The Hunt for Identity and Power

Hey guys, this is Dannysgf08, I just recently changed my sn, kk, anyways, I'm not going to tell you where I got the idea for this story, u have to figure it out yourselves, anyway, this is 'The Hunt for Identity and Power'

Chapter 1: The Persecution

Danny walked into Casper High, thinking it was a normal day. He was far from the truth. The halls were as gloomy as a funeral on someone's birthday. The students had lost any of the poise they had (if they had any). Danny walked over to where Sam and Tucker were and they, along with other students looked like zombies.

Danny: Guys are you ok? Because you're freaking me out!

They just stared blankly, and suddenly their eyes started glowing blood red, and all the students formed a circle around Danny, then everything went black.


Danny then wakes up and is in the gym. The stands are filled with students and teachers who still looked like zombies, and Danny was standing in the middle in his ghost form.

Danny: oh great, how did I end up here, and in my ghost form?

Suddenly, the lights dim and one spotlight is on Danny. Then the gym bursts into flames, but none of the zombie people are hurt. For some reason, Danny feels a shock through his body, causing him to change back to normal.

Danny: uh oh, what's going on here?

A spot light suddenly is cast on a doorway and a guy in a black robe came out with something big under a sheet. The person who brought the object came in and pushed the object to the middle beside Danny. Then the mask of the person was removed, but it was too hot to see who it was, and the sheet was removed to reveal quarantine. The crowd starts to chant "Phantom must die, Phantom must die!" The persecutor then chains Danny up and puts his head in the slot. The crowd continues to chant and counts down, "3…...2…1…down!" The slicer suddenly falls, but slowly, giving Danny enough time to scream.

Danny: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!


Then he wakes up. He didn't know, but he was screaming at the top of his lungs, that woke the rest of his family up. They had just walked into the room, and his parents noticed that Danny was drenched in sweat.

Maddie: honey, are you ok? You're drenched in sweat.

Danny: I'm ok now, it was just a nightmare.

Maddie: do you want anything, honey, water, a towel?

Danny: yea mom, both would be nice.

Maddie goes out of the room to get Danny some water and a towel, when Jazz comes in to check on Danny.

Jazz: are you ok Danny?

Danny: now I am, just a nightmare.

Jazz: what happened?

Danny: I was 'persecuted' for a part of my personality

Jazz: that's horrible; can you get back to sleep?

Danny: yea, thanks Jazz

Jazz leaves and goes to her own bedroom. Maddie then comes in and helps Danny fall asleep, or at least that's what she thinks.

Jazz's Room

Jazz: I think I know why Danny was persecuted in his dream, but does it mean something that could happen in the near future? I don't know, but as always, I need to keep a close eye on him.

Maddie sticks her head into both of their rooms and says goodnight, then goes to bed herself.

Danny's Room

Danny: I can't believe what happened in that dream. I mean not that I'm scared or anything, it's just a little freaky that I would have a dream like this just a few months after I'm declared Public Ghost Enemy #1. I'll figure it out somehow, but now I better sleep on it.

Now everyone in Amity was asleep, unaware of what was coming upon then. Suddenly a dark cloud was overlooking Amity. It didn't mean rain, no, but something much worse…..

To be continued…

I hope you guys like this story; I think it's a little more complex than my last one. You guys are the judges of that, but you probably can't tell from this chapter alone, so I'll continue….after I get some reviews