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A/N: For those of you who have not read Sleeping Beauty (with Rogue as Aurora and Remy as Prince Phillip), it isn't necessary to, but here are the things you need to know. Raven and Lightning are time travelers from another dimension, where Rogue and Gambit are married and Raven is their daughter. She has a little sister named Rachel. Oh, and Kitty and Piotr have a daughter who is code named Twinkle.

For those of you who have read it, type casting was very much so harder in this one, so if some parts don't really fit, I'm sorry.

This story is dedicated to Nightshade-89 for inspiring it.

And now Raven and Lightning Present . . .

Remy Hood


Rogue sits looking over the one copy of the script which used to be laying on the director's chair. "Oh, this is so not happening. Does anyone know who's directing this time?"

"Uh, Remy t'ink t'at we are getting t'e same ones as last time." He grins at her.

She hits the script against her head over and over again as she says, "No. No. No. They're gonna make me wear a dress again."

"Oh, but Rogue, you looked so cute last time." Jean taunts.

"Shut up."

"Oh, but aren't you looking forward to seeing our daughter again?" Remy smirks.

"Hey, just because it happened in some other dimension, doesn't mean it's gonna happen in this one!" she snaps.

Just about then, Raven and Lightning show up. Everyone groans. "Well, we are happy to see you too." Raven says lightly.

"Very happy," grins Lightning.

"And why, pray tell, are we gathered here today?" Magneto asks.

"That's a very good question." Lightning says.

"Very good." Raven says.

"Ya aren't gonna make me wear a dress!" Rogue yells.

"Now please, Rogue, be reasonable." Raven says.

"Do ya really call me Rogue where ya come from?" Rogue says annoyed.

"Uh, no. My Momma would kill me." Raven says.

"Yeah, well, Ah just might do that here!" Rogue growls.

"No good. This time, we made you all sign contracts in your sleep." Lightning says, holding them up. Everyone groans again.

"Wait a minute," Remy says grabbing the script from Rogue's hands. "T'is is Robin Hood. T'e one wit' t'e furry little animals. Remy ain't wearing no fox suit!"

"Fine, fine, we'll forget the animal suits, except for Logan's. I like Logan's." Raven says.

"How come I still have ta wear a dress, but ya listened ta him?" Rogue asks angrily.

"I'm a Daddy's girl." She shrugs.

"Tell me about it," Lightning mutters.

"What was that?" Raven asks him sweetly.

"I said, um, let get to work on it?" Lightning says, hoping she'll believe him while he hands out the rest of the scripts.

She decides to let is go. "Good idea. Now first off, the main part goes to Gambit, which is why we've changed the title to Remy Hood."

"Figures." mutters Evan.

"And then, that gives Rogue the part of Maid Marian." Lightning says merrily.

"Naturally." Kitty says.

"Kitty, you get to be Lady Kluck." Raven says.

"Oh goody." she says without enthusiasm.

"Who do I get to be?" ask Piotr, standing next to her.

"Um, Little John." Lightning says. "And John, before you start whining, you get to be Prince John."

"Ooh, a prince! Yay! Do I light stuff on fire.?" he asks.

"Uh, no." Raven says. "Let's see. Kurt, I decided to give you the part of Friar Tuck."

"Hey, if your Rogue's daughter, zen doesn't zat make you my niece?" Kurt asks, taking his script.

"Yes," Lightning replies for her. "Scott, since you were so unhappy about your last part, we've decided to give you a bigger one in this play."

"Yes!" Scott says happily, "Which part?"

"Sir Hiss." Raven answers with an evil gleam in her eye. "Now, Jean, you will be the mother rabbit."

"A mother rabbit?" Jean says in shock while several people snicker.

"Yes, yes, a mother rabbit." Lightning says, "Now, Bobby, you will play Jean's son."

Bobby makes a gagging noise.

"Jubilee will play her older daughter and Amara will play the baby rabbit." Raven says.

