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Chapter 1: Liminality

The Culture City, Carmina Gadelica, on the Lambda Server was a very popular Root Town, even with players above or below the server level. It was a metropolis shrouded in a perpetual night, but it was full of lights. There were many different shops crowded with just as many different shoppers. There were upscale cafes with wonderful vistas for viewing the stars, lights, and airships that passed through. There was never a lack of adventures in this sleepless city.

A young lady in a red dress warped in from the Chaos Gate and started to walk around. No one seemed to notice her decidedly non-RPG style design, but most players were concerned with other thing. The young lady continued wandering the alleyways, which she could easily navigate even if she was blind. She wasn't, however, despite her bangs, so she eventually settled at a table in an outdoor cafe.

Morgana contented herself watching other players chat amongst themselves. A strapping Blademaster was showing off his purchases to a slim Twinblade. A group of three Wavemasters were exchanging strategies on how to clear a dungeon alone. A Heavy Axeman was trading with a Heavyblade. There wasn't an idle player in sight.

Except, of course, for the Blademaster who walked over to Morgana's table. "You mind if I sit here?" she asked. Morgana looked her over. She had bright red hair pulled back in a low ponytail, with a blue tank top and shoulder armor. Her breeches and hip armor were also blue, with red boots and fingerless gloves. Along the circumference of her biceps was a zigzag pattern with dots on the concave.

"You may." Morgana replied.

"Thanks! I've been on my feet all day, and I'm looking forward to some adventuring. My name's Lory" she said, gray eyes sparkling.

"On your feet?"

"Oh, I have a job as an office lady, and I've been walking all over the office. It's such a relief to relax to play The World."

"Many players think so."

"I bet" Lory said, you want to go on a dungeon with me? I found a good spot on the BBS."

Morgana couldn't see the BBS, since it was just outside of The World. "What are the Keywords?"

"Lambda, Purifying, Quintessential Scent."

"Let's go." Morgana said simply.

In a snowing field, two women warped in. As soon as they had materialized, Lory gave Morgana her Member Address. "Add me to your party, ok?" She said. Morgana made a Member Address for her PC and gave it to Lory. Morgana finished up the preparations by adding Lory to her party.

"Could we level up a bit before going to the dungeon?" Lory asked.

"Do what you want." Morgana responded as a Grunty food to her left cried, "Waito Cherri!"

"Ok, then we'll level up first!" Lory said, pumping her fist in the air, "You're a Wavemaster, right? Though I don't see a weapon..."

"Yes, I'm a Wavemaster." Morgana said, "I don't need a wand." Lory paused and looked Morgana over, "Really? You got a pretty unique PC, too. Why's that?" she asked, "You're not a hacker, are you?"

Morgana riled at that question. "I'm not a hacker." She spat, "Hackers only confuse the system and throw a wrench into things. But," Morgana remembered the great hackers, the ones who give the title a noble name, "But I'm only talking about the lowly amateur ones."

Lory gave her another one-over, "So you're a hacker?"

"No." Morgana replied, "I won this PC through a contest."

"Oh." Lory said, slightly relieved, "That's good to know. Let's level up, shall we?"

"Yah!" Lory yelled as she slashed a witch, killing it. "MeVak Don." Morgana said as she cast a high-level fire spell from her hand onto a crab-type monster. The monsters turned gray and disappeared, and Lory pumped her fist into the air. "All right! Great job, Morgana-chan!"

Morgana started at the name. "Morgana… chan?" she repeated.

"Oh, do you not like being called that?" Lory asked.

Morgana paused, remembering another nickname with "chan", "It's not that it's bad", she said, "but I'm not used to being called that."

"So is it okay?"

"…I suppose. Whatever is comfortable for you."

"Well then, let's go to the dungeon, shall we?"

Morgana nodded and started toward the dungeon with Lory. I was a blue gallery type dungeon, with pillars, tapestries, and plush carpets on the floor.

"I always liked these kinds of dungeons." Lory remarked, "They look like palaces. It's so pretty, if a bit monotonous."

"It's difficult for too much variation in these types of programs. After all, the polygon count is high, and all of the movement possibilities need to be accounted for as well." Morgana said.

"Maybe," Lory replied, "But I guess that's just me. There are many different types of rooms. I especially like those candles at the corner of the raised platforms, and the small platforms in those small rooms. I like those alter things best of all. These dungeons have really cool designs."

"I'm glad you like them." Morgana said, smiling a little, "They are nice."

"…Are you a programmer, Morgana-chan?" Lory asked.

Morgana stopped. "Of sorts."

Lory smiled, "Ok, I won't press, but let's get going! We've only gone in a few rooms!"


Lory hacked and slashed her way through the 4-level dungeon, with Morgana assisting as needed. In between battles, Lory chateed with Morgana about this and that, but with only short responses from the latter. Morgana let Lory lead the way, since Morgana already knew the layout. Finally, the two made their way to the Gott Statue.

"All right!" Lory pumped her fist into the air, "That was a fun dungeon, right Morgana-chan?"

Morgana just shrugged, "You can have this chest, too." She gestured to the Gott Statue.

But Lory wouldn't have any of it, "C'mon, Morgana-chan, you let me take everything! Why aren't you more greedy?"

Morgana started, hearing those words before. But Lory wasn't being that serious, so she said nothing.

"Well, as least let me share." Lory said, pulling Morgana back from her thoughts.

"Really I don't want anything."

"Nonsense!" Lory opened the chest. "At least take this, as a symbol of our friendship." Lory gave Morgana a Butterfly Cap, a level 54 light headgear.

"Why are you giving this to me?" Morgana asked.

"Well, it's perfect for a Wavemaster, right?" Lory said, "I think you'll find it more useful."

"But you could still equip it." Morgana replied.

Lory frown, mildly frustrated, "Oh, c'mon, Morgana-chan, it's a present! Don't you know it's a major breach of netiquette to take all of the treasure for yourself?"

"I…" Morgana paused, choosing her words carefully. Blasted wavering program. "I'm not used to receiving something without the benefactor expecting anything in return."

"Well, get used to it!" Lory exclaimed happily, "Like it or not, I like giving my friends gifts, especially useful gifts."

"Thank you then, Lory." Morgana said, "I… had fun. Thank you for inviting me." Morgana disbanded the party and used a Sprite Orcarina to log out. She had much to think about.

And so Morgana-chan makes a friend! And is faced with her first issues. I hope you all liked Lory-chan! o Because she'll be popping up. Please review, and if you have any ideas of your own, please share them! For such things make my creative cogs turning!

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