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Chapter Eighteen

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-Outside the caves-

After Giles had calmed down a bit, Xander put his cell phone back to his ear. "Getting upset isn't going to help the situation. I have a plan. And I'd like a little help from you and Dawn and anyone else you have lying around that might be useful. I can do it myself but the time we save could be vital later on."

Giles was still flummoxed from what Xander had told him. "But if blowing the door open would cause all the potential problems you mentioned then what else could you do? And why do you need me?"

"Because I have an idea that's just as good as blowing the door itself. Anyway getting access to any supplies that got left behind would be very worthwhile.."

"They figuratively salted the earth behind them when they closed the base. Supposedly they filled it with concrete."

Xander nodded his head unconsciously while listening to Giles. "All that's true Giles. But you forget soldier guy, he kept making me itch in the back of my mind.. So I kept an unobtrusive eye on the construction equipment going through town for a few months after the Adam fiasco, pretty easy to do working where I do. While there was a large amount of concrete being poured for different projects around the campus. More than there should have been. It wasn't enough to fill a place as big as the Initiative base was. I bet the only filled in a good chunk of the entry way's we knew about. With the kind of trouble good ol' Sunnyhell attracts, I'd be willing to bet they have a stockpile of supplies for any emergency response teams that they would need to deploy around here. Almost any other place we might stumble across. But we'd never go digging into a base 'filled' with concrete."

"That sound like a reasonable series of justifications to me Xander. But would it be worth the risk? You could bring governmental attention to us when we least need it."

I have a couple ideas to deal with any attention we might get. It's a risk. There's no way it wouldn't be a risk. But as a certain Captain once said. "Risk is our business." We're going to have to take some chances. In my opinion the possible gains out weigh the problems it could cause us. I've bee thinking on contingencies while I worked my way back to above ground so I could call you, and I think I have an answer for almost any complication that would hold up for the short term at the least. So you'll meet me at the job site like I asked and things will go ok."

"Very well. But we are NOT involving Dawn. This would be far to reckless for her to be mixed up in. And I doubt that her mother whose been listening in on my half of the conversation would allow it."

Joyce snorted. "You got that right." As she looked over at dawns rebellious attitude from Giles excluding her.

A while later at the job site-


Giles had just shut the top of Xander's boot. (In the US it's a trunk.) "I can't believe it was that easy. Surely there are more safeguards in place to prevent this sort of thing."

"Well this being Sunnyhell and my being the foreman for rebuilding the school have a big effect on how easy this was. But if it hadn't been for the scheduling mix up's we couldn't have ever pulled this off, even in the short term. As it is before the week's over the jig will be up. So we better be long gone our we'll be looking at some rather substandard housing with a roommate named bubba who wants to be friend's."

"But still, in broad daylight." Giles just shook his head.

"It's actually easier now than at night. There's a lot more activity going on, than at night and the amount I swiped isn't easily noticeable. All you did was provide the distraction I needed. Dawn would have been a better distraction. But it seems like things went smoothly enough. Now lets go get the others and head over to the cave entrances.


(AN:1) I tried writing the details of the explosives stealing. But I just couldn't write it in any sort of realistic way that met my criteria for believability and having a few fatal errors that would get someone caught if they tried the same thing. So after multiple attempts I decided to skip that little section entirely. I'm sorry if it effects your enjoyment of the story. But my conscious and artistic sensibilities came in conflict and I simply had to skip this section. I couldn't chance some kid trying what I wrote and either getting hurt or hurting someone else. And since I'm not getting paid (or edited) for this story I decided to give this stretch a pass.

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