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Off to See the Wizard

1- Good News

Elphaba grasped the green envelope tightly as she watched Morrible's disappearing figure. For a moment she just stood there frozen and shocked by what had just taken place. Then, she forgot any heart-breaking thought she had of Fiyero and Galinda and just ran off to her room, to tell Galinda.


Galinda looked desperately at the blank parchment in front of her, and then at the pile of books on her desk. She chewed her pen thoughtfully. Dr. Dillamond's substitute professor was hideous! Though he was able to correctly pronounce her name, he gave them so many papers to submit and so many articles and essays to read, that Galinda felt exhausted only from thinking about it. She had to meet Fiyero later that evening and she hadn't even started writing this paper yet! A dramatic sigh escaped her. She'd never make it.

Her gaze wandered across the room to what was officially Elphaba's side. It was easy to guess it, as well; it lacked the pinkness Galinda had everywhere possible, and the books were neat and organized according to their height on the spotless desk. She wondered where Elphie was, for she hadn't seen her since the first period that morning, but quickly turned her attention back to her books and that hideodeous paper. It was officially useless. She had nothing to say about 'the advantages and disadvantages (if any) of caging'. For Oz's sake, who cared? What she was going to do?

She wrote something on the parchment, then changed her mind and tried to wipe it away before the ink dried out. She had to remain concentrated, but it was extremely difficult, as there were so many other things on her mind at the moment. She had 10 blessed minutes of silence before the door burst open and Elphaba barged into the room.

"Elphaba! Sweet Oz, you scared the hell out of me!" Galinda exclaimed, her heart still pounding. She looked desperately at the ruined parchment in front of her. It was hopelessly stained with purple ink, which was spilled from the pen she had dropped seconds earlier. "Look what I've done, oh my Oz, what a mess! Now I'll have to start writing this whole thing again and all because of-"

It was then when she noticed something quite unusual about her green roommate. A huge smile lightened up Elphaba's face. It wasn't a horrible sight, just somewhat surprising. Galinda's panic increased. "Elphie…? Is everything alright?" she asked, concerned. She got up and went to Elphaba's side. She looked at her more closely in hope to find out what was wrong with her friend. Elphaba said nothing. She looked shocked. Sweet Oz, what kind of trouble had she got herself into now?

Elphaba slowly walked towards her bed. Galinda quickly followed, and sat beside her. "Elphaba," she said softly. "Elphie, whatever happened, just… tell me what it is. It's okay, we'll solve this together, we'll-" she stopped speaking when Elphaba opened her mouth to say something.

"I…" she started, but didn't really know what to say, or how to say it, so she just took the green envelope out of her pocket and gave it to Galinda, who gasped.

"Is this… what I think it is?" she whispered. She slowly touched the now broken jade wax, which sealed the green envelope. Elphaba nodded. "The Wizard…" Galinda started.

"He wants to meet me!" Elphaba cut her off, laughing excitedly.

Galinda was shocked to hear that sound. Elphaba had never laughed from her own free will! ever! She quickly skimmed the letter. My Dear Miss Thropp, it said, I've heard a lot about you and your magnificent sorcery abilities. As a man who cherishes talented young people such as yourself I would like to meet you in person… Only then did Galinda realize the enormity of the event, and her eyes widened with excitement. She nearly jumped off the bed.

"Oh, sweet Oz, Elphaba! Do you know what it means? YOU ARE GOING TO THE EMERALD CITY TO MEET THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ!"

"Shhh… not so loud!" hissed Elphaba, although her lips curled in a small, amused smile. She enjoyed that moment. Her moment.

Galinda frowned at her. "Why in Oz not? All those silly girls who think they know everything, they should listen, and be very jealous! They should know that you are the one going there, not them!" she insisted.

Elphaba shook her head. "I am going, aren't I?" she asked excitedly. It was rhetorical of course, yet she felt like she had to say that.

Galinda squealed and hugged her tightly. "I'm so proud of you, Elphie! It's such an honor for all of us-"

"Us?" Elphaba echoed, a bit confused.

