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Spoilers: Buffy Season 6+. Terminator 1,2.

(T3 was an abomination that proved to me that Arnold was planning to run for office and he had to get a contractual obligation out of the way first. So he did something that took no real creative effort on his part,. I may lift a few things. But otherwise it doesn't exist.)

Slightly AU: Joyce lived .The aneurysm didn't happen the doctor fixed it during surgery. Vampires when they dust leave their clothes and possessions behind. (IMO Joss wanted to avoid the expense of having to drop clothes all the time.)

Dream sequence: Italics

Thoughts: (Italics)

Warning there will be major character deaths occuring.


Count Down to Judgment Day:

T Minus Seven (pt1):

Begin Dream Sequence

The Scooby gang was fighting a whole nest of Vamps. They practically had vampires coming out of their ears. But they were more than holding their own.

A brightness came from behind Buffy. Those facing the light lifted their arms trying to shield their eye's from a terrible brightness. As if it came directly from the sun. The vampires started to burn and turned to dust.

Seconds later everyone's clothes stated burning and an irrespirable wave of destruction swept them along unto oblivion.

Then it was as if she was in space. She saw the sight of numerous flashes occurring all across the face of the globe. At each flash she knew a city had died.

The world faded to black.

Then Buffy could see what looked to be the same place the scoobies had been fighting the vampires. But it had changed. All was in ruin. All that was left were some scattered bones and skulls. One of the skulls had what was left of a familiar pair of glasses. Suddenly a gleaming metallic foot came down and crushed the skull."


"A metallic skeleton stood upon what was left of her friends remains. It turned to face her and the glowing red eyes of death itself locked upon her. The metallic skeleton raised it's weapon toward her. Firing some sort of laser rifle at her.

End Dream Sequence


Buffy woke up clammy with he heart beating so rapidly that if she wasn't the slayer she might have faced a heart attack. Shouting



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