Last Chapter of Wild Adventure

((Warning! Very short chapter!))

Kish and Ichigo spent a good part of the morning looking for that fish. "I give up," sighed Ichigo as she swam back to the shore, huffing and panting. Kish continued his search. Ichigo thought over about her time spent here, lost in this forest, with an alien who really loved her. If Mint ever suggests we go back to her uncle's cabin for a vacation, I'm going to kill her. Where were the mews now? Were they still looking for her? Were they still worried? How were Ryou and Keiichiro holding up? When they find her, will they bring real food?

Just as Kish found another fish to tackle and kill for revenge, Ichigo's ear picked up another rustling sound, far in the forest. "Kish, come here," Ichigo whispered. "Wait a second, kitten. I'm getting another fish," Kish dove in after the fish, but instead bonked his head on a low hanging branch that fell onto the river, like a mini bridge. "Where'd that come from…?" Ichigo wondered aloud. She walked over to the stump where the tree was de-attached. As she let her finger trace the edges, she notice another thing on the ground. She picked it up, then gasped. It was one of Pudding's weapons! When were they here? I didn't hear or see anything yesterday.

The noise came back again. "KISH! I'm leaving you alone again if you don't follow me right now!" Ichigo exclaimed. "Fine, fine," Kish muttered. The alien teleported out of the water and back to her again. He never really told me why he isn't teleporting both of us home. Ichigo ran into the deepest part of the forest, trying to locate the source of noise with Kish not far behind. But after a while, the noise stopped, and Ichigo couldn't find it anymore. "Darn," Ichigo muttered. But Kish was one not to give up. Taking Ichigo's waist, he flew above the trees and looked around. Ichigo, finally realized what he was really doing, calmed down her blushing and started looking around, too.

"Kish, why are you doing this?" she finally asked. "I can't live in this forest with you forever- you'd kill me." Ichigo giggled. Kish flew around some more, looking down. A flash of purple caught Ichigo's eyes. "There!" shrieked Ichigo. Kish flew down a bit farther west though. As he set Ichigo down onto the ground, she gave him one last kiss. "Thank you, Kish. For everything you've done for me," Ichigo blushed. Kish smiled down at her and patted her head. "You're so cute when you're flustered," he replied and pulled her into an embrace. Ichigo sighed at his warmth. As he let go, he teleported away, but not before whispering, "I love you." Ichigo nodded and smiled. Then it hit her. Oh yeah! My friends! She dashed down to the last spot where she thought she saw Zakuro's outfit. As Ichigo rounded a tall bush, she saw her beloved friend, Lettuce. "ICHIGO!" Mew Lettuce cried and hugged the cat-girl. Lettuce's crying caught everyone else's attention and saw Ichigo. "Ichigo!" Pudding and Mint whooped and torn down to meet their friend. "Ichigo," Mew Zakuro nodded. Ichigo nodded back. It was great to be back with her friends again.

Up above, Kish congratulated himself as he watched the whole scene unfold. Good work, Kish. The he teleported back to his ship.

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