Every thing had changed ever since she woke up in Hong Kong. All she knew that had happened was a fight with Allison and she had two new scars. The first was on her chest it looked like she had been shot. The other scar was the lower part of her stomach; it was three inches long and very dark.

Today was the beginning of the her second month back.

"Briefing room five minutes." Weiss greeted her.

"Meeting?" She asked looking up from her desk.

"Yeah something about Sark."

"Great, more Sark."

"Yeah. We better get going."

Four minutes later they walked into the briefing room. What Sydney saw made her want to gag. It was Vaughn flirting with another girl and holding her hand, but it was not just any girl it was his wife, the evil blond British Bitch. One of the other things that changed. Vaughn looked up to see Sydney's cold-hearted glare. It was just like her father's, but mixed with the guilt that he felt it was worse then ever.

"Welcome everyone," Dixon greeted them. "were are here because of new intel on Sark." At his name a picture appeared on the screen but he was holding something odd, for him. "Our informants tell us that he is trying to get out of The Covent and away from Irina"

"Why?" A new agent asked from the end of the table.

Letting out a sigh Dixon answered. "What they tell us is he had a change of heart two months ago." He looked toward Sydney. "If you notice what his holding." He hit a button on the remote in his hand make the picture zoom in to his arms and the little package.

"What is that?" Lauren (AKA, Evil Blonde British Bitch) asked.

"A baby."

"Are you telling us that two months ago Sark has a kid and decides to get out of The Covent?" Vaughn asked with a confused look on his face.


"Wait who's the mother?" Sydney asked; letting her curiosity get the better of her.

"We don't know. The only thing we do know is she disappeared two months ago, Leaving the kid with Sark. Good thing too he hasn't hurt or killed anyone. They also said that he is getting soft. When one of our informants were caught; all Sark did was let them go with a bullet though the leg."

"So what are we going to do now?" Weiss asked.

"Since he is so weak and we know he's at his home in Paris. I'm sending two teams led by Sydney and Vaughn after him. It shouldn't be too hard. Your plane leaves in three hours. Any questions?" Dixon looked around the room. He opened his mouth to say Dismissed when Sydney spoke up.

"What about the kid?"

"We are going to try and find the mother and see what happens from there. Any thing else." Looking around the room again there was silence. "Dismissed."

Weiss stood up to head back to his desk with Sydney. "Can you believe that? What person would want to have a kid with him."

"Eric he's rich. Try to think a five girls that wouldn't."

"You, Lauren, and…"

"Exactly. The two girls that you can think of work for the CIA and one is married."

"Have you every thought it was the fact that I don't get out that often?"

"Just because you don't have a girlfriend, doesn't mean that almost any girl would…have a kid with him besides even your girlfriend would want to have a kid with him. It would be a big step up." She said taking a sit at her desk.

"Ha Ha. Very funny. Are you saying that if a become rich that I would have women lined up around my block."

"No. I'm saying that if you became rich you would have women lined up around the city even with your looks."

"Could you stop playing hurt Eric's feelings today?" He asked sitting down at his desk across from hers.

"Fine, your just not being that much fun today so I was making up for your absences."

"Why don't you go home and get packed?"

"I was going to wait an hour and a half that way all I have to do is go pack and then had to the airport."

"Fine, we're just going to finish out the day playing 'hurt uncle Eric'"

"That's my plan."

"Just read you report thingy."

"My what?" She asked giggling.

"I forgot what it's called, probably to much stress on Eric from your little game."

"That's right just try to blame it on me."

"Read. I don't wanna talk to you. You hurt my feelings to much."

"Baby." All he could think to do was stick out his tongue at her. "A two year old acts better then you."


"Yes, mother dearest."

"That was wrong on so many levels. First, I'm not a mother. Second, I'm not a woman. Third, that woman on the movie was evil."

"Shut up and get back to your card game."

"Yeah, Yeah."