Here is my next installment of my Team World Series. This begins just as my last one left off. Remember, I don't own any of the characters here, all I own are my Team World Characters, the Team World Tournament Rules, and a few card's that I'll create, in fact, there will be one card here that I'll create (like before, I'll point it out). Now, on with the story

Our story continues on the surface of Team World, where duelists and their teammates were dueling, trading cards, and just talking. We now focus on our heroes, Team Yugi, Team Possible, and Team Kids Next Door, as they were walking along the streets (if you don't count Felix). It has been an hour or two since their ordeal with Dr. Drakken, and the rest of Kim and Ron's arch foes, Helga managed to get first-aid from when her locket broke in her shirt and the glass cut her. Mokuba and Serenity explained to everyone how they sabotaged the laser gun by jamming the power cell port with an object that they found, only Helga was the one that the two told what the object was. Helga was somewhat cool about it, she said that she had an extra one, just it case, and she also said that since it was destroyed, and no one could find it or know about it, it was alright. But she explained to Mokuba and Serenity that if they ever let her secret slip to anyone, they would have to answer to "Old Betsy" (her fist). So, the three teams were walking along, and a few of them (including Joey) were thinking about one thing…

Joey: (stomach growling) ohh… I'm starvin' over here!

Numbuh 2: yeah, me too. We've been walking around for hours now, where is there a restaurant?

Gerald: yeah, man. I haven't seen anything yet that looks like a good place to eat.

Mokuba: hold on. I think I have something.

He reaches into his pockets and pulls out what looks like a small black booklet, which has a cover that shows Team World through a view from space, and in silver letters "Duelist's Guide to Team World." he opens the booklet, and inside was a small computer screen that shown a Table of Contents. (Basically, it looked a bit like the book from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Ron: what's that thing?

Mokuba: it's an electric booklet I found when we got into Team World; they were giving these out for free. They're guides books that are suppose to help us get through Team World. Anything I look up, the guide will show, and explain about it.

Joey: wait a minute! You mean to tell us that you had Dis thing with you the whole time? AND YOU DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING? And don't say, "I didn't-

Mokuba: (interrupting) you didn't ask.

Joey: (grumbles)

Mokuba pushes the touch screen that said "restaurant." The screen starts to move, and a voice came out of the booklet.

Guide Book: (Pierce Brosnan's voice) you have selected "restaurants."

Joey: hey, it's 007!

Ron: Pierce Brosnan?

Kaiba: (sarcastically) no, George Lazenby. (Seriously) of course Pierce Brosnan.

Guide Book: you will find that Downtown Team World has a variety of restaurants, (the screen shows what it is saying) from your favorite fast food joints, to the most sophisticated five star restaurants. Downtown also have several bars and taverns for our more mature duelist, as well as dance clubs for our swinging nightlife. Of course, for safety measures, our restaurant with bar combinations, as well as our night clubs will ask for valid ID and appropriate age. To help find a restaurant, just question a Referee Robot, and he'll direct you. This has been Pierce Brosnan, your guide to your Visit to Team World, and the Team World Duel Monsters Tournament. (Screen goes back to Table of Contents)

Numbuh 2: you heard Pierce Brosnan; we just have to ask a Ref-Bot.

Duke: there's one over there!

He point to where a Ref-Bot has just finished Refereeing a duel, and was about to leave for another one. This Ref-Bot had the number 26 on it. Luckily, Numbuh 1 managed to stop it by jumping in front of it.

Numbuh 1: hold it right there.

Ref-Bot 26: hello, I am Ref-Bot 26. How may I help you?

Numbuh 1: we're looking for something to eat. Which way is the closest restaurant?

Ref-Bot 26: that would be "ultra-food court." Follow me please, I shall lead you.

Numbuh 1: (to the others) come on teams, let's get us some food.

The three teams follow the Ref-Bot to their destination, and it wasn't long until they made it. It was a large, wide building, which looked like it was made of glass. The three teams enter through the automated-doors, and look all around, they saw all sorts if fast food restaurants, much like a mall, but bigger. And there were light blue metal tables, chairs, and booths.

