Okay everyone, this is the last chapter of "The End of Day One." Warning, this chapter may include some "Sexual References and Situations", but very mild, yet it might not be suitable for a younger age. So if you feel offended, don't say I didn't warn you. Now, back to the story

Our story continues in a dark room. A single door opens, showing a person's silhouette. The silhouette goes moves its hand towards inside the room, looking for a light switch, which the person found and turned it on. The light in the room revealed that the person was Joey with the key card; he takes a good look around the room. It was somewhat luxurious, with its pattern of white, dark and light blue, there was a 24 inch TV in a dark colored wooden bureau in the living room part of the room, which also had a couch/bed, a few chairs and a round table, and underneath the table was a brown mini-fridge. There was also a round staircase, which lead to another part of the room that had four large beds. The wall that was connected to the staircase had a door to the bathroom, and lastly, two more doors that were opposite of each other lead to the other connecting rooms. Joey entered first, and then the rest of Team Yugi. In Joey point of view, the living room part was the coolest of the room, which was why he stated…

Joey: I call this room!

Mai: (laughs) good one, Joey.

Joey: "good one" what?

Yugi: (looks through door) hey, there's another set a beds here, and a bunk-bed too.

Mokuba: cool! I call top bunk!

Mokuba rushes towards the bunk-bed and climbs the ladder to the top bunk.

Mokuba: this is cool.

Yugi: and look, all our luggage is here, just like the Ref-Bot said.

Joey: hey, if anyone needs me, I'm gonna get us some ice.

He starts to leave the room, but before he does, he turns around to face Tristan and Duke.

Joey: (in a threatening tone) touch that Mini-Bar and your dead! (Leaves room)

Tristan and duke: ohh…

Joey walks down the hallway, and sees a room that has its doors open. He knew that the Kids Next Door were in that room because he saw them enter when he and his team were all entering the room. Joey then decides to say "hello", so he knocks on the door and enters.

Joey: hey guys, mind if I come in?

Numbuh 3: (giggles) of course, silly!

Joey looks around and sees that all the Kids Next Door were all walking around, looking at their hotel room, which was an exact replica of the room Joey and his team were staying.

Dark Operative: look, the room came with a fruit hat. (Holds out said hat)

Numbuh 2: (looks through mini-fridge) hey, and a Mini-Bar hat.

They both jumped on their bed, put on the hats that they had and started doing a little dance.

Dark Operative: (Singing) I'm chaquita banana and I'm here to say …

Numbuh 2: (singing)… I will eat this Toblerone and I will not pay!

He takes one of the Toblerone in the Mini-Bar hat and eats it.

Numbuh 86: guys, quit playing around!

Joey: Heh, enjoying yourselves, huh?

Numbuh 2: you know it.

Numbuh 1: so, what brings you by?

Joey: I was getting some ice when I saw that your door was open, so I came by to say "hi."

Numbuh 362: well that was nice of you.

Dark Operative: you know it's kinda cool that we're all on the same floor.

Joey: yeah, did we luck out, or what.

Numbuh 5: speaking of luck; that was some sort of luck that you pulled Ra out just in time.

Joey: hey, what can I say? I got a gift.

Numbuh 2: you know you seem to be getting better control of Ra every time you use it.

Numbuh 4: well, that's because of his Egyptian background.

Joey: I know; it's weird. I mean, who would have thought that I would have some sort of past life in Egypt?

Numbuh 4: the spirit of the millennium scales did.

Joey: um, that was a rhetorical question.

Numbuh 4: oh.

Joey: well, I gotta get going. See youse in the AM.

Numbuh 2: take it easy, Joey.

Joey then left their room, continuing on his way to get some ice. A few minutes later, he returns to the door of his room with the bucket of ice at hand, but before he could get his key-card in the slot, the door opens, and hits him in the face. Duke was the one who opened the door.

Joey: ow!

Duke: sorry Joey!

He then closes the door again and stands against it, he then here's Tristan pounding and yelling through the door.

Tristan: (yelling though door) you little thief! Who said you could take my candy bar?

