Crystal Moon Truth

AN- This starts after the battle with Galaxia. The Starlights are about to leave. One more thing, an Earth year is but a day for Kinmoku. For them it has been maybe 3 Kinmoku years since the fall of the White Moon Kingdom. So yes, these same Scouts left just before the battle.

Also, I maybe introducing my muses this time around…Though it depends on their temperament at the time…rolls eyes and mumbles a prayer.

STS – I do not own anybody in this little story, just the plot. runs for cover, as sounds from behind a door are heard.

A thousand years or more have passed since the fall of the White Moon Kingdom. Many things have changed, yet most stay the same. Queen Selenity saved all she could of the local courts. She and Pluto planted memories for the senshi to awaken too. Hoping that with time, that the lovers would once again meet.