Before Amara can remark about playing the part of a baby, Lightning takes over. "Okay, and Rahne is the wife church mouse, with Sam as the husband church mouse."

"Why couldn't Scott and I get that part?" Jean mutters.

"Because, I'm in charge. That's why." Raven grins. "Okay, Professor Xavier is King Richard."

"And Logan is Allen A. Dale." Lightning says quickly. "And Sabretooth is the Sheriff of Nottingham."

Sabretooth grins at the thought of getting to be cruel to the other cast members.

"Lance is Trigger, and Toad is Nutzy." Raven says.

"Hey, that wasn't very nice,yo!" Toad says.

"No, Todd," Lightning says, "That's the name of the character you're going to play."

"Oh, well I guess that's okay then."

"Evan, you get to play, Toby." Lightning remarks casually.

"What? That scared little turtle! Why me?" he cries out.

"Uh, we couldn't get anyone else to do it?" Raven answers. "Ray, you're Auto."

"Who's Auto?" Ray asks.

"He's t'e dog wit' t'e broken leg." Remy answers.

"Ah'm not even gonna ask how you know that." Rogue says.

"Tabby gets to blow the horn this time." Lightning says, "and Warren gets to be the Crocodile announcer."

"Figures, I only get called in here to be a herald." Angel mutters.

"Well, now, Angels are the messengers of God. Get used to it." Raven says. "Okay, That leaves Forge, Storm, Magneto, Roberto, Wanda, and Mystique to show off your archery skills at the archery competition."

"I didn't know I had any archery skills," Roberto mutters.

"You do now," Lightning says. "And Pietro, Fred, Hank, Mastermind, X23, you are all the Rhino Guard. Anyone else is various towns people."

Jaime sighs. "Guess it's clones to the rescue again."

Meanwhile Logan has been looking over his part. "Hey, why do I have to wear a chicken suit? And no one else does?"

"Um, I like the chicken suit. And it says so in your contract." Raven answers, handing him a copy.

He growls, "So it does," as he reads the line were it says, "I, James Logan aka Wolverine, agree to wear a chicken costume, play a lute and sing in Raven and Lightning's production of Remy Hood. I also agree to do so happily and without complaint." The contract was signed in his authentic handwriting. He growls again while Sabretooth laughs. "What about him?"

"Oh, Sabretooth already looks like an animal." She says. Logan laughs at him this time. That chuckle from Logan is followed by a growl and an attack by Sabretooth.

Soon, they are fighting full strength. Xavier and Magneto are arguing again, rather loudly. The New Recruits are all ganging up on the Brotherhood who are striking back, except for Lance who is pouring a full ice tray down Piotr's shirt. Piotr jumps up quickly and punches him in full metal form. Pyro is chasing Wanda around who is caught between hexing him or the New Recruits. Tabby's blowing up random things. Mystique is trying to get Kurt to listen to her. Kurt is trying to talk to Rogue over the noise of Remy trying to talk to her too. Rogue is ignoring them both and talking to Kitty. Why she's ignoring Kurt, no one knows, including Kurt. Chaos returns.

"This is not going to be any fun, is it?" Raven says.

"Oh yeah, you're such a big expert on fun, Raven Lebeau." Lightning remarks.

"Oh and you are?" she remarks.

"Well, at least my definition of the word fun isn't a three hour danger room session with Wolverine and X23!" he shouts.

"Well, I happen to like fighting, so there!" she sticks her tongue out of her mouth at him, just because she knows it will bug him.

"Get a life!" he calls.

"Well, if I do need a new one, I certainly wouldn't want to take yours!"

"And what is so wrong with my life?" Lightning shouts.

"Well, for one thing, you're dating her." Scott points out.

"Shut up!" they yell at him at the same time.

Scott walks off, muttering horrible things about synchronized sentences. And we will leave with him . . .

A/N: Well, I hoped you enjoyed the casting of this play, the actual filming should be even more fun. :) The first scene will be the chase through the woods. Oo-de-lolly. Isn't that a stupid word. Glad I didn't make it up. Lol.