Duke searches through his pockets and pulls out a key-card, remembering that it was for Team Possible's room. They, along with the Kids Next Door, gave each other one key-card, so that meant that Team Yugi had two key-cards for their room, one for Team Kids Next Door's room, and one for Team Possible's room. Luckily for Duke, Team Possible was staying in the room that was across from them and the KND. When the time was right, he raced towards said room, and unlocked the door. Joey was once again hit by the door as Tristan came out with a mean look on his face.

Joey: ow! (Rubs faced) watch where you're opening that door, Tristan!

Tristan: sorry Joey.

He sees that a door has just closed, and right then, he knew that Duke entered it. Meanwhile with Duke, he has just made it inside the room, where some of the members of Team Possible were preparing to sleep.

Duke: whew! That was close!

Helga: hey. Ever heard of knocking, Dice-boy?

Duke: sorry. Look, I need to hide until Tristan cools off, mind if I stay here?

Wade: okay, you can stay here for a few minutes. But hands off the Mini-Bar!

As he says this, we now see that Wade's Duel-Bot's chest plate is loaded with stuff you'd find in a Mini-bar, and the robot was closing the door of it.

(A/N: okay, who's been counting? So far there've been three Mini-Bar Jokes)

Duke: thanks Wade.

Duke walks over to one of the beds and sees that Felix is watching TV.

Duke: hey Felix, what are you watching?

Felix: nothing really, just flipping channels. (Changes Cannel)

TV: (man in a New England accent) "Okay, First of all: Bonnie, you've been pregnant for like six years! Alright? Either have the baby or don't!" (A/N: guess who that is)

Duke: why is it that in cartoons, the characters never age or grow old?

Felix: there have been a few.

Duke: name one cartoon show that had the characters aged.

Felix: well, there's… (Thinks for a moment) um… oh! Jonny Quest, there was that new season and the characters were older!

Duke: (thinks for a moment)… okay, I'll give you that.

Meanwhile in Team Yugi's room, the group was also getting ready for bed. Yugi however was watching TV and flipping channels too.

Yugi: (changes channels) Seen it, bad, boring, saw it on the plane, rerun, rerun, telemundo, me on the news, Emeril Lagasse, ABC, Drawn Together, lame, lame, David Letterman. (Sighs) there's nothing good on! I'm think I'll turn in for the night.

He takes his pajamas and heads for the bathroom to change. Meanwhile, Kaiba was in the second part of the room sitting on the chair. He was using the table to go through his silver suitcase, which contained all the cards he ever owned. He was searching through that and his deck, making a new strategy to use.

Kaiba: (thinking) let's see, my Blue Eyes/Lord of Dragons combo still works well, and maybe I should use my Super Rejuvenation as well. That way, any number of my dragons that are discarded or sacrificed, I can draw that same number of cards.

He keeps going through them until he notices something. He now focuses on two cards that were in his suitcase, they were Hayabusa Knight and Fire Princess. Usually, he only used super strong cards, the only reason he had these two was that they were rare cards. But there was something he remembered about it, but he couldn't pin-point what exactly. That was around the time Mokuba came by, in his pajamas getting ready for bed.

Mokuba: hey big bro. (Kaiba doesn't reply) Seto? (Waves hand over his face) Hello, anyone there?

Kaiba: huh-wha?

Mokuba: are you okay? What are you looking at?

Kaiba: nothing. (Pauses, thinking) hmm, maybe Mokuba knows. (Aloud) say, Mokuba.

Mokuba: yeah Seto?

Kaiba: do these cards mean anything to you?

He holds up the two cards in question and Mokuba studies them.

Mokuba: hmm… (Thinks for a moment) oh, I know. The Hayabusa Knight is Ron's favorite card, and the Fire Princess is Kim's favorite.

Kaiba: (thinks for a moment) oh, now I remember.

Mokuba: is there something wrong?

Kaiba: no, nothing.

Mokuba: okay then, I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight.

Kaiba: 'night Mokuba.

Mokuba walks over to the bunk-bed and climbs to the top bunk. Seto Kaiba was still looking at the two cards, studying them. Then, something strange happened: he felt something that felt like a mild electric shock, and he didn't notice this, but in that second, the color of his eyes changed: his right eye was brown, and his left eye was green. When he felt this, he dropped the cards he was holding and doubled-over on the table and grunted in pain.

