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Remy Hood

Scene 9: Happily Ever After

Raven and Lightning join the rest of the cast and everyone looks happy because the final scene is upon them. "Okay," Raven says. "This is the last scene and I know you are all dying to get it over with, so let's get things moving. Shall we?"

"Yeah, sure," Rogue says, "As soon as someone gets Toad off the ceiling."

"Huh?" Raven and Lightning say in unison, making Scott scream and cry like an infant.

"Yeah, we've, like, been trying, but he, like, won't come down." Kitty says from her spot in Piotr's arms.

"How exactly did he get up there?" Lightning asks.

"He jumped." Remy says dryly.

"Duh," Rogue says.

Lightning and Raven both groan.

"And why did he jump onto the ceiling?" Raven asks.

Wanda smirks rather proudly. "It was either that or become frog shish-kabobs."

"Well, you'll have to apologize," Raven tells her, "we need Toad for the last scene."

"When pigs fly!" Wanda says and sticks her nose in the air while leaving the studio.

Raven groans again. "Guess I'll have to do this the hard way." Her eyes start glowing and she flies up to him, using telekinesis of course. "Toad, get down."

"I ain't going down there, yo!"

"Wanda is gone."

"She'll be back."

"Which is the worst of two evils, Wanda's wrath or mine?" At this she takes out a pack of cards and starts shuffling them the way Gambit does before a fight. Several loose things also start flying around them.

Todd gulps and glances nervously around him. "I think I'll get down now."

"Good idea." Raven says smiling at him as the various objects stop flying and she puts the cards away. She lands quietly in front of her director's chair as Toad jumps down. "Now, let's get this show on the road! Lights! Camera! Action!"

The scene opens to the town on a bright sunny day. The Robin Hood posters have been covered with signs that read, "Pardoned by order of King Charles."

Logan is in his chicken suit for the last time. He walks on the stage whistling and behind a tree. "You know, bub, I thought we'd never get rid of those two rascals, but lucky for us folks, King Charles returned, and well, he just straightened everything out."

He points at the rock quarry where Lance and Toad sit in a tree watching as Pyro, and Scott, and Sabretooth wear striped prison uniforms and ball-and-chains. Sabretooth sits hitting a small rock with a little hammer. Pyro stands with a sledge hammer over a big rock while Scott holds the chisel. They hit their rocks several times and Pyro's breaks, part of it lands on his foot. He cries out and holds his foot, jumping up and down in pain. "Ooh. Aah."

Scott laughs.

Church bells are heard in the background. Logan looks to his left quickly. "Say, we'd better get over to the church. Sounds like somebody's getting hitched." He starts running, thinking joyfully about killing the groom.

The camera focusing on the church tower, where six bells ring the marriage of Remy to Rogue. The church doors are pushed open by Evan and Bobby. Amara and Jubilee come out, both holding the same basket and throwing flower petals left and right. Rogue, dressed in a wedding gown that knocks the breath out of Remy, is holding onto that Cajun's arm as he leads her out of the church. Both are wishing this wasn't a pretend wedding, and only Rogue is trying to hide that fact. Everyone shouts, "Long live Remy Hood!" Scott holds his arms in and effort to stop shaking from his unexplained fear of synchronized sentences. The two lovebirds smile and Rogue plants a quick kiss on Remy's cheek. He doesn't pass out, but he's a little disoriented for a moment. Duncan, Taryn and Ray throw rice from bowls at them.

"Hey, isn't this stuff bad for birds?" Taryn asks.

Raven rolls her eyes and shrugs. "Yeah, it makes them explode."

Taryn gasps.

"What?" Raven says in confusion.

"Taryn," Lightning adds. "They didn't know that back when this film was made and we are inside a studio. Get back to throwing rice."

Taryn, scarred for life, starts throwing rice. The same song that played during the firefly scene starts playing as Rahne and Sam are also shown throwing rice.

Kurt is standing in the door. "Long live King Charles!" the crowd shouts, as Charles Xavier wheels to the doorway.

He laughs as Kurt bows, "Oh, Friar Kurt. It appears that I know have an outlaw for an in-law." He laughs hard at this joke that's not really that funny. Kurt laughs too, just to be nice. "Yes, not bad."

Rogue and Gambit run hand in hand to a very fancy coach with a sign that reads, "Just married," on the back. They climb in and Rogue waves.

Bobby starts climbing onto the front of the coach.

"Gee, Bobby," Evan asks stupidly. "How come you're going?"

"Well," Bobby answers. "Remy Hood's gonna have kids, so somebody's gotta keep their eye on things."

Piotr, dressed in his duke costume again, helps Bobby up. "Ho-ooo!" he shouts and flicks the whip. The horses start moving.

Kitty waves. "Ohhh." She wipes a tear from her eye with a pink handkerchief. "I've, like, never been so happy."

Rogue and Remy wave again from the carriage, while Remy holds onto Rogue's shoulder. Rogue throws her bouquet out the window. It lands in Jubilee's hands. Jubilee look significantly at Bobby who gulps loudly. Amara glares at her for catching it and reaches to grab it. But Jubilee keeps it higher than Amara can reach so she gives up. Rogue and Remy continue to wave at the crowd of Jaime clones, Jean, Ray, Duncan and Taryn, who are holding hands,

Back at the Royal Rock Pile, the prisoners keep working. "Hey, here comes the bride, Lance." says Toad excitedly. "Present arms!"

Lance jumps up at that and nearly falls off the tree branch. He salutes and pats his trusty crossbow. The arrow flies up and, with Raven's help, ricochets off the branch and flies to hit a church bell. It bounces off that as well and nearly hits Pyro in the head. He ducks and it goes right in between his head and his hat. It bounces around inside the rock pile a while, nearly hitting both Scott and Sabretooth as well. Finally it bounces out of the pile and lands in the back of the coach right on the hearts in the Just Married sign.

Logan laughs in his voice over, "Well, folks, that's the way it really happened." Rogue and Remy way from the back of the coach as the song comes to an end.

Remy reaches up and pulls down a shade. "Just one kiss chere," he whispers.

"Cut, that's a wrap!" Raven calls.

The cast cheers. Rogue jumps out of the carriage happily and wanders towards her dressing room. Lightning looks in the coach. "Uh, Rogue, why is Remy unconscious?"

"Ah have no idea," she says innocently as she accidentally charges her dressing room doorknob. It explodes and throws her back. She stands up looking rather angry.

Lightning and Raven look at each other. Then, they start laughing. "Let's go now." Raven says. Lightning nods. "Goodbye everyone, see you next time!" Then they're gone.

Evan groans. "You mean we're gonna have to do this all over again?"

Just then, a group of men in SWAT gear burst into the room, "DPD! Freeze!"

Jean groans, "Not these guys again."

"Again?" Taryn asks. "You mean you know who they are?"

"Not exactly." Jean answers.

The one called Manning groans again, "We missed them again, didn't we?"

Logan nods. "Just left."

"The Chief's gonna kill us." Manning groans.

"Okay," another man says, "We'll just have to catch them next time."

"You said that the last time." Manning answers him.

"Well, I mean it this time."

"And you didn't mean it last time?" Manning says, pushing buttons. The DPD disappear in a flash of light.

"Great, just what we need. . ." Rogue groans, still trying not to blow anything else up.

"I hate dimension/time hoppers," Logan whines.

The End

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