Secrets revealed

Summary: Four new girls have joined the newsies. Each of them has a secret. Will they ever reveal them to the newsies?

Disclamier: Well obviously I don't own newsies. If I did I wouldn't be writing this. Tempest is owned by my good buddy Michelle. Kat is owned by herselfKatandShadow on ff Star is owned by my friend Andrea. I own Hawk. The songs the will be used are owned by Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Sara Evans, and Cher.

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Chapter 1: Tempest

"Race wait up." Tempest yelled as she ran down the street.

Racetrack turned around just as she skid to a stop behind him.

"You're such an ass."

"What though girl Tempest can't keep up." Race asked.

All Tempest did was hit him over the head. At 16 she was shorter than Spot. She was a really sweet girl but if you got her mad watch out. She had a glare that would kill,if that was possible, short brown hair and brown eyes. With her tan complexion she was quite attractive. As they continued on there way to Tibby's in silence Race was thinking about something.

I wonder if she'll answer me if I ask her what she's hiding. She seems in a good enough mood. Maybe I'll try.

"Temp can I ask you a question."

"Sure I guess."

"Well what is it you're hiding from us."

"That's subjects off limits and you know it." She answered getting angry.

Tempest started walking away when Race grabbed her arm.

"Look I'm sorry k. Forgive me."

"Fine." was all the reply he got and even that had an edge to it.

By this time they had reached Tibby's. They went in and Tempest immediately went to go sit in the booth Hawk, Kat, and Star were at.

Race went to go sit with the guys.

"Hey Temp what's the matter. You look like….."

Hawk was cut short when Jack came over.

"Hey girls. Look Temp, Race didn't mean it he's just curious ya know."

"Well he should know better then to ask about my past."

All the girls at the table looked at her with curiosity and anger in there eyes.

"He did what." Kat growled.

"Oh if I ever catch him doing it again I'll…"

"Hawk calm down. Just relax it's not like he meant anything by it. As Jack said he's just curious." Star said.

By know Jack had walked away and the four were left alone.

"Thanks for interrupting me Star if you hadn't I would have…." Hawk let her voice trail off.

"I know." Was Star's only reply.

"I'm just so sick of them asking. I don't know what to do. Maybe I should tell them. What do you guys think?" Tempest questioned her friends.

"Well that's your choice and what ever your decision is we'll support you all the way." Kat told her.

The other two nodded in agreement. By then there food got there. Hawk, Kat, and Star had ordered for all of them seeing as they new what Temp wanted. But Tempest wasn't hungry. She had decided to tell the others her secret but she wasn't sure how. Then it came to her.

Later that day

"Hey guys I'm not going to sell the afternoon addition." Tempest told her three friends.

"Ok Temp. See you tonight at Medda's?" Hawk asked.

"Yeah but I'm going to be a little late."

"K, see you tonight then."

Tempest walked off to go run her errand. Everyone was going to Medda's tonight and she had thought of a perfect way to tell everyone her secret.

Irving Hall

"Please Medda. Only for tonight. This is the only way I can think to tell the guys my secret."

Tempest had reached Medda's and was trying to convince her to let her sing tonight. So far it hadn't been working.

"Alright but only for tonight. Do you need to practice?" "

"Yeah and do you have something I could borrow. I don't want to draw attention to myself by going back to LH"

"Sure no problem."

That night at the theater

"Hey Star have you seen Tempest."

"Sorry Skitts. She did say she was going to be late meeting us."

"Oh ok"

Meanwhile back stage Tempest was getting ready to go on.

She wasn't that nervous as she was a born actress. It wasn't long before she heard Medda quieting the newsies. As far as she new only Brooklyn and Manhattan were out there and frankly she was quite pleased about that.

That meant less people would know.

"Hey guys tonight there is a going to be a special performance for you. Please put you're hands together for Tempest."

Hawk, Kat, and Star exchanged looks. What was she up to?

Tempest came on stage and the pianist started up a tune. Soon enough Temp was signing.

Three thirty in the morning,
Not a soul in sight,
The city's lookin' like a ghost town
On a moonless summer night.
Raindrops on the windshield,
There's a storm moving in.
He's headin' back from somewhere
That he never should have been.
And the thunder rolls.
And the thunder rolls.

Every light is burnin'
In a house across town.
She's pacin' by the telephone
In her faded flannel gown.
Askin' for miracle,
Hopin' she's not right,
Prayin' it's the weather
That's kept him out all night.
And the thunder rolls.
And the thunder rolls.

The thunder rolls
And the lightnin' strikes.
Another love grows cold
On a sleepless night,
As the storm blows on
Out of control
Deep in her heart
The thunder rolls.

She's waitin' by the window
When he pulls into the drive
She rushes out to hold him
Thankful he's alive
But on the wind and rain
A strange new perfume blows
And the lightnin' flashes in her eyes
And he knows that she knows
And the thunder rolls
And the thunder rolls

The thunder rolls
And the lightnin' strikes.
Another love grows cold
On a sleepless night,
As the storm blows on
Out of control
Deep in her heart
The thunder rolls.

She runs back down the hallway
Through the bedroom door
She reaches for the pistol
Kept in the dresser drawer
Tells the lady in the mirror
He won't do this again
Cause tonight will be the last time
She'll wonder where he's been

The thunder rolls
And the lightnin' strikes.
Another love grows cold
On a sleepless night,
As the storm blows on
Out of control
Deep in her heart
The thunder rolls.

Tempest ended her song to a round of applause form the newsies. None of them knew that she had just reveled to them her secret. Only her three best friends weren't clapping but that's cause they knew what she was talking about. As she came off the stage Mush congratulated her.

"That was really good Temp. But why did you sing it?"

Tempest looked to her friends for support. The all nodded and gave her a thumbs up. She knew they would always be there for her.

"Well you know how I have a secret that I won't revel to you right."

They all nodded. Temp didn't say anything else just let the information sink in.

"OMG Temp that was….You did…Shit." Spot was at a lost for words.

Finally everyone else figured it out to.

"So let me get this strait you were married, the guy cheated on you, and you shot him."

"Yep then I meet these three and we became friends." She gestured to her friends behind her.

"But you were married. Why?" Boots asked, a little confused.

"It was arranged. The guy's family had money and my parents wanted it. I was there ticket."

Everyone nodded and let the subject drop as they turned back to the rest of the show.


" That was pretty brave Temp. I didn't think you would actually tell them."

"Thanks Kat. To tell you the truth I didn't think that they would take it as well as they did. Oh well. Now all that's left is for you three to reveal yours."

"All in good time girl all in good time." Was all Hawk said before she turned out the lights and they went to bed.