Mokuba: (with worry) Seto! Are you okay?

Kaiba was still doubled-over, but as fast as the pain came, it disappeared that fast too, and we see that his eyes are both back being blue.

Kaiba: (with confusion) I'm fine.

Mokuba: are you sure?

Kaiba: I'm fine. Really Mokuba, don't worry. Must have been something I ate.

Somewhere around the time Kaiba felt that pain, Yugi was leaving the bathroom, now in his pajamas. The millennium puzzle was still around his neck, and when that second came, it flickered a bit.

Yami Yugi: (through thought) Yugi! Did you feel that?

Yugi: (through thought) feel what?

Yami Yugi: (through thought) I just felt a strange power, something that I've never felt before. Yet somehow, it's familiar.

Yugi: (through thought) where's it coming from?

Yami Yugi: (through thought) give me a moment. (Pauses)… Kaiba!

Yugi: (through thought) it's coming from Kaiba?

Yami Yugi: (through thought) yes, I'm sure of it.

Yugi then rushes towards where Kaiba was.

Also at that same second, in the room where the Kids Next Door were staying, Numbuh 4 was sorting his cards when the millennium scales started to flicker and he felt something like an shock of static electricity.

Numbuh 4: what was that?

Numbuh 1: what was what?

Numbuh 4: I just felt something.

Yami Numbuh 4: (through thought) I felt it also?

Numbuh 1: are you okay?

Numbuh 4: the spirit of the scales felt it too.

Before Numbuh 1 could reply, the millennium scales started to glow, the light consumed Numbuh 4. All of Team Kids Next Door looked on when it faded, and Yami Numbuh 4 appeared.

Numbuh 2: Numbuh 4?

Numbuh 3: no. it's the spirit of the millennium scales, he's with us now.

Numbuh 1: so what was it? What did you feel?

Yami Numbuh 4: it was a power, a very strong and strange power.

Numbuh 5: strange?

Yami Numbuh 4: I don't remember ever feeling it before, but something about it…is familiar.

Numbuh 1: well, where is it?

Yami Numbuh 4: (pauses, then sighs) it's gone, before I could get a chance to focus on it. All that I know is that it was here, in the hotel.

Dark Operative: maybe it's a guess here.

Numbuh 86: someone we know perhaps.

Yami Numbuh 4: (sighs) this is troubling, I'll meditate on this.

The scales glow again, bringing back Numbuh 4.

Meanwhile, back with Kaiba, he was a little nervous at what just happened, he was relived that Mokuba fell asleep already. At that time, Yugi came in the room he was in.

Yugi: Kaiba… how's it going? You doing alright?

Kaiba: …I know why you're here, Yugi.

Yugi: you do?

Kaiba: just now, I felt this strange sensation. I can't really explain it, although I'm concerned of why it happened.

Yugi walked over and sat on the table next to him.

Yugi: so what were you doing when this sensation happened?

Kaiba: well, I was mostly focusing my attention on these cards. (Shows Yugi the cards) and then it happened.

Yugi: (studying cards) Hayabusa Knight and Fire Princess?

Kaiba: last I remember, these two cards were Kim and Ron's favorite.

Yugi: hmm… strange.

Kaiba: tell me about it.

Yugi: try focusing on them again.

Kaiba thinks for a moment and then begins looking at the two cards again. About a minute passes and nothing happened.

Yugi: huh. Nothing happened… (Thinks for a moment) what were you thinking about when you were looking at these cards?

Kaiba: well… I was thinking "why do these looked familiar?", and then Mokuba said that they were Kim and Ron's favorite cards. I don't remember much on after that, and then suddenly, this thing happens that I can't get. (Thinks for a moment) wait… do you think this might have anything to do with our little rescue mission, and that memory incident.

Yugi: hmm… I'm not sure. But I think the best we could do for now is sleep on it. Maybe we'll get more info in the morning.

Kaiba: that's probably a good idea.

