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Chapter 2

As the bear came nearer, I closed my eyes, too afraid of the pain to come and wasn't to comfortable with the idea of watching my own death happen.

Just as the bear's claw came up, I felt being pulled away and rammed into a tree. Looking up at my rescuer, I barely made out Kish's figure as everything seemed to blur together as one big blob of dark colours. I saw Kish's eyes wide with fear and hurt and concern, and opened his mouth, but I couldn't hear him. But his lips moved in the form as if calling out my name...

When I woke, I felt something rubbing my back as I came to, making me cough just a little bit. Leaning back against whatever it was, I was feeling a little better already, but not enough to speak. Then I noticed that I was being picked up by whatever it was, only to shriek in pain from my knee being a little dislocated from... I really don't remember. "Oh, dislocated, huh?" It was Kish. Setting me back on the ground, he crawled over to my knee to examine it. "This is gonna hurt," he mummbled as he took hold on my leg, making me squeak in surprise. "Ready?" he asked. I felt the hot tears already rolling down my cheeks. Kish jerked my leg forward, causing me to scream for a second, then whimpering. He helped me into a sitting position, gentley scratching my shoulder. "There, does that help?" he asked. I was surprised that he was concerned for once. "I'm fine, " I mummbled as I pulled away from his grasp. "Gee, that was a heartful thank you," he said as he walked around, apparnetly looking for something. As my vision became better, I realized that we were still in the the middle of the night.

The trees looked scary and a hoot from here and there once in a while made my cat ears and tail pop out. Kish, noticing this, only snickered. After what seemed like 5 minutes of being alone in hell, I heard Kish muttering to himself. Turning around, I saw him trying to make a fire with his left hand, right hand holding onto his left side. Curisouly, I crawled behind him to find out what he was holding onto, then gasped.

There was blood from apparently a claw slash prickling onto and down his right hand.

Even though I have the biggest fear of blood and anything to do with it, I ripped the part of my jeans that went lower than my knees with my pocketknife. Unlacing my shoe laces, I went back to Kish's side and covered his wound with my jean pantlegs while tying the doubled-knotted whole shoe lace I made into around his waist, holding up the bandage. When I was down, I looked up to see that Kish's eyes were watching me the whole time. While he was eye leved with me and only a couple of inches away from my face, I blushed and decided to find more wood for the fire, making my cat figure disapearing.

When I came back, I noticed Kish was gone. He probably teleported off by now, leaving me here, I sighed to myself. Getting the fire as a blaze, I tried to warm myself up, but still felt the scaredy-cat genes acting up so my cat ears and tail popped out once more as I heard footsteps. I looked around and noticed nobody. I'm just being paranoid, I thought to myself. But the footsteps came back.

I closed my eyes, thinking it would just simply go away. After a minute, opening my eyes, I saw only a pile of fish next to my fire. Thinking that I have gone crazy, I closed my eyes again, shivering, not only because of being alone, going whack, but also... it was freezing!

I felt a wrap around my arms, then being tugged closer to whoever. I tensed up for a moment, took in breathe to say something, but I heard "This will warm you faster," Kish. I relaxed a little and leaned against him softly. So he didn't teleport off, but...why?

"Kish? Why are you still here? Couldn't you just have teleported away?" I barely whispered. "Too weak from keeping up that shield to protect myself from your feminime attacks," Kish replied in my ear.

Hmm... he was weak? Well, he didn't seem to be badly hurt from his injury, a heck of a lot warmer than I was, saved me form a hungry mother bear and got clawed for it, and all he could think of was me? That's really brave... I started blushing, but thankfully Kish didn't see it. "I have a better idea. Be right back!" I called from behind me as I ran towards the trees in the forest, going deeper. Standing alone, away from the fire's light, and now, may I mention again, alone, I waited for the night sounds to freak me out. hoohoo, called out an owl. Squealing, my cat ears and tail popped out. Snap, stomp, stomp, stomp, was coming from behind me. I slowly turned around and saw a par of big, brown eyes starring at me, relfecting off the moonlight above the trees. Ok, that did it.

Poof! I turned into a small black little cat, just as I was wishing. My black fur made me feel instantly warmer as I purred my way back to the fire and Kish. He saw me, probably not realizing who I was, untill my tail showed- it had my ribbon with a bell wrapped securely around it. "Oh, neko-Ichigo," was all he said as he shook his head and smiled. I made my way to him as he sat back down. Feeling sorry that he couldn't talk to me as a cat, I curled up on his lap, purring softly. He started to rub my back gently, saying that I really was his kitten now and how cute I looked, curlled up and purring. I blushed so deeply, it almost didn't show for the colour of my fur was already black.

It's as if I like him! Just keep telling yourself that you're doing this to make it up to him for saving your life and caring for you even though you're rude to him, I told myself. Well, I do need to be rude to him because he's my enemy. Baka Kish, why are you making me feel caring toawrds you? Ugh! Once we are out of here, I'm going to pretend none of this ever happened...

End of Chapter 2

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