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Chapter One

"Owwy ow ouchy ouch!" I cried as my foot was caught by a tree's root and was currently stuck. The trees seemed to do that alot with my ankles. "Oh, Ichigo, stop complaining already," Mint groaned and rolled her eyes. Why couldn't she ever care? But, considering her workless effort at Cafe Mew Mew, I suppose this was the least she could do for us, considering Mint's a rich, rude, and sarcastic snob.

" Could both of you pipe down for a while to let me listen around us?" asked Zakuro, looking bored as ever. Mint, getting a complaint from her idol about her behavior, then had shutten up quickly. I decided to do the same. The view was breath-taking! Not only were we on a very high hill in a forest area and the time being only 6:00 a.m., the sunrise looked awesome. "Ain't she a beauty?" asked Mint's uncle. All five girls argreed.

The sunrise was just barely above the trees, looking like a shy ball of fire, licking the tree tops, asking to come a little higher.

As it did so, I heard a snicker from behind a tall tree near the bottom, which really surprised me that I could hear that well- probably because I have two sets of genes in me- mountain wilcat and already good- enough human hearing. "I, uh, dropped something down there- be right back!"

The group didn't really pay attention to my lame excuse- to absorbed in the sunrise.

As I ran down the hill, I tried my best not to come down as a cannon ball (that hill was steep!). Unfortunatley, I tripped, considering my ankles were getting a tad swollen. I closed my eyes as my cat relexes were slow (I'm soooo not the morning person- more likely to sleep in 'till 1:30 p.m.), but I felt myself being pulled up, then set onto the grassy Earth. I glanced up, finding Kish smirking at me. "IYE! It's you! What are you doing here?"

"Well, goodmorning to you too, koneko-chan," replied Kish. "Nothing is coming up on the radiar," Pai sighed, looking at a small cell phone-like deivce. "Aw man. All this way for nothing!" Tart pouted. "Well, you sure did just messed up my relaxing vacation plans, you midget!" I yelled at him. "Don't call me that, you old hag!" Tart cried. "What, a midget?" I asked, oh-so- innocently. "Yes!" "But you are a midget- I'm older, taller, and more mature than you" "Grr! Stop it! Some maturity you have for calling me names, hag!" Tart then had something shimmering inbetween his hands. "And I'm not willing to fight on my vacation," I moaned in annoyiance, crossing my arms.

But to late for that. Tart had let the parasite alien find a monkey near by. ("There's monkeys in here?") Screaming in agony, the monkey turned into a huge kirema anima. A little taken back by the way it looked, I rushed past the aliens and back up the hill to inform the girls. Once they found out, Mint's uncle looked terrified and fainted when he saw it, which was lucky for us to transform without worrying about him finding out.

Zakuro and Mint were taking care of the kirema anima, Lettuce was battling Pai, and Pudding was playing (messing) around with Tart, but to himself, it was like torture. As I watched the mini battles to make sure the girls were doing fine, I turned to check Mint's uncle.

But Kish beat me to it.

"Kish! Back off!" I yelled as I summoned my weapon bell and ran towards him on the top of the hill. "You humans can be so weak at times," he sighed, shaking his head. I clawed him with my nails on his cheek, making him taken back for a moment. Realizing that I was indeed fighting him, he called out to his to daggers and dashed towards me. I jumped up, bounced off his head as if on a cannon belt (used in gymnastics) and landed perfectly on my toes, closing my eyes and smiling at him.

Really ticked off now that he was jumped by a girl ( and not to mention his obbsession), Kish teleported in front of me, smirking, causing to stumble backwards in horror that he could have just then kissed me. : No teleporting- that's cheating!" I yelled at him, but he just ignored it. I swung my leg to knock him off his feet, but he caught my foot and threw me towards the bottom of the hill. Suddenly, my cat reflexes came back to my mind and I twisted my body to land on my right knee ( which was actually alot better from landing on my head).

As Kish flew quickly towards me to finish me off, I yelled "Strawberry bell!", which then made Kish instincively put up a force field in front of him, using his hands as my attack shimmered towards himself. After a few moments, we both fell to the ground, exhasted. Seeing the attack finally dead, his weapons vanished into thin air as he ran to me, again. To weak to move aside, Kish tackled me, sending us flying. I was in sooo much pain, I couldn't carry on the battle. When we finally stopped, I ran (or more likely 'limped') away from him, didn't care which direction I was going and just barely missing trees. About ten minutes later, I colaspped onto the ground, tired and sick and hurt, but mostly weak.I looked around my surroundings. The trees were extremely talls, loads of dirt on the ground, and some viens hanging from the trees.

That moment was almost to perfect for a big momma- bear to come, looking for breakfast for her and her baby cubs. Ah crap- I'm gonna die as a bear's breakfast... I was hoping for a painless, 'dieing in your sleep' way, I thought to myself when she noticed my body not making a twitch. She ran at me, hungry looks in her eyes and not daring to care if I was sickly looking at the moment- hey, I was fresh food with a tail and ears, so more meat, eh?

End of Chapter One

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