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Only You

Chapter 1

Last day of school

'Ding! Dong!' The school bell rings for the end of the day. It's the last day of Jr. High and all the students at Tomoeda Jr. High walk through the gates of the school chatting and walking happily. But out of all the school, this story is focused on four students who've been friends since kindergarten. Four students walk out of the school building. A fourteen-year-old girl with shoulder length brown hair and emerald eyes, whose name is Sakura Kinomoto, walks alongside her best friend, Tomoyo Daidouji. Tomoyo has black hair that reaches to her back and blue eyes; Tomoyo is also fourteen years old. Behind the girls are two fifteen-year-old boys, Syaoran Li and Eriol Hiiragizawa. Syaoran has brown hair and amber eyes. Eriol has blue hair and behind his glasses, his eyes are sapphire colored. All of them walk out of the school gates talking happily.

They all stop at the gate to look at their school one last time.

"School is finally over. Relaxation time. But it's kinda sad that we won't be attending this school anymore." Tomoyo says.

"Yeah!" They all say and nod their heads.

"But on a brighter note, no need to worry for a while. I'm so relieved." Sakura says happily.

"You're just saying that Sakura because you don't get to worry and do any math!" Syaoran teases,

"Hey! That isn't funny Syaoran!" Sakura puffs her cheeks with air, and looks at them angrily.

Eriol and Tomoyo just laugh along with Syaoran and Sakura lets out her breath.


"Sorry Sakura. It's just…hahaha…you look so funny when you do that!" Syaoran laughs.

"Aw. Don't tease her Syaoran," Eriol says recovering from his moment of laughing. After they've all stopped laughing, they start walking home. They all walk until they get to a crossroad. There, they stop and say their good-byes. They wave and Tomoyo crosses over to the street on the right, while Eriol crosses over to the street on the left. Sakura and Syaoran continue walking down the street.

They walk down the street and stop at Syaoran's mansion.

"Bye Syaoran. I'll see you later. Have a nice summer." Sakura smiles and waves as she starts to continue walking. She takes two steps when she hears, "Sakura!"

She turns around and sees Syaoran looking down at the floor. She walks back to him and looks at him.

"What is it?" She asks. "Are you okay?"

Syaoran looks straight into her emerald green eyes. "Um…" He starts.

"Yes?" She smiles happily.


Sakura just stares blankly at him.

"Sakura! I love you!" Syaoran blurts out.

Sakura's smile fades away and she takes a few steps back.

"You…love…me?" She asks again making sure she heard correctly.

Syaoran nods his head, now looking down at the ground.

'Damn it! Now she thinks I'm a total moron!' He thinks to himself.

"Um. Thank you Syaoran. For telling me that," Sakura starts as Syaoran looks up, "But I don't feel that way about you."

Syaoran feels like his heart is being stabbed over and over by a thousand knives.

Seeing the look on his face she quickly adds, in hopes of making things better, "But you're a really great friend. But that's all I think of you. I'm really sorry." And she was sorry.

"I-its okay," Syaoran says his bangs covering his eyes. He walks to the gate of his house and opens it.

"Have a great summer. I'll see you around." He says to Sakura trying his best to smile and not seem disappointed.

Sakura stands on the sidewalk and looks at his house before she leaves. When she reaches her house, she climbs up the front steps leading to her front door. She's about to open the door when little drops of water falls on her hands. She then realizes that there was water on her cheeks and running down her neck. She touches her cheeks and realizes that the water was tears. Her tears. It hadn't occurred to her that she had been crying the whole time she was walking home.

"If I only think of him as a friend, then why do I feel so bad? And why am I crying so much? I feel like my whole heart has just been shattered." Sakura whispers to herself as she enters her house.

"Sakura, is that you? Welcome home. How was your day today? Are you okay?" Her dad, Fujitaka, asks from the living room.

"Yeah, it's me. And I'm fine. School was great." Sakura lies to her dad.

"Do you want to go out to eat? As a celebration from Jr. High going on to high school?" Fujitaka asks again.
"No. Not today. I'm feeling tired right now. So I'm just going to go to sleep." Sakura says trying to remain calm and trying really hard not to start crying. 'I can't let dad know that I'm crying. Especially now.'

After a long pause from Fujitaka he says a bit disappointed, "All right then. We'll celebrate tomorrow. Good night."

"Night." Sakura says quietly as more tears start to fall from her eyes. She quickly walks to her room and locks herself in her room for the night. Outside, the sad sound of the rain pounds softly on her window. Sakura goes into her room. Without turning on the light she drops her backpack on the ground and walks over to her bed. She gets underneath her blanket and lays there in the darkness of her room. The only thing going through her mind was one word…why?

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