I told her that she was still with Miroku! I mean, she chose Miroku anyway, despite allowing Inu to mate her. And she came clean about it!

Anyway, I'm so thankful to have awesome readers like you guys! And I'm really sorry to have so abruptly ended the story. It was just time to finish it.

I'll try to scrape myself together to finish Out of the Past and Mistake Corrected. Oh, and if you haven't already, take a look at Blindsided. Its that Yuki/Kagome pairing that a few people have asked me to do. Its not as popular as FTB or Just a Mistake, but its okay.

Lots of love and peace,

Raven Skye Blackhawk

Thanks for all the reviews! XD


Oh yes, say a prayer for Steve Irwin and his family. That was a great man who did so much for the animals.