A/N: Hello everyone! I am happy to annouce that the final chapter has come! But why am I talking? To the story!

Ch.20: The Final Battle

We now see Spongebob and Sonic looking around in the junkyard for Black Doom only to find him giant with pieces of junk on him (he even had a car on his chest). "WHOA!" Spongebob exclaimed. "He's huge!" Sonic said. "So, you finally made it mortals. Who'd ever thought you make it this far?" Black Doom asked in a deep voice (let's just call him Mega-Doom in this form). "If you think we'll give up easily, you thought wrong!" Sonic said. "The good guys always win!" Spongebob said with determination in his eyes. Mega-Doom then laughed. "You fools think you can stop me? The leader of the Black Arms and the future ruler of the universe? You fools are pathetic." Mega-Doom said. "We'll just see about that." Spongebob said. "Let's get it on Doom!" Sonic said as he and Spongebob got into battle position.

Spongebob and Sonic v.s. Mega-Doom

Battle theme: I am... All of me

Battle Begin!

Sonic saw gas coming from a gas pipe. "Hey, Spongebob! Maybe we can use the gas to our advantage!" Sonic said as he ran for the pipe with Spongebob following. As Mega-Doom got near, they lit the gas and fired at Mega-Doom, effecting him for a quarter of his health. Mega-Doom then spat out junk at our heroes which they dodged and got to another pipe. They reapeated this pattern until Mega-Doom fell down.

Battle end

Battle theme end

Spongebob and Sonic were celebrating before Mega-Doom got up. "Oh mortals, I'm just getting started." Mega-Doom said as he destroyed the ground resulting our heroes to fall. But then a glow appeared from below and our heroes flew in their super forms. Spongebob was in his rocker/wizard suit and Sonic was Super Sonic. They then knew the battle was not over yet.

Super Spongebob and Super Sonic v.s. Mega-Doom

Battle Theme: Final Oogie Song

Battle Begin!

"It's time to die." Mega-Doom said as our heroes flew forward. "Is that all you got to say?" Our heroes asked as they then fought and began to sing.

Mega-Doom: Well well well, what two pests you are. Still around huh? Oooh... Can't say I like that. So why don't you just give up? You know, surrender?

Spongebob: It's over, it's over, your scheme was bound to fail.

Sonic: It's over, you're finished here. Your next stop will be jail!

Mega-Doom: They mock me, they fight me, I don't which is worse. I might just lose an eye now if I don't die laughing first.

Sonic: What's this? A trick? I'm not impressed. You're bad and now you're tall.

Spongebob: It just makes it the more worthwhile to see a giant fall.

Mega-Doom: Talk talk talk, but I tell you, this giant's going nowhere. If I were you I'd take a hike, there's danger in the air.

Mega-Doom: Wow

Spongebob and Sonic: (Wow)

Mega-Doom: Wow

Spongebob and Sonic: (Wow)

Mega-Doom: Wow

Spongebob and Sonic: (Wow) We're the only heroes here.

"You'll never rule the universe!" Super Spongebob said. "Well arn't we confident?" Mega-Doom asked.

Spongebob and Sonic: Well we're feeling angry and there's plenty left to do. We fought your most unwelcome help and now we're after you!

Mega-Doom: Even if you catch me, you can never do me in. I'm ten stories high and just as strong, which means I'm gonna win.

Spongebob and Sonic: Wow

Mega-Doom: (Wow)

Spongebob andSonic: Wow

Mega-Doom: (Wow)

Spongebob, Sonic, and Mega-Doom: Wow

Spongebob and Sonic: We're the only heroes here.

"This ends here." Sonic said. "I'm laughing to death!" Mega-Doom said.

Spongebob and Sonic: It's over, you're finished, you'll never get away! You? The universal king? That'll be the day!

Mega-Doom: How feeble. How childish. Is that the best you got? You may think that you're heroes fools, but I think you are not.

"I am the universal king!" Mega-Doom yelled. "You're king of nothing!" Spongebob and Sonic yelled in unision.

Mega-Doom: Woooooooooooooooah, now it's time for you to see what it really means to scare, 'cause I'm the evil Black Doom although I don't play fair. It's much more fun I must confess when lives are on the line. Not of mine course, but your's old foes, now that'd be just fine

Mega-Doom: Wow

Spongebob and Sonic: (Wow)

Mega-Doom: Wow

Spongebob and Sonic: (Wow)

Mega-Doom: Wow

Spongebob and Sonic: (Wow) We're the only heroes here!

Mega-Doom's body then starts smoking, and with one last scream, Mega-Doom exploded.

Battle end

Battle theme end.

The Black Arms then dissapear and Spongebob and Sonic in their normal forms walked over to their friends (and anti-heroes and villains). "You did it!" Sandy said. "What they do?" Patrick asked dumbly. "Finally, now we can relax." Squidward said. " , didn't you forget? We still need to find a way backto our world." said. "Oh." Squidward said. "What about that warp hole over there?" Plankton said as he pointed a portal with Bikini Bottem in it. The Spongebob gang then said their good-byes as they left into the portal and back home.

A few hours later...

We see Squidward relaxing until Spongebob came with a flower with a face on it. "Squidward, look what me and Patrick found while jellyfishing." Spongebob said as he handed the flower to Squidward. Squidward then looked at the screen and said, "Oh my aching tentacles."