Yugi: wow! No wonder they call this place "ultra-food court." Every known fast food joint is here: there's Burger Fool, Pizza Palace, KFC, White Castle-

Ron: (Interrupting) OOH! They have a Bueno Nacho here!

Rufus poked his head out of Ron's pocket as he heard him say that.

Rufus: Mmm… Cheese!

Ron was about to make a dash towards the Bueno Nacho, but Yugi grabbed his arm and stopped him.

Yugi: easy Ron, we've got to do this right. First, we have to find seats.

Felix: how about over there?

He points to an area where a group tables and chairs were together, and on the other side of the chairs was a very long booth.

Ron: excellent call, Felix!

Joey: okay, someone's gonna have to stay here and save these seats. So who's it gonna be?

Ron: not it!

Felix: I stay and hold the fort.

Zita: me too.

Duke: I could use a good sit, so I'll stay too.

Numbuh 5: me too, Numbuh 5 needs to put her feet up anyways.

Tristan: alrighty then, now let's get us some eats!

Joey: I'm gonna get me those pizza-sticks things I've heard so much about.

The remanding group left, heading to different restaurants, a few moments later, they came back with different trays of food: Burgers, fries, chicken, pizzas, tacos and all sorts of assorted foods. Soon, they started to dig in, with few eating sensibly, while another few ate wildly.

Numbuh 4: hey, Numbuh 2, I bet I can finish my cheese fries before you do!

Numbuh 2: you're on!

As they were busy with their eating contest, Joey was stuffing as much food as he could in his mouth, and then swallowing all that was in there.

Joey: ahh… now that's good eating.

Kaiba: (disgusted) uh… Wheeler, you're going to make me lose my appetite if you don't stop eating like that.

Joey looked over to the others there. It was at that point he sees what Ron ordered: from Bueno Nacho he ordered a burrito, a platter on nachos for Rufus, and what looked like nacho chips inside a taco. Needless to say, Joey was curious.

Joey: hey, Ron, what's that you got there?

Ron: oh, this? (Points to the taco) this is my little creation that I like to call: the "Naco."

Joey: Naco?

Ron: a combination of Taco and Nachos. It's a little invention I created a while back. But when I was working for Bueno Nacho, I showed it to the Executives and they made it part of the menu.

Yugi: wow, Really?

Kim: it's true.

Mai: wow... I bet you got some serious dough for that.

Kim: (chuckles) oh, he did.

Ron: Ki-im! Ex-nay on the ncident-Iay with the oyalties-Rays.

Kim: okay, Naco-Boy, I'll keep quite. But you owe me later.

Joey: Hmm, that does sound interesting. Say, mind if I have a taste?

Ron: I don't see the harm, (Passes him the Naco) go ahead.

Tristan: (laughs a bit) boy, are you gonna regret making that move.

Ron was confused at what Tristan said, but he was about to understand it. Joey first chipped off a small piece of the Naco and puts it in his mouth; he chews it for a moment, and swallows it. Then he smiles, showing that he enjoyed it, and then without thinking, he starts eating more of it, actually, he was practically inhaling it. Before he knew it, it was all gone, and as for Ron… well, he was at a lost for words.

Joey: Mmm… oh man, that's good!

He was now licking his fingers when he noticed the look on Ron's face. Realizing what he just did, he felt embarrassed.

Joey: uh… oops, Heh-Heh, My bad, sorry. (Pauses) don't worry; I'll buy you another one.

As he runs off to buy another Naco, Ron was still surprised at what he saw.

Ron: did you see that?

Felix: he ate that Naco in ten-seconds flat!

Yugi: (laughs a bit) yeah, that's Joey for you.

Ron: yeah-well sure, with regular food, it's normal, but this is the Naco! They are never to be eaten in haste! Well, unless you're in a hurry.

Mai: calm down, Naco boy. Joey's getting you another one.

Monique: hey, has anyone seen Wade?

