Recap: Jump out! Magus yelled "Epoch could run out of power and get us stuck in time so hurry!"

"Then I'll drive!" Frog said "Ok but you'll get stuck." Magus said "In where you might call A. D B C."

"A D. B C.?" Frog asked. "You know like time of time, before and after, the beginning and end of time"

Magus said. "Pardon?" Frog asked "Let me put it this way - You'll be in-between time and space." Magus said angrily.

"Well geez!" Frog said " Don't get so uptight about it" Magus stared at him coldly and jumped

off Epoch. Frog had trouble controlling Epoch and Epoch zoomed to 600 A.D and hit Crono. Crono dropped the gate key in another era.

Epoch turned upside-down so Crono and Frog fell out when they got up they saw Lucca sitting down by a fire. "Hi Lucca!" Crono said

Lucca slapped Crono and said " I get stuck in nowhere with no food, Epoch comes here then leaves you don't have the gate key I see, and all you can say is HI! Lucca set Crono's hair on fire.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - my hair's on fire!" Crono yelled Frog put the fire out. Crono got so angry he did luminaire, lighting and spincut in one move which triggered a timegate that sucked Crono in. Frog ran over to him but was too late.

In 65,000,000B.C: Magus fell here and was with Marle and they were playing war with cards

"I win!" Magus yelled and then saw the gate key so he picked it up when it went inside him


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