Star of the Dawn

Furious Ming watches and admires Dawn Star during the madness of a battlefield…(FIRST JE Poem! Sappy!)-

Graceful as the dancer she was,

Lunging and striking,

Her sword a flurry of steel,

Darting and dodging,

Breaking and stabbing, every movement careful and precise.

Her movements and skills captivated students and enemies alike,

Dazzling some and destroying the others.

However, the paranormal seer didn't see (Haha!) everything.

No, not everything.

Another warrior was enamoured with her,

One he was sure she never quite understood.

Furious Ming,

Spirit Monk,



And hopeless romantic.

Nailing another opponent with his frightening speed,

Hesettled to watch her finish the last one.

Quickly she bounded over a slow strike,

Allowing him to slice the air

On landing,

She struck him furiously,

Calmly and efficiently dealing damage,

Forcing him to take action.

The weaker target stumbled,

He struggled to guard himself,

Knowing it was already over.

Charging her strike,

She shattered his very bones.

He fell to the ground,

Spirit eager to catch up with his comrades from life.

Task accomplished,

She rose from her crouch,

Easily sliding into a normal stance.

Behind her,

The sun broke the heavens,

Casting about rays to chase off the shadows.

In the sun's glow,

She lit into a fiery glow,





Displaying Ming's best friend as though it pierced his heart,

Gazing inside to see the deepest of engravings in his soul,

Outlining her in her glory.

To him,

She did not need the sun's envious glare,

But the sun gifted her in reluctant,

But powerful reverence,

A gift to seem even more like her namesake.

A beautiful star of the dawn,

His beloved,

His everlasting passion,

Dawn Star.

Was that sappy enough for you? I tried to make it super-fluffy because my Ming was a pretty hopeless romantic… Anyway, please, leave a review. I want to know what YOU think! (I'll remodel the thing when the previews get fixed. X,X)