A/N:This story takes place after Robo revived the forest and Crono and friends had their 400th year reunion.

It was a quiet and peaceful night. This was a little vacation for the odd group of people camping in the forest for their 400th anniversary.

After some talking, Marle said, "Is there a point in time you'd like to return to Lucca?".

"No not really..."Lucca said.

"I'm sorry, was that something I shouldn't have asked?"

"It's ok, It's just something I don't like to think about too much"

When Lucca woke up from sleeping, she saw some light in the forest so she came closer and was surprised to see a timegate she opened it up when Crono ran up to her and took the gate key.

"I'm going to 600 a.d. so I'll need it to get the pendent I left it at the desert and Epoch's dirty so thanks!" Crono said

"Crono you idiot!.. "Lucca said as she went in the timegate as Crono just stared.

"Where is she? Oh well, I'll find out later."

Crono left for 600 A.D. The others woke up and saw Magus and he told them he didn't fall asleep. So when he told them what happened they got into Epoch and set it for the end of time but Epoch was going too fast.

"Jump out!" Magus yelled "Epoch could run out of power and get us stuck in time so hurry!"

"Then I'll drive!" Frog said

"Ok but you'll get stuck!" Magus said. "In where you might call A.D B.C."

A/N: I know this is a bit short of a chapter but I'll make my chapter's longer.