Meanwhile, in Team Possible's room, everyone was getting ready for bed; Duke's minutes were up as he left the room to get back to his. Wade plugged his duel-Bot's re-charge cord and turned it off so it can recharge its battery. Felix converted his chair into a bed-mode, so he could sleep on it. There were so many bed that each member slept in one each, leaving a few other beds empty. Felix, Monique, Zeta, Wade's duel-Bot, Yori, and Agent Will Du were in the center room. Arnold, Helga, Gerald, Phoebe, and the twins, Jim and Tim, were in the room on the left. And Kim and Ron was in the last room, we now focus on that room. Ron was already lying in bed, in his pajamas, over the covers watching the TV that was in there. Rufus had found a place to sleep in one of the drawers of a bureau that was between two beds. Kim was taking a shower and Ron was looking through his deck before putting it away.

Ron: (sigh) man, I tell you Rufus…

Rufus pokes his head out of the drawer, listening to Ron.

Ron: … this was one crazy day: our duels with Yugi and his friends, Drakken trying to kill us, Yugi saying us, (in a bitter tone) that memory no one was supposes to see or know about yet.

Rufus: Mmm-hmm, crazy.

Ron: yeah. And sensei left me with the Lotus Blade, saying that I might needed again. I swear, what's gonna happen next?

Just then, the bathroom door opens. Light comes out of it and we see Kim's shadow on the floor, she is standing by the doorway of the bathroom.

Kim: (in a low, lustful voice) hello, baby!

(A/N: here it comes, readers)

Ron heard the tone in Kim's voice and his eyes widen a bit. The only other time she spoke like that was when she was under the influence of the Moodulator. Slowly, he looks over to where Kim is standing, his eyes become wider and is jaw drops. There he sees Kim, instead of her usual sleeping pants with a tank top; she was wearing a white nightgown that looked tight on her. Her half closed eyes looked like they were smoking, and here hair was a bit frizzled from the shower. Ron subconsciously got up from the bed and stared at Kim in awe as she was walking up to him. Rufus looks at where Ron was looking and decided to leave the room and sleep somewhere else.

Ron: (trying to find voice) …uh… Kim? What are you-?

Kim shushes Ron by putting one of her fingers on his lips. Then, she took off the shirt he was wearing and just threw it away absentmindedly.

Kim: (in a low tone) come here and kiss me.

Before Ron could reply, Kim cuts him off with a deep, mind shattering, passionate kiss. Ron's eyes widen again, but then they lowered slowly as he was letting the feeling take over him. His tongue was rubbing against Kim's lips, getting the idea; she opened her mouth, letting the tongue enter to join hers. Ron puts his arms around her waist, holding on to her as if she was about to lose her, while Kim puts her arms around his neck, one of her hands was playing with some of his hair. Soon a headed make-out session took place; both Kim and Ron were letting their tongues come together, and enter the other one's mouth. Finally, the need for air caused the two to stop, allowing them to catch their breaths.

Ron: (breaths heavy) whoa. Gee K.P., your kisses sends shivers up and down my spine.

Kim: (breaths heavy) and your kisses drive me wild!

Kim then pushes Ron onto the bed that he was on before.

Ron: wait K.P. I'm not sure about this. I mean-

Kim: (interrupts) Shh! Tonight is our night, we're all alone, no one will be the wiser. This room is locked. And I asked the Ref-bot to put us in a sound-proof room.

Ron: uh...I'm still not sure about this. I mean, it's not like I don't want to do this, I just don't want anything to happen to you.

Kim was somewhat surprised, then sad and happy at the same time. Ron was thinking about Kim's safety instead of his own pleasures. This was one of the reasons why Kim loved him, because he always though of himself last when it came to Kim, this small act made her want to do this act of love even more.

Kim: Ron how did I get so lucky to be with you?

Ron: Kim, I think about the same question all the time.

Kim couldn't contain herself, she just took his lips and started kissing and making-out with him again, she turns off the lights, and all that was seen was darkness. Soon, the kissing stopped, and it was silent. We now see Ron's eyes open. (A/N: it's one of those "eyeballs in the dark" routine)

Ron: Kim, what are you doing?

He then gasp as his eyes grew wider, realizing what Kim was doing.