Wade: I'm right here.

They all turn to see Wade's duel-Bot coming towards them. Once it sat down, everyone noticed that the robot was holding what looked like a brown glass bottle.

Yugi: (point to bottle) what is that?

Wade: this is used to fuel my Wade-Bot.

Duke: looks like a beer bottle.

Wade: that's because it is.

Ron: what?

Wade: I created a new type of cold fission. This robot runs completely on Alcohol.

As he says this, the duel-Bot flips open the cap of the bottle, and then it pours the contents in a small fuel port on its chest.

Kaiba: hmm, I must say, I would have never thought of that.

After a while, the three teams have finished eating, and were now making small talk, mostly talking about past adventures.

Kim: okay. So now, we're in deep trouble. I mean, 30 seconds until the laser shoots with Ron and I on the barrel of it, and all my joints are paralyzed from his paralyze-bomb. Somehow, we break free before it shoots, and we manage to find some cover, and what does Professor Dementor do?

Yugi: he starts monologuing?

Kim: he starts monologuing! He starts like-this prepared speech of about "How feeble I am compared to him, how inevitable my defeat is, and how the world will soon be his!" Yada, Yada, Yada-

Kaiba: yammering.

Kim: yammering, yeah.

Ron: yeah, I mean, come on, the guy has us on a silver platter, and he won't shut up.

Joey: (laughs a bit) yeah, we've been there.

Mokuba: (Has guide book out) hey guys, I found something cool about the guide book.

Numbuh 1: what's that?

Mokuba: I can change the voice on this thing. Listen: here's Matthew Perry. (Pushes button)

Guide Book: (Matthew Perry) yeah, could I be anymore of a book?

Mokuba: Lindsay Lohan. (Pushes button)

Guide Book: (Lindsay Lohan) oh my gosh, I am so glad you chose me.

Ron: switch it Mokuba, FOR GOD'S SAKE, SWITCH IT!

Mokuba: okay, okay. Let's try Dennis Miller. (Pushes button)

Guide Book: (Dennis Miller) Hey, Cha-Cha, I got more features then a NASA relief map of Turkmenistan.

Joey: I don't get it.

Mokuba: ooh! Yakov Smirnoff! (Pushes button)

Guide Book: (Yakov Smirnoff) in Soviet Russia, book reads you! (Mokuba laughs)

Kaiba: enough. Switch it back to 007 already.

Mokuba: I had my laugh. (Pushes button)

Guide Book: (Pierce Brosnan) thank you for selecting me.

Suddenly, all of their thoughts were derailed as they now see crowds of duelists rushing out of the building. They were confused on what was going on, so Numbuh 4 call the attention of a person running, who was a ten year old boy with a pink shirt and hat, buck teeth, and a Battle city-like duel disk that was white, light blue, pink and green.

Numbuh 4: hey, you with the pink hat, what's going on?

Pink hat kid: some Goth girl said that a kid in a duel just summoned a monster known as "Reshef the Dark Being."

Kaiba, who was drinking his soda, spat it out when he heard the name.

Kaiba: (coughs) did you say, "Reshef the Dark Being"?

Pink hat kid: uh, yeah, I did. I gotta go, bye! (Runs off)

Yugi: Kaiba, what's wrong?

Kaiba: that card, "Reshef the Dark Being", I've heard about it before. It's one of the rarest cards in a new pack that isn't due for distribution in about a month. Even with all my shares of Industrial Illusions, I couldn't get that card.

Jim: why?

Tim: did somebody beat you to it?

Kaiba: no, I don't have the resources to pull those strings to get a card like that. (Eyes narrow) But I have a strong hunch I know who can. (Gets up) Come on!

He starts to join the other groups running out of the building.

Yugi: wait up, Kaiba!

Yugi follows him, and soon, the rest of the three teams follow.

Cliffhanger! I know that Reshef the Dark Being is already out, but I needed something to use that was really rare and new. So, who does Kaiba think has the resources to get a card like that? Keep reading and reviewing to find out