"Well, me, and your family of course! You are going to tell this to your father, aren't you?"

Elphaba's face fell. She didn't intend to, actually, but she couldn't tell that to someone who was always dearly loved and admired by her 'momsy and popsicle'. "What difference will it make if I tell him?" she asked quietly.

Galinda shook her head. "It might put some reason into his head, he might suddenly realize how special his daughter is! Elphie, you must tell him!" she concluded. "And 'us' also means Nessa, and Biq, and Fiyero, obviously," she squealed. "Which reminds me- you have to come with us tonight!"

"What? Where?"

"To celebrate, of course!"

"But aren't you supposed to meet Fi-"

"I guess Fiyero will have to deal with this last minute change in the plans, that's all!" Galinda said practically. Elphaba knew that her tone meant that there was absolutely no point arguing with her. There was no point to do so also because Galinda was already halfway to her closet. "So! What are we wearing?"

Elphaba assumed that she meant no one in particular to answer the question so she said nothing. Galinda took two dresses out of her closet; one was light blue and had small blue flowers all over it, the other was gentle pink. "You should wear the blue one," Elphaba casually remarked while kicking her boots to the corner of the room.

Galinda lifted one eyebrow when she heard it, then chuckled. "Am I getting fashion tips from you, Miss Elphaba?" she asked, amused, then burst into laughter, to which Elphaba soon joined. "But you are right. I will wear the blue one tonight," she smiled sweetly and gave Elphaba the pink dress.

Elphaba gave her a look. "What?"

Galinda shook her head. "If I'm wearing the blue one, you are wearing the pink."

Elphaba took the dress from Galinda but hesitated. The dress was simple yet very pretty, but she didn't know if she really wanted to continue to be… Galindafied? Was that how Fiyero called it?

Don't wish, don't start, wishing only wounds the heart…

"Elphie, are you still with us?" Galinda's impatient voice brought reality back. Elphaba blinked, then nodded. "Well, I'm going to get ready," said Galinda and disappeared in their bathroom, dress, hairbrush and training wand in hand.

Elphaba stared at her reflection in the mirror. Wearing Galinda's cloths didn't seem to have any affect on their classmates, as Galinda first predicted. They just didn't notice her anymore, no matter whose clothes she had on. Someone did notice, she suddenly remembered. But she also remembered that there was no reason to get all excited over it. Although he noticed, he didn't seem to like it. She shook her head, to erase his image from her mind.

The point was that deep inside, in her own heart, she wanted to be Galindafied. She wanted to wear Galinda's pretty dresses and make believe, even for a short time, that she was beautiful. Besides, this was a special day, after all. She smiled at the sight of the emerald envelope against her dark bedspread, then went over and knocked on the bathroom door. "Galinda, will you hurry up? There are other people waiting, for Oz's sake!"

"My, my Miss Elphaba, you sound just like me!" was Galinda's answer, a little muffled by the heavy wooden door.

Elphaba shrugged. She placed herself on Galinda's bed and propped herself on one elbow. Her thoughts drifted back to that day when she and Fiyero released the Lion cub. They didn't talk much after that day; Galinda was always around obviously. Elphaba would have given a lot to go back to that day. Maybe if he wouldn't have run off… But that was silly even to consider it. She had never had a chance with him anyway; not with Miss Galinda Upland around.

"Ta-Da!" Galinda's announcement made Elphaba open her eyes and raise her head from the pink covers. She didn't even realize she closed them. Galinda looked beautiful, she thought. The color of the dress matched her eyes perfectly. Her hair, she noticed, was unusually curly. "Like it?" asked Galinda, a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Galinda, how in Oz-"

"Maybe I can't turn your frocks into ball gowns, but I can do wonders with my hair in less than ten minutes!" she said proudly, waving her wand this way and that. "Well, hurry up! We don't have much time!"

"Thanks to you we don't," mumbled Elphaba as she entered the bathroom.

The shoe that Galinda threw in her direction had missed her by several inches as it hit the wooden door.