Ron: oh my… (Breaths heavier) no, no, no… ohh...yes, Kimmie.

Our story continues (A/N: don't worry, I'll get back to Kim and Ron) in Team Yugi's room. Everyone there was sound asleep; Yugi, Joey, and Tristan were in one room. Duke, Mako Tsunami, and the Kaiba brothers were in the left connecting room, and Mai, Tea and Serenity were in the last one. It was then, a few minutes later that night that Mokuba had to use the bathroom.

Mokuba: (tired) uh…great, this is what I get for drinking all those sodas.

Making sure that he wasn't gonna wake anyone there, he quietly got out and down from the top bunk-bed and made his way to the bathroom. He starts to turn the handle, but then…

Tristan: (in bathroom) occupied!

Mokuba: (sighs) three bedrooms, but only one freakin' bathroom.

He then takes one of the key-cards on the table and makes his way out of the room.A few minutes has passed and We now focus on one of the elevators in the hallway, we now see Mokuba leaving an elevator that took him back up and was now walking back to the room.

Mokuba: note to self: discuses about getting a room with more bathrooms.

Mokuba walks in front of a door, he works the key-card to the slot and it opens. It was then as he was opening the door that…

Mokuba: wait a minute.

He turns around behind him.

Mokuba: those are our rooms.

He Looks back to the door he opened, then at the key-card.

Mokuba: oh, I must have grabbed the wrong key-card. Oh well, I guess I'll have to wake up someone.

As he leaves, he hears giggling in the room he was about to open. As his curiosity was growing in him, he heads back to the door. Mokuba grabs handle and begins to open it some more, but then…

Mokuba: (stops) no! That giggling is none of my business. (Pauses) or is it? (Reaches for the door again) no, no! I'm not going to look in, and that's final!

He turned his back on the door, but his curiosity kept growing and growing until finally…

Mokuba: (sighs) I just know I'm gonna regret this!

He reaches for the door and opens it again, but this time, it was more open. He gently opened the door and sticks his head into the room. As he looks more into the room, he finds where the giggling came from. His eyes widen in fear as he now regrets his decision. From the floor, he sees a litter of clothing, both men and women, and he works his way to the bed to see Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, they were both holding on to each other, both naked as the day they were born. Mokuba saw every graphic detail on both of them, and heard and saw them say and do different things to each other.

Kim: oh God, Ron! Harder! Harder! Yes!

Ron: oh Kim! God! You're like a Pro at this!

Mokuba was about to say something, but lost his voice. So he slowly backed away, backed away to his door, knocks on it. It opens and he still backs away, Mako opened the door, but was too tired to see Mokuba walking backwards. He climbed up to his bed, doing it from behind, and he finally makes it to his bed. But he couldn't sleep, knowing what he saw, he knew he was scarred for life. His left eye was twitching, but soon, he became tired. He stopped thinking about it and just closed his eyes, trying to get back too sleep. This was a bad idea when you think about it, when one of the senses gets cut off, the other senses get stronger, and that meant that Mokuba's hearing got stronger. He could hear every squeak and crack that those two made as they were on that bed, and then there was this one thing that made Mokuba freak out the most:


That scream may have been in a low tone, and that room may have been sound-proof, but Mokuba heard it as if it was right next to him. His eyes (which became bloodshot) jerked wide open, and then they rolled as he fainted to his sleep. But unbeknownst to everyone, even Mokuba, that one act of love-making has just jumped-started something that was lying in dormant for over 10,000 years. The only proof of this was the fact that Seto Kaiba's right arm, which was sticking out from the bed, was faintly glowing red and blue.

Now, can I make a story suspenseful, or what? Poor Mokuba, he had to see Kim and Ron "Rocking the Casaba." Well, it could have been worst. "How" you ask? Well, I could have had Mokuba accidentally leave that door open slightly, and, probably, ALL of Team World would have heard her scream! Well anyway, this was my first try at a Sex scene; I manage to get some tips by reading Jezrianna(2.0)'s stories, and let me tell you, that writer can write great stories without getting too graphic. The deal with Kaiba will turn up in future stories, but until then, Read and Review.