hey guys, i'm finally updating and srry about that, i've been really busy with starting school and band starting up,...anyways, i have some news, somebody finally guessed what show i got this idea from! Congrats to kitsuneo07 it's American Dragon: Jake Long, and no it's not a crossover, i just got the idea from an eppy of that show, lol, anyways,...on to the story!

Chapter 3: Celebrate,...Bad Times?

Danny and Tucker arrived at Sam's house a few hours early to help her prepare for their party. While they decorated her huge house, they talked about Allison.

Danny: she's a little strange, i mean, i felt like she was looking inside me and taking notes on it.

Sam: that's a weird feeling, i sometimes feel like that when i lie to my parents.

Tucker: did she do anything else strange?

Danny: not really, i just noticed that she's really quiet.

Sam: well, as the saying says, never trust the quiet ones, i don't think we should go by that, she seemed really nice at lunch.

Outside, Allison's master was giving her some tools to help her on her mission.

Master: huntsgirl, your gear will inclue the inviso-lenses, ghost net, stun darts, and your inviso-cloak.

Allison: thank you sir, i know what i must do.

She goes up to the door of Sam's house, with her gear in her bad, and knocks on the door.

Sam: hey Allison, ready to party!

Allison: of course i am!

They run into the house and pump the music. Then Sam pushes a button and a disco ball comes out of the ceiling and Danny, Tucker, and Sam start to dance. While they dance, Allison pretends to go to the bathroom, but she really sneaks out a window to go search Danny's house. She puts on her inviso-cloak and lenses, finds Danny's room, then climbs the fire escape. When she gets in, she starts looking around. She's looking around his desk when she finds his journal. So she opens it to the first entry that talks about ghosts:

April 4, 2004

Something weird happened to me today. Mom and dad were working on that ghost portal thing, and they plugged it up,...and it didn't work. I felt really bad for them, so i put on my lab suit, and went in to check it out. I didn't really know where to start looking, so i just felt along the walls and ended up pushing the on button. A huge amount of energy went through me and i woke up,...uh-oh gotta go.


Allison: 'hmmmm, i bet he is the one we're looking for, but how are we going to capture him?'

She pulls out her orb and calls her master.

Allison: master, i've found out something about Danny Fenton.

Master: what is it?

Allison: i read an entry in his journal and he had an accident a year ago involving ghosts, so i believe we have found our prey.

Master: very good hunts girl, continue befriending him and when he leasts expects it, we attack and do what we have to do.

Allison then sneaks back into Sam's house where they are still dancing.

Sam: hey Allison, you were gone a long time, are you ok?

Allison: yea, i'm fine.

Tucker: who wants refreshments!

They all go into the kitchen and pig out on snacks. While they are, Allison's master sends her a telepathic message that said that he would deliver a potion to her for Danny. All of them partied for a few more hours, then they went home. When Allison got home, she found the potion on her bed.

Allison: 'perfect, we'll know if he's the one within a few house of giving him this!'

to be continued...