The Wedding

A few months after the scene on the roof of the school, a wedding is taking place at the local Cathedral of Christ. Usagi Tsukino is becoming the wife of Seiya Kou, the national Rock Star from the Three Lights.

The ceremony is beautiful. The scouts dress in simple bridesmaids dresses. Each one wearing their planets color and sign:

Ami as always beautiful in blue, the sign of Mercury embroidered and repeated through out her skirt.

Rei the fiery priestess beautifully draped in red. With the Sign of Mars embroidered, and repeated through her skirt.

Lita, the talented cook, dressed in deep forest green. The sign of Jupiter embroidered and repeated through out her dress.

Minako, the Aino No Megami, dressed in a sun yellow. Maid of Honor for Usagi, Minako's dress is beautifully embroidered with the sign of Venus through out.

The outers scouts where similar to the inner counter parts. With their signs embroidered into their dress skirts. While Haruka wears a dark tuxedo and the shirt under holds hers. Yaten and Taiki wear similar to Haruka's outfit, though both with their signature colors.

The wedding starts up the usual way. "Dearly Beloved….."

It is not long before Michiru elbows Haruka lightly in the side. Turning to see what her lover wants, Haruka recognizes a dark haired man in the back of the church. Haruka's gaze finally glances at Michiru with question in her eyes.

"Yes, Michi-ko, what is it?" Haruka asks quietly not to disturb the wedding.

Michiru nods her head towards the man in the back. "Did you see who is here? Do you think he will interrupt the ceremony?" Worry in her voice.

Haruka coughs to cover a chuckle. "He will not interfere with this, than a meteor will strike the earth now. I believe our beloved Queen did what was best and that her powers have grown to do as she wishes now. Even, Setsuna said this not to long ago."

Michiru nods and returns to listening to the preacher.

While Michiru and Haruka are speaking quietly, the man in the back seems confused.

'Why am I here? Do I know these people? It seems like I do in a dream. Motoki is here, I know him. They must be his friends too. I know one of them as a girl in town. The other is a rock star, of a group I just cannot stand. What am I doing here? It seems like something is pushing me to be here. I will just leave.' He waits a few minutes and gets ready to leave.

"At this point it is customary to ask. Is there anyone here who knows why this loving couple should not wed? If so, stand and speak or forever hold your peace." The preacher looks over the crowd.

A man in the back, in the shadows stands. The preacher is startled at first. "Do you sir have anything to say?" The preacher asks. The man just stands therefor a few seconds, startled by the preacher then, turns and leaves with out a word.

Usagi and Seiya turn to see the man, Mamoru Chiba, walk out the back door of the church. Watching Mamoru leave, Setsuna smiles knowing that the future she once showed her princess will not happen. Haruka and Lita watch with some satisfaction that the coward is leaving them for good. The rest of the scouts, understanding their princess choice, smile and turn back to the Preacher before the traitor is gone. Seeing that the man is leaving the Preacher continues with the ceremony. At the end, he says the famous lines.

"It is my pleasure and honor to introduce to you, for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Seiya Kou. Son, you may kiss your bride."

Not long after the wedding, a star fragment falls towards Earth to start the big freeze. The scouts once again called upon to save the World. Usagi and Seiya, with their joined powers, help destroy it. However, not before the damage is done. 1000 years go by, most of it in a slumber for the world. 100 years before the rest of the world is awaken, the scouts one by one re-awaken and help their king and queen melt the Earth from its frozen slumber.

Seeing the error of their ways, the nations of the Earth, decide to become a United Counsel. With a unanimous vote, the Counsel makes Seiya and Usagi the Royals of Earth.

During the next few years, thanks to Kakyuu and others, the Sol system has become the main stay for the galaxies travelers. Bringing with them money and technology that was dreamed of, before the freeze.

Neo King Seiya holds his wife's hand while in the delivery room. Almost four more years have passed, since they were crowned. Neo Queen Usagi is giving birth to what are to be the crowned children of Earth. After hours of labor, the doctor comes out holding two precious bundles. A daughter and a son, the advisors to the King and Queen are overjoyed.

In the delivery room, Seiya whispers to his Odango, "Aishiteru, yatta